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Combi, un art de vivre, the new book in German and French language

BBT Stephan and Bob starring with one of their buses in this new book from Thomas Cortesi and Michaƫl Levivier.

This new big book (36 x 28cm!) is a real state of the art, available in French and German language. It explain the bus and the people behind it… the pictures are spot on with lots of details.

A perfect Christmas gift for a beloved one… cool to read in these corona times!

Very easy available over Amazon

For French click HERE

For German language click HERE

They still make New Mini’s, if VW would allow us to we could make a new T1 Bus!

Check out this cool video how they still build the Classic Mini.

If only VW would allow us to we could do the same now with the Classic VW bus…

We have simply every single panel available, but will never build a body shell without authorization…

The big difference is our tooling is all brand new state of the art cast tooling and the Mini is built on the old worn out tooling…

Enjoy the movie, we liked it a lot!

Ex BBT bus lives on an tropical island and becomes a real movie star!

BBT distributor on Ile de Reunion Mickael bought this bus from BBT HQ about 5 years ago.

Ever since they cover 25.000km yearly, what’s amazing on such a limited size island lost in the huge Indian Ocean.

But lately the bus became also a real movie star when Mickael was contacted to rent his bus to capture Gerard Jugno latest movie “Petit Piaf” to be released end of 2021…

Oh yes the whole family of Mickael are very strictly AirCooled and they named this bus “Bobby”, or what’s in a name Bob? ..:)

Keep it safe!! Thank You Hubert!

BBT Friend of Da Houze Hubert wanted to protect BBT Bob from the Corona virus in order BBT can keep on supply all necessary parts to restore your Classic Volkswagen.

Therefor he made together with his wife and kids this hyper cool face mask for Bob and send it over.

Thank You so much Hubert, really feeling protected now with support of one of Germany largest BBT fans!

Keep it safe, all Volkswagen fans, let us be the example of how to fight the virus!