BBT News – the mirror edition.

Mirror mirror on the wall….
Covid times for sure are times for self-reflection.

The most we can learn is from ourselves.
To learn from ourselves we can most easy just look in the mirror.

This week we like to present our BBT line of mirrors.
Made with outmost care, packed with our known brand philosophy.

There is some new numbers, there is some existing numbers and some replaced quality.
And there is new cool pricing, with easy quantity discounts on all numbers below.

NEW numbers ad to our program.

0567-800 Rear view mirror – Bus 08/68-07/79

0567-090 Rear view mirror – Beetle 08/68-

0462-010 Mirror left – Mexico Beetle
0463-010 Mirror right – Mexico Beetle

0460 Mirror oval left – Beetle -07/67
0457-010 Mirror oval right, short arm – Beetle -07/67

Already available but updated.

0462 Mirror left – Beetle 08/67-
0463 Mirror right – Beetle 08/67-

0474-305 Mirror – Bus 05/79-07/92 left
0474-315 Mirror – Bus 05/79-07/92 right

0464 Mirror round left – Beetle -07/67
0458 Mirror round, right – Beetle -07/67
0457 Mirror oval right, long arm – Beetle -07/67

0474-01 Mirror – Bus 08/67-07/79 left
0474-02 Mirror – Bus 08/67-07/79 right

Discover our complete mirror collection.


Our focus for this product in the picture edition is the Type 1 engine.
We start off with the stock pushrod tubes pictured below.

A great quality item that’ll fit well on any stock 1300 to 1600 motor.
BBT produces this in very large batches which enables us to sell this great item at a really good affordable price.

Available off the shelves and sold individually.

Offcourse we sell many more varieties of the pushrod tube, whether you need early 25/30 horse pushrod tubes, adjustable, Stainless Steel or
anodized aluminium just check our assortment here or if you’re after Type 4 push rod tubes click here.

1760 – Push rod tube – Type 1 engine 1300/1500/1600

Next up is the connector pipe that goes through your rear engine tin.
For sure you know the one that sits closest to your rear bumper and features two similar holes. n each side of the crank pulley.

This connector pipe simply attaches through these holes onto the heat exchanger.
It gives you the possibility to connect your fresh air hose (ie. 1095) from your cooling fan house to the heat exchanger effortlessly.

Bob developed these after he hurt himselves on an original one.
We made those with a conical sides so your cardboard heater tube slides over easily.

This was the first product BBT ever made.
Thousands sold yearly, we’re the original source.

Sold each.

1055 – Fresh air connector pipe – Type 1 engine

Last one for this week is the below flywheel seal.
This one is made of silicone and features a double lip for improved sealing.

The double lip runs over the flywheel on a “new” runway, where never ran a lip before, what gives extra changes for perfect  sealing.
BBT advice to polish the neck and runway for the seal on the flywheel before instalation.

We make this double lip flywheel seal over 25 years and is by far our most sold one.
BBT has several varieties of flywheel seals from stock to heavy duty & of course for the early engines 25/30 HP & type 4 motors.

Please look here for our assortment.

Sold each and available off our shelves.

1638 –Flywheel oil seal – Type 1 engine

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

The BBT News team wish you a wonderful winter weekend, dreamin, driving or wrenching VW’s, enjoy!

BBT News

Social media can be a wrong source for correct information.
This week we got plenty of questions regarding magnesium engine cases.

A message on Facebook told they would be obsolete because the manufacturer should have made them without permission of Volkswagen (who still owns the tooling).
That is not the truth.

Being in contact with the factory almost weekly we think we can tell what’s really going on.
The manufacturer tried to escape some royalties they had to pay to Volkswagen Do Brasil for the use of the tooling.

But that’s old news, that matter is settled a couple of months ago.
The real reason of the delay is the backlog of the factory for the assembly lines from the car manufacturers.

Assembly lines fines big time for late delivery.
There’s no delivery dates yet, but they will come back, that’s something we can say.

Meanwhile we like to present you our new arrivals from this week and these are readily available from our shelves.

Since most people don’t use the ashtray anymore and you always want to charge your phone or navigation system, we found the perfect place to hide the USB connections.

In the ashtray…..

Nicely out of sight when you don’t need it, and easy to pull for use, perfect spot!
This smarter QC0 2.0 / QC 3.0 charger works at both 6 and 12 Volts and has a maximum output power of 18Watts.

