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Do you still believe what you read in the papers, hear on television or see on the internet?
It’s amazing how many times world leaders tell opposite things, it seems they just want to be in the news i.o. reigning as they should!

Well we at least, here at BBT, don’t give you fake news or wrong information.
This week we want  to introduce the Pick up panels from our silver weld through metal program.
Now we stock almost every panel te restore your pick up truck to factory specs.



We made a new exploded view exclusively for pick up parts, everything that has a red dot is available and what’s new is shown in detail below,

Just click the picture it will direct you safely to our catalogues… for easy control, and that’s not fake news!

The side gates have been HOT, first shipment was sold out in a couple of days because we had  many pre-reservations. Sign up now for yours from our next delivery….

They come with hinges assembled for trouble free mounting.
Loved already by all that have been delivered.

For all latches and catches CLICK HERE

For the rear drop gate CLICK HERE

0168-115 Drop gate left Single cab – Bus -07/67 BBT
0168-125 Drop gate right Single cab – Bus -07/67 BBT


0890-772 Divider panel engine/fueltank, pick-up – Bus -07/65

0890-774 Divider panels above wheel arches engine/fueltank, pick-up – Bus -07/67




As usual also this week several parts arrived  back in stock.

Here’s a small list of most important parts which are again available.


1000 Exhaust assembly kit Type1


1001 Exhaust assembly kit 25-30HP / Single tip



Various items have been  removed from stock to make room
for new ones.

For some items there is only 1 left in stock.
So be quick, because GONE = GONE
Prices excl. VAT

1386-190 Suspension spring – Super Beetle (used)

5,40 euro excl.

7010 Callook seal front – Beetle convertible -07/57

3,60 euro


Fake or real? This news is real, don’t worry… we at BBT aim for the real stuff. The stuff that fits, stuff with a perfect quality to price ratio and especially stuff we can mount on our own cars!

We like to keep Volkswagens on the road, where they belong!

The BBT news team wishes you a wonderful real weekend.

BBT News

With billionaires thinking they can buy into a presidency our western economic model comes into new levels!

Also wintertime hits the northern atmosphere, good old cold! A real refresh to have real cozy Belgian shitty weather at the office… time to start our winter projects, do you already have started a winter project ?

We’re not billionaires, and neither snow men, but we’re just satisfied we can present again a bunch of new parts  this week to you, that’s all the  richness we need to be completely happy…. 🙂

Our silver weld through panel line is now completely recognized  in the market, not to say we’re the best. Every day we receive compliments from customers about quality and fit.

That means a lot to us…

Some customers compare our panels with NOS parts, others think they are even better. It’s a warm feeling and after all efforts a real reward for all work done. But before all; it fuels us to go further, never stop moving and bringing you new parts, sheet metal parts, but also a bunch of other parts, with one big aim….

Quality first!

This week we like to present our side panels and B posts… in the known silver weld through quality.

0890-348 Side flank long left – Bus 03/63-07/67


0890-358 Side flank long right – Bus 03/63-07/66



0890-349 Side flank short left – Bus 03/63-07/67



0890-359 Side flank short right – Bus 03/63-07/66



0890-901 B-post Complete Left, cargodoor – Bus 03/55-12/60



0890-902 B-post Complete Right, non-cargodoor – Bus 03/55-12/63




Our voltage regulator factory had problems to keep up production to our demands. Well they changed that now and we put our stocks higher as well… our 6 volt regulators are doing well… They’re very affordable and are doing the job flawlessly.

We also upgrade them with every production run…:)

Oh yes, you already knew that your original Bosch cap from your old regulator exchanges  perfectly on our regulators for that perfect original look?

Protected against water and mis-wiring… our regulators are the real deal!

Back available from our shelves

1951 6 volt regulator (Generator) BBT

Ok back in the workshop now to finish and test new samples on our winter projects before Bob is back in town!

We always like to surprise him!

BBT news team wishes you a snacking cold but enjoyable weekend!

