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When you hear the song “What a wonderful world” from Luis Armstrong you can always think the world is getting only more interesting and wonderful every day. Now it seems that the violence way of war makes place for wars on different levels. We can see such as the economic war between USA and China at this point, or the stupid war about conservatism or progression as between the UK and the European Community. The world is truly amazing wonderful and changes all the time.

Humans have brought  progression, we can’t stop this progression since we discovered the wheel and found out what we could do with it. That was only very recently when we look into eternity. From there we discovered how to use electricity and combustion engines… now we come even to realise that we have to be careful with what we have, if we want to pass it onto  next generations… Before it will be spoiled for everybody…

When you look around you, you see buildings, windmills as generators, airplanes, cars, trains, boats, logistics, freeways, bridges, tall buildings, Volkswagen beetles and buses, yes it is a wonderful world, and yes we all  love it… unfortunately our hectic lifes make that we have to little time to enjoy all that crazy wonderness… try to slow time once in a while and enjoy the little things, smell a flower, enjoy the sunrise, and while thinking about all technology agree with Luis, yes a wonderful world it will be….

This week we have also wonderful news, some real cool products arrived! Are you ready to discover our wonderful world?



Now we got the small lip dash tray for split window buses in. We’re always amazed how many of these dash trays are bad, rusted through, drilled for all kind of appliances like switches, stereo or speakers and such.

For as long as we know it was always a harder to find good used part even when Splittie buses still could be found in junk yards.

Now we bring you the new one, completely ready to mount, protected in our well-known silver weld through primer with a perfect fit and finish.

0890-182 Tray under dashboard – Bus 03/55-04/61

We received the first three models of our tailgates. These tailgates are perfect reproductions as all of our bus sheet metal.

Our tailgates are made in a necessary multi step stamping process with for every stamping a different mould exactly like Volkswagen used to produce them back in the day.

For assembly we use high-end quality jigs that were not available yet when Volkswagen used to produce these. Technologies advance so do we.

We have three models to choose from so far, covering most buses from March 1955 till July 1966

The result is stunning, our tailgates are just perfect and we fully guarantee a perfect fit.

Get yours now.

0157-600 Tailgate – Bus 03/55-07/63 TQ

0157-601 Tailgate Deluxe – Bus 03/55-07/63 TQ

0157-610 Tailgate – Bus 08/63-07/66 TQ


If you ever plan to put Porsche pattern rims on your Bay window bus, these adapters might be the perfect solution. Made from high-grade steel these wheel adapters are machined to precision to adapt the Porsche style 5 x 130 lug pattern to your 1971-1992 VW bus 5 x 112 lug pattern for a perfect fit and easy installation for the immer popular Fuchs wheels, or any other style wheel available in 5 x 130.

These adapters are sold in pairs.

2591-100 Wheel adapter 5 x 112 -> 5 x 130 (2)




2573-1 Gasburner, polished, 5 lug (5×112), ET +6

€ 130.50 excl.



2573-3 Gasburner, polished, 5 lug (5×130), ET +3

€ 130.50 excl.



2574-1 BRM wheel, aluminium/silver, 15 x 5.5, 5 lug (5×205), ET +11

€ 85.50 excl.



0573-52 5-way safety belt, blue, CROW

€ 54.00 excl.


1781 Rocker arms 1:1,4, as pair

€ 219.00 excl.


1923 Pulley cover, blue 12/13/15-1600cc

€ 2.00 excl.


1213-12 ATE rebuilt kit brake wheel cylinder, front

€ 3.99 excl.


Thanks for looking on our Blog and show interest in what we do. We only try to keep the old Volkswagens on the road for almost 35 years now…

We do appreciate your opinion and/or information requests at your favourite BBT’s contact person or on

BBT News team wishes you a wonderful weekend… enjoy life, enjoy our planet, enjoy our technologies and invention, it is wonderful!.

BBT News

This week was rather easy-going at the BBT parts development as some of our colleagues took their yearly holidays.

Nevertheless we succeeded to get a couple of new items we want to announce here with a certain pride!.

Let us introduce to you our battery mounting strap for the Beetles made between 1955 and 1966.

With this strap you mount your battery exactly like original…

Made from correct materials with correct dimensions for perfect fit, look and smell….

Off course we have also the battery mounting strap and metal battery covers for all early beetles and buses what we present you in the short link below.

0637-930 Battery mounting strap – Beetle 55-66

Click here for BBT 6 Volt battery straps and covers

If you’re the lucky owner of a split window beetle, chances are huge that your door check rods are missing, bent or broken.

