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Fun in Brazil! New friends and a very special visit!

Yesterday (saturday) we made a verde a trip to see a very special car and we stopped by Katrake, a VW shop specialised in suspensions. We had a very fun day and learned to know a couple of new VW friends with their hearts in the right (VW) place!

My friend Luiz from  the Brazilian VW Magazine VW Klassik drove us today to see a very special car…

2018-02-24 17.45.29_resized

I heard from this car before, it looked like a race car  build on a platform from a 1946 Beetle.

2018-02-24 17.25.47_resized2018-02-24 17.25.32_resized

Its made in Germany, around 1949 and it was part of a traveling circus…

2018-02-24 17.25.17_resized

Most parts are authentic 1946,a s are the numbers… it’s really beautiful made, with a big eye to detail!

2018-02-24 16.58.47_resized

Chassis is seriously shortened and also made smaller!

With a Kubelwagen rear axle and a sedan front axle…

2018-02-24 16.52.13_resized

2018-02-24 16.56.15_resized2018-02-24 16.59.18_resized

as period newspaper pictures shows it was used on the “Wall of Death”!


First in Germany later it moved to Brazil…


In the collection the race car resides lately there’s a lot of other cars, very interesting we thought was also this Tatra… very nicely restored!!

2018-02-24 17.43.17_resized

And also this Tempo Matador panel van! Extremely rare! Never saw another one in the flesh!

2018-02-24 17.51.42_resized

and besides many other there was also a choice of Isetta’s!

2018-02-24 17.53.30_resized

After this breath-taking visit Luiz and his (highly pregnant) wife brought us to this very nice lunch place!

Thanks Luiz, You gave us a wonderful day!

2018-02-24 20.42.20_resized

Luiz dropped us off to meet another friend, Edgar… he awaited us at the Katrake Vw shop… highly specialised in VW suspensions!

2018-02-24 22.41.27_resized2018-02-24 22.39.36_resized

Alexandre, the owner, his weak (VW) spot are standard beetles!

2018-02-24 22.43.49_resized2018-02-24 23.26.31_resized

Mandatory sticker ceremony… this shop is BBT approved!!

2018-02-24 22.35.24_resized

From right to left BBT Jerry, Alexandre and yours truly… new friends for life!!

2018-02-24 23.29.07_resized

Today we fly to the south of Brazil for many more…. so stay tuned!


More Brazil, more factories!

Thursday and friday we visited more factories, let’s start with a tail light company, who will make our Bay window tail lights soon!

2018-02-22 14.44.08_resized

This is the raw material for your tail light lenses!

2018-02-22 14.48.31_resized

Very nice and well organised, clean factory!!

2018-02-22 15.13.57_resized

and on to the next, just a street view of a Sao Paolo suburb, traffic is NOT alone in Antwerp, but also over here…:)

2018-02-22 15.58.19_resized

Next was a real cool and small factory who is specialised in emergency brake handles and smaller quantity parts…

2018-02-22 20.32.51_resized

Yes excenter presses are absolutely my favourite machines…

2018-02-22 20.39.06_resized

and on to the next, discussing more push rod tubes with Mr Wilson… compare the reproductions with NOS ones, and learn what is changed on a push rod tube in the last 40 years orso…

2018-02-22 22.09.46_resized

The cut away model learned us a lot… I could never imagine that there was so much technology in a “stupid” push rod tube!

2018-02-22 22.37.15_resized

followed by an extra ordinary mandatory dinner, with many caiparinha, beer, and off course a lot of meat!

2018-02-22 22.10.26 (2)_resized

Friday morning first stop was IGP, our trusty sheet metal supplier… IGP is a real big factory!

2018-02-23 13.27.01_resized

…with many and especially huge presses!

2018-02-23 14.40.31_resized2018-02-23 14.43.02_resized

Jerry was pretty impressed for sure!

2018-02-23 14.44.24_resized

Floorplates ready for paint…

2018-02-23 14.47.01_resized

… and painted…

2018-02-23 14.47.22_resized

the IGP parts been “dipped” in a water based coating…

2018-02-23 14.52.52_resized

as I said, IGP is a huge operation!

2018-02-23 15.00.12_resized2018-02-23 15.01.07_resized

Jerry is inspecting some moulds in the tooling dept.

2018-02-23 15.06.20_resized

From IGP we drove to one of the worlds largest ignition cable manufacturers, around two million sets a year been produced here!

2018-02-23 16.26.09_resized

Everything is controlled, and even weighted!

2018-02-23 16.35.32_resized

A fresh delivery for Bosch, fitted almost in my pockets…:)

2018-02-23 16.36.37_resized

From the ignition cable factory we drove to the port for a meeting with our new consolidator, we ship a 40ft container every 4 weeks now out of Santos, so time to talk!

2018-02-23 21.44.45_resized2018-02-23 21.46.13_resized

Hey guys, be carefull with the BBT containers, will ya?

2018-02-23 21.47.08_resized

… and back to the hotel… finally a full night of sleep, the first full night since we arrived sunday….hmmmm…:)

We will have more Saturday and sunday, so stay tuned!!

Brazil Day 2… Five factory visit!

Our second day in Brazil started in carburetor factory Brosol….

Right at the assembly lines! Up to 400 different parts goes into one carburetor!

2018-02-20 14.19.19_resized

Quality control does matter for a carburetor production process! Every single carburetor is vacuum AND fluid tested even in different airflow and even in different gears!!

The testing lady works 43 years in this factory!

2018-02-20 14.33.44_resized

Busy assembly lines, produce up to 3000 carburetors a month!!

2018-02-20 14.48.30_resized

Mandatory picture…

Walter, the man who’s right from me in the picture, is the plant engineer and work 55(!) years for this factory, he’s the walking carburetor encyclopedia!

