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At the end of a heavy week with loads of news from everywhere we come as always as your known value on friday…

Welcome to BBT news

In our Silver Weld Through program we build further in our aim to supply all panels for your beloved Split window bus.
This week we’re happy to announce the short sides for the ’67 single cab pick-up truck to complete our range.

Your treasure chest configuration (left, right or double) will tell you wich one you need.
We have both available, left or right.

The long sides are under development and we expect them to be ready anytime soon
Click HERE to discover our magic SWT world, we update our reader catalog weekly.

0890-957 Side panel short left pick-up (single cab) – Bus 08/66-07/67 SWT

0890-959 Side panel short right pick-up (single cab) – Bus 08/66-07/67 SWT

We knew it was missing in our range, but not any longer.
This shift rod guide bracket is used in all beetles, Ghia’s, 181 and type 3’s, but especially also Vw bus/Kombi up to 1966.

It sits under your shifter and holds the bushing for your shift shaft….
We tested several fabrications and brands, and we selected ours as perfect price quality match.

See our range of shift shafts and shift shaft guides HERE

1407-150 Shift Rod Guide Bracket – Beetle -07/79, Bus -07/66, KG, Type3, Type181

Sometimes we find missing items in our range and here was no different.
The rear sway bar or Z bar, whatever you like to call it, helps to prevent your car from oversteering in corners and keeps your beloved Beetle or Ghia straight in high speed turns.

Volkswagen added these rear sway bars as standard equipment on their 1966 and later Beetle deluxe and export and all their Ghia models.
The components go bad after a while and these bespoke covers will eventually rust out.

We used to have the outside covers already for years, but now we add the inner cover as well.
We have several rubbers and the links separately, we even supply a complete repair kit.

All rear sway bar goodies can be found HERE

1456-011 Cover for rubber on rear sway bar inside – Beetle/KG 08/66-

Finally we finished our oil pump covers with a more than happy result..
After many trials and errors we now have a perfect quality oil pump cover exactly like original.

The big secret to make those right is that they need to be cup grinded, one by one.
Not the most difficult process, but a time consuming handling which  reflects mainly in the price.

We made a special set up to cup grind these covers in series that worked wonder well and ends up in an affordable price.
Perfect quality @ affordable prices to let our hobby grow and keep our beloved ones on the road.

Our BBT oil pump covers will fit any aircooled VW oil pump mounted with 8mm studs.

1805-01 Oil pump cover original

And as every week lately we got loads of parts back in stock.
Nasty backorders fill up slowly but surely..

Some examples from a long list…

1773-100 Valve cover Type4

0031 Bumper bracket seal front & rear – Beetle 1200 -07/73, 1300 -07/67, KG -07/71

0476-1 Clip for chrome molding for roof

2209-102 Washer cooling fan – 12/13/15 & 1600 cc

1205-130 Master cylinder with servo without ABS + inspection light – Bus 05/79-07/92 / ATE

1070-031 Exhaust heat transfer right – Bus CT 07/80-12/82

0463-9 Seal for side mirror – Beelte 08/67-

0659-050 Ignition starter switch steering lock 36mm – Beetle 08/60-07/67, Bus Brasil -96

1254-330 Brakeline kit – Bus 08/70-07/79 with servo

BBT News Team wish a super relax fall weekend, enjoy….

BBT News

Are we heading to a second edition of the roaring twenties?
Or is our financial world aiming to another great depression of the thirty’s from last century?

That’s the question what all economist and bankers asking themselves…
With the pandemic of late and the inflation that goes up because the money is just too cheap this is a question only future will tell….

What we can tell you today is what’s new @ BBT and whatever happens we will be here to help making your Volkswagen life a happy life!
Welcome to our weekly BBT News!

Started from our brand new window frames (click HERE) we made a kit of the complete door window frames for your splittie bus.
Kit contains the frame, all E-certified glass, all rubber and all installation hardware, exactly as shown on the pictures.

We supply all parts loose and  nicely packed in a box  in order to make life easy.  You can first paint the frame and later install all components.
Let’s start your easy VW splittie bus life here!

