Friday Product Update

Welcome to our weekly product update, every week we have news like candy, and this is not different!

Let us introduce the pre molded rubber between glass and frame from your split window bus vent wing assembly.

We’re very excited about this new small rubber this week! Why? Because we’ve spent so much time in the past over and over again try to make something universal fit, it took literally hours each restoration again and gave moderate results!

This rubber brings an end to that! Take out the glass of your vent wing (or quarter light window whatever you call it), paint the frame, make sure connection hinges and supports are all ok, put in this rubber and put the glass back in, simple as that… no more pressing etc. to do…. Can you imagine how much easier it is to change the vent wing lock now???

Our 7413-000 comes ready to fit in correct dimensions, in the right thickness and well thought about each detail of this small but oh so necessary rubber…so no reason anymore  to replace by any repair or restoration…

Will be sold each, (for 1 window)

7413-000 Seal glass to vent frame – Bus 12/52-07/67 TQ (1)

2018-04-20 08.36.59_resized.jpg

Next we have the front panel on the loading floor of your double cab pick up…the rear part of the cargo floor is the same as a single cab pick up, our part nr 0890-766, but of course the bed on a double cab being shorter, the front panel is shorter too… it  has always been cut from a long panel, we offer now the solution for the prefect fit!

Will fit all factory crew cabs (not the early BINZ models)

0890-767 Floorplate double cab pick up front half part – Double cab -07/67 / 12′ x 36.5′

After some struggle at the factories, we got our own BBT gaskets sets back in stock… comparable with German quality but at a fraction of the price!! Over 25.000 sets sold, speaks the price/quality for itself, I suppose…

1772 Gasket kit 13/15/1600cc BBT

Computers do make errors! This is the prove! Not in stock since very long time, till we found out about the error! So now we’re happy we stock and publish it again, so get yours now!

0890-385-1 Rear valance complete – Bus 03/55-07/58 Auto Craft

BBT FPU team wishes you a wonderful and enjoyable weekend!

Friday Product Update

This week we like to introduce these fine parts to rebuild your pedals on your early bus. We think that we  can rebuild almost all pedalsets in early buses with these parts and make them operate smoothly again as if they were new!  Go for smooth pedal operation and give that old scruffy hard push pedal assembly a new life!

0276-500 Pedal bushing set – Bus 02/55-07/67

0276-505 mounting kit brake pedal bolt – Bus 02/55-07/67

0276-510 Brake pedal bolt – Bus 02/55-07/67

These two products came back in after a longer as normal delivery time… but are available back from our shelves.

9515 Mesh air cleaner IDF/ DRLA 36 – 48

9591 Replacement shifter boot, eliminator shifter

67- headliner white vinyl, beetle Sedan 111-506V-WH
€ 91.00 excl.

Headliner white Type 1 ’61-‘62 VW4-HDL1003
€ 100.00 excl.

0385-070 Lower front header bow for sunroof Type 1 -55
€ 180.00/excl.

0386-415 Lower front header bow for sunroof Type 2
€ 166.50/excl.

The BBT FPU team wishes you a wonderful weekend, enjoy the weather!

Friday Product Update

Exciting news this week as the CB performance Panchito heads have arrived, and some new cool bus sheet metal too!

The PANCHITO head is the newest addition to our high performance program! Perfect for those mild tuned engines! Super strong heads with all the features  you need to build that perfect engine!

The all new Panchito 044™ is dyno proven, horsepower making, ports cast right in. These port designs are race proven winners with years of use in engines around the globe. Countless hours were spent on our Superflow™ 600 flow bench designing the intake and exhaust ports. Our goals were to achieve the highest port velocity and air flow through a 40mm x 35.5mm size valve. The 40mm intake port has an extremely small port volume of 62cc and flows an incredible 162 CFM and over 300 ft. per second port velocity, right off the shelf! The 35.5mm exhaust port has a reduced bowl size and increased short turn radius creating phenomenal port velocity. This higher port velocity allows for improved low-end and mid-range performance without sacrificing top end power.

CB Performance has also added extra material around the combustion chamber to give the Panchito 044™ more strength and support for larger bore cylinders. The all new high quench combustion chamber has a volume of 54cc, a perfect size for small displacement engines. The Panchito 044™ is designed to incorporate bore sizes from 85.5mm to 94mm.

Available in all different bore sizes, they come with valves, springs and are ready to install.

Now available from our shelves!

1724-3 “Panchito 044” heads 85,5mm
1726-3 “Panchito 044” heads 92mm
1727-3 “Panchito 044” heads 94mm

As for sheet metal we have one new addition this week, the center side panel for all years bay window buses…

0891-315 Center side panel left 80cm – Bus 08/67-07/79

We’ve found an alternative for our BBT 0891-170. We used to buy this panel from Volkswagen do Brasil, but as Volkswagen Germany took our export license from VW do Brasil away, we currently can’t get that part.

