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Wintertime, winterQ, wintercold, winterwet, wintersnow… guess we’re really landed in winterwonderworld… Time to rework all what couldn’t be done in the busy spring, summer or months of the fall… reorganising warehouses, reorganising our car department, finishing some big project cars, you name it, we’re on to it.

It’s time for big projects, and therefore we bring you this week another huge inventory of new sheet metal for your bus, including the roof with the sliding roof.

0890-801 Roof with sunroof cut out – Bus 03/55-07/67 BBT

0890-347 Side flank short left – Bus 03/55-07/62
0890-357 Side flank short right – Bus 03/55-07/62


0890-346 Side flank long left – Bus 03/55-07/62
0890-356 Side flank short right – Bus 03/55-07/62


0890-863 Connecting profile A-B pillar left (inner and outer) – Bus 03/55-07/63
0890-864 Connecting profile A-B pillar right (inner and outer) – Bus 03/55-07/63


Top BBT production made in Germany. After the old tooling broke on previous production we decided to tool up again for this popular rubber. Easy was different we rejected at least 5 samples… If we do something, we only do it good, stubborn as we are, and therefore we keep going till total satisfaction… and we succeeded!

We made this license light seal EXACTLY like original, we compared with all other reproductions on the market, we test fit on a dozen of different cars. Ours is the only one reaching OUR expectations.

We’re proud we could go this far and have reached the perfection for this seal.
If you go for inferior, it’s your own responsibility. We told you the perfection is on the market.
Check for the small printed BBT logo on the rubber to assure that you have the real deal. Our logo is placed to recognise but is invisible once installed.

Beware for cheap (or expensive ) imitations!!

0748-1 License light seal TQ – Beetle 10/52-07/57 – BBT

It was not an easy move, but we convinced ZF/TRWVarga to start production back up for the rear bus wheel cylinder.

We raised our quantities until they couldn’t refuse anymore…:)

Proud we can offer again to the same good old price in the same great quality.

1227 Rear wheel brake cylinder 22mm – Bus -07/71, Type 181 -73 (TRW/Varga)


This was the BBT news for this Friday folks. Thanks for watching and following us.

We keep on doing the only thing we really know best. Provide the market with quality parts for your Volkswagens, and force our competitors to keep up!…

Yes we do love our job!

The BBT News team wishes you all a supercool and lovely winter weekend!

Cool crates…

Received a load of Bay window floors, they come from the factory who used to make them for VW so they’re absolutely perfect…

We thought the packaging was real cool, nicely  organised in purpose build crates, cool!

Offcourse we sell them each, You don’t have to buy a full crate, LOL!

Bay window floors part nrs are 0891-760 for left side and 0891-770 for your right side

If you want them like original, ours are the way to go! Nobody that can beat our quality!

All further information at your local BBT distributor, your favorite BBT sales rep or

Online tool to choose your desired oil pump now…

Can’t You see through the trees in the forest what oil pump to choose for your beloved Volkswagen engine?

Maybe we’re oil pump fetish?

From now on we have a clear online index table with all our oil pumps and their most common applications.


Look below to get a great preview or click HERE

BBT is your oil pump headquarters for al your oil pump desires!

Cargo doors in production! Pre order yours now!

The first type of Cargo doors, 58-60 with handle recess are in production now and ready for shipment in a couple of weeks. We expect the doors to land @ BBT HQ about half of April. But we do take pre orders now, so please don’t hesitate and make your reservations…


All further information by email on or