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You can have a good day,
You can have a bad day,
nothing we can change.

But we can try to make your day for the best,
with our never-ending search for good usable quality parts for your Classic volkswagen.

Welcome to BBT News.


Safari windows make your bus hyper cool.
Driving many miles in all-weather types with safari window is a challenge.

There are several qualities of safari window kits and parts.
We try to stock a wide range of economic and quality Safari window parts.

Today we add the safari window lock catches to secure your safaris well in closed position.
Lock catches bolts on top of your dashboard.

Outer catch being a little higher than the inner catch.
High quality reproduction.

All other BBT safari window kits and parts HERE

0397-013 Safari window lock catch outer (high) – Bus 03/55-07/67
0397-014 Safari window lock catch inner (low) – Bus 03/55-07/67


Besides the VDO and CB performance 2-way oil pressure/temperature sender adapter (HERE) we carry now also the brand new EMPI reincarnation of their 3-way oil pressure/temperature sender adapter.

EMPI brought back this period adapter to full fill all your oil pressure and temperature measuring desires.
Solid brass to guide temperature perfectly.

2600-110 Adapter for oil pressure and oil temperature sensor EMPI – 3-way


Big update for a small part.
A nice finish is in the details!

Lucky, we found NOS examples in the remains of Dieter Schmidt Lorenz last year.
We started (re)production right away.

We now bring you  all correct cargo door lock cover seals for Barndoor and Brazilian made split window buses.
Everywhere available as a flat cut out seal, BBT goes one step further.

We bring you back a nice, molded rubber with correct holes and small upright surrounding to fit perfectly around the edge of your lock cover.
The perfect form of the original rubber helps to keep water and dust away between lock cover and door.

The same seal fits also your single cab pick-up truck “butterfly” treasure chest lock cover up to 1966 model year BBT 0428-3

0723-7 Seal for key cover – Treasure chest door Bus -08/66, Cargo door Bus Brasil -75 BBT


For T25/T3/Vanagon we bring all three model fuel filler neck seals in a genuinely nice quality for a much lower price.
Attention wholesalers! We offer these rubbers with remarkable interesting quantity pricing.

Another proud BBT production available from our shelves.

0492-857 Seal filler neck (50/38mm) – Bus 05/79-07/92
0492-858 Seal filler neck (70/57.5mm) – Bus 05/79-07/92 – metal fillertube
0492-859 Seal filler neck (70/38mm) – Bus 05/79-07/92 – plastik fillertube


The BBT News team wish you a “good” weekend.

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