Friends of the house

A rare pair of full blood collectables….

BBT’s Uncle Samy send us a couple of pictures from one of his friend’s pair of Volkswagen babies.

The sports car is a Bianco, build on VW platform, awful beautiful and super rare, sitting next to a bay window double cab original build with a diesel engine from back in the day, very few years been built with a diesel engine for the Brazilian market. Yes the bay window Diesel is VW factory build, it’s all original.

Both cars, hens teeth rare, make a nice duo for your basement garage don’t you think?

We keep on dreaming, but wanted to share these cool pictures with all of you!

Thanks for sharing Uncle Samy!

Eric’s garage.

Friend of da Houze Eric from Grant Pass Orgeon, send us another cool picture of his (dream)garage…

in the far back there’s his 1959 dove blue single cab, in the front his 1961 Sealing wax red single cab with his 1962 pearl white beetle sitting next to it.

All three cars are absolute all original, including paint….

Nice combo Bro’!!

Sunday morning Eric  meet always friends at the local Grant Pass bakery for breakfast, yesterday his buddy showed up in his all original turkish single cab…. hmmm they should have parked the turkish under the color matching umbrella….:)

Thanks for sharing Eric!!

Happy Bus, happy Dave!

Dave bought this ex fire fighter bus from BBT roughly two years ago.

He fixed the bus and now the bus is happy again, and Dave too!

We love to see happy customers… and happy buses too!



Thank You Ventura Volkswagen club! Thank You Heather!

BBT sponsored a little bit of the Ventura VW club camp out, and Heather, responsible for the little show, spoiled us with an overload T shirts, so all BBT workers had to wear yesterday the Ventura Volkswagen club Tee shirts to work!

Now the question is, how good do you know BBT and how many of our employees do you recognize from the back????

Thanks Heather for the little present, out of the name the entire BBT team… PS Bob kept the hoodies… don’t tell anyone…:)