For 12 Volts it is even a fast charger of 3.5Amp if your device supports this.
In other cases and at 6 Volts it charges with a standard power of 1 Amp.

Tested and approved by BBT Pascal we guess it’s good for everybody!
Installed in minutes for endless use…

Proudly made in Brasil by Rafael and his team, worldwide distributed by BBT.

0699-200 USB charger for ashtray 6/12Volt – Beetle 08/57- (Not Super Beetle)

So many deluxe bay windows came in from USA with the 2 seater middle seat.
Most of them  have one thing in common….

A missing or heavily faded “broken” armrest.
We tooled up and made a new armrest, this was not easy, but we succeeded.

We now offer  a brand new state of the art armrest for a 2 seater bay window middle seat.

3595-210 Armrest middle bench – Bus 08/69-07/79 Black

Left and right next to the engine you can find these metal parts, they connect to the engine sheet metal through the engine seal BBT # 0790
For 68-71 buses we  carry those metalparts under BBT # 0891-480BBT # 0891-481

Now also available for late model bay window.

Because the way they’re assembled they collect dust, mud and moisture which make them rot.
Now properly brand new available for replacement to finish your restoration to levels your bus only deserve!

0891-482 Cover plate engine left – Bus 08/71-07/79
0891-483 Cover plate engine right – Bus 08/71-07/79

Because of also late model Beetles get only older we decided to bring back a regular 12 volt wiper engine.
This wiper engine replaces your stock wiper engine on all 1968 and later built standard beetles.

Will fit 70-72 “1302” Super beetles but DON’T fit 73- 1303 Super beetles.
Finally a good alternative to keep those wipers working

2475-150 Wiper motor 12 volt – Beetle 08/68-

And last but not least we now also have  the right side door lock for late model beetles.
We supply the left side for a longer time already under BBT # 0436-202

Our complete family door locks you can find HERE

0436-212 Door lock right – Beetle 08/67- (not cabrio 08/70-07/73)

Because of the ever going on backorder at TRW we found an for these brake pads for now with FEBI Germany .
Once back available from TRW we will switch back to the old and known quality.

1245 Brake pads – Bus 08/72-07/85 (thick)

Gravel guards are back in stock too!

0401 Gravel guards rear

0437-300 License plate frame for 520mm x 110mm plate (aluminium)

0437-350 License plate frame for 340mm x 210mm plate (aluminium)

0492-857 Seal filler neck (50/38mm) – Bus 05/79-07/92

1078-500 Silencer strap – Bus 08/85-07/92 waterboxer

These master cylinders used to come from ATE forever.
ATE however decided to cease productions for this model master brake cylinder.

We found an alternative from another supplier who will keep producing, but has a back log so supply comes slowly.
We try to get infill till our big order arrives end of March.

Thanks for your patience on this one…

1205-5 Master cylinder – Bus 08/66-07/67 LHD – double circuit

The BBT news team wishes you a wonder winter weekend, relax, enjoy, and dream about those Volkswagens, or take your pride for a winterspin!

BBT News

Happy New Year!

 Perhaps it’s a cliché but from us it’s from the bottom of our hearts.
Stay healthy, keep breathing and fight that nasty virus that makes its self part of our life last two years.

But before all a lot of VW fun, drive those old cars, use them for what they’re made for and enjoy.

2022 will be a tricky one, especially geo-political there is a lot of tension in the air…

Here @ BBT HQ plans are big, many parts will be finished this year and come to the market after long periods of development.
When all goes as scheduled we will see the release of the rear fenders for beetles, bay window cab doors and rear side panels.

But also Bay Window front axle housings, oval window beetle ignition and oil pressure switches just to name a few.
We got also the information that there comes another round of investment in toolings, who knows what that will bring.

We will not only make more products, but especially better products.
That is our commitment for this exciting year we just started, and we will keep you posted in this weekly News as you get used to by now.

BBT is alive and kicking and ready for a more  enjoyable 2022!

Let’s start the New Year with a bang we can announce we will also invest a lot of efforts this year in developments for Type 4 and WBX engines.
Did we hear rumors for late model WBX engine bearings?

Anyway we start here with the flywheel shims for Type 4 engines.
BBT stocks flywheel shims for 25 & 30hp and late model Type 1 engines.

