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Fall has come, bye bye summer, we’re leaving the most favorite season for many and come into a transition season where you only can like the colors of the leaves of the trees in a couple of weeks…:)

In Belgium they still try to “create” a government, roughly 460 days after elections they didn’t got real time for that yet, uh. It’s unbelievable how Belgian politicians are creative as we’re going through Covid times with pretty reasonable numbers and a lot of necessary measurements, but without a full government. New elections? Most people here hope so!

Globally there is a lot of uncertainty about world economy. One week they think recovery comes fast, to haul that tower down, the week after one is super negative. What that will do on the stock and equity markets is a big question.

What isn’t a big question is our BBT News, served you on a weekly base and every week we like to present you the latest additions to our ever growing program to restore and maintain your aircooled Volkswagen like it should, with quality parts we only would use on our own cars.


Metal parts and wipers this week, wipers, for that grey rainy fall weather….

But let’s first start with the headlight bowls for split window beetle.

Very specific these headlight bowls up to 1953 don’t have the pressings in the back neither flat spots. We could call them a basic headlight bowl without any special form or lay out.

These are the headlight bowls used in our BBT split window bug fenders you can find HERE

Of course we have a full family of headlight bowls which you can find HERE

0180-100 Headlight bowl L/R – Beetle -52 TQ



The D-post is the post next to your tailgate and engine lid on a VW bus.

This new D-post is engineered with reverse engineering like all of our Silver Weld Through metal and made for your buses built from 1963 up to 1967, the ones with the wide tailgates.

We supply left and right separately for your convenience

0890-928 D-post Complete Left – Bus 08/63-07/67




 0890-929 D-post Complete Right – Bus 08/63-07/67






We enlarged our wiper program with good quality wiper blades for 181, Trekker or Thing, whatever you like to call the post war Kubelwagens…
A 181 must be the perfect partner on a hunting trip and as fall has started you might need those.

Three colors to choose from and we  sell them by the pair.
Of course we stock a full range of wipers and wiper blades

2405-000 Wiper blades black 300mm (pair) – Type181



2405-005 Wiper blades silver 300mm (pair) – Type181



2405-010 Wiper blades khaki 300mm (pair) – Type181



This electronic 6 volt turn signal relay is really more like “just” a 6 volt blinker relay.

Because they are electronically driven this flasher unit gives a continuous output either in voltage as in frequency and this makes a big difference for your indicators on 6 Volt especially stationary before traffic lights or at corners. Also on low RPM.

A realistic difference definitely worth the investment to raise your safety tremendously.
Very important is that you give the extra ground wire good connection to the body.

This is the relay we use on all of our 6 volt BBT cars.


0685-505 Turn signal relay 6 Volt electronic (4 pin)

Enjoy first fall weather, first fall storm and first fall hiking. Or just stay home and work that VW… your choice that is, whatever you decide to do, enjoy, always.

We wish you a relaxed weekend.

Build your own chassis from now on, with the BBT chassis jig for splittie bus.

With all chassis parts available for split window bus we decided to tool up and offer the correct jig to assemble your chassis on a safe and especially straight way…:)

The chassis has to line out well to let your bus drive nice…

With our high precision Jigs You can weld the chassis to Volkswagen factory standards, just like one big new part….

BBT is looking now for partners all over the world to buy the jig and build chassis locally to avoid stupid shipping costs to local customers.

As building chassis is very customer orientated and can be customized in all directions, its better it happens in end consumer direct surroundings, perfect picture for the local workshops!

All of our jigs do come with a frame top protect the whole set up.

Chassis is not included with frame.

We advise to buy one model chassis along in order to know what goes where.

All further information on chassis, chassis jigs and any other inquiry give us a shout on Email to or contact your favorite BBT sales person.

BBT News

Euro goes up, dollar goes down, oil stays cheap and corona keeps on controlling the headlines on any news site…

What’s happening in the rest of the world? Why we get so little news besides Corona?

We guess it’s a question many ask and totally right so.

Thank God there are some alternative news sites, a good mix from both learns you a lot.

What man doesn’t learn, but can see with one owns eyes (if you want to look at it anyway) is what the spending people do… A lot of people  spend a lot of money and let economy turn. But not like they did before Corona was running around our heads… They spend money in different ways, different like before.

It’s very normal when stock markets crash or have a bad time, classic cars revive immediately. We saw that too many times in the last 25 years. If we see larger auctions (mainly online now) we clearly see the price from Classic Cars is on the rise.

So one and another can be translated that our Classic Car world is doing better again in this crisis. Because people are spending differently we might see a steady grow for the next time to come.

As every week we like to present you our news to help that growth makes from  our VW world a better place.



BBT expands the Vintage Speed Exhaust program.

For Split window bus we will give our Vintage Speed 3280-200 a trustful brother.

The real difference between the two exhausts is our new baby which shows its tailpipe in full glory while  3280-200 has a real hidden tailpipe.

Vintage Speed Exhaust is the perfect touch for your split window bus!

3280-205 Exhaust – Bus 60-07/67 ‘Vintage Speed’ with pre-heat risers / Stainless steel – lowered, hidden tailpipe



We add these fuel tank breather tubes to our program.

Longer available for 1302-03 super beetles now also for the regular Beetles and Ghia’s.

