BBT Travels

A visit to BBT Hungary

Between Christmas and the New year Bob visit BBT Hungary.

Michi and his team distribute all BBT parts in Hungary for over 20 years out of Budapest.

Budapest can be considered as one of most beautiful cities in Europe.

Clean and too many nice buildings to lose counting!

The visit was followed by a marvelous dinner cooked by Michi’s wife and enjoyed by the whole company in Michi’s home. Bob only had one word; delicious…

A very special thank You goes out to Monika for the perfect translations as always!

End of the trip… San Francisco Skyline @ Sunset and @ night…

Sleeping on the Bay side in Oakland gave me this wonderful views of the San Francisco skyline,

At sunset…

and at Night! (open picture in big screen to enjoy fully)

With this my California trip came to an end.

While you reading this I will be in BBT HQ more then likely behind a big pile of work try to catching up…

Hope you enjoyed my little posts about this trip, comments always welcome in the comments section below…:)

Stay safe, stay healthy, keep on breathin’

The last drive with the White Whale…. too many memories…

In 2014 I decided it would be a good idea I had a car and a trailer in the USA to hunt down cars. now we have closed our car sales dept. there is not a real need any more to have a “Big Rig” here in the USA, so last week, after coming back from Oregon, I my last trip with my trusty White Whale .

For this special occasion I hooked up Mark Merrill’s 28ft enclosed trailer to pick up a parts lot of Type 3 parts in the Bay area.

A 28 ft. trailer is a big beast to tow, believe me.

But I had to make the last drive special.

Total I covered over 100.000miles and been in 10 or more different states with my trusty Whale, always pulling my trailer, never let me down..

Some pictures of my last ride in the whale for all of you to enjoy

Bye bye Whale I really hope you will have a nice life with Bob, the new owner, yep, indeed, same name like me…

A special transport… with video!

When a friend here in California asked me to take a big VOLVO military vehicle on my trailer to Grants Pass Oregon I said yes within a blink of an eye, what an adventure to transport such a “BEAST” on my car trailer…

I had to drive to Grants Pass Oregon anyway to visit some friends recently moved there. A 10hr single trip without a trailer that is…

Not so many people see holiday as hauling cars around, but that’s exactly what I like the most to do! Let’s say it’s like going to the beach, but little different… 🙂

I took some pictures down the road for all of us to enjoy…

The video at the bottom shows how we unload this big rig!

Sealed and delivered….

Check out this cool video!

Video not visible? Click HERE

All the leaves are brown and the skyes are grey… California dreamin’….

Some pictures just “down the road” from my trip, for all of you to enjoy and to dreamin’… Califoria dreamin’…. 🙂

Crazy traffic in SoCal…

Skyline of Los Angeles

Wide open space on multiple lane freeways

Traffic everywhere

Sunset from freeway118

Downtown Ventura

Heading North, like James Dean did on his last trip…or shall we stop to surf?

Somewhere near Santa Barbara Freeway 101 turns really nice!

Patina on a parkinglot

Morro Bay

Highway 41 to 101


Sunset….almost there…:)

Driving at the West Coast is a real cool experinece, You should really do it sometime in your life… especially Hwy 1 and Freeway 101 are very scenic and offer once in a lifetime views…

Ok let’s start the engines again, heading to Grant Pass Oregon today!