Friends of the house

Petermax Müller Rennen

Today the English participants of the “Petermax Müller Rennen” paid a visit to BBT’s headquarter.

A perfect opportunity to have a final rehearsall just before the open house.

The Petermax Müller Gedächtnis Rennen started as a joke, but with the help of some of our Norwegian friends, we started to look at the possibilities more closely.

As many of us travel great distances to attend the two greatest VW show’s on the planet, namely Hessisch Oldendorf and Bad Camberg, we thought we could spice things up a little on the long journey to the event.

Our idea was to meet before the VW show at a place convenient to all involved,roughly around 150kms from the show. There we would have some fun, relax, swap some VW stories and have a good time with friends old and new.

The next day would be “The Event” we would race to the VW show we were attending.

The first event was to Bad Camberg and the meeting place was BBT Open House Party. The event attracted drivers and navigators from all over Europe and even the USA.

With the success of the first event and all the motivation in the team behind the organisation, it was decided that the event should continue.

So with the cooperation and participation of all the like minded VW enthusiast’s the world over the event continues.  
In 2013 we raced from the Prototyp museum in Hamburg to Hessisch Oldendorf.2015 would see us race from the Grundmann museum in Hessisch Oldendorf to Bad Camberg.Two years later in 2017 we started at CSP in Bargteheide and raced down to Hessisch Oldendorf.2019 see’s the race return, once more we will race to Bad Camberg, this time the start place will be the Hausmann Museum. As always we will take in some interesting automotive sightseeing as we make our way to the official start. 

Gosep Classic Rally halted at BBT….

Ex BBT Gonzo organised a real cool classic rally last week, including a mandatory stop @ BBT HQ.

Some atmosphere pictures…..

The great Gonzo and his lovely wife Heidi behind the bar serving hot dogs and drinks!

Inside atmosphere was so cool… this was really a nice set of visitors!

Made in Belgium, renown artist Erwin Van Snick made this car in the sixties and drove it all over the place, a lot of history. very special.

Made with parts from a Citroen 2cv and…

…a VW split window beetle, do you recognise the rear window?

2CV’s came out in full force… nice chaps…..

another nice sunday…:)

It took Mercedes benz exactly 46 years to copy a Volkswagen SP2…

Our Brazilian friends are all over the place when the new Mercedes-Benz was released…

Look how similar it looks to the SP2. SP2 was a pure VW Do Brasil Volkswagen design, that was not really accepted by VW Germany back in the day. Germany had made its own sports car, the 914…

Off course the striking lines of the SP2 are so much more beautiful that VW Germany didn’t allow the import of the SP2 into Europe… out of fear the 914 wouldn’t sell anymore.

Now Mercedes-Benz do it another way around and  rebuild the SP2 in Germany… smart move….but if VW will like that is another question…:)

Thanks to my friend Luiz for the picture.

Chicken coop for sale….. and the end of a bay window bus in 1986….

Do You believe in life after life? Some buses do live longer.

Surprisingly, the rusty remains of this Baywindow Postbus have reappeared.

For only 450 Euro you get a stylish chicken coop and the rust is free, according to Bauhaus Autoverwerter.

Autoverwerter Beier confessed guilty already when he sold the almost complete bus with additional spare parts for 500 euros a couple of years ago. If the buyer never pick up the bus it’s the seller that has to take action, right?

Bought as a donor the buyer had cleaned the car thoroughly, technology, seats, dashboard and internally stored discs were removed. It looked like this before they started…

That’s we’re he left the body where it was…

A little Graffiti upset on the art car and they reinstalled the sliding door. Why do you spray a Mercedes star on a VW bus?

Let’s jump back into the year 1986. As back then Autoverwertung Nord sang and klanglos  crushed a VW bus (ex postal services) in a similar good consistency simply pulped and grabbed by the crane.

 Interestingly, this car did not have a long standstill and drove literally to the sad end of the scrap yard in the traffic. Why he didn’t drive two years more?

The sacrilege of punishment was promptly executed to the bus. The car is torn as a flat package when splashing into several pieces. The previously painstakingly granted scrap was distributed in the square. Punishment is needed!

Thanks to Hubert for these cool stories and pictures…

We all wish You a happy sunday!