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In a week where there was more political turmoil than VW parts, we managed to get another couple of projects to a “perfect” finish! Political wise I don’t feel the need to write anything, because the low profile political games they played this week (and especially in Belgium) are not worth my words, thoughts or comments. Or as I read in a column the political class of today is only busy with their own profile, not with what really matters… actually I think this lady is right!

In Belgium it’s freezing cold now, the heaters run full charge in the warehouse, our parts and people are more than worth. Next week will be softer again… No white Christmas more than likely for us. Bummer…Sometimes I’m jealous on our friends from up North…:)

But meanwhile we do have a new nice pallet of brand new parts and a couple of back in stocks to write about and warm up our fingertips on our keyboards.

What started as a rough idea in the summer of 2016 is finished now. We made the worm for the early bay window (T2a) steering box.

Made by a highly specialised steering box components manufacturer in Europe, this is really top of the bill! Many of the early bay window steering boxes have worn out worms… well here we offer the solution.

Currently we’re working on a peg roller bearing pen with correct dimensions (there exist several reproductions with all different but none correct dimensions) but our worm functions perfectly with NOS and good used peg roller bearing pens, we tried and tested multiple very intensively!

Our worms come complete, bearing and clips are pre-mounted, for easy assembling.  We sell the oil seals for these steering boxes separately under BBT 1368-210 and 1368-211.

This is a 100% BBT product, quality guaranteed! Beware for cheap & inferior imitations