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1955 Totally untouched black oval!

Not every day we come across a king of patina and originality, search becomes harder and harder every day, and finding unmolested cars has almost become a form of art!

But we scored “hole in one” again with this beautiful 1955 oval… its screaming patina pushed the needle from the originality gauge in the red “over the edge” zone! Just check out the still all original heart taillights, never replaced!

Look at the more than decent original pre 55 upholstery, an all original interior, or the extreme cool Blaupunkt radio, probably mounted since new!

If untouched highly original oval window beetles are your thing, this beauty is to consider for sure! Feel free to contact us for any information required…

1955 Totally untouched black oval: Check out more pics on the BBT-website!

1956 All original, Low mileage black oval window

Superlatives You simply can’t find enough when describing this car… This car is virtually new, in and out, under and above… it’s in a unbelievable stage of preservation and will be a top winner on any concourse, in either preservation or restored class. In all years of our existence this must be the best kept car from these ages even been in our possession!

If all this is not enough it also acted in a pretty famous Swedish movie starring the beautiful Kim Novak! A copy of the movie, some flyers and pictures from “behind the scenes” are included in the sale!

A little summary:
-First paint (factory original!)
-never welded, painted or whatever…
-First interior, absolute mint condition.
-totally matching numbers
-Played in movie.
-Less then 14.500 miles driven since new!

1956 All original, Low mileage black oval window: Check out more pics on the BBT-website!

1961 SO34 Flip Seat camper, original Westfalia!

For many VW enthusiasts the Westfalia build SO34 flip seat camper is the dream to become. We do like them ourselves very very much, and on top of that, SO34’s are rather rare and hard to find.

When this SO34 arrived at our premises one of BBT’s trusty friends of the house fell in love, deep in love with this bus. Sentimental as we are we granted a two year marriage for him, so happened, the guy took two long years with his beloved Westy, made a new all correct BBT speciality wooden headliner, welded the bus like it should, and painted the red part again in correct color scheme, he rebuilt the tranny and renewed the brakes, this bus is a real freeway flyer now!

After two years he is now ready to part with it as soon as it’s sold, travelled to many shows in Western Europe, this might be a well known bus by now!….

Are You ready for this baby to drive where You want, or take You where she wants? Are You ready to sleep with the factory flip top open, enjoying 1000 stars and the moon? Don’t delay, and contact us for more info today…

1961 SO34 Flip Seat camper, original Westfalia!: Check out more pics on the BBT-website!

1962 “BAD ASS” Hoodride Crewcab

A real rat crewcab for sale with extreme high cool factor! Narrowed and lowered front beam, straight axle in the back. Unbelievable appearance!

Underneath this buddy is ALL restored, new floors, rockers, in and out, doglegs, outriggers etc, we replaced it all! It looks rough but it IS good type a car (many cars out there are the opposite, LOL!)

Get noticed, and become part of the club of Die hard VW bus owners, this one is not for pussies!

1962 “BAD ASS” Hoodride Crewcab: Check out more pics on the BBT-Website!

1956 Horizon blue oval window

Super cool oval with inside still the original stratos blue paint. Outside one time repainted in Horizon blue “many moons” ago…

Body is pretty cool and dry considering age, the engine runs, but has a leaking oil seal, the brakes have to be rebuild.

This is just a little cool car, with all the original switches etc not misabused, never messed up! pretty virgin! Like You hardly find them anymore these days… for more info don’t delay and contact us today!

1956 Horizon blue oval window: Check out more pics on the BBT-website!