We bring you perfect brand new door check rods up to 1952 in 100% correct dimensions with correct rubber buffers.

0438-500 Door stop – Beetle -52 (pair)

BBT supplies the uber cool black bakelite look 6 Volt batteries.

 The perfect vintage and original look.

These are the batteries cars from the BBT collection are rolling on.

Thousands sold worldwide as a reference!

Ask your BBT bakelite battery now at your local BBT distributor and give your car that perfect vintage look.

Click here for BBT 6 Volt bakelite batteries.


The BBT News Team wish you all a relax weekend!

BBT News

Summer blues, summer heat, summer revival… if this is not a “real” summer for Western Europe they will have to give that word another definition… a week ahead forecast gives rain, cloudy or winds, but once we got there we had sunshine every day…  Sunshine makes people happy. Not only because it gives you a vitamin D boost but just because it’s light, and that’s exactly what we need for many things… So hopefully we continue the way we’re going with the weather for another two or three months and people will stay more happy and gives the un a reason to shine!

Also at BBT we’re shining, with a couple of cool new products….

First for the T25/T3 Vanagon lovers today…. let us present you the rubber gas filler neck holder and the ring to hold that rubber in to your body…

The only way for a proper installation of your gas filler neck.

It’s all year of T25/T3 vanagon production from august 1979 all the way up to July 1992.

0492-861 Filler neck hose holder

0492-862 Ring behind fuel filler neck

Furthermore we’ve added this week the missing clutch return spring in the BBT parts range.

This is the spring for the early beetles and buses with the so-called “Split Case” transmissions.

Made 100% as original in the right component spring steel this is a product that can be considered as an original product, very well-tested and approved!

1531-050 Return spring for clutch shaft – Beetle -07/60, Bus -08/59

Click here for the complete clutch return spring line up

We received the late-model wiper arms back in stock… they’re ready for your immediate delivery!

2430 Wiper arm left/right 65-67
2432 Wiper arm right 69-72
2437 Wiper arm left – 1303
2438 Wiper arm right – 1303

And off course also the seat paddings came in again with a full container load!

Complete BBT Seat Padding Selection Click here!

Let’s continue the summer, let’s continue the sunshine and let’s continue the new parts flow in to our BBT program.

BBT News team wish You a wonderful weekend.

Low hinge cargo doors go in production next week!

We got positive news yesterday that the final test of our Low Hinge Cargo doors are finished with very positive results.

So all toolings are ready, the presses are thrilled to stamp and rolls of sheet metal are all ready to start getting cut!

Next week will be officially the start of the production of low hinge cargo doors for your splittie bus!

With packing and shipping we hope to receive the doors between 8 and 10 weeks in our warehouse… pre-order yours now!

BBT News

After the heat wave of last week it looked like everything came down this week, everybody was so relaxed, maybe still licking one’s wounds from the sunburn…:)

We, @ BBT HQ, continued to unpack more sheet metal… The people in the warehouse liked it a lot when it was 15°  less warm than last week and worked hard, very hard! We’re close to getting each single piece of sheet metal in stock which Volkswagen ever made to build a VW bus. So whatever part is rusty or rotten, we shall have the replacement part and if we don’t have it, it will come soon! Normally the aim is to finish this entire project by the end of the year!

So let us introduce the C Post (behind the cargo door) and the D post next to the tailgate and also the front chassis member, especially that last part is a mastercraft of engineering…


0890-920 C-post complete left, cargodoor – Bus 03/55-12/60


0890-641 Chassis section complete front left – Bus -07/67 TQ
0890-651 Chassis section complete front right – Bus -07/67 TQ


0890-926 D-post complete left – Bus 03/55-07/63
0890-927 D-post Complete Right – Bus 03/55-07/63



We finally got our roof racks back in stock. Is your beetle still without it and do you like period accessories? The roof rack will always do… real cool grey frame with real hardwood slats… get yours now!

0487 Roof rack – Beetle (grey lacquered)




9390-200 Bentley Manual Type 3 1961-1967 (English)

€ 94.50 excl.


9390-210 Bentley Manual Type 3 1968-1973 (English)

€ 36.00 excl.


3212 Bobcat exhaust, 1 1/2 inch (Ø 38 mm), black

€ 74.97 excl.



3266 Muffler MONDO ceramic coated

€ 90.00 excl.


The end of the week is the start of the weekend, a weekend where we will dream about more Volkswagen parts, because now we recognise our addiction, we talk about it openly, we’re VW parts addicted big time!

The BBT news team wishes you a wonderful VW parts weekend too! ….:)