Friends of the house

Skinner Classics, a bus company in and out!

Robert Skinner was already long time on my list… but it never worked out to pay him a visit… this trip I had to do it! I succeeded!

Skinner is a bus restoration facility, and that shows off the minute You enter the door!

What a beast!!

The Skinner dog! Cute as hell!

A BBT roof fitted on a single cab, perfect fit!

Robert, his wife and yours truly….

Thanks for the tour Robert, it was really way too fun!

VW Busses are a family thing!

Meet the Grand daughter of Didier…

She loves the bus of grand daddy!

We found the bus from Didier back as earlier reported to this Blog….

and does his grand-daughter like it? …. you bet!

Happy New Year!!

BBT starts up again today and we’re happy to send You our best wishes as a first thing to do…

May 2020 brings You a lot of VW fun, good business and a lot of love and care in the best possible health!

Thank you for all Christmas cards we received, digital and paper ones, digital seems to win more every year, nevertheless old-school guys we are we do like the paper cards a lot! ….:)

Cheers to all of us!

On a perfect cooperation in 2020….:)

We’re back to your service on our normal opening hours from today….