Inside BBT

BBT starts oval window ignition switch project.

After a long seach with more as one death end we finally found the right manufacturer to make Oval window ignition switches for us.

A huge project for a little part…

We’re very picky so we will make with correct keycode and even correctly numbered keys by the VW books…

So sad VW don’t allow us anymore to make the key with the VW logo …..

But all will be interchangable with the original parts, also the keys….

We looking forward to this project.

How many parts an ignition switch has? Well count for every part at least one tooling….:)



BBT is closed today

Today where closed

We celebrate pentecost and that’s an official holiday in Belgium

Tomorrow we love to help you again…

A wall of fenders

Since we make the early beetle front fenders we work on better production times, so our turn over comes to cruize speed now….

Our bankdirectors are becoming friends again now we can pay off the toolings…LOL…

We do stock nice quantities of our fenders and wanted to share some impressive sides of our ” Wall of fenders”…