BBT News

Its friday again, and friday means NEWS time. Plenty of news again, but still the wild fires in Australia are taking more from our feelings away as stupid quotes from Mr Trump or Mr Johnson, nevertheless Johnson seems on the win in the new Brexit elections. The path is now that nobody wants out, and nobody likes to stay in anymore. Seems like many Brits are happy with the current Brexit status that “we will go out one day”, uh… weird folks… If they vote Johnson they will go out for sure, if they vote Corbyn there is a change they stay.. why don’t You stay British friends? Together we’re way stronger as on our own, we all know that, don’t we?

Well anyway, new products came in on our shelves this week, and they’re here defenitely to stay.

All to help to build a better and more accurate Volkswagen world.

The only reason we’re here for….


Out of our shop stocks we bring you BBT part n° 0551-550 the rear kick panels under your rear seat for all sedan beetles build after november of the year 1962.
These are perfect fit and have a pre cut hole for the rear heater tube hook up. Easy to cut the preformed circle out or just leave as it is.

Your choice to install with or without heatertube.
Sold by the pair

0551-550 Rear kick panels – Beetle 11/62- black (pair)

Finally we have the correct seal between glass and frame for beetle vent wings .
We preformed this seal and is so much better as our economical BBT ref 0342 roll.

You do not need special tools anymore to assemble the glass into the frame, it just push in with some silicone spray.
When we first used these rubbers ourselves there was only one word popping up in our minds; a real revelation!

Nicely preformed rubber that fits perfectly around the glass and into the frame…
Some parts are making VW life so much more easy, well for sure this is one of them.

These rubbers make that just everybody can mount the vent wing glass easy, nicely and correctly into its frame now.
That’s something difficult we make so much more simple with just these rubbers.

Sold each. Three models to choose from.

0342-050 Seal glass to ventframe – Beetle 10/52-07/64 TQ (1)

0342-100 Seal glass to ventframe – Beetle 08/64- TQ (1)


We supplied already the one for splittie bus

BBT 7413-000 Seal glass to ventframe Bus -67


For your Karmann Ghia coupe we just finished the hinge that hold the back of your rear seat.
Always rusted, worn or just missing we bring these new hinges on a very competitive price in very correct measurement just like original.

You need two of these hinges on every car. For mounting we recommend to order 6 pcs  BBT screws  8761-3516 per hinge.
These hinges fit all Karmann Ghia coupes, and the cover of the rear seat area in convertibles that have no back seat option.

Rear seat hinges for KG convertibles we do stock under BBT ref 3190-500
All hinges been sold each.

3190-640 Rear seat backrest hinge – KG coupe (1) BBT

Another part we brought out of our shop inventory in to our wholesale platform is this little square guide that sits on top of the T25/T3 Vanagon sliding door.
Strictly for 79-86 models this little guide help your door to open and close nice and smoothly.

Many times just missing or completely worn out You will need this little part to give your sliding door that smooth ride again.
Sold each.

7670-062 Top guide sliding door guidance – Bus 04/79-07/85



Clip news!! 

We updated our rear wheel bearing clips. We have two models now to choose from now.

Clip 72 x 2.5mm this clip holds the wheel bearing in the reduction box of your Splitwindow bus (all years) but also the inner rear wheel bearing on all of your T2 bay windows and T25/T3 Vanagons.

1447-300 Clip for inner wheel bearing all Bus.


Clip 62 x 2mm holds the inner wheel bearing in your rear trailing arm from any beetle or Ghia or type 3 with IRS wheel suspension.

1447-310 Clip for wheel bearing ‘IRS’ inner – Beetle/KG, Type3



We finally got our good German made brake shoes in stock again.

They’re back, after we refused two shipments because of quality issues (and we prefer not to sell parts as selling inferior parts).
Ready for immediate delivery.

We still believe we supply the very best brake shoe that’s currently on the market on a very competitive price.

Why? Simpel because ours brake shoes are really Made in Germany (not only packed as others), we use high-grade of brake lining and “brake in” EVERY shoe before packing. So we guarantee our shoes are in perfect radius of your brake drum as per original Volkswagen specs.

Nobody can beat that…
Several tests showed also BBT German brake shoe gave more brake power as any competitor…

It’s all about safety, isn’t it?
So you know what to put on YOUR car now, don’t you?

