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Wow, what a week, it looked like a rollercoaster more as a week full of VW parts. And do we like rollercoasters? You bet!

The euro goes down, the dollar goes up, Mr Trump doesn’t get money for “his” wall, Chinese or Russian government could try to spread propaganda for next Belgian elections in May, still no Brexit, the youth strikes for climate each Thursday afternoon, will they continue during holidays soon to come? Without mentioning they fly every other month or so on holidays themselves, it’s nice to see this big engagement of the young people. We didn’t experience it anymore since May 1968, did we? If you study all that, we don’t understand why people still watch soaps on Netflix. Real life is so much more exciting! We’re enjoying full force, come  and join us…:)

And our VW life is even more exciting! The BBT train is driving hard, non stop. Also this week we have several new products to present to you. You make us keep on going!

Big issue we had with the manufacturer of our early beetle & bus door handles . Totally unsatisfied with the quality for a while, they wanted to make even worse. NOT with BBT, we want it better, so simply we couldn’t come to an agreement. New supply was searched and located!

This makes BBT ref 0425-50 is no longer available.

Our new door handles for your beloved bus are top-notch! They feel and look like original. Extreme high quality and actually as original.

They even come with the correct key!

Door handles up to 1961 are for the doors without recess for the door handle. They feature a high base with a long “hook” to touch the lock. They’re used for beetles up to 1955 and buses up to 1961.

The door handles from 61-63 are for the doors with stamped recess for your door handles. They feature a flat base and short hook, easy to recognize!

0425-520 Door latch – Bus -07/61, Beetle 07/55 drivers side with keys TQ

0425-525 Door latch – Bus -07/61, Beetle 07/55  passenger side, without keys TQ

0425-530 Door latch – Bus 08/61-11/63 drivers side with keys TQ

0425-535 Door latch – Bus 08/61-11/63 , passenger side, without keys TQ

Because we do love the splittie buses so much, we also add the 15 inch bus wheel to our range this week. They go from Post barndoor (April 1955) all the way up to December 1963 when VW decided 14 inch was enough for your bus.

Wheels look like original, and are finished as you can expect from a steel wheel, nicely primered ready to paint in your favourite color.

Sold each.

2564-215 Wheel standard – 4.5 x 15 – Bus 1955-12/63 – grey painted




0492-131 Fuel tap for Porsche 09/61+03/66  (356BT6 – 356C)

31,50 euro/pc excl.


0492-132 Gasket filter bowl fuel tap for Porsche 356 03/55-03/66

0,90 euro/pc excl.


0492-134 Filter bowl fuel tap for Porsche 356 03/55-03/66

2,25 euro/pc excl.


0492-135 Nut fuel tap for Porsche 356 03/55-03/66

0,99 euro/pc excl.



We all like to wish you a very happy weekend, enjoy, party and celebrate, we’re sure you’ll find a reason good enough… and think about our kids and their future. Hopefully they can enjoy Volkswagen as much as we always have… on a livable planet.

Rain or sunshine, we’re back next Friday with more BBT News.

BBT News

Wintertime, winterQ, wintercold, winterwet, wintersnow… guess we’re really landed in winterwonderworld… Time to rework all what couldn’t be done in the busy spring, summer or months of the fall… reorganising warehouses, reorganising our car department, finishing some big project cars, you name it, we’re on to it.

It’s time for big projects, and therefore we bring you this week another huge inventory of new sheet metal for your bus, including the roof with the sliding roof.

0890-801 Roof with sunroof cut out – Bus 03/55-07/67 BBT

0890-347 Side flank short left – Bus 03/55-07/62
0890-357 Side flank short right – Bus 03/55-07/62


0890-346 Side flank long left – Bus 03/55-07/62
0890-356 Side flank short right – Bus 03/55-07/62


0890-863 Connecting profile A-B pillar left (inner and outer) – Bus 03/55-07/63
0890-864 Connecting profile A-B pillar right (inner and outer) – Bus 03/55-07/63


Top BBT production made in Germany. After the old tooling broke on previous production we decided to tool up again for this popular rubber. Easy was different we rejected at least 5 samples… If we do something, we only do it good, stubborn as we are, and therefore we keep going till total satisfaction… and we succeeded!

We made this license light seal EXACTLY like original, we compared with all other reproductions on the market, we test fit on a dozen of different cars. Ours is the only one reaching OUR expectations.

We’re proud we could go this far and have reached the perfection for this seal.
If you go for inferior, it’s your own responsibility. We told you the perfection is on the market.
Check for the small printed BBT logo on the rubber to assure that you have the real deal. Our logo is placed to recognise but is invisible once installed.

Beware for cheap (or expensive ) imitations!!

0748-1 License light seal TQ – Beetle 10/52-07/57 – BBT

It was not an easy move, but we convinced ZF/TRWVarga to start production back up for the rear bus wheel cylinder.

We raised our quantities until they couldn’t refuse anymore…:)

Proud we can offer again to the same good old price in the same great quality.

