Friends of the house

Benno made the 1957 real patina queen oval roadworthy!

End of 2019 we published the ultimate patina queen oval window for sale HERE

in january 2020 Benno bought the car and we shipped to Switzerland, check HERE

Today Benno send us some pictures from the finished product, ultimlate patina left as it should!

Thanks for sharing Benno, and a lot of fun with this incredible machine!

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Lesley’s bus makes good progress…

Lesley is a very loyal BBT customer from south of Belgium, and lives very close to the flooded areas.

Thanks God he, his family and his bus was saved from the water and the bus makes good progress with all BBT Silver Weld Through panels.

Lesley does everything by his own and this is really his first “bus resurrection” as he tends to call it.

Thanks to Lesley’s constructive feedback we could address several little flaws to the factory in order to move up the quality even more of our SWT product range.

Thanks for the cooperation Lesley and keep up the great work!