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Waking up this morning to find out that our country is one step away from a lockdown… Corona seems like a war against unknown enemies…  first thing we can think about is the complete lockdown from our friends in Italy. I think it is hard, but the only way to keep the spread of the virus under control.

In Belgium schools will close, bars and restaurants too and all events have been canceled (also our beloved Ninove VW show this Sunday, bummer) .Well I think we all have to help and show civil morality…. try to keep distance, if we stay one meter from each other a virus has so much less change to find his next host.

Wash hands after you touched whatever that can be touched by others as well, and if you have to cough, try to do it in absolutely NOBODIES direction…

Avoid places with many people together and again, keep distance…. together we will survive… meanwhile we can continue our Volkswagen parts as long as distribution channels stay open.

It might be a good alternative than anything else, finish your car!

To help with that we bring also this week new parts, VW therapy is the best in times of uncertainity….



For your vanagon T25/T3 we now have new ventilator motors.

Replace that old dusty, choking, creeping, stinking blower motor and spoil yourself with clean fresh air all over in your cabin and drivers compartment.

0663-150 ventilator motor – Bus 05/79-07/92

This is the lever that connects the rod of your clutch pedal with your clutch cable of your splitty bus.

It literally bolts to the clutch pedal rod and it hooks on the clutch cable with a special clip.

We sell  the clip under BBT ref 0905-200

0277-500  Lever clutch cable front – Bus 07/67


For the splittie bus we have this week something that’s almost always missing….

In 1963 the bus cab doors finally got a doorstop. You could let your doors stand open, while not open too far at the same time.

Today, so many years later, these door stops are many times worn out, just missing or bend because of disabuse…

The BBT doorstop fits left and right, so one part number for both sides

0438-640 Doorstop – Bus 12/63-07/67

Various items have been removed from stock to make room for new ones. For some items there is only 1 left in stock.
So be quick, because GONE = GONE Prices excl. VAT

Convertible outer hood, vinyl, Beetle 54-07/5

108 euro

9100-01 Black

9100-02 Beige

9100-03 White



So far so good, our hearts and feelings to all people effected by the virus, people who have family who suffer or are in hospital, people economically effected.

For sure the next couple of weeks will not be the most enjoyable, but together we’re strong. Let’s unite and fight together….

BBT News team wishes you an enjoyable and virus free weekend….

New products prototypes finished

We want to share with you our latest developments.

Maybe You missed some updates but anyway we have a couple of new things in bus sheetmetal almost ready for production…

Do You know all the below?

Starting with the fresh airbox for the single cab pick up truck, something we’re very proud on!

The metal plate above the transmission, that keeps your fuel tank….

The package tray in the back
The inner sides in the rear corners.

These parts been approved now and will go in production shortly… get your reservations made on

BBT News

Corona leads the headlines. Besides it’s real sad for the people affected,it will have for sure a deep hawk into our economy. Also we, at BBT, had the first signs from suppliers this week, who couldn’t get raw material or semi products out of several countries… China is slow and countries like Iran are completely closed, only future will tell where this will end ….

Today we’re still proud to present what’s new in the BBT product line since this week….

A little focus on sheet metal this week for the bus… so many new numbers…:)

Let’s start with something we made as original and still leaves you the choice to “dress” you bus in any window configuration you want.

These right inner frames for the side windows of your splittie bus come in 3+1.

The frame for the rear side window is separate from the three in front of it …..

Bright engineering ! Thank you Volkswagen…:)

This exact panel  for left side (if your bus is LHD) we stock under BBT ref 0890-232

0890-233 Side window inner panel / complete for 4 windows Right – Bus -07/67

If you have the panel above on the right side, your loading doors are on the left, like most RHD configurations. We have this panel ready for your two windows behind the cargo door.

For the right side we stock this panel under BBT ref 0890-235

If you want to make a double door, you need the left side and the right side in this configuration.

0890-234 Side window inner repair panel / complete for 2 windows left – Bus -07/67



Some more pick up news too… we received this side panel for behind your treasure chest door.

Now available  for left or right, LHD, or RHD or simply double treasure chest, you simply can make any required configuration with our panels….:)

0890-953 Side flank short left pick-up (single cab) – Bus 08/62-07/66



0890-955 Side flank short right pick-up (single cab) – Bus 08/62-07/66



We got also our first delivery of B-posts for the single cab pick up truck for the 55-63 model years…

They look like  a piece of candy to us, these parts make your restoration so easy.

0890-914 B-post complete left, single cab – bus 03/55-12/63
0890-915 B-post complete right, single cab – bus 03/55-12/63




Last but not least this week we like to introduce you the D-post for the pick up trucks. Now we’re getting close to all panels  for the pick up.

