Inside BBT

So many goods came in…

This week we got 3 containers in and counting…. (its only Thursday morning)

We had this overloaded container Silver weld through coming in yesterday afternoon, with our beautiful Bulkheads and other SWT parts…

Our infill rate goes up daily finally!

Enjouy our pictures.



Our first shipment to Algeria…

BBT Frederik arranged to get the first shipment out to our distributor in Algeria.

It took 1.5 year to get necessary paperwork for imports from the Algerian authorities for our customer.

Sometimes it’s just nice to remember how happy we are living a in a “free” country.

Congratulations to Frederik and his team for their commitment and perseverance.



Bay window cab door development continuation….

After showing the result of the first outer shell pressing from our bay window doors last week we’re happy we can show you this week the outer shell all finished.

We set up the laser cutters now and some smaller end strikes and finished off the outer shell, with a more as respectable result.

We working full force now on the innerframe tools to finish …

We hope testing complete real sample testing somewhere in the fall, we keep you posted!