BBT News (07/05)

The weather we can’t choose nor change.
It stays cold and humid in Western Europe, and we all  miss the nice spring,which  weather in the month of May is supposed to bring to us.

Forecast isn’t any good for next week neither, only rain…
Thank God we have BBT News upon we can rely on and keep us busy with  more and better parts to make our Volkswagen life easier.

This week we received the Convertible top hold down latches for Beetle convertibles built before 1960.

We already used to stock the complete assemblies under BBT #7140-000 and we now supply all pieces separately as well.
I think we can all agree that early Beetle convertibles are one of the coolest VW rides ever built… yammie!

7140-100 Convertible top hold down latch w/o hook, right – Beetle -04/60, KG -07/71

 7140-110 Convertible top hold down latche w/o hook, left – Beetle -04/60, KG -07/71

7140-120 Convertible top hold down latch hook – Beetle -04/60, KG -07/71

As our steady stream of arrivals keep on going and will get up a notch or two in the next two weeks.
Longer time backorders came finally back on our shelves, it seems our suppliers get more easy production as well.

Hopefully a lot of zero stocks will  soon fade away, we keep on working on that.
Here’s a small selection of what’s back available.

1079 Exhaust pipe for Type 2 T4 engine + T25 DF, DG, GW, EY 08/82-07/85 + CS

1051 Exhaust 1300cc (with Tüv)

1060-04 Exhaust – Bus 08/76-04/79 (With Tüv)

1687-500 Injection pipe set T25 Diesel (CS,KY)

7400-2 Seal front window right – Bus – 03/55-07/67 TQ

0915-200 Accelerator cable – Bus 05/79-07/82 CT/CZ/CV

Let’s kick this “Product in the Picture” edition off with the sliding door window for the T25/T3 Vanagon.
BBT stocks a lot of glass for your Volkswagen Classic as well as all windows for the last rear-engine Transporter model.

Click HERE to find our complete offer on T25/T3 Vanagon glass.

8951-450, Sliding door window, T25/T3 Vanagon – 09/84-07/92

Next up are the oil deflector plates found inside the rear brake drums on early buses.
They prevent gearbox oil escaping through the swing axle to be spilled onto the brake lining.

These are often in poor condition or have gone missing over the years.
BBT made a perfect reproduction, copied directly from an absolute original NOS part.

We  have 4 different models to choose from, click HERE

Sold each.

1410-905 – Oil Deflector in brakedrum – Type 2, Bus -07/55

Finally, our last call out this week is the window lift channel for split window beetles.
Due to their design they’re under tension their entire lifespan.

As a result of time and natural elements many are rusting away at the ends.
This results in malfunctioning, not holding your glass tight anymore.

This  is usually the reason why your windows may not work properly.
We give you the perfect solution with this very high class reproduction part.

Our family of window sashes for the entire classic Volkswagen family  can be found  HERE

0362-700 – Window lift channel, left – Beetle -09/52

0362-710 – Window lift channel, right – Beetle -09/52

As usual if you can’t find what you’re looking for or you need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

BBT News team wishes you a splendid spring weather weekend…

In Belgium we’re opening the patio’s for bars and restaurants, a lot of our Belgium beer will be flowing, cheers!

BBT News

Tomorrow starts our favorite month of the year.

May has everything, spring, fresh green leaves on the trees, plenty of flowers bloom in the garden, all birds have a nest and an egg as they say, … and hopefully nice spring weather too. May is the month of new life, lots of different kind of animals get their babies in May.

As an extra this year on  May 08 bars and restaurants may  open their patio’s again in Belgium, just for us, to enjoy spring double!
Well we’re happy to add to that, with a couple of very interesting new products.

Spring is in the air, life is beautiful!



In the run to make a complete split window steering box, we finished the shims to adjust your end play.
These shims correctly measured and installed will give you a smooth turning steering box and with no play on your steering wheel.

These shims are exact reproductions made out of tin-plate like original and will fit your split window bus and early Bay window bus (T2a) perfectly .
Brazilian kombi’s have a different model steering box,  that use different shims you can find HERE

We supply 4 different sizes to fix your perfect fit combination.
Sold each.

