BBT Travels

Special delivery..

This week we do a very special delivery…

This 1976 Adventure-wagen Hi-Top will be delivered to his new owner somewhere 1800km North of BBT HQ in Sweden.

Because carriers don’t deliver as we want to, we deliver ourselves.

BBT service is second to none…:)

Beetle on trailer

Last week Bob picked up a car in Sweden.

Lovely 54 oval with an even more lovely history.

Will ship to Japan soon!

If you have a remarkable car and think of selling it? Call us, there’s always top potential buyers in our worldwide network.

Empty the largest inventory NOS parts of my life

Greetings from Hamburg, Germany, where we’re cleaning out the warehouse of Dieter Schmidt Lorenz…

It’s just massive…

A very special word of thanks to Susanne for the catering and to Dieter for help despite his crazy pain in the back.
We made a small display of NOS parts and boxes, just as a reminder what we go through here…

Full feature of the entire clean-up will come in Hayburner magazine, make sure to reserve your copy!

Brazil trip last legs…. wrap up; pack and get out of here…:)

On last couple of days we’ve been busier as ever. Many OE suppliers (no pictures allowed) had to be visited before our departure.

Passing our friend of Da Houze Marcos from Garage MACFEL fame we halted for a coffee and some cool pictures.

Marcos has a growing restoration shop, building only Kombi Brazil for export to Europe and USA, Every time we come here his business is growing…

A dinner invitation with THE man behind the Brazilian Volkswagen scene we couldn’t decline neither, on the way back from another far away visit to Sao Paolo we stopped in Campinas to meet our friend Luiz, editor of VW Klassik and VW Kustom, the two leading Volkswagen magazines in Brazil.

He’s absolutely my favorite source for Brazilian specifications….:)

Thanks for dinner Luiz, Madero rocks!!

Driver Clemmerson was a great guy, we had good laughs and he’s official BBT driver now, please see the BBT sticker on the back of his car…:)

Thanks Clemmerson, you’re a fantastic driver…

On the road to next supplier and to the airport, Brazil has many freeways and most are  busy enough….

We like to thank everybody that helped this trip come to what it was. I had great times, life time memories and worked never any harder like last two weeks.

Many new products have been found, more suppliers convinced that quality really does matter and more productions secured.

But in the end it was the people that made the difference.

I’m extremely happy I can tell I have really good friends and relationships in Brazil.

Thank You guys, you made this trip as successful as it became.