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Your BBT Team is always keen to bring together Vintage VW minded people just as we are and we try to do this in many ways. Our social network Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, Tumblr, Blogger, etc… is one way. BBT’s famous convoy which will be announced very soon is another way but this time we would like to bring our website links page into the spotlights.

This page is full of handy links to BBT’s dealer network, Magazines, Useful info, Clubs and much more. Feel free to check it out and please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel you belong on this page, contact to obtain any further information.

We need your support for a Bus movie!!!

Claudia is a very nice girl and crazy about VW’s and BBT… at this point she’s making a movie about busses and the story’s behind and she needs help, offcourse we want to help her and push the project forward… here is “HER” question… email her in force bus friends of BBT! from all corners of the Globe please!

Have you ever lived or travelled in a VW van ?

Send us an email at

Crescendo films is collecting stories for a documentary film. 

If you travel in a VW van or if you are currently living in a VW van, don’t hesitate to participate !

Describe your trip, your vehicule, your memories, and sensations, and send us your story with pictures of your VW van at  We will contact you after having read all your emails. 

We are also looking for films.If you possess Super 8 films, Super 16, 35mm, Hi8 tapes or mini-DV,don’t hesitate to contact us at the same email address. Thank you !

Avez-vous déjà voyagé ou vécu à bord d’un Combi VW ?

Ecrivez-nous à

 Pour un documentaire, qui sera diffusé par FR5,la société de production Crescendo films cherche des témoignages. 

Si vous voyagez en combi ou si vous vivez dans un combi, n’hésitez pas à participer !

Décrivez votre voyage, votre véhicule, vos souvenirs, vos sensations, et envoyez votre récit, accompagné de photographies de votre combi, à Nous vous contacterons après lecture de vos textes.

 Nous recherchons également des films de vos voyages. Si vous avez des films Super 8, Super 16, 35mm, des cassettes Hi8 ou autre, contactez-nous à la même adresse. Merci !

Reisen Sie an Bord eines VW Bus?

Schreiben Sie an 

Die Produktionsgesellschaft Crescendo Films sammelt Erinnerungen, Dokumente, Bilder und Texte für einen Dokumentarfilm.  

Wenn Sie an Bord eines VW Bus reisen, oder wenn Sie in einen VW Bus wohnen, machen Sie mit! 

Sie beschreiben ihre Reise, ihren Bulli, ihre Erinnerungen, ihre Gefühle, und schicken ihre Erzählung und ein paar Fotos an 


Wir suchen auch Filme. Wenn Sie Super 8, Super 16, 35mm Filme, oder Hi8, mini-DV Kassetten von ihre Reisen besitzen, können Sie an derselben Email Adresse schreiben. Vielen Dank !


Repro Westy pilot project…

Ruud from Repro Westy choose a BBT bus as a new pilot project for his business, a very high honor for us! Handing over the keys was in this case the “moment supreme!”

Repro Westy is a small business operation fabricates brand new Westfalia style interiors (hence the name!) and from now on You can order your westy style camper complete, to your choice, special made to order, the whole car…imagine… Your very own Westy! This bus was the first pilot project for this brand new service.

all info on repro westy and Ruud’s operation You can find on

I always said; “They come back from the moon one day!”

“In 1945, the Nazis went to the moon. In 2018, they are coming back” is the strapline of the new movie Iron Sky that has just premiered at the 62nd Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival). A comedy about Nazis in space, it has had mixed reviews but by all accounts the CGI effects are very impressive. 

Check the two attached promotional pictures to see what car these guys drive. Well, what did you expect? Good call!

Watch the official theatrical trailer at:

Thanks Pete Frost to share this information with us!