Friends of the house

Hebmuller 007 arrived in Da Houze!

With a little help from your friends….. Joe cocker was so right with that song… we try to help where we can and make the VW community a better world… so when a good friend of Da Houze asked me to help with his purchase and logistics from Hebmuller nr 007 I was already…

Last saturday Heb nr 007 arrived at BBT HQ for some evaluation, storage and logistic solution… brought over by Thomas and Tino from Bavarian pickers, there was some Hebmuller specialists invited to check if the car was complete and document everything what was there….

Here she comes!


The Saturday workers on this file…. oh yes this was big fun! What did You do last saturday? ….:)

Most striking VW lines ever… tell them Bob told you…:)

Hebmuller 007 is for a while stationed @ BBT HQ now and can be viewed by all visitors to our shop on simple demand, viewed with the eyes, not with the hands, that is…:)

How close you can come to what by many considered the oldest Hebmuller in existence? This baby has the earliest chassis number from all Hebmullers in existence….

Randy Grubb latest creation

Friend of da Houze Eric hung out a couple of weeks ago with Randy Grubb (Blastolene brothers) to check out his latest creation…

Both moved recently out of the LA area up north and having a ball in small parking lots making “their own” VW shows…:)

Thanks to Eric to share these cool pictures with all of us!

Takashi Moriishi VW beetle 25 years later.

Almost 30 Years ago, we build the mechanics for a Japanese expat in Holland, Mr Takashi Moriishi.

A Porsche 5 speed transmission, IRS suspension, and a powerful engine…

It’s so cool Mr Moriishi send us some pictures of his beetle he enjoy so much recently on the Island of Shizuoka in Japan where he returned after his retirement.

In Japan its common to use something red when you turn 60 years old, Mr Moriishi choose to paint his beetle candy red… where it was off white before… anyway this is one mean machine and it makes me perfectly happy to see my work and imagination of so long ago is still on the road…. somewhere… far far away.

Thank You to Mr Moriishi to share the beautiful pictures of his beloved Volkswagen.

We wish Mr Moriishi a lot of fun kilometers in his beetle.

Asia factory tour; The electric bus conversion project.

One of the Taiwanese manufacturers works on a conversion kit for the VW bus… they’re very serious about it and are in testing fase…

The team of engineers is mind-blowing, hired from a real car manufacturer!

Yours truly was invited for test drive and report…

The performance is impressive and it still drives like a bus, I missed the typical aircooled noise though…

The drive line and suspension is simply state of the art…

Proud to help with this project.

Imagine we might drive our babies the electric way in the near future….

The engineering team was glad to join the banner moment!

Imagine we can drive our babies the electric way in the near future!

With this the 2019 Asia factory tour posts come to an and… work is waiting at BBT HQ, i better rush to home now…:)

Thanks for following my travel posts… hope you like it, comments always welcome in the comment section…:)