1368-246 Shim 0.10mm for Steering box – Bus 03/55-07/72
1368-247 Shim 0.12mm for Steering box – Bus 03/55-07/72
1368-248 Shim 0.15mm for Steering box – Bus 03/55-07/72
1368-249 Shim 0.30mm for Steering box – Bus 03/55-07/72

Click HERE for the other steering box parts



Sometimes life is lucky and you just stumble against your needs….

By pure coincidence we came across the manufacturer for the rubber boot around the rod of the accelerator pedal for all Split and Bay window bus and Brazilian Kombi.
Tooling was still around and needed only minor maintenance before we could run a brand new production run.

State of the art 100% to OE specs and very affordable produced in very nice quality. Now we’re able  to offer this little but necessary rubber piece at the very best price available on the market… check our quantity discounts.

High quality and cheap price, we just love it…. keeping the VW’s on the road….affordable… that’s our mission!


0289-06 Accelerator pedal rod boot – Bus 50-07/79


This week we got also the arrival of the front snubbers for the Type 3 front axle.
Always bad because the full spring tension stays on the rubber when the car is parked.

They’re either cracked, dying or simply missing, even on low mileage cars.
Driving a Type 3 without these rubbers gives a big smack every time you hit a bump, so they’re an absolute necessity….

You need two upper and two lower ones….
Now available from our stocks. Sold each.

1458-000 Suspension stop front under (65mm) – Type3




1459-000 Suspension stop front upper (40mm) – Type3





As parts containers rolling in now almost on daily base we got a lot of nasty backorders solved.
Here a small selection of products that we have again  available …


2130-700 Carburetor rebuilt kit Solex 32/34 PDSI / left (Brosol)

2130-710 Carburetor rebuilt kit Solex 32/34 PDSI / right (Brosol)



2004-250 Distributor cap low (TQ)




0910-04 Accelerator cable extra long – Beetle 2715mm BBT




0915-01 Accelerator cable – Bus 08/67-10/68



0915-10 Accelerator cable – Bus 08/71-07/72


Enjoy the month of May!



BBT News

Do we start all over again?

The new mutation of Covid out of India was registered for the first time in Belgium yesterday.
India is really bad and will soon join the club of worst Covid countries with USA and Brasil, it seems like 1 out of 3 people has Covid in India now….

Three countries we rely heavy on for our supplies. BBT still buys a lot in USA, and we produce a lot in Brasil and India.
USA seems to get better, because the vaccination program rolled out well and every day there are many people more protected.

Vaccination is the cure… they say…. but the Indian studentd who came to Belgium and brought the Indian mutation of the virus had been vaccinated…. Hence the question…

Do we start all over again?



Products are rolling in at full force now, we manage to get containers and large shipments in weekly again out of all corners of the world.
This week was a nice match of come and go…

Some new products along the way….
Let’s start to present the very long expected early bay window cargo floor plates.

We have all models now, for left, right or double sliding doors, 4 models to choose from.
We work on all products just to have your restoration right and the early bay cargo floor was a blank in our program, not anymore….:)

Super high quality, exactly like original….. BBT guaranteed.

0891-761 Floor plate left – Bus 08/67-07/70



0891-762 Floor plate left, slidingdoor – Bus 08/67-07/70



0891-771 Floor plate right, slidingdoor – Bus 08/67-07/70



0891-772 Floor plate right – Bus 08/67-07/70



Type 4 lovers aware!

Type 4 engines are so much stronger built than regular Type 1 engines, you can make them fast and reliable. But they’re more expensive.
Less built with higher cost in materials means different price than just regular beetle engines…. Let’s try to change this…:)

We don’t let this market down, and plan to bring more Type 4 parts on our shelves.
This week we got a first load of Type 4 2.0 liter cranks and rods in.

Cranks are state of the art 71mm stroke made from 4340 Chrome Moly.
Perfect replacement for your tired, broken or worn out original…..

1600-420 Crankshaft with counterweight 71mm, Type4 2000cc – 4340 Chromium Molybdenum


We got our first load of Type 4 rods as well.
Forged 2.0 liter rods exactly like original.