0156-745 Door window frame complete kit left – Bus -07/67 SWT

0156-755 Door window frame complete kit right – Bus -07/67 SWT

In our Silver Weld Through range we received a pair of missing B-posts.
We have 10 different B-posts to choose from for your split window bus HERE and 4 different for your pick up HERE

We will have your B-post demand covered…

0890-905 B-post complete Left, cargodoor – Bus 12/60-07/63 SWT

0890-907 B-post complete Right, cargodoor – Bus 12/60-07/63 SWT

We’ve been able to buy some more keys with VW licensed logos.
The SV profile was a one time lot, the K profile might be available for a longer time.

0654-06 Key blank SV – Beetle/KG 08/60-07/66

0654-09 Key blank K – Beetle 67-70, KG 08/67-07/70, Type3 08/66-07/70

Although our emergency brake handles BBT # 0521 and BBT # 0521-100 are usable on practically all years, we decided to split up the models as original and bring you the correct models like Volkswagen intended.
BBT # 0521 and BBT # 0521-100 have been all correct for 1955 up to 1964 model years. We strongly  recommend this type of E-brake also for Buggy and off-road use, because simply less can go wrong with these. They  fit all years.

Our new BBT # 0521-010 is the same handle than the early type, but has the little pin on top. This pin  holds the original emergency brake cable compensator. A very impressive name for just a small metal bridge that holds the emergency brake cables and balance on the pin in order to “compensate” the difference in tension between left and right cable . A feature Volkswagen introduced for the 1965 model year and ran till end of production.

The brake handle compensator is included in the kit, but can also be ordered separately under BBT # 0929-250
BBT 0521-010 is only available in chrome for now, but we  work on a black version as well which we hope to receive by the end of 2021.

0521-010 Emergency brake handle kit – Beetle/KG 01/65-, Type3 02/65- Type181 Chrome

We close this week with a less common brake part which we like to shine on some spot light. The brake support rod, makes sure your emergency brakes  work nicely, with pulling the E-brake handle you push these E-brake support rods to open both brake shoes and so make the brakes working.

We have a complete line of E-brake support rods to cover almost all VW models.
We love to highlight our BBT # 1239-360 because it is the most complicated brake rod solely used in 1971-1973 model year VW bus or utility.

We made these very particular E-brake rods many years ago and so it’s always good to give them a little flashback!
All of our other emergency brake support rods can be found HERE

1239-360 Brake support rod, left/right- Bus 08/71-12/72 BBT

As usual if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

The BBT News team wishes you a very fine weekend, enjoy that VW life…

BBT News

The UK suffers from supply from “elementary” goods, gas shortage at pumps even certain shortages in grocery stores…
Brexit took away cheap East European workforce and look who pays the toll.

In USA no less than 70 ships lined up before the port of Los Angeles waiting for handling.
Hardly no truck drivers want to drive in there anymore to pick up cargo.

They never know when they will be back, sometimes it takes days, just to pick up a container…
Since the pandemic supply is a major issue!

No supply problems with BBT, our warehouse is filled up pretty well and more backorders arrive daily now.
We bought massive at all our suppliers and that seems to pay off now pretty well.

Our shelves are bursting, with even more to come.
More new products as well… only last week we had over 25 new arrivals!

It’s Friday, welcome to BBT News.

Make yourself more visible!

Fall started, less daylight, we drive out more in dark, rain, cloudy and overcast, less visibility in short.
Protect that Classic Volkswagen in these rough circumstances with a better visibility.

Our led bulb inserts for your semaphores might help more than a bit!
Just replace your standard bulb with these ingenious set ups.

Besides way more bright light they make your semaphore flashing too at the same time!
Technological progress for your own safety.

Order yours now!

0661-085 LED bulb for semaphore 6 Volt / flashing (pair)

0661-285 LED bulb for semaphore 12Volt / flashing (pair)

We see too many messed up spring plates lately, so we decided to stock from now on most common spring plates.
Oval window or later swing axle beetle and split window bus for you to choose from.

Brand new, made by a factory with over 50! years of experience.

1437-105 spring plate rear, left/right – Beetle 10/52-07/59

1437-125 spring plate rear, left/right (swing axle) – Beetle 08/59-

1437-210 spring plate rear, left/right – Bus 03/55-07/67

Where your accelerator cable leaves the chassis it’s guided in a flexible tube to your engine.
This tube is called the accelerator cable Bowden tube.

Besides two models Bowden tubes for your beetle you find HERE we  also stock  the one for your beloved Type 3.
Type 3 accelerator Bowden tube has a complete different end to fit in its specific engine sheet metal.

Top quality made in Europe.