From now on we also have these flywheel shims for type 4 engines.
Our complete line of flywheel shims can be found HERE

1590-424 Flywheel shim 0.24mm – Type4, 1,9/2,1 WBX
1590-430 Flywheel shim 0.30mm – Type4, 1,9/2,1 WBX

This rubber is so many times missing that most die-hard bus lovers don’t even know it should be there!
Let us introduce the rubber between steering column and cab floor for your splittie bus.

Finally we decided to bring you this rubber that is literally always missing.
Finish that bus like it should, this is the finishing touch!

1370-570 Lower steering column seal – Bus 12/52-07/67

2022 will be also the year we will enlarge our line of transmission parts.
We start this extension with this “must have” for almost every rebuild of a split case transmission (-1959)

This bearing runs your main drive shaft in front of your split case tranny housing.
Fits all split case transmission. For fully crash gear boxes you only have to remove the clips.

SKF brand guarantees a correct and high quality bearing.
Ready available for immediate delivery.

1493-200 Ball bearing front on main drive shaft – Type1 (split case transmission)

Bay window lovers aware!
We now bring you  the bracket that holds your front transmission mount on the nose of your bus transmission.

This holder serves both 002 & 091 transmissions on 71-79 model year buses.
Made in aluminum exactly as original.

Anytime soon we will finish the nose transmission mount as well.

1489-764 Bracket holder for transmission mount on transmission nose – Bus 08/71-07/79

We supply the inner front axle bushings for your beetle for many years in the original bronze as BBT # 1396-75
Pretty hard to replace we now bring  the inner bushing in nylon, what’s a tat more easy to put in place.

Same time we made the inner bushing for the bay window front axle.
Made from durable nylon guarantees lifelong trouble free use as long as you grease your front axle once in a while.

1396-760 Bushing inner front axle – Beetle/KG 08/65- / Nylon
1396-340 Bushing inner front axle – Bus 08/67-07/79 Nylon

This switch was for a long time unavailable because of quality issues.
So we found this German counterpart now.

Slightly more expensive but at least it’s available and it’s absolutely top notch quality.
Quality has no substitute!

0669-1 Indicator switch black – Beetle/ KG 08/65-07/67 Germany

Finally Mahle released a larger production of Die Cast Piston and liner kits.
We try to fill up backorders where we can.

Now it seems we have a couple of spare sets to sell outright.
Don’t wait till they’re gone, because even we have plenty on order, we never know when or what they will supply the next batch.

1699 Die cast piston kit 85,5 mm – Mahle

Also Auto Linea released quiet some backorders.
These 041 heads are one of them.

Back available now

1725 Cylinderhead ‘041’ bare 85.50mm / piece

Many supply and quality problems, three re-designs, sample rounds and testing.

….our ignition switches are back.

We had a first chunk coming in with airfreight for immediate delivery,
And big volumes on the way with ocean freight.

We’re happy these are available again in a very good quality.
Ready to rock and roll on our shelves for you!

0659-3 Ignition starter switch – Beetle, KG 08/71-07/74, Type4 08/71-

1685-05 Fuelpump standard – alternator

0913-01 Accelerator cable – Type3 single carburation 2530mm

A poorly working earth strap, the one that connects your negative pole to the body of the car, can cause a variety of issues.
These are often frayed from rubbing on a body part or partly snapped.

Perhaps you have just completed a full nut and bolt restoration and so you wish to install a new strap to ensure your body is earthed properly.
We have several earth straps and battery cables in our assortment which you can find here.

0634 – Ground strap 20cm / 8“, eye to eye

When we started the development of the rubber bushing for the rear torsion bar/spring plate, we came across some NOS examples.
As we started comparing one another, we found that the majority of aftermarket bushes were way too soft.

We tooled up and are proud to present you these rubbers in a correct hardness for your bus & beetle with a correct rubber compound.
Achieving the correct rubber composition & hardness was key in this process and we’re even more pleased to offer them for an irresistible price.

Click here to view our entire assortment of rubber torsion bar bushes.

1453-4 –  Rear torsion bar bush, rubber – Beetle from 08/68

And finally, the correct  metric M6 dome nuts for tightening your oil sump plate.
These tend to wear a little after a while making them hard to fit or remove.

We recommend to inspect prior to installing them as a simple and quick job can become frustrating once they’ve become rounded and your spanner no longer grips.
Sold each.

1857 – M6 dome nuts for sump plate

If you are unable to find what you’re looking for – we are here to help!
Give us a call on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

The BBT news team wishes you a splendid first relaxing weekend of 2022

PS. did our telex machines just told us that Hessisch Oldendorf and European Bug In shows go on in 2022?

