BBT Travels

New van, new delivery….

BBT driver Frank loaded up his brand new van for delivery to UK.

It was pretty full already and still 2 more orders to go…

Frank is a master packer, nobody loads more into a van as Frank does…

Airmighty #38 now available

Airmighty #38 came in late last week and is available now through our webshop….

This edition of Airmighty includes the BBT Taiwan tour with full picture report of our Silver Weld Through factory

Now You can learn how we make all of our sheet metal…:)

Order your copy now HERE


This is how we find them…

….. by word of mouth…. somewhere in California, unfortunately to close to the ocean…

Two Type 3 squarebacks a 63 and a 69, can you see them in the first picture?

Unfortunately too far gone to carry home

I liked the color combo very well, but not the rust…:(

The 69 was the parts car…. both cars sitting here since 1980.

I like the story, and the fact it was a first owner car, unfortunately he didn’t store it good enough…:(

Better luck next time?

Brazilian impressions and collections…

During our last Brazilian trip we visit several collections and had great conversations with many collectors and friend… meanwhile we enjoyed the country fully!

Caio’s cars are wonderful!

The roads are amazing nice, so much green!

Some people had banana trees in their garden… my friend Claus, former CEO of Mahle South America, has no less as 500 banana trees in his garden…

But Claus has a wonderful collection of Volkswagens too!

and besides all that is Claus a real good cook, the BBQ was OUTSTANDING!

Thanks Claus to give this trip an extra dimension…:)

Down the road….:)

and as cherry on the cake and thanks to my friend Luis we could visit Brazil’s premier private collection; Mr Goshima’s stables…

With loads of VW’s!!

and some heavy equipment…:)

when you have “enough”?….:)

Mr Goshima’s collection is housed in the buildings of Autobox 54, a public car museum from (another) Mr Luis, and we got a private tour! wowh!

What a wonderful time we had!!

Thanks to EVERYBODY to make this trip a really unforgettable one!