Clutch cable Bowden tubes you can find HERE

0910-530 Accelerator cable Bowden tube – Type3

Besides the bolt we stock for the spring for your engine lid and treasure chest on your 63-92 buses (click HERE) we now have  the correct bolt for the engine lid and treasure chest support on your bus up to 1963.

This bolt fits also the front hood support on your pre 53 beetles and holds the back rest of your rear seat on 56-65 beetles.

The shoulder of this bolt is 9.85mm.

0438-276 Bolt engine lid support – Bus 03/55-12/63, Beetle Hood -53, rear seat 08/56-07/65


Finally we get covers for your bus or beetle  back in stock in a premium quality for our ever low price…
We’re ready to sell right at the start of fall season, keep your car dry with our top class covers!

0459 Car cover – Beetle (Sedan)

The bus engine lids are back!

So much SWT came back in stock, including these engine lids!

0157-420 Engine lid – Bus 05/58-12/63 SWT

More Silver Weld Through

Split window bus engine cradle kits now back in stock.

0890-631 Engine cradle kit (3pcs) – Bus 03/55-07/67 SWT

Our huge delivery from TMI came in finally.

Most seat covers are available from our shelves again

3125-040 Seat cover black (basketweave) conv. 68-69 TQ

More mechanical parts again available …
A small extraction here,
We’re so happy we finally received so many backorders…

1744-5 Exhaust valves T4 1968-

1934-100 Bolt for crankshaft pulley Type1

T25/T3/Vanagon lovers beware!

Also for you BBT has a lot of parts available…

7670-082 Sliding door handle – Bus 08/84-08/92

The little shifter boot for real early beetles is again available !
This is a proud BBT production,

Made on German tooling!

0701-1 Shifter boot for stock style shifter – Beetle/KG -07/60 BBT

We got also a small supply from our roof rack manufacturer… hopefully we’ll get more soon!

4870-222 Roof rack 4 bows – Bus 03/50-07/79 (Stainless steel)

Look in the mirror!

Top quality convex mirrors for your T25/T3/Vanagon now back available !

0474-320 Mirror – Bus 05/79-07/92 right convex – German

Our warehouse is full of more arrivals to unpack at time of writing so we expect to raise the infill on your orders tremendously.
Meanwhile we keep adding new products weekly so stay tuned on our news for all further updates.

The BBT news team wishes you a happy early fall weekend!

BBT News

Evergrande Capital Group from China kept the financial world near boiling point whole week long.
The Australian decision to change supplier for their new fleet of submarines from France to USA brought tensions between different power blocks.

Thanks God it’s Friday again and the only sure thing every week is here to happen again.
Here’s BBT NEWS to make your Volkswagen life more comfortable.

Vintage Speed is definitely a company effected by difficult supply of raw materials and the crazy shipping out Asia.
Nevertheless as their main European distributor we brought in the Vintage Speed Sebring line of exhausts.

Sebring style is a continuation from the specific exhaust system of the iconic Porsche 550 spiders.
The perfect length between all different exhaust tubes let your engine run most balanced possible…

We have three models to choose from, starting for the earliest engines up to large diameter late models for larger engine displacements.
This is a real cool exhaust for your old speed project brought to you by Vintage Speed.

All Vintage Speed products in our range can be found HERE

3280-080 Exhaust Sebring 25/36hp ‘Vintage Speed’ without pre-heat risers / Stainless steel
3280-140 Exhaust Sebring 38mm 13-1600cc ‘Vintage Speed’ without pre-heat risers / stainless steel
3280-145 Exhaust Sebring 43mm 13-1600cc ‘Vintage Speed’ without pre-heat risers / stainless steel

We enlarge our slash pan line to protect the pedals and other control organs under your bus against water, dust and all other road dirt floating around while driving.
Today we add the model for your early model.

The late bay window is in development and will come in our SWT product line soon.
The splash pan for your split window bus can be found HERE

0891-704 Splash pan – Bus 08/67-07/69

Several deluxe model split window buses came from the factory with a stabilizer bar over the front axle.
The stabilizer keeps your bus way better in balance taking corners, no doubt about that!

Easy mounting with our perfect quality BBT mounting kits found HERE
Our stabilizer bars can be mounted on every model split window bus, and all model years for the Brazilian Kombi.

1392-200 Stabilizer front – Bus -07/67, Bus Brasil 67-

To stay with the bus we could lay our hands on a surplus lot of  these central steering arms for your bay window.
Many times worn or damaged from misbehavior we now have the perfect solution with this brand new central steering arm.