These will replace your broken, bent or worn out rods with a glance…
Sold in set of 4.

 1603-420 Stock rods Type4 2000cc (4)




Sometimes small parts take a longer time to find a replacement, this switch was no exception.
Better expansive than not for sale. We will keep our eyes open for better solutions, but at least we have it available again and you can finish your car with it….:)

0636 Switch single -67


1626 Camschaft Engle W 110

1629-22 Camschaft Engle FK 8


0520-101 Handle on dashboard, grey


1095-603 Heaterhose engine-chassis (60/60 x 356mm) Left




For this issue we have a selection of interesting parts we want to bring to your attention.
First one is the replica of the 1950’s 4 tip Abarth exhaust for the type 1 – 1200cc motor, a must have for anyone who’s looking to create the old speed look.

We used to make these stainless steel Abarth style exhaust ourselves in Belgium.
After we decided fabricating exhaust which was not really our mission in VW wonderland we gave up production as competition became too harsh.

This is the last couple of real BBT Abarth style we still stock, you have the opportunity to buy now and own a last part of BBT exhaust legacy.
The legend is coming alive while parts are still available….:)

1053-11 – Abarth exhaust, stainless steel –  Type 1 motor – 1200cc



Next up are the BBT bare bumpers for the split window beetles (with the grooves).
We proudly produce these bumpers  in Germany. A real BBT product.

A great quality item in bare metal si you can finish off in whatever colour you want..

We have a selection of early Front or Rear bumpers, grooved, non-grooved, chrome and stainless steel.
Type in Bumper on our webshop to see the various options.

0007-1 Bumper, Front, (split) with groove, bare – Beetle -09/52
0008-1 – Bumper, Rear, (split) with groove, bare – Beetle -09/52




The last shout out for this week goes to the blank drums for post 8/67 beetles.
These are an ideal solution if you want to fit wheels with a different PCD and don’t wish to fit adapters.
Great quality drums sold each.

1280-999 – Brake drum front, blank – Beetle 08/67-



And remember, if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

BBT News team wishes you a very happy spring weekend…

BBT News

Despite cold April weather with bad showers (read snow and hail) and all corona measures, travel restrictions and total mess up of the ocean freight its stays very busy in  VW wonderland, or maybe it’s because of that….:)

We, @ BBT, worked hard last week to get all the incoming goods lined up for the next couple of weeks. Finally our stream of incoming goods started to gain speed and we garantee a lot more green lights shine bright and clear in our online catalogs any time soon.

So there’s no NEW products this week, instead we like to present you the latest updates in our Silver Weld Through catalog.

BBT Peter worked hard to get all the latest additions SWT inside…

Just click here below….

SWT Catalogus

The stream of incoming goods started this week with a large order metal parts and included some long time Back Orders…

0891-891 Slidingdoor cover right – Bus 08/67-07/79

0890-70L Chassis section rear left – Bus -07/67

0890-70R Chassis section rear right – Bus -07/67

0891-678 Chassis section rear left (40cm)  Bus 08/71-07/79

Various items are being removed from stock to make room for new ones.
Of some items there is only 1 left in stock.
So be quick, because GONE = GONE
Prices excl. VAT

0492-118 Filter bowl for fuel tap, Beetle/ Bus/ 356 -03/55

€ 2.25

0492-134 Filter bowl for fuel tap, 50 mm, Porsche 356, 03/55-03/66

€ 2.25

0492-132 Gasket, filter bowl for fuel tap, Porsche 356, 03/55-03/66

€ 0.90

0492-135 Nut for fuel tap, Porsche 356, 03/55-03/66

€ 0.90

The BBT News team wish you a very healthy and realxing weekend.

BBT News

Times are a-changing was the song that becomes reality now.
Several of these changes might be staying… for always… partially or completly….

Do we realize this? Do we all realize this?
@ BBT we at least try to, and foresee the future.

That means more new products, more inventory and a closer cooperation with our manufacturers.
Our historic low stocks should never happen again….