And the BBT open house with that?
Get your cars lined up, something big is happening this summer!

BBT News

For this last BBT news of the year we might get the word out of the most important fact of the year that Arlette will leave BBT after 34 years being responsible for accountancy and the complete financial side of the company.

That’s right after Arlette healed pretty well from her illness she decided she wanted to explore a life without BBT.
Bob will be sole owner and manager of BBT from Jan 1st. 2022.

Of course Arlette and Bob did the split up in the most easy way and split up as friends.
BBT News will continue to bring you most important news, inside or outside our company.

We like to thank you for following us and prepare for a new and exciting new year!
Stay tuned and enjoy.

Standard beetles came with their own very small version of headliner.
These headliners have been made exactly as original in plain vinyl, not perforated.

Standard headliners cover only the central part of the roof.
The B-pillars and part around the rear window are not covered but painted in the outside body color.

Our Standard headliners are proudly made in Europe.
We supply two lengths; up to 1971 use 138cm and 1972 and later models use 135cm.

This has to see with the enlargement of the rear window for the 1972 model year
We used to sell these under shop no. W544-2901B and W544-2900B, but made them now full worthy BBT partnumbers out of popular demand.

2903-100 Headliner (Standard) – Beetle -08/71 white (138cm)
2903-110 Headliner (Standaard) – beetle 08/71- white (135cm)

We enlarged our door lock line last week with the left side door lock for beetles 1967 and later.
The right side is not completely finished yet, but will join soon!

These door locks fit all beetles 1968 and later except doors in convertible beetles for the 1971 till 1973 model years.
Made in a really good quality we’re happy we have a decent door lock to offer for the late Beetle now.

The door lock catch for 07/66 can be found HERE
Our entire family of door locks you can find HERE

0436-202 Door lock left – Beetle 08/67- (not cabrio 08/70-07/73)

The little flat spring that holds the adjusting wheels on the backing plates of your drumbrakes dare to break.

To avoid this you have to replace the entire backing plate we stock most of these lttle springs HERE

Today we add the little flat spring for 1302/03 Super Beetles front drum brakes or Type 3 rear.

Sold each.

1239-905 Spring brake adjustment – 1302/03 Super Beetle w/ drum brakes front, Type 3 rear 08/63-, Type 411/412 rear

In our hardware line we add this M7 bolt and spring washer .
Mainly used to hold the dust plate onto your front spindles for disc brake cars.

The dust plate is mounted with three of these bolts each side.
Undoubtly this bolt and washer have several other usage as well.

8700-07-012 Hexagonal bolt full thread M7 x 12 Din 933
8753-07 Spacer spring M7 Din 127B



3550 Seat padding rear backrest T1 -64

All Bus Brake boosters back in stock!!

1208-450 Brake booster – Bus 08/70-12/73
1208-5 Brake booster – Bus 01/74-07/79

0889-380 Bumper retainer panel front left – Karmann Ghia

0492-3 Fuel tank – 1302/1303

1451 Square grommet rear axle ‘Swing’

1239-040 Brake spring kit front – Beetle -11/57, rear 11/53-10/57

If your starter bushing is worn or you wish to simply replace it as part of your restoration then look no further.
The below bushing is for stock pre 65 – 6 volts starters on pre 65 transmissions.

If you’re after a 12V version, please use BBT ref 1594

1594-06 – Starter bushing, 6V – pre 65 Beetle & Bus

Another great little part is this guide roll for the engine lid support spring.
It’s made of high quality materials and treated just like how it was made originally using the necessary plating and hardening processes.

Should you need the clip too that holds it in place, please use BBT ref 0438-281

0438-280 – Guiding roll for engine lid support spring  – Bus 12/63- 07/73

Our last shout out goes to our top quality smoothies, aka no logo, hubcaps, a great alternative should you want something a little different.

Find our entire hub cap assortment to be found here

2502 – No logo hub cap, 5 lugs (BabyMoon) – Beetle -07/65, Karmann Ghia -07/65, Bus -07/71, Beetle -07/69, Type 3 -07/65

If you are unable to find what you’re looking for – we are here to help!
Give us a call on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

The BBT News Team wishes you a wonderful weekend, for next week a very Merry Christmas and from there a real smooth transition into the New Year.

May 2022 bring you more and better, we will be bringing you BBT news as we’re used too!