Inside BBT

We need more space? We make more space….:)

With all sheet metal coming in lately we need way more space, especially with a couple of hundreds of fenders coming….

We decided to build a mezzanine in the car building…..

So we can store the Bus roofs below the mezzanine and on top strictly reserve for fenders….

We like the new mezzanine so much we’re looking to build more stories soon, stay tuned!

Fire!!! BBT put on a fire extinguishing exercise….

We all like to protect what we have don’t we, but especially we would not forgive ourselves if a customer, friend or collegae could have been saved but You didn’t know what to do…. we thought the same, and set up a big exercise to learn how to use fire extinguishers.

Off course everything well controlled and under qualified supervision!

All BBT employees are really enthusiastic and we will continue with part 2 of the course in 2020….

BBT save lives!

Some teaser pictures of what we did…. look pretty impressive don’t they?


Another complicated Bus part almost finished!

We’re pretty close to finish the fresh airbox for your splittie bus…. a real masterpiece of art…

If somebody is not sure what we’re up to now, these pictures prove what we can and do!

Very proud on the factory that make these for us! Wowh!

Some teaser pictures for You, trusty BBT fans.

BBT will close down for the holidays.

BBT (groothandel, zowel als de winkel) is tijdens de kerstperiode gesloten vanaf dinsdag 24 december 2019 12 uur ’s middags tot en met 1 januari 2020.

Kleine bestellingen geplaatst maandag 23 december voor 14.00u worden nog verwerkt en verstuurd.

Nous sommes fermés pendant les vacances de Noël à partir de mardi 24 décembre 2019 12.00hr (midi)  jusqu’au 1 janvier 2020.

We’re are closed during the Christmas holidays from Tuesday 24 December  12 o’clock (noon) till 1 January 2020.

Wegen Weihnachtsferien sind wir ab Dienstag den 24. Dezember 2019 12 Uhr Mittags bis den 1 Januar 2020 geschlossen.

We’re back on track on  2 January 2020 !

Zalig Kerstmis en Gelukkig Nieuwjaar
Joyeux Noël et bonne année
Merry Xmas and happy New Year
Frohe Weihnachten und gutes neues Jahr