1227 Rear wheel brake cylinder 22mm – Bus -07/71, Type 181 -73 (TRW/Varga)


This was the BBT news for this Friday folks. Thanks for watching and following us.

We keep on doing the only thing we really know best. Provide the market with quality parts for your Volkswagens, and force our competitors to keep up!…

Yes we do love our job!

The BBT News team wishes you all a supercool and lovely winter weekend!

Cargo doors in production! Pre order yours now!

The first type of Cargo doors, 58-60 with handle recess are in production now and ready for shipment in a couple of weeks. We expect the doors to land @ BBT HQ about half of April. But we do take pre orders now, so please don’t hesitate and make your reservations…


All further information by email on or

BBT News

It’s Friday, it’s BBT news day… with the cold week behind us, Belgium was the whole week covered in snow. The white powder is different as anything else and yes, we do enjoy it, when it’s not staying too long… well tonight temperatures will go up and by tomorrow the white cover will be gone… this is how things go… especially the weather.

But that doesn’t mean we played and made snow men all week long, exactly not all week long, LOL. No way José, we used the cold time to build BBT further and bring you more products. Top quality products, as always…..


BBT Frederik thought it was about time to stock all the front indicator lenses, together with BBT Arjan he teamed up, traced the best available lenses down and brought them into the BBT program. Easy to shop for you now as we dug out everything! Replace that old worn out or missing lens with one of our brand new replacement lenses…


0616-491 Front indicator lens orange – Bus -07/63, KG -07/57, Beetle -07/57 export (USA) TQ


0616-490 Front indicator lens clear – Bus -07/63, KG -07/57, Beetle -07/57 export (USA)

We had this one already, but publish here to complete the line up.


0616-300  Front indicator lens orange – KG 08/57-07/63 TQ


0616-301 Front indicator lens clear – KG 08/57-07/63 TQ


0616-305  Front indicator lens orange – KG 08/63-07/69, Type3 -07/69

This used to be BBT # 0646, but we relocated to this part no. for easier navigation and put it here to complete the line up.


0616-306 Front indicator lens clear – KG 08/63-07/69, Type3 -07/69 TQ


In our bus upholstery line we add now these door panels. High quality and ready available from our stocks. If you need beige door panels for your T2 bus, we have them for you, no waiting and special order anymore….:)

0552-501 Door panels Bus – 08/67-07/79 beige (front only left and right)

T25/T3 vanagon lovers beware, now we got your engine seal back in stock… same great quality, same low price, order yours now…..

0790-200 Engine compartment seal – Bus 05/79-07/92 (air-cooled)

We come to the end of our weekly news and are happy we could provide once again all these new lines. For any suggestions, advice or errors we always appreciate your feedback, only together we can build a better VW world. Enjoy a happy weekend!

BBT News

This week all headlines are about Brexit… the agreement prime minister May made with EU commission was defeated by the British parlement. So now we’re awaiting if there’s really coming a hard Brexit or if there will be a new vote and maybe no Brexit after all? Who will tell? It’s certain that a hard Brexit will be bad for business, especially in the UK. They will shoot themselves back in time, and not a little bit for sure…

But the UK is the UK and will stay UK forever, nobody can tell what really will happen until it does happen, and that’s the same with the new products we have prepared for you this week. These are surely arrived and available from today, this is what happened at BBT this week…:)


To start with the seal for the taillight between the housing and the lens (or bezel to be more preciously) this seal is always worn out, so a replacement is always good to have on hand when working on your taillights….. Now we have both models in stock ready for delivery.

0680-01 Seal lens/housing taillight – Beetle 08/61-07/73, 13/1500 -07/67

Also available: 0680 Chrome replacement ring for taillight, each



0680-51 Seal lens/housing taillight – Beetle 08/67-07/73, 1302

Also available: 0680-5 Chrome taillight replacement ring – Beetle 13/1500 08/67-07/73, 1302



If the carpet in your rear luggage compartment (behind your rear seat) needs replacement, we stock now the full carpet kit to do that. Economical, and easy to install this gives your beetle a nice and clean look again, also through the rear window… Our kits are soft for your kids to sit on. Where you also fighting back in the day with your sister or brother to sit behind the rear seat? Most of us did….memories….:)

0590-010 Rear complete carpet kit convertible – Beetle 71-72


We enlarge monthly our line of Bay Window seat covers, this month is no different…now we got the brown walk-through covers for the early bay  permanently in stock.

3165-502 Front seat covers brown walk-through – Bus 08/67-07/72 basket weave – (vertical seams)



The spacer for the front wheel bearings are back in stock! Order yours now.


1361-050 Spacer on spindle for front wheelbearing – Beetle, KG -07/65 BBT




Brexit or no Brexit, we will have to do what decision-makers think that needs to be done (as always) 29 of March is  approaching fast…:)

BBT news team wishes you a very relax and easy-going weekend, keep on buggin’!