The complete family of fuel tank breather tubes you can find HERE

0492-362 Connecting hose t-piece/tank – Beelte/KG 08/67-



0492-364 connecting hose filler neck/t-piece – Beetle/KG 08/67-




For this week’s product shout out we kick off with the petrol cap used in the early bay buses (Type2) built between 08-67 – 07/71.

These are made by BBT with a focus on quality and fit.

They will replace your knackered cap or perhaps you have a temporary universal one after you forgot yours at the petrol station that you can finally replace with a locking cap!

These caps are also suitable for the 181, Thing or Trekker.

Made by BBT.

0491-475 Fuel cap – Bus 08/67-07/71, Type 181


Next up is the tool box installed in the type 2 split bus between the seat pedestals under the bench or 2/3 seats.

This box section is an exact copy of the original in the same gauge steel with spot on pressings.

This part was extremely hard to find in the past, but is now readily available from stock.

0890-149 Cabine tool box under seat – Type 2, 03/55-07/67

Finally, we want to take the opportunity to bring your attention to the front grill for the early bay bus (08/67-07/72).

Due to a high demand and limited supply – BBT developed an entirely new grill copied from a NOS piece with a perfect fit & finish.

You will  oten find that they are damaged, rusted or have been entirely deleted.

Look no further they are available from stock here at BBT.

In case you wish to add a Deluxe grill trim you can find these under #0891-986
Lastly, whilst you’re at it you may want to replace the bug catcher (aka insect screen) that sits behind the front grill, this part you can find under #0891-987.

0891-985 Front grill – Type2, 08/67-07/72


As usual if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

BBT News team wishes you all a very good weekend, and keep on spending, … on VW’s that is…:)

BBT News

The big fires on the West Coast of the USA eat a lot of cars again and unfortunately a lot of Classic cars as well!

Several friends from BBT lost cars or valuables, several lost Vintage Volkswagens.

It’s a disaster, imagine the fire chief or local sheriff stops by yelling “Level 3!”… and all you can do is running out, jump in the fire chief car and run…. realizing that all you ever worked for is eaten by the flames… must be terrible…

If Corona wasn’t enough, or the demonstrations with attached violence from the Black Life Matters movement, you can get fires too… what a crazy world we live in today.



Let’s start with a proud BBT production this week.

Mainly we develop parts when we need for own cars or when a customer asks and we can’t either get it or, we’re sold out of used ones… exactly like this case.
No different here… the little spring that holds the pin preventing the front seats moving front or backward in a 72-75 beetle is obsolete for many years.

When all were gone we realized, this was something many cars need.
So we decided to tool up and bring our customers a brand new spring to hold the pin in place.

Going through the mighty VW bibles to get the correct applications we found out that this exact spring also blocs the recliner mechanism.
Double fun with one brand new BBT part number…. enjoy!

Springs are proudly made in Belgium with latest technology and are sold each.

0736-105 Spring for seat / backrest adjusting – Beetle 08/72-07/75



We also add some serious wire looms to the BBT program, especially for your Bay window bus this time…

To replace that mouse eaten out, short circuit, dangerous life treatening old piece a garbage wire loom with brand new wire loom, correct color coded with all new connectors and everything you need to install.

All other wire looms for Beetle and Bus looms from the BBT family you can find by clicking HERE!

0694-6869-1 Wiring harness – Bus 1968-69



0694-7071-1 Wiring harness – Bus 1970-71


The 75-79 wiring harness is a champ, especially for US style Bay window buses with fuel injection.
This wire loom is developed for fuel injection only!

Contains the main wire loom as well as the fuel injection wire loom, it’s really all complete, we have a lot of very happy customers already with this wire loom….
The perfect solution to solve a LOT of electrical problems at once!

0694-7579-1 Wiring harness – Bus 1975-79 (Type 4 injection)

We keep on digging for a wire harness for Late Bay window carburetted bus.



Front axle upper shock bolts are a story on their own. But we feel we have that story under control now… 🙂

Up to 1962 model year we  stock the specific designed bolts under BBT # 1319-100 with correct 17mm hexagonal head.

Now we bring you the upper shock bolts for your beetle built from 1962 up to 1965.

These bolts  also fit all shocks on top of your Puma adjustable front axles as BBT # 1397-1 or BBT # 1397-50 and mount all shocks on the upper side of your splittie window bus in the rear.

Our new bolts come with a 19mm hexagonal head and have been made in a very strong 10.9 break load.

Sold a pair.

1319-200 Top shock bolts – Beetle/KG 08/62-07/65, Puma front axle and Bus rear upper 03/55-07/67 (2)



We spend quite some time making existing products better… tracing NOS parts where possible and compare to what exists today. Many times it’s very surprising to find out existing reproductions are far off by what Volkswagen intended originally… thousands of these parts sold and even buffers don’t realize how different parts are against their originals…

These rubber bushings for the spring plates in the rear was/is a very good example. Stumbling upon some NOS examples we started comparing and must admit that what we found aftermarket was way to soft. So we tooled up by our own and are proud to present you these rubbers for your beetle and your bus in a correct rubber compound.

Even the correct rubber composition and hardness was the most important to us, we made them for a price that’s irresistible, we know what the market need…

Another proud BBT product

Sold each!

1453-4 Rubber bushing springplate outside – Beetle 8/68-


1453-5 Rubber bushing springplate inside & outside – Bus 50-07/79

BBT News team wishes you a real nice weekend, stay safe, stay away from wild fires, wash your hands and keep distance to fight corona and enjoy your VW hobby….