So we found this panel on the aftermarket. It differs slightly from the original, but it gets the job done

The difference between the substitute and the original is especially that the upper part is not on it anymore.

We tested this part ourselves and we guarantee a perfect fit!

0891-170 Rail side door – Bus 08/67-07/79

Arm rest left or right side 1968-72 VW Bug & Ghia – tan smooth vinyl
TMI16-1614-13        Sold each € 32.00/ excl.

Dash cover woodlook KG 69 only    € 117.00 excl.
W434-141-857-071A WD

Dash kick pads (2pcs) KG 68-71     € 165.00 excl.

BBT FPU team wishes you a wonderful weekend…

Friday Product Update

Welcome to this week’s edition of BBT’s Friday product update, as always with the necessary goodies… oh my God what do we love cool VW parts!!

BBT still carries quite some goodies for your Ghia!! We like these cars a lot and you can always find a nice selection of Ghia’s for sale on our car website

This week we added the engine lid lock catch for the Karmann Ghia coupé, built in 1968 and later. A very nice reproduction ready for you to use on your Ghia!

0438-195 Engine lid lock catch KG 08/67-

For you to compare with an original…:)

2018-03-23 08.33.25_resized.jpg


Secondly we have a track strip for your Bay and Square window bus added to our product range.

This track strip is situated on your rear quarter panels, left and right, and holds your sliding door middle hinge rail cover fixed to the car…

Fits all Bay window buses from 1968-1979 and all vanagon T25/T3 buses from 1980 till end of production in 1992.

0891-895 Moutingstrip track cover L/R – Bus 08/67-07/92

Difficult to capture where the track rod is exactly mounted on a complete bus, but hopefully this picture get you an idea…:)


Back in stock this week special is this super fine brake caliper rebuilt kit for the early bay window brake caliper… Now available from our stocks!!

1246-5 Brake caliper rebuilt kit – Bus 08/70-07/72


Door cards cab 67-72
TMI 19-1329-326-332     € 140.00 excl

Rear kick panels convertible 60-64 black
TMI 10-1024-11        € 20.00 excl.

The BBT FPU team wishes you a very well relaxing weekend!

Friday Product Update

Welcome to our Friday Product Update, where we present this week’s  new items and most important product updates…

With the ever-growing demand for bay window parts, we’ve decided to start up the bus seat covers in our permanent stock program.

We already sell them for a while  through our shop and use them in many on our own buses. Their fit is very good and the material is strong…

We deliver also the seat paddings for them of course, you can find here

Be carefull when ordering, make sure it’s the right model for your seats. Bus seats have not  changed all at the same time, but utilities and basic Kombi versions used this seat model a way longer as deluxe buses and campers… These seat covers are designed for ALL early bay windows and for all bay windows ; where the driver seat has a big round knob in front  of its base pointing to your steering  to adjust the backrest, and where the passenger seat is mounted on hooks and is not adjustable. If your passenger seat is mounted on rails, this is not the correct set for your car.

We will add more bus seat covers each month from here on…

3165-500 Front seat covers black – basket weave – vertical seams – Bus 08/67-07/72

3165-501 Front seat covers beige – basket weave – vertical seams – Bus 08/67-07/72

This little clip mounts your dashpod into your dashboard of your beloved bay window.

Our first production was gone in “a blink of the eye” as we say, so we’ve got a second run ready now, ready for delivery!

2675-700 Dashboard clip holds dashboard cluster to dashboard- Bus 08/67-07/79

These are the valve cover springs for the early type VW engines 25 and 30 DIN HP (that’s 36  HP SAE for our American friends using SAE norms).

We teamed up with a very reliable spring factory in Belgium to make springs in a good quality, (read; equal or better as NOS items, as we gave them the right samples)

This clip has been made in real high quality spring steel!

Simply a perfect fit, feels and smells, exactly like we want it! The best valve cover spring on the market!

Prevent oil leaks by worn or tired original clips and go for these strong reproduction ones.

Grant your vintage VW engines BBT parts, they deserve it!

1768-250 Valve cover clip for 25 & 30 DIN HP (that’s 36SAE) Volkswagen engines

We also offer our OWN production valve cover clip for your 1960 and later built Type 1 (Beetle and Ghia) engines. Including 1200, 1300 and 1600cc. Fits equally all upright Type 2 (Bus) engines built after 1960 and all Type 3 engines.

These clips have  been 100% made from NOS units, without any compromise (and we drove the spring factory crazy to achieve this result believe us!!)

Perfect fit, perfect tension, perfect size…

This is exactly like original!!
Simply the best on the market, period!
Proudly made in Belgium.
Available from our shelves right away!

1768-1 Valve cover spring for all “upright” Beetle, Ghia and Bus 1960 and later and all type 3 engines

The BBT FPU team wishes you a very wonderful and relaxing weekend….