Inside BBT

Out of the old box… The “old” BBT building…

Some cool memories of our old building at the Nijverheidsstraat nr 4….

2018-03-08 17.19.07_resized

At the grand opening …. a mere 25 years ago!!

2018-03-08 18.07.25_resized


2018-03-08 17.17.59_resized

and with the visit of the Historic Vw club of great Brittain!

2018-03-08 18.06.47_resized

Fond memories…. for those who like the full story… we sold the building when we moved to our current building… about 7 years ago… the new owner teared down the whole thing and put a state of the art brand new cheese factory… we’re little bit like Las Vegas, 20 years is very old over here…LOL

Happy Sunday!!


A new load of sheetmetal on its way…

We can’t say anything wrong how our supplier of sheet metal in Brazil load our containers…

When we open the doors we’ve been greeted by gas tanks…


after the layer of gas tanks there was (a couple) of layers of floor plates


and in the nose we had the fenders..


Nice stacked, no air, we like that!!

soon available!


Aircooled Archive

Yesterday, a whole group of British VW fanatics brought a visit to BBT.
Always nice to see beautiful customised cars. Thank you guys!