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Wanted! Nice 23 window samba in red and white….

For a special customer we’re on the look out for a nice and decent 23 window samba, fully operational and good condition in color combo of red and white….

Must be fully driveble bus in good condition and fully operational.

Must be original German Build 23 window. 21 window would be considered as well.

M plate and birth certificate will be required.

Location is unimportant, we can ship ourselves….

You haveĀ  or know a 23 window for sale? Plse contact us on

Pictures for model we’re looking for

You haveĀ  or know a 23 window for sale? Plse contact us on

Bruce Meyers, the legend behind the Dune Buggy, is no longer…..

Sad news reached us today that Bruce Meyers, the inventor of the Beach Buggy, left us yesterday at age of 94.

Bruce passed away yesterday, Friday, at his home in Valley Center, California USA om a blood disease called myelodysplasia.



Several nice articles been published about Bruce, where Autoweek gave a real nice time line about our heroes history. You can read the full article HERE

On several occasions we met Bruce and his wife Winnie and everytime he impressed us so much being a real and humble man.
One occassion was really remarkable as we met Bruce together with Friend of Da Houze Jacky Morel.

Jacky was the guy who we can be put easily responsible for bringing Bruce back into the VW world a mere 20 years ago.

Bruce is on the right of the picture….his wife Winie in the middle.


Bruce and Winnie recently sold their company so the future of the Manx is garanteed. Bruce was very happy about that, so we hope he left is peace.



Gracefull we will remember part of Bruce everytime we see a Beach buggy.

Thanks Bruce, you really brought us hours of VW Fun!

Michiel makes good progress with the restoration of his Bus, Thanks to… BBT Silver Weld Thru…..

BBT Customer Michiel is building his own Bus. Living in a total enviroment of split window buses the pressure for quality was real high, Michiel choose from day one for reliable BBT Silver Weld Through Metal as his premium choice, and rightly so.

Michiel loved to share some pictures with all of us….

Happy continuation Michiel, one day your bus will be the King of the Road again!

Good job!

A cool trip through the dessert….

BBT customer and Friend of Da Houze Len works and lives in Dubai… on his off days he drives his splitty right through the dessert.

Real hot trips but cool picture moments, his favourites are the camels in in the picture for sure!

Who can’t dream by checking these pictures…