We also stock the central steering arm king pin with its assembly kits for split and bay window HERE

1336-220 Swing lever arm, central – Bus 08/67-07/79

This pin makes sure your convertible top frame lines perfectly on your front windshield post for your 67-72 beetle convertibles.
Made of high quality steel with a very durable chrome as used in medical appliances.

Will fit also all Karmann Ghia convertibles 1968 or later.
This pin goes straight into the top alignment pin seal as BBT 7090 that will return back into stock soon .

7090-100 Top align. pin seal convertible – Beetle 08/67-07/72, KG 08/68-

The nut to mount your generator/alternator pulley on an upright VW engine is kind a special one.
What’s looking like a standard “everywhere available” metric hardware item is in fact a special thread unit that is quite specific to keep your pulley, and your V-belt with that, in place and under tension.

BBT now  stocks the correct nut to hold that pulley and perform its job flawlessly.
Together with the shims and ring you find HERE we have now everything to mount your pulley exactly like it came from the factory.

1920-150 Nut for V-belt pulley

More hardware… aren’t we all kind of hardware fetish?
The pointed bolts with their specific mounting tabs to bolt that beetle body to your chassis found HERE have always been part of the BBT program.

We now stock also the specific M10 x 50 pointed bolts that holds the front of the heater channel to the napoleon hat on your frame head.
BBT invests a lot in correct hardware lately and will keep on doing so, so many more correct bolts, nuts and washers will appear on our website soon!

8060-100 Bolt for fixation frame head M10 x 50


With a tsunami of incoming goods our receiving dept. gets overwhelmed.
Finally a lot of backorders roll in and our infill rate goes up again daily.
Some more important backorders arrived last week.

0357-1 Snap on kit for use #0357

0616-681 Side reflector lens rear – Bus 08/70-07/72 red/silver

1455-150 Washer for IRS pivot

1491-580 Gear box revised IRS – Bus 08/75-07/79 (091)

0890-926 D-post Complete Left – Bus 03/55-07/63 SWT

0012-955 Bumper front – Bus 05/79-08/92 (chrome – w. bumper strip) SWT

2906-105 Headliner – Beetle 08/63-07/67 perforated / white

1661 Cylinder stud kit 8mm std length Chrome-Molybdene

This seal is used on Type 2 pickup’s until 07/97, it’s positioned between the rear hoop and drop gate. The rubber stop prevents friction and noise whilst driving, resulting in a more enjoyable ride. Sold by piece including 2 guide bushings– you need 2 (1 each side) per vehicle.

4875-080 – Rubber stop between rear hoop and side drop gate – Type 2 -07/79, single/double cab

This BBT manufactured item has been fabricated exactly as original, its purpose is to attach the battery cover for Type 1 built until 09/52. A set contains 2 hooks and 2 springs.
As a small insider split window beetle knowledge these hardware kits are also used to mount most radio’s into split window beetles.

0637-9 – Battery cover spring kit – Type 1 -09/52

This proudly BBT produced bakelite flange is used on the Type 4 carburetted engines sitting between the fuel pump en engine case. When removing this flange, we recommend to inspect it for potential cracks before refitting.

In case you were wondering why bakelite..Well bakelite is highly resistant to heat and does not conduct electricity, so it serves as a really good insulator, it’s lightweight and durable!
It was in 1909 that a Belgian chemist named “Leo Baekeland” created the first entirely synthetic plastic.. This new synthetic plastic would  revolutionize the way many consumer goods were manufactured – it’s particularly useful in the automotive and electrical industries and has been very popular since the early 1900’s!

Baekeland became Bakelite and all the rest is history!

For all fuel pump flanges and gaskes click HERE

1690-4 – Fuel pump flange – Type 4 engine

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

The BBT NEWS team appreciates very much you took the time to read this newsletter till the end and like to wish you a wonderful and very relaxing weekend.

Enjoy that Classic Volkswagen…

BBT News

May we expect a solution for the cramped ocean shipping of late?
Might be, traders booked real early freight for the Christmas season, what kept shippers busy during summer months instead of early fall.

Also some signals of fading global demand  pop up…
Let’s hope we get soon back to normal shipping schedules and shipping prices, what would be better for everybody.

Meanwhile we don’t change anything, and keep on adding new parts to our inventory every week for you.
It’s Friday, welcome to BBT News.