2018-02-20 15.10.15_resized

Next….We visited the push rod tube manufacturer, first we stick a BBT sticker to the owner, Mr Wilson, his Fusca…

2018-02-20 15.51.36_resized2018-02-20 15.51.58_resized

The main machine in the production of push rod tubes… every 6 seconds a push rod comes out!

2018-02-20 16.01.08_resized

I can operate a machine like that…. LOL!

2018-02-20 16.01.44_resized

Final pressing…

2018-02-20 16.03.33_resized

….and liquid pressure test of every of our push rods!

2018-02-20 16.04.57_resized

This company makes also a lot of pulleys etc… excentre stamp presses enough… oh yes they’re still my favourite machinery!

2018-02-20 16.10.28_resized

The original VW blueprint is still the holy bible for the production!

2018-02-20 16.58.04_resized

The cut away gives us the right views of the inner structure… what can be improved???

2018-02-20 16.58.37_resized

Next we go to a factory specialised in Alu and Zinc Alloy pressure injection… very wide product range… as long as its aluminum or zinc alloy…:)

2018-02-20 18.19.40_resized

This is NOT soup! This is liquid aluminum!!

2018-02-20 18.21.51_resized

Enough half products and castings to fill an entire warehouse!!

2018-02-20 18.22.51_resized

Main reason for this visit was our production of ignition steering locks, for split window bus and for beetle… we getting close! Two more internal parts to develop and we can start assembly process development…

This will be a BBT exclusive product!

2018-02-20 18.41.29_resized

Ok lunch!! Let’s get some Brazilian BBQ…. what called Churascaria… ever heard of Picanha? It’s the best beef money can buy!

2018-02-20 19.30.58_resized2018-02-20 19.34.40_resized

Up to the next factory… we lined up behind this cool Vw model we don’t have in Europe…

2018-02-20 20.32.06_resized

This factory makes our window winder mechanisms… bullet proof and super solid! A couple of euro’s more expensive as the Chinese crap on the market.

We follow these for years and don’t get returns at all! The BBT window regulators do work like they supposed to do… hope You buy them already?

2018-02-20 20.50.36_resized

we came here to understand the production process and for sure we’re impressed by the incredible nice organised production process!

2018-02-20 20.51.31_resized2018-02-20 20.57.24_resized

They even have their own zinc facilities!

2018-02-20 21.06.22_resized

Assembly was well thought out and again very well organised with a very good lay out… Up to 6000(!) window regulators a day, very impressive!

Every window regulator is fully tested on its own!

2018-02-20 21.15.35_resized2018-02-20 21.17.24_resized

Last factory make BBT bumper brackets, unfortunately no pictures allowed. sorry…:(

Tomorrow we see more productions, so stay tuned! we’re not home yet!

Another factory tour… Brazil here we come!

Where does the big KLM bird fly us this time???

2018-02-18 10.23.01_resized

Direction Sao Paolo Brazil, for another factory tour of suppliers, part of our purchase manager overseas (Jerry) training program….

Impressive skyline for sure…:)

2018-02-19 13.57.29_resized

oh, Jerry found already what’s important…:)

2018-02-19 17.59.32_resized

me too… Brazil is a country for meat lovers, let’s start at lunch…:)

2018-02-19 18.14.21_resized

First supplier lunch, hospitality here is second to none!!

2018-02-19 18.14.42_resized

and yes… they do have APE here too…:)

2018-02-19 18.42.37_resized

Fusca’s everywhere… Fusca is the local Brazilian “nickname” for the beetle… and yes, there’s still plenty on the road here!

2018-02-19 19.16.42_resized

ok, let’s get to work here… first factory was a steering box and all steering box components manufacturer… Now TRW is bought by ZF we face difficulties in supply, to have an alternative right in your back pocket is not an extra ordinary luxury thing in this situation…

We start at the casting and raw material warehouse…

2018-02-19 19.29.01_resized

To continu in the production… we’re very satisfied what we see! the factory came a LOOOOOONG way since our last visit here in 2009!

2018-02-19 19.31.26_resized2018-02-19 19.31.52_resized

Lots of CNC machines to choose from…:)

2018-02-19 19.34.16_resized2018-02-19 19.40.27_resized

Motivated people, even here in the packing division!

2018-02-19 19.40.41_resized

Lots of special machines… Gonzo, this one You have to know!

2018-02-19 19.40.57_resized

And finally the assembly…. a lot of skilled craftsmen that really know what they do… high quality for sure!

2018-02-19 19.56.46_resized

Oh and they make steering boxes for the old Brazilian kombi, as far as we know every Kombi imported from Brazil in Europe for sure need one of those!!

2018-02-19 19.57.05_resized

And finally these lovely girls will make sure all our paperwork will be going smooth!

2018-02-19 19.58.24_resized

Second we visit a factory that make small locks, handles, catches,  receivers etc… small parts and a lot like key barrels etc mainly in zinc alloy… impressive machinery!

2018-02-19 21.54.10_resized

and a LOT of tooling!

2018-02-19 21.54.14_resized

This is how Zinc Alloy comes out of the form after being injected and cooled down!…

2018-02-19 21.54.27_resized

Cleaning of the moulds for the next process!

2018-02-19 21.54.38_resized

Very impressive machinery…

2018-02-19 21.55.59_resized

Do you recognise this part???

2018-02-19 21.56.40_resized

He Mauci, where you think you’re going????

Thanks for bringing us here buddy!

2018-02-19 21.57.17_resized

The most enthusiast sales team of them all??

2018-02-19 22.12.33_resized

Jerry checking on samples…

2018-02-19 23.17.43_resized

Ok day one is over, tomorrow we see more… now first we have to find a hotel! Seems we don’t have a reservation yet!