Friends of the house

BBT sponsors Team Nebo in Dutch championship Autocross.

Friend of Da Houze, technical advisor and manufacturer Eric decided he wanted to go back to his roots.

Leaving the steering wheel since 25 years he came up this season with a complete new team with three cars to battle the Dutch national champion ship Autocross.

Last Saturday yours truly visited the Dutch finals Autocross in Rosmalen to see BBT sponsor money was well spend.

We enjoyed every minute of it.



Patricks bus in full restoration after 20 years of owner ship…

Patrick bought his project bus in 2003 from BBT and started restoration this year.
The reason to start this late was the availability of panels that would fit as it should.

Patrick is over the moon with our Silver Weld Through panels.
“These are the panels my bus deserves”

As bought in 2003, before the old BBT building…

In full restoration now

This bus was originally delivered to THW (Technische Hilfs Werk) and came originally with a blue light on the roof!
Patrick was able to score several period pictures of “HIS” bus though the THW museum in Germany who seems to have a real nice register!
This make the history of the bus hyper cool off course!

Soon the VW sign will shine again, with pride!

We like to thank Patrick to share the pictures of his cool project.
We wish a very good continuation and before all “Keep the spirit! “

Do you have a special project? Or a cool restoration story with BBT roots? You can always send in your pictures and story, who knows we can publish on our Blog.

Local Radio Park gave sound from the back of Greg’s Single cab.

Longtime friend of Da Houze and BBT neighbor Danny and Greg have a roofing company.
Long time ago BBT restored a single cab in their typical yellow company color to promote their roofing company.

They gave some visibility of the company and used their bright yellow pick up to host the radio park Deejay booth at our local town fair.
Good times, nice pictures, always good to see BBT cars used what they’re made for….:)