Friday Product Update

Welcome to the BBT Friday Product Update where we also this week present a couple of brand new additions to our ever-growing parts program for your classic Volkswagen.

For the Vintage lovers we have added this week the ivory radio knobs to play these Vintage tunes on your car radio in style!

We supply these knobs with extra adjusting sleeves, so they will fit most Vintage car radios. These radio knobs do come in the classic (pre 67) VW button style to match perfectly with other switches in your car.

We stock the ivory ones and can supply the white and black version of this product on special order.

Sold in a set of one pair and all necessary hardware and even a small allen key to fix the buttons exactly to perfection!

0525-002 Radio knob set ivory

After long research and looking for a while for a correct supplier, we finished these new brake lines in all correctness!

These brake lines guide the brake fluid meticulously between your brake fluid reservoir and the master cylinder from your Bay window bus. Very often they suffered from heat and weather elements or just went old and cracky and so are no longer trustworthy and reliable, what they really should be. We give you here the possibility to replace them with an correct replacement part. Our brake lines are made to resist brake fluid. This is NOT your ordinary garden hose!!

Looks, feels and smells like original!

As always we predict that brake systems are the most important thing to sort out on classic cars.  It really matters. If your engine dies that’s one thing, but if your brakes fail you can get in a lot of trouble!

Prevent your brake system from failing. It starts with a good and thorough inspection at least once a year. If you doubt about certain parts, don’t hesitate but replace them at once. This can cost lives, maybe not yours but others too! Brakes are no “play zone”!

Three models to choose from….

1208-140 Brake line reservoir to master cylinder 81cm Bus 08/67-07/72
1208-160 Brake line reservoir to master cylinder (servo) 60cm Bus 08/72-07/79
1208-170 Brake line reservoir to master cylinder (no servo) 15cm Bus 08/72-07/79

This tube is the long metal tube that goes under your bus from front to rear to guide the generated heat of your heat exchangers the front cabin. This tube is indispensable for a good working heater system in ANY bus made between 55 and 72. Fits split and early bay windows, all models from deluxe, panels, pick ups and trucks.

If not rusted out, many times this tube is missing or totally dented. We offer the perfect replacement restoration product here! 

We supply as well the insulation that originally covers the heating tube system .You can find it here under BBT ref 1098-500

1097-650 Heating tube central – Bus 03/55 -07/72

TMI seat upholstery fronts & rear beetle sedan 58-64
43-1123-16               € 139.00 excl.

The BBT FPU team wishes you all a very happy VW weekend!

A new load of quality sheetmetal supply arrived @ BBT HQ!

A full load of our brand new sheetmetal for your beloved splittie busses arrived…

New are the roofs for splittie pick ups, but our stocks are filled now with Doglegs (the best fitting on planet earth!) more early bulkheads etc etc…

Pretty impressive pile and all neatly individual packed! Quality first… welcome to BBT levels!

Friday Product Update

Welcome to our Friday Product Update!

This week was a busy week in product development dept. from BBT. We received several new products and love to share them here with you…

Brand new  and incredible nice!! This tailgate locks for your Bay windows are top quality made!

There are two models to choose, early bay window or late bay window. The early bay window is about equal to our BBT ref 0429-5, but the quality is a way higher.

Both models do come with the  correct “R profile” keys just like original.

This is the best tailgate lock money can buy!

0429-505 Tailgate lock – Bus 08/67-07/71 Chrome TQ

0429-510 Tailgate lock – Bus 08/71-07/79 Chrome TQ

We enlarged our seat padding line dramatically with all the seat paddings you need for your pre 55 Beetle, split and early oval window. Same quality as all  our other ones.

Our seat paddings have been recognised as very well-fitting and perfectly preformed. Now you can get that seat job done properly on those early cars!

3500-100 Seat padding front backrest Beetle 50-55

3510-100 Seat padding front bottom Beetle 50-55

3550-100 Seat padding rear backrest Beetle 50-55

3555-100 Seat padding rear bottom Beetle 50-55

This little rubber duck switch off your dome light switch in your Bay Window.  Mounted on the sliding door for Deluxe models, it make sure the dome light switch off at the moment you close the door.

Many times missing,suffered  because of age, or just missing after an extensive restoration, we now deliver the right model!

7570-025 Buffer dome light switch sliding door – Bus 08/74-07/79


Back in stock after being unavailable for a while…. now back available from our shelves!

1757-1 Push rod tube Type 4 engine

Also this little repair piece for your “trunk behind the rear seat” came back in.

0881-060 Boot floor side repair panel right for Beetle.

The BBT FPU team wish you a wonderful, delightful and relaxing weekend!