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Come and go… The story continues

Last week we ‘ve had some more classics come in and go out @ BBT HQ.

We’ll start with our Farmobile who found it’s way to a VW addict in Holland. I’m pretty sure we’ll hear about him again very soon…

This 1970 L30A Königsrot beauty came in last week together with…

1960 low mileage  L391 Pastelblau and…

…this 1962 L87 Perlweiss masterpiece…

For more info regarding our latest arrivals please don’t hesitate and contact us.

Latest car arrivals…

Last 2 weeks we managed to get some nice Beetles for sale online. This small overview might be helpful to become fully up-to-date.

There is survivors and survivors, well this is even a third breath of survivor, a car that’s completely original and can compete with many restored car! Let’s start with the paint, seems like all first paint, claimed to be all first paint and we didn’t find neither any trace of repainted panels… Read more @ 1958 Perfect Black

In very very nice condition presented and well driving 1960 sedan with a nice and all original ragtop! Ragtops are the coolest thing ever, even in western Europe you drive “open” nine months a year. This car is ready made as a perfect driver, not to perfection, but rather to enjoy! Exactly what it’s made for… Read more @ 1960 Flint Grey Ragtop beetle, a perfect ride!

1964 antrazit

One year… one year only VW made a car with the old style large window posts and a metal sliding roof… this is that exact car, a very clean all original beetle in mainly first paint. Rock solid, if you peep under the fenders all you see is factory paint… Read more @ 1964 Anthracite sliding roof originality queen

1977 Beetle in fancy “Charleston” colors!

One of the last German built beetles!

Just a cool (and good!) regular daily driver bug ready for the road, in the ooh so typical fancy late eighties high fashionable “Charleston” color combo. Ready to drive, completely serviced!

This beauty was sold new in Belgium and comes with Belgian registration!

1977 Beetle in fancy “Charleston” colors!: Check out more pics on the BBT-website!

1977 Rock solid bay window, great project!

With bay windows rustier than ever, and welding prices reaching to the moon, buying a good basic car is a must! This car doesn’t have a tranny or an engine anymore, but he’s rock solid! And we sell it cheaper than you can let weld a rusty project to perfection… or just complete it with an engine and a tranny from our shop… Great project!

1977 Rock solid bay window, great project!: Check out more pics on the BBT website!