Inside BBT

Varga TRW came in, after a too long delivery time…. but… BACK IN STOCK!

Some serious problems with ZF TRW Varga gave as way longer as normal delivery times, so we’re pretty happy they finally delivered first part of our (meanwhile) huge orders… we didn’t receive all yet, but at least we have some serious back orders covered now….

we have it all ready to deliver…yiiiihaaa.


1200 Master cylinder 19 mm Type 1 & Karmann Ghia -65 – single circuit / TRW

1228 Wheelbrake cylinder rear Type 2 72-92 / TRW

1368 Steering box 1200/1300 / TRW

1212 Front wheel brakecylinder 1302/1303 / TRW

1205-1 Master cylinder with servo Type 2 08/70-07/79 / TRW

1227 Rear wheel brake cylinder 22mm Type2 -71 / TRW

1201 Master cylinder 17 mm type 1 & type 14 65-67 – single circuit / TRW

Product development, what are we doing now?? another roof production!!

We just finished the first hit tool for the split window single cab roof… we think that a LOT of single cabs need new roof as many have heavy damage from a long hard-working life…

We continue second (and finish) hit tool and hope to add this roof as fast as we can to our complete split window roof. This picture (and update) is mainly to show You we tooled up a complete new tooling for this roof and do not make “something” from the big split window roof tooling… we press them as it should, no compromise! Look how big the tooling is!!

Quality matters, at least for us….

if your desperate, just reserve yours already…  keep the reservations for you on this roof!

Making of…. some preps we did before the Open house last june….

It only takes some friends, some steel, some equipment, a lot of measuring and some guts to put cars on poles…

The idea was to get a more full view when you enter our car building, we always thought the dimensions above our cars where not in correct ratio with the entire views… so we decided to put our micro cars on poles to gain more visibility and gave the entire space inside a more cozy look… I think we succeeded…

Not for the faint at hearted, we had some serious grinding, welding and all kind of other construction works… some pictures from down the road we like to share with you!

The result is stunning and all we could ask for… as all visitors to our open house can agree…  special constructions, should be a new job for us….another one…:)

The Heinkel Trojan looks the whole deal on his private pole with behind it the BMW Isetta and the Gogomobil…. high and dry… they remember me of storks sitting on their nests….:)


Big thanks for everybody involved and helped, mentally or hands on… this was a cool construction that kept us busy for a couple of days….