Inside BBT

Build your own chassis from now on, with the BBT chassis jig for splittie bus.

With all chassis parts available for split window bus we decided to tool up and offer the correct jig to assemble your chassis on a safe and especially straight way…:)

The chassis has to line out well to let your bus drive nice…

With our high precision Jigs You can weld the chassis to Volkswagen factory standards, just like one big new part….

BBT is looking now for partners all over the world to buy the jig and build chassis locally to avoid stupid shipping costs to local customers.

As building chassis is very customer orientated and can be customized in all directions, its better it happens in end consumer direct surroundings, perfect picture for the local workshops!

All of our jigs do come with a frame top protect the whole set up.

Chassis is not included with frame.

We advise to buy one model chassis along in order to know what goes where.

All further information on chassis, chassis jigs and any other inquiry give us a shout on Email to or contact your favorite BBT sales person.

New concrete for the warehouse floor.

After all preparations last week it was time to “pump” the new concrete where it belonged, on the floor!….:)

It was early day… Concrete people do start early.

A lot of action… nice coordination…:)

Let the pumping begin!!

Another day of polishing and coloring and our “bad” part of floor will be history!

The warehouse floor renovation going full force….

Part of the warehouse floor needed replacement to host our shelves and order pickers….

We took old concrete out and discovered old structures under the floor from the time this used to be a body shop…

Some hydraulic help was ordered and we took all out!

Next week we show the pictures of how we put concrete in!

Container loaded for Australia

We think one container is the perfect diet for BBT.

So we loaded another container this week, this time direction Australia….

Curious where what destination we load next week? Stay truned!