0890-924 D-post left pick-up – bus -07/67
0890-925 D-post right pick-up – bus -07/67



With the new season round the corner we want to take the opportunity to make a big shout out in March to check your fuel lines.
Each year we see devastating pictures on the world-wide web from cars burning down mostly due to old worn fuel lines. We know that
around this time of the year most of you ’petrol heads’ are starting to wake up your beloved classics. Give them a maintenance, clean the
interior, polish those gorgeous original or custom wheels .. so why not take a proper look in the engine bay and inspect the fuel lines. A good
way to check these is by taking the fuel hose in both hands with your thumbs pointing at each other and bending the hose (gently). Make sure
you have enough light and see if you can spot any cracks or even signs of old wearing rubber.. If you do – replace immediately! Depending on
the use of your vehicle we would recommend replacing your fuel lines every 2 year and if your car hardly gets any miles we would recommend
inspecting and or replacing them sooner.

0970 Fuel hose Ø5.5mm
0971 Fuel hose Ø6mm
0972 Fuel hose Ø3.5mm
0972-100 Fuel hose Ø3.2mm
0973 Fuelhose Ø7.5mm

And whilst you’re at it, why not replace the fuel filter at the same time. Don’t wait and think that you only need to replace it when you see sediment
in the filter. Some of it will be in between the filter itself. We recommend replacing this all together with the fuel hose.

1695 Fuel filter

Lastly, in case you need new clamps to secure your hose we supply them in various sizes from 8mm to 17mm.
(change the 2 digits behind the dash for the correct size)

8776-08 hose clamp 8mm

Stay away from the Corona virus, stay healthy, and keep on buggin’…. BBT’s News team wishes you a relax and virus free weekend….

BBT News

The Corona virus still predicts the markets, Italy has his own “closed” Corona province. In Japan schools will be closed for the next couple of weeks, there are now people infected on all continents, it’s becoming a real problem worldwide, a new world issue that we will have to learn to live with it. 80% of the infected people heal without treatment, 15% need treatment and 5% will pass away. It will be the same as the flu, we know for so long and kills yearly 40.000 people only in Europe, more than Corona has killed in total so far…

Trump’s visit to India was one with a lot of poeha. Wow he almost looked like a rock star in that big stadium. Well maybe he would be a good rock star, or the best as he would describe it.

The new clash between EU and UK is on, this time about the new treaty…. Really wonder how this gonna end …

Besides all this world news BBT stays busy bringing you more and better parts for our beloved Classic Volkswagens. Also this week  we like to present some new goodies and some last inventory of products we run out to replace with more needed product.


The lower part of the A-pillar on your Bay window bus is many times in a real sorry shape.
There are no complete A-pillars on the market yet for the early bay windows, most of the times only lower section is needed anyway.
Hereby we offer you the perfect solution for the lower 20 cm for your A-pillars of your Bay Window, because she deserves it!
We deliver in set of three separate pieces for easy welding together in place. Two different styles to choose from for early or late bay…
Parts are made and shaped 100% like original.

0891-012 A-post bottom repair (20cm) – Bus 08/67-07/72 Left
0891-013 A-post bottom repair (20cm) – Bus 08/67-07/72 Right



0891-016 A-post bottom repair (20cm) – Bus 08/72-07/79 Left
0891-017 A-post bottom repair (20cm) – Bus 08/72-07/79 Right



This is the thick, fat rubber on the upper track for your Bay window sliding door.

VW placed this as a nice finishing touch of the interior and also for all stupid guys like us, so they won’t hurt ourselves (too much) banging your head against the thick steel track getting in or out the bus…..

7570-035 Rubber inner top slidingdoortrack – Bus 08/67-07/79



More splittie bus … now we have the missing link in our program! Literally!

Splittie bus wiper mechanisms up to 1964 had a single wiper motor with a system of rods for easy trouble-free operation. We already  had  the always missing loose rod under BBT 2471-106 and also the ball joints under BBT 2471-105  and now we add the fixed rod under BBT 2471-107 brand new in the program, together with the wiper shafts BBT ref 2471-10. You can build an all new wiper operating system around your wiper engine.

If you’re fancy to upgrade your wiper engine to 12 volt you can choose to change the armature with our state of the art new armatures BBT 2474-500 or -510 in your existing wiper engine to keep the original looks. Or you can choose for our complete conversion kits BBT 2475-265 or 275.

Based in rainy country Belgium, BBT keeps your windows clean and dry for a perfect visibility…

2471-107 Wiper linkage rod left – Bus 03/55-08/64


Various items have been removed from stock to make room for new ones.
For some items there is only 1 left in stock. So be quick, because GONE = GONE Prices excl. VAT

8960-300 Door window, left, clear Type 3

20,25 euro

8960-305 Door window, right, clear, Type 3

20.25 euro

9001-206 Ventwing window, right, convertible, green, Beetle 1303

11,25 euro

8950-106 Rear window, green Bus 08/63-07/79

22,50 euro

BBT team wishes all of you a real cool winter weekend, enjoy last days of winter, as spring is approaching fast as the times our cars become demanding…..enjoy!