There’s a bunch of containers expected next week in the Port of Antwerp… we hope customs will be easy and  our infill rate will dramatically raise  within 2-3 weeks…finally…

For this week we scored some nice and cool new products we’re happy to present you…



Because out of popular demand we now bring you the later cargo door hinges for your favorite splittie bus separately.
Perfect reproduction signed by Da-Houze for you.

Get rid of those old worn out or bend hinges and replace with these top quality BBT reproductions.
We already stocked the cargo door hinge for early model and now we have the whole family complete. As we’re family people we like our families to be all together.

All cargo door hinges you can find HERE


0156-840 Door hinge cargo front upper/rear lower (door right) – Bus 12/60-07/67 SWT


0156-850 Door hinge cargo front lower/rear upper (door right) – Bus 12/60-07/67 SWT


We had these fasteners for your VW type 181, Trekker or Thing already longer time in our shop program, but now we bring  them  in our wholesale program.
These fasteners are mounted on your windshield frame, just to keep your hood closed.

Because of their rather poor construction they  are simply worn out or break too fast.
We offer you the perfect solution, so your hood won’t blow open anymore during driving.

Every part number exists out of a hook and a catch for one side, for a complete car you need two sets.

7131-181 Top latch kit – Type181


Building our line of complete generator accessories, many parts will come in our program, early pulleys, hardware… we have it all in development.
This is one of the first results. After studying too many samples that didn’t pass our tests, we found this one as the best on the market and it comes with an acceptable price too.

This is the ring between the nut and the outer pulley half on your generator/alternator.
We have this in perfect reproduction, exactly like original, in nice thick steel. Our ring also features a wide contact surface.

This is necessary to push your outer pulley half on to the inner pulley half providing a correct tension on your V-belt.
Our generator pressure ring fits all alternators and generators from 1955 and up on all type 1 and type 3 engines.

The generator/alternator pulley shims (to adjust V-belt tension) you can find HERE


1920-120 Ring between nut and shims V-belt pulley Type1




2148-600 Airfilter Type 25 T/TD



We updated our BBT made ignition leads.
The BBT ignition leads came already longer time with real copper core.

We made our ignition leads  with a correct thickness, so they fit perfectly in your “snappers” on your cooling fan.
We didn’t make ignition leads in silicone, but in the original plastic rubber combination to get that authentic look.

Today we’re proud to announce that after buying a zillion kilogram of brown powder, we finally managed to get our spark plug caps (or connector whatever you want to call them) produced in correct brown Bakelite color.

Anytime soon our ignition leads will come in its special designated box.
Nothing comes even close to BBT original ignition leads. A perfect set of ignition wires, for a right price!

BBT proudly made our ignition leads in Brazil, and we have very good quantity price available.
In this same serie we also have a type 4 ignition wires with brown spark plug caps you can find them HERE


2045 Standard copper wires




Bearings, bearings and bearings.. a good quality set is key for the longevity of your engine, especially when you’re building the earlier 25hp motor.

As such BBT has searched high and low to find good quality bearings and made sure these are readily available from stock and in different sizes to meet the spec of the engine you’re building.

To have a look at our full range of bearings I would recommend you visit the BBT4VW website and hover over catalogue in the header.

This will show you our full catalogue menu and when you go down the bottom right corner – click on tables.

Here you will find a ton of really useful information as well as all the products that fall under the right category/table.

At the top you click on engine and this in turn shows all the categories for the various engine parts, when you click on Type 1 bearings you will see all the other bearings that BBT stocks too for the 25hp and other engines.


1605-100 – Crankshaft bearings for 25/30 hp Crankcase: 0,50, Crankshaft: 1,00, Thrust: Std 24mm


9011-03 – Central adjuster cable under rear window – Karmann Ghia 08/68-07/74


Quality replacement from BBT including nuts, if yours is slightly bent then we recommend replacing as it will be impossible to have a perfectly tracked front end.

1378-500 – Radius rod at lower control arm –  Type 25 05/79-07/92


And remember, if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email


The BBT News team wishes you a splendid early spring weekend, live, laugh, enjoy!