Friends of the house

Two ex BBT splits meet…:)

In 2011 Sabrina & Gerd bought the BBT 1952 cozy split… they restored it there own way.

A couple of years later Markus bought one of the 4 uber cool split windows we imported at once from Sweden (that caused a stir).

This year they meet each other on a real small VW show and took some pictures together to share with all of us…:)

Its just good to see that people take so good car for ex BBT cars… Thanks to Gerd, Sabrina and Markus, good work guys, keep the spirit!

Keep them running on BBT parts and thanks for the pictures too!

A special drive with a special guest….

Katja had her share of bad luck lately. Stupid accident and difficult recovery just to name a few…

Friend of Da Houze Big Fred wanted to do something special to give Katja a very special moment.

We teamed up and Fred gave Katja un unforgettable ride in the 1958 BBT double door walk through Samba 23 window bus yesterday.

Did Katja had the day of her life? You bet!

Fred, Thanks so much for doing this for Katja!

A nice pair….

Friend of Da Houze, Eric from Grant Pass, Oregon send us this cool pictures of his two early single cabs in his garage.

Both babies are absolutely first paint.

How cool is this?

How to make a real road movie in the fifties?

Good friend of da Houze Eric got this crazy tri-pod from an ex American soldier who brought it home after his service in Germany.
Eric waited over two years till the stars where good aligned to try out this tri-pod and succeeded wonder well, he shared some pictures for all of us to see this really rarest of the rare of automobilia accessories…

Cool stuff Eric, thanks for sharing_