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This week we like to present a couple of different sets door latches, sliding door handles, tailgate and engine lid locks for your bus, all with matching key. They all came new in our ever growing BBT product program.

Stop looking which key will fit which lock. From now on you can have one key that fits all your locks.

All sets come with correct R code keys and contain all locks except for the ignition lock. High quality chrome and perfect feel and fit. A really must have for every bay window.

Nothing looks nicer on a bus than clean chrome new door handles.

The first set will fit all early bay windows model years 1969-1971

0427-505  Lock set – Bus 08/68-07/71

The second set fits all bay windows model years 1972-1974.

0427-510  Lock set – Bus 08/71-07/74

This last set fits all Bay windows model years 1975-1979

0427-515  Lock set – Bus 08/74-07/79

The little plate on top of your emergency brake that holds and balances your emergency brake cables came back in stock this week. Readily available from our shelves.

0929-250 Emergency brake compensator bow – Beetle 08/64-

We also have fresh inventory from the 4 highly polished grills to accentuate the 4 louvered air inlet grills in your engine lid. A must have for every late beetle with dual port engine.

0423 4-parts grill, rear deck lid

Slip on seat covers 1970-72 bug sedan/conv – black basket vinyl


99,95 euro/set excl.

3125-010 Seat cover smooth vinyl convertible (08/54-07/55)
3125-020 Seat cover smooth vinyl convertible (08/55-07/64)

135 euro/pc excl.

More product news next week, so stay tuned!

The BBT News team wishes you a very happy Easter weekend, and hope you’ll collect a lot of chocolate eggs Sunday morning.

BBT News

Another week and another cool set of parts…. 31 months after we started the research, we finally have our complete line of king and link pins for bus, this is pure and real, nothing fancy or cheap.

We searched parts all over the globe and our king and link pin kits contain parts from 6 different suppliers.

All components are made from highest quality materials available. The king pins are casted by induction and then stamped in the old fashion good way like it should be.

We visit every single factory that made parts and followed every single production process. Just to make sure we could bring a top product on the market. At least as good as original back in the day, maybe even better…

And… we managed to make a new exploded view too! Thanks Peter! 

Look at the quality… all steel cage needle bearing… like it should be, and how it should look…

Bullet proof quality…

Let’s explain first the king pins.

1338-004 King pin upper with needle bearing – Bus -07/62 BBT
1337-504 King pin upper with needle bearing – Bus 08/62-07/63 BBT
1337-004 King pin upper with needle bearing – Bus 08/63- BBT

1338-005 King pin lower with needle bearing – Bus -07/62 BBT
1337-505 King pin lower with needle bearing – Bus 08/62-07/63 BBT
1337-005 King pin lower with needle bearing – Bus 08/63- BBT

We have three different model years, so we have three different kits, basic and complete

1338 Link pin set – Bus -07/62 BBT

1337-500 Link pin set – Bus 08/62-07/63 BBT
1337 Link pin set – Bus 08/63-07/67 BBT

1338-099 King and link-pin complete kit – Bus -07/62 BBT

1337-599 King and link-pin complete kit – Bus 08/62-07/63 BBT
1337-099 King and link-pin complete kit – Bus 08/63-07/67 BBT

We’ve made them tested all over the world too, check the video from top bus guru Nate from Wagenswest in the USA.

Don’t forget to follow us and Wagonswest on Instagram for more updates!

We’re so happy this project came to a good end! And you now know  where to get the right suspension stuff, right?

BBT’s super quality hubcap clips are back in stock, our sales increase because just everybody likes our quality a lot!

Enjoy the big crowds, and stop using inferior clips that brake. BBT quality clips will keep your hubcaps on the car, forever!!! Ask for BBT hubcap clips at your nearest VW parts dealer.

2503 Kit clips & rivets early wheel

BBT News team wishes you a super cool weekend… just dream about your classic Volkswagens, we supply the parts to make that dream come true….

Keep’on Buggin’

BBT News

Is the end of the super powers near? President Erdogan from Turkey seems at least on his way back by at last elections. But is that important for the VW industry I hear you say… maybe you’re right, maybe it’s not that important, however, Turkish economy struggles with the high inflation and is a real important automotive manufacturing country. Let’s wait and see if things will pick up again and how they will… It might be a good source for certain items in the future again… hopefully…:)

Meanwhile the spring is there and our warehouse is super busy. This first week of April we had days with double workforce in our goods out dept packing orders. Just to get it all done. That was after we came across there were orders longer as 48 hours not packed yet…

From now on all orders will be packed within 48 hr even if we have the cleaning lady  to help! We will provide this fast service no substitutes! From last Tuesday on, that’s the rule, no exceptions. There’s a whole plan and schedule behind to make it happen… So now we’re very excited to get all your lovely orders out in no time! Thanks for all your lovely orders by the way. Without your lovely orders we didn’t have anything to pack at all! So every order is a lovely order to us.

Let’s see what we have new in our candy shop this week…

If you change your generator into an alternator for more power to your battery, there is a  chance your inlet manifold is too short. The acceleration pump of your carb will push against the alternator body. Sounds familiar? Same thing when you want to eliminate the smoke valve rev limiter on your 1500cc splitty bus.

Now we provide the solution  as we stock the carburetor spacers from now on. They come in two sizes, for the 28/30 & 31 pict carbs we have a 25mm thick spacer and for the 34Pict carbs we stock a 9mm spacer for you.

These little spacers can help you saving big and precious time. You should have one of each in your workshop as standard equipment. You will need them  sooner or later

2141-850 Spacer 28/30/31pict 25mm


2141-950 Spacer 34pict 9mm

While replacing floor plates often the battery holder is overseen. This holder is welded on the floor plate. Well maybe it’s not too bad anymore to oversee the old rusty crusty battery holder and just replace with our brand new one.

