BBT Travels

Out of the old box

Somewhere in Central Sweden, must be right before the Millenium… cool barn, we loaded two of these big lorries… loads of splittie stuff… and affordable, those where the days… hard work, dirt and grease… but we liked it…

Who recognise everybody on this picture? (except for the truck driver)…:)

The last legs of Bob’s Californian trip…

Left Winnemuca in Nevada early morning…

Breakfast at Jack’s, always a good idea…:)

Nevada is a dessert, but they get snow, and this winter they had lots of snow….

and more endless straights…

Passing the Sierra’s between Nevada and California near Lake Tahoe had more snow, a lot more snow up there…

Arrived well with my full trailer load at the shippers in Richmond California, time to unload and organise stuff now…

That was it folks, another cool trip with a good hunt… we make up and catch a Uber to the airport for flying home. Will be right on time to find my chocolate easter eggs on Sunday morning…

Towing a Bus south, join my 2500 miles roadtrip, be my passenger…:)

Picked up this 1969 Delta green early bay near the Canadian border and had to drag it to the port of San Francisco.

Once loaded on the trailer the real drive started!

Crossing a lot of small towns, they’re cure, but they all have a 25Mph speed limit, don’t move up actually…:)

and bizar buildings on the side of teh roads… they don’t have speed limits, ah, way better…:)

Woeps, big agriculture machines… they take almost two lanes!

Welcome to Idaho… it’s a while since I was here last….

Incredible cool mountain roads… Idaho is really beautiful!

Bridge to home?

McCall with an elevation over 5000ft had a lot of snow still..

ok, down to Boise, where my friend Lind is just about cutting a roof from a westy…

we gonna load the one roof to the other bus… line them up nicely is important!

and simply drag it over…:)

One bus has two roofs now, the other is without… its not fair!

A quick tyre rotation on the Big White Whale and…

…. we’re ready for endless Nevada roads, on the way to California…

You gotta love these old Motel signs!

More straights… looks like endless, but actually its pure motoring fun!

Will try to give an update on the saturday Blog, right before I fly back home… will be home for Easter anyway… 🙂

The Kelley Park VW show report…

Kelley Park, in San Jose California, is a historical site for trains and buildings. It’s the perfect venue for a VW show, been there several times, every times I’m surprised how cool the setting really is!

Some teaser pictures for You!

Who’s next to the bus? The real famous Belgian Benny? that guy is just everywhere…:)

How low can You go?

Back to the eighties!

Wide wheels or too small car?

Caught Shin by surprise…:)

Never saw wheels like this before, pretty special to me!

ok enough playtime, back on the road, let’s make a trek up north? Why? Well wait and see!

Yeah, we all love weed… LOL… Weed is a cool little town completly North in California…

Endless straights ahead of me…. sometimes we just need 5000 miles don’t we?

Will be continued!

3 Ghia’s on my trailer in just two days!

Pretty busy here… I had 3 different Ghia’s on my trailer to transport to the docks in just two days… They will come all to BBT HQ soon…

First we had that ubercool 1959 original Lizzard green with dark green roof but unfortunately repainted in cheap black, we picked up in San Jose….

Cool car uh?

After that we towed the 68 “roestie” coupe all the way from Ojai, what’s close to Santa Barbara.. solid car, but left outside bare metal…

Stopped down the 101 in Atascadero… it’s really hard to pass by there without having my favourite burger at Sylvester’s!

And last but not least picked this 1970 convertible up in Gilroy, the garlic capital of the world!

This is a real cool un messed up project car!

If you want more information on any of those three cars, just shoot me an email… I reply as soon as I can!