1230 Brake shoes – Beetle front 08/64- / rear 08/67- BBT



The (very) early shocks came back also on our shelves.
Because of the low density this factory produce only once in a while.

Well we got them back in stock now for immediate delivery.
For all of your split window shock needs….buy them now in case you need them tomorrow……:)

1318 Shock absorber – Beetle 50-52



This small seal for the late-model side mirrors also came back in stock and is ready again for delivery from our shelves.

0463-9 Seal for side mirror – Beelte 08/67-


Another week in VW paradise went by. It only seems to get more busy here.
Especially in parts development there must be somewhere over 50 parts in development at this given time…

So a bright future is before us, whatever Trump or Johnson may decide.
More updates next week! Stay tuned and enjoy your weekend.

BBT News

Wow, when we saw the map of all different wild fires in Australia it looked like the whole country is on fire… the human tragedy must be immense! Of course we carry our hearts away for our friends and customers. How many cool Volkswagens will have been destroyed by  these fires by now? Smoking hot, but very smoking in the negative way…. a real disaster, let us all pray for rain and the wind to stop….

Smoking hot is also our news this week, but thanks God in a positive way. We will bring you some real cool goodies and a lot of back in stock products too! BBT is in full rock mode and you will know it.



First  we present you our heater rise covers for all type 1 engines  that work with fresh air heating systems for engines built 1963 and up. These small plates are  necessary to keep the always up moving warm air on the underside of your engine down where it belongs. Good and correct installed engines have no gaps where the hot air from below can move into the engine compartment. These heater rise cover plates help to achieve that goal. The gaskets for these are available under BBT ref 1057-250

2213-500 Heat riser plates (pair) 01/63- (not 30HP)



We also add the real glass lenses for back up lights, brake or rear fog lights… They will fit the BBT Hella chrome accessory light ref 0608  but also the original bus back up lights first with M code 47 delivered buses but from the 1967 model year they came standard on many models all the way up to 1971. Of course this is also the correct lens for the central brake light on buses up to 1958.

We deliver in red and in clear real glass, original Hella, with Hella Logo. Pick your choice!


0608-111 Red lens for reversing light Hella (real Glas) – Brake light Bus -07/57, BBT 0608


0608-113 Clear lens for reversing light Hella (real Glas) – Bus 08/67-07/71, BBT 0608, Porsche 356 B+C

Early wiper shafts have a cool little cap that prevents water to seep between the real wiper axle and its sleeve. Two models exist being one for beetle, ghia and type 3 while the other model is for bus. BBT brings  both models back their typical white see through rubber. We guarantee a perfect “snap” and fit. We deliver these babies by the pair.

But also later model wiper shafts have caps and grommets and a lot of other small parts necessary to mount wipers correctly. BBT supplies most of these parts.


2411-050 Cap wipershaft base 70-79 – Beetle, KG, Type 3 -07/69 (pair)



2411-100 Cap wipershaft base Bus -07/68 (pair)



Mounting a gas tank can be a challenge without this necessary gasket. This gasket prevents  real cheeky noises made between the two metal parts, your gas tank on one side and the body of your car on the other side. a real necessary part and now back available from our shelves.


0492-15 Anti rattle fuel tank – Beetle/KG 08/60-, Type181



We also got a new production run of our universal weather strip. This weather strip is a perfect seal to use as a window scraper if your car has  one-piece windows, but is also used on many different custom applications. back availble from our shelves.

0350 Weather lip seal



Nobody beats our hub caps. We sell them under legal VW license. But we have perfect European chrome applied under our own BBT quality control. 240 hours salt spray test, double checked at least every 6 months with full service track records. This is the automotive standard for OE (assembly line) of today. We can be equal but do not have to be more holy than the Pope himself, do we? They were not on our shelves for a couple of months, because of problems in the chroming process, which are all solved now…

Back available in the by us desirable quality. We’re ready to deliver!

2501-02 Hubcap -65 Genuine chrome – BBT

Our hearts stay with our friends in Australia this week. Damned those wild, you do not want to burn down everything you’ve been building up in life!

BBT News team wishes you a wonderful fall weekend, get out, hike or bike, or get in that garage and work at your car, all is hobby, all is cool!