Securing a battery is a very important job. For very important jobs you need very good quality brackets. Here’s your answer to that… brand new and readily available in a very good quality…

0875-100 Battery bracket – Beetle/KG 08/67- ,Type181


We extend our line from gas flap door cables. We add the Karmman Ghia one now to make our line complete. Ready available from our stocks.

0933-000 Cable gas door – Karmann Ghia 08/68-


Back in stock after way too long being unavailable, or at least unavailable in an acceptable quality. All at once the supplier changed the design and the place from the outlet. We didn’t agree with that and bugged supplier so long till he made them back like they should be. Outlets properly and exactly like your original tank. Quality and fit are so important to each other. Well we’re very happy we did it again and happy we have them back on the shelves for you… Sometimes is being a stubborn a good quality, or at least it helps…:)

0492-920 Fuel tank – Bus 02/73-07/79

Finally we found a substitute for these state of the art wheel housings for all years bay window buses. We used to buy from VW do Brazil, but when they quit our supply, we had to find another supplier. Well we found a supplier and he produces these wheel housings in a way we like a lot!

So back available and ready on our shelves for immediate delivery.

0891-150 Wheel housing front – Bus 08/67-07/79 left
0891-151 Wheel housing front – Bus 08/67-07/79 right



Also the bolts for the crankshaft pulleys  came back last week. I told you last week we’re working on a couple of very exciting projects that come nearly to an end. Well this is one of them. We’re happy we have this bolt back in stock!

1934-100 Bolt for crankshaft pulley (original)


How can you mount an engine without a seal? It made us really sick that we could not supply this seal for your Type 4 engine for a while. Now they’re back to stay , and readily available from our shelves…

1644 Pulley seal T4



Last but not least, another (big) BBT project that came to an end after no less as FIVE years research and samples… but this product makes us so happy we forget immediately all pain and stress from development when we got this delivery in.

Top quality and exactly like original.

Proudly produced for BBT exclusively worldwide.

2447 Relais for wiper timer – Beetle, KG, Type 3, Type 4 08/71-, Bus 08/72-


That was it for this week folks, as you can see we didn’t sit still at all, it was another magic week at BBT with a lot of work, but also a lot of cool new parts that arrived, and more to come, way more… Forget about Erdogan or Koerdistan, let’s build VWistan, it’s way more as a nation, it captures the whole globe, it has no boundaries and all people are friendly to each other…. the community is big and well spread… do we need anything more? Good parts maybe? We’re glad to take that as our part of the deal…:)

BBT news team wishes you all a real cool weekend, hey and it’s almost Easter so don’t forget those chocolate eggs!

BBT News

What a wonderful world we’re living in, do we realize that enough?

It’s crazy, cars are driving, food is growing, the sun comes up, and if we don’t see it, we just jump on a plane and fly to a destination where there’s always sun. Everybody stops at stop signs or traffic lights, we all have a house, and if you work hard enough you even have time to travel with the family and/or have crazy hobbies like collecting cars.

Do we really realize what we have?

If we jump out of bed and switch on the light in the morning, do we realize how many people and what kind of organisation is behind the electricity 24hrs a day to make that work? Or do we think it’s just “normal”…

Maybe we have to realize more that the small “normal” things in life, aren’t  that normal  at all. Maybe we just are  too much used to it and are too spoiled to realize how special they are… and collecting cars is special too. Who could have imagined the classic car world today a mere 50 years ago? Working in our hobbies, that’s more as fun to do… that just tells us how lucky we are!

Something to realize every morning, before we switch on that light….

This week we have a couple of small things that came in and got part numbers, real necessary parts to finish that car.

Finally we decided to  run also the Speedometer cable for split window bugs.

This cable is quite a lot longer as the later models, because with a split the speedometer is central in the dashboard.

Readily available from our shelves now!

2699-000 Speedometer cable – Beetle -09/52 TQ

Besides the door wedges themselves BBT 0438-31 and the correct screws for the door wedges BBT 0438-315 we also have  the sleeves for the door wedges available  for the real early cars.

Many times these sleeves are missing, which results in poor mounting, lack of tightening or just runs the screws through the door wedges.

We sell these sleeves per pair

0438-316 Sleeve door center wedge – Beetle -01/53 – Bus -12/63 (pair)

We used to use this product to complete our VW logo’s back in the day, till Volkswagen halted that.

Now out of popular demand we bring these clips in our program by their own.

The correct clip to mount the big VW logo on the front of your splitty bus!

We  sell them each, you need 4 to attach the logo completely.

0440-105 Spring clip emblem – Bus -07/67

Airmighty n° 34 is out and ready available in our shop or add one to your order!

9496-34  Airmighty 34

We got our crazy popular washer jets back in stock! Aren’t they cool?

Well many customers think they are, as we sell them as hell!

Get yours now!

2453 Windshield washer jet

BBT News team wishes you all a very wonderful weekend and hopefully we all dwell on a couple of small things, that make our world so special, and enjoyable to live in.

What projects are we working on? Brand new parts that are coming soon….

We have a lot of projects going on, here’s a couple of parts that are in test and fitting phase and will roll soon of our presses and being available…

Cargo doors are on their way now!

Dash tray is finished and should be docking soon…

Rear corners for pick up are tested and fitted at this moment everything looks good so far so they will be coming soon!


Pick up side panels,


Tailgate all models…

And the pick up treasure chest door…

We’re so excited that we can add these cool parts on to our ever-growing line of Splitty sheet metal parts… and serve You even better….


All information about these parts You can get very simple by email to or your favourite BBT sales person