Inside BBT

Goods out is bursting!

This week we got way over average number of orders and our shipping dept is really bursting!

We try to get all your orders out on time but ask for understanding is we’re a day late….:)

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Big load of glass fresh arrived and available now for delivery!

Just an hour ago we unloaded a real big load of glass… BBT glass is the best glass for Your VW on the market, its strong, its safe and it fits perfectly!! and more than anything, we pack each glass separately (unless You buy in bulk) for maximum protection during transport!

All our references are back in stock…

Order yours now, if not available in our webshops yet just contact Pascal on and he make your reservations!!

Another feature about the BBT collection….

A while ago the crew from behind the wheel made a Video of Bob’s collection… the video was widely shared on the internet… what only few people know is that Belgium Volkswagen importer D’Ieteren was the sponsor from theseĀ  Behind the wheel series

In the latest issue of their “Volkswagen magazine” they put “our” story on paper … that magazine is distributed to all owners of registered Volkswagens in Belgium…. a real nice feature…. unfortunately only available in Flemish or French, our native tongues….





The BBT collection is THE test bed for all of our quality parts!

We’re the Volkswagen people! Nobody can beat our passion!