Rare and for sale

For Sale; Westfalia tent for VW bus, stand alone type…

We got this stand alone type Westfalia tent last week and like to offer for sale here.(The bus is just for display, not included in this sale…:))

The tent fits to any VW bus and stands on its own, can be connected to the bus, but can be closed off and the bus can be driven away.

We can easily state this tent is just in as new condition and original from Westfalia. Made by the people who made our beloved camping buses…

Comes with ground sheet and all necessary hardware, the condition is really as new, we couldn’t find any rip or tear. In our eyes this tent is hardly used.

For all further information contact Bob@BBT4vw.com

Fresh cars coming in regulary!

Frequently we get full truck loads of new cars in… this transport out of Italy was no different… always cool to see a full truckload of “fresh” Volkswagens arriving…:)

All details of our cars and our current inventory You can always find on;

What’s in the garage? Or better what’s no longer in the garage….. can you see it??? Real cool; treasure hunting!

Last Sunday I went on a very special mission… I had to get a car out of a garage! Can You see it already? Treasure hunting Bob Style…

Let’s get closer….

More closer, can You see it now… lurking???

a cool late-model Type Three… isn’t this nice???

And its out! Incredible… read on to get the complete story….

This car was bought brand new by Mr. René. He passed away couple of years ago but his children always took good care, started it up regularly and washed it times to times… featuring original 53.000km this is a real cool and very original car. there is absolutely no trace of rust NO PLACE!! all the weak spots they look like NEW… Paint is all original with some minor touch ups…

When the children thought about selling the VW Gods pointed them my direction, and I was the only one that was able to buy this car!

On the trailer and ready to go… this poor baby might not know what’s happening! It was 47 years in this house, in this neighbourhood…

53.000 original km, last service in 1986 and full service notes! The original registration card (I never saw that before from a French car) and a super cool history!

This car hardly drove in the rain… when it rained Mr.René prefered to leave the car inside and drive his Solex motor bicycle. he preffered he went wet and the car stayed dry… one time he drove it to work when snow surprised him, there was about 0.5cm of snow on the car when he came out of the factory… he was all over his boiling point!!! He drove home and dried literally the car from 5 to 10pm (a mere 5 hrs!!) with an hairdryer!! Imagine!!

Aren’t they beautiful when this original???

This car will be for sale soon, as I can’t keep them all.. unfortunately… if you’re fancy a low mileage all original and crazy history Type 3 square back just contact me on Bob@BBT4vw.com