BBT News

Another Friday, another BBT news, and another week full of Volkswagen pleasure ahead. Let us help you to enjoy with even more new parts in our BBT parts program…



We’re proud to release our front panels for your splittie bus: we have all three models from 1955 till 1967 and the two different correct models of headlight bowls and/or the mounting pods for your pre-63 indicators. Easy to pick what’s right for your beloved bus!

After rejecting and demolishing several wrong samples (click Here!) we adjusted the tooling several times for a perfect shape and fit front panel as a result. Now we can  guarantee a perfect look and fit, our front panels are correct in every detail and economically priced too! We have a commitment and that’s quality!

Get yours now at the better VW shop in your area, make sure it’s a BBT panel, beware of cheap imitations…there are some look-a-likes and Scooby Doo’s inferior quality floating on the market too… BBT parts have BBT stickers… that’s your guarantee!

0890-992 Frontpanel TQ – Bus 04/55-06/59
0890-993 Frontpanel TQ – Bus 07/59-07/63
0890-994 Frontpanel TQ – Bus 08/63-07/67



We made top quality cargo door locks for your splittie bus and supply these  together with their rods. This is the real deal and the quality is easily comparable with original. We shipped samples back and forth to the factory for many months if not years… until everything was exactly like we wanted it to be, I can tell we got really picky by growing older!

This is what we will mount on our buses, period. We’re very proud that we succeeded again and bring top quality products on the market.

We made both for front and rear cargo door. All models are now available.

The very specific screws to mount the rods to the locks, are available under BBT ref  0436-515

0436-530 Cargo door lock mechanism with locking rods right front /left rear TQ – Bus 03/55-07/62
0436-535 Cargo door lock mechanism with locking rods right rear /left front TQ – Bus 03/55-07/62
NEW 0436-540 Cargo door lock mechanism with locking rods right front /left rear TQ – Bus 08/62-07/67
NEW 0436-545 Cargo door lock mechanism with locking rods right rear /left front TQ – Bus 08/62-07/67



We got your bus covered!

Longer time available through BBT shop we decided it was time to make this a fullworthy BBT part no.and added it to our ever-growing range of quality parts for your Volkswagen….
This car cover for your bus is made from a breathing material that’s water-resistant (not waterproof!) .
Very handy feature on this cover are the zippers which allow access to the bus without that you have to remove the whole cover… bright engineering, that is!

0459-200 Car cover – Bus 50-07/92



For you Karmann Ghia lovers who want to do it right…

We add this week this rubber seal between body and alu trim that holds your weather seals. This seal is nicely moulded and has the perfect profile.
Originally only  used at your rear quarters, but will replace perfectly that sticky dummy black glue used to hold the alu weather strip profiles  under your raingutters above your doors.
We sell per pair, enough for one side or 2 rears. You will need 2 pairs to do a complete car left and right front and rear.

0759-190 Seals between body/windowsealtrim – Karmann Ghia 08/59-07/71 (pair)



And more for the Karmann Ghia….
We also add the front seals for your rear pop out quarter glass. This is the seal which sits on the rear side of your B-pillar.
We add both models for 60-70 and 71 and up.
These are sold as pairs.

0759-192 Seal for hinge popout window – Karmann Ghia 08/59-07/71 (pair)

0759-193 Seal for hinge pop-out window – Karmann Ghia 08/71- (pair)




In the spotlights this week are our own production wind deflectors.
We’re proud to let you know that they already make part of BBT’s assortment for more than 10 years. They are an exact copy of the 50’s era accessory for your beloved ragtop. These are perfect for any rainless day,
they reduce the wind flow in your car which makes them ideal to use on
days when it’s not scorching hot. Because we know how important it is
to differentiate style, we offer them in 3 different options..

0390 Winddeflector for sliding roof – Beetle BBT
0390-003 Winddeflector green for sliding roof – Beetle BBT
0390-005 Winddeflector brown for sliding roof – Beetle BBT



Another great product is the dome shaped interior light glass for the early
split beetles (sedan), they are often cracked or missing.. We offer a perfect
replacement real glass, that looks just like the real thing.

0687-130 Interior light glass – Beetle -08/52 BBT



Our third and last shout out for this week goes to our own production BBT link pin set
for the ‘63 model split bus. This is a one year only product that deserves a proper shout out,
because the front beam set up of this bus is often changed for a earlier/later styles due to
shortage of parts. Well… look no further, here at BBT we’ve got what you’ve been looking for!
And as with all other parts in our assortment, quality is what we pride ourselves in and this one is
not different!! We’ve also listed the other years for your convenience, just because we like you 🙂

1337-500 Link pin set – Bus 08/62-07/63 BBT


Very happy you read our news till here, sadly enough this is the end…. for this week that is…. 🙂

BBT News team wishes you a wonderful weekend full of sunshine!