Let’s start with rather something not all of us need, but when you’re the one who should need it you might take a deep breath as we make those now  available.
That said…

Let us introduce the piston and liner kit for the late Mexican fuel injection 1600cc ACD engines.
These piston and liners are very specific and fit only the ACD engines.

With many of these final production Mexican beetles sold through German grocery stores at the end of the production they floated all over Europe.
We traced these piston and liner kits down in Mexico ourselves and are happy we can offer them from our shelves.

1699-100 Die cast piston kit 85,5 mm – 1600i ACD


These little plates are a real necessity to mount the fuel tank in every split window pick up.
Mounted on the floor they keep the belts around your fuel tank.

Sold by the pair.

0492-908 Floorplate fuel tank mounting belt Pick-up – Bus- 03/55-07/67 (pair) SWT


We carry our chrome emergency brakes already for a longer time under BBT # 0521.
We enlarged the line now with the same emergency brake but in black color to keep the original look.

Originally made for Beetles up to 1964 with this kind of hook up for the emergency brake cables, they will fit every year Beetle, Ghia, 181 or Type 3 1955 and up. We should mention the length of emergency brake cables can be slightly different for 1965 and later models.

Most easy is to install the emergency brake, measure with your old cable what’s short or too long and check measures HERE which BBT reference to order

0521-100 Emergency brake handle kit – Beetle/KG, Type181, Type3 – Black


We now bring you  the economic version of our ever popular Bosch W7DTC spark plug.
The main difference is that  BBT 2014-W7DTC has three electrodes while our new BBT 2014-W7DC has only one.

This results in price making BBT 2014-W7DC a little more economic than BBT 2014-W7DTC.
BBT 2014-W7DC and BBT 2014-W7DTC will fit both your DF/DG T25/T3/Vanagon wasserboxer engines.

Now we leave the choice up to you…

2014-W7DC Spark plug Bosch W7DC


The carburettor spring for upright single carburettor engines is widely known under BBT 2115
Now we bring you also the spring for Type 3 and type 4 engines with original dual carburettor set up.

An absolute necessity because nothing beats the correct original length of the spring with a correct hardness.
Buy yours now for smooth acceleration and easy cruising.

2116 Spring, original double carburettor – Type 3, Type 4


We stay with our original dual carburettor set up for Type 3 and Type 4 engines.
We also bring you  the specific nipple that hooks up the accelerator cable to your linkage system.

These specific nipples  come with a small recess below to fit exactly in the bracket from your carburettor linkage.
The regular BBT nipples for the upright single carburettor set up can be found HERE

0917-250 Nipple accelerator cable double carburettor – Type 3, Type 4


Perfect Silver Weld Through engine lids for your splitty bus are back in stock!

0157-440 Engine lid – Bus 08/65-07/67 SWT


Finally our Westy louvered windows came back out of production.
After almost 5 months!! shipping time they docked earlier this week…
We have plenty in stock now!

6610-100 Westfalia louvre window complete, knob right – Bus 08/67-07/79 SWT


0485 Quarter grills – Beetle 08/70- (pair)


0876-1 Cross panel front 1302/1303


Also the choke elements for the PDSI & PDSIT carburettors came back in.
PDSI carburettors you  find on Type 3 and Type 4 engines originally.

2183-015 Choke PDSIT left


We got them back in, for our ever low price!
The late baywindow front shift rod.

Plies with everybody who take the first time a front axle from a bay window bus…:)
We bring you a very cheap replacement and we have plenty in stock now…

1403-450 Shift Rod front – Bus 08/75-07/79


Steering box shims for the Brazilian kombi steering box came back in and are available again from our shelves!

1368-207 Shim 0.12mm for Steering box – Bus Brasil -83


BBT 0351 is for many the prefered choice for their window U channel, yours too?

Back available in huge quantities from our stocks now…

0351 Window channel in U-form – Beetle 10/52-, Bus 08/67-07/79, Type3


Small items require sometimes the most energy to find a good producer, this was not different.
Proud we announce we got this thiny spring back in stock now, and as always, in our good quality!

1239-400 Spring brake adjustment – Bus 08/70-07/79


We got also our first delivery of Haynes manuals after Brexit.
All Haynes manuals are back in stock now…

9322 Haynes manual 1302-1302S


BBT news team wishes you a splendid weekend, enjoy the last summer weekend at full!