Friends of the house

What did you had on your lift yesterday?

Perry Watkins and his team asked help on their European tour so we granted the BBT workshop and lift to replace the transmission nose cone on their Jet Bus after they broke it in a try out for a Burn Out on VW power……

Not a daily sight to have a Jet bus on your lift, is it?

1800Hp, Rolls Royce jet engine, detailed as nothing else. Just Massive…

Oh yes, he told us he bought the jet engine on EBay… crazy people those UK lads!

All repaired now and on their way to the Austrian GP Formula 1. Marcel if you see it performing there, think about us!

’56 Single Cab that Andy bought from BBT in 2014

Andy tells: “I’ve basically done a complete mechanical refresh on the truck since I got it. The only thing I haven’t done yet is the bodywork, but that’s good and solid – very little metalwork needed. That’s why I bought it from you guys. I was looking for several months before I found this one and I knew it had ‘good bones’.  I knew it needed the mechanical work and I wanted to do that myself. I think I know the truck inside and out now 😊 The last major job I did was to rebuild the engine”

We just love the fact Andy enjoy his pride so much!

I this “double shot” mirrored picture not to die for????



Peter is playing with his Palm Green sand Green

Peter is doing it right, saving patina, saving the soul and spirit from this incredible 1957 Palm Green sand Green we found in the Swedish forests a couple of years ago…:)

BEFORE (how Peter bought it from us)

…and how it looks today, the body is almost completely finished!

Gogogo Peter and finish this beast, we can’t wait to see the result!

Mild tuning, Auto Linea heads give a very good flow!

Hans, well known from running the BBT counter for over 10 years, started Speedshack when he left BBT.

Speedshack builds VW engines so Hans and BBT is an ongoing story.

Out of his research Hans gives us a lot of feedback.

Today he shares with us how easy you can obtain HP and torque with Auto Linea heads.

Hans said he took stock Auto Linea heads, gave the valve and seats a 3 angle cutting job. He left the ports untouched, modified the compression chambers slightly where he made them same diameter as the cylinder bore diameter and “unshroud” the valves.

These heads he combined with 90.05mm bore cylinders, stock crank and rods with a healthy 8.4/1 compression ratio, for a long engine life.

He used an Engle W100 cam with stock rockers and 2 x Weber 36mm IDF carbs set up with 30mm venturi on just a cheap EMPI hotdog exhaust.

The dyno results are pretty amazing as you can see from the screen above…

A whopping 97.8DinHp over a 145DinNm of torque.

This will be a fun engine to drive for sure!

If you’re interested in Auto Linea heads click HERE

If you want to contact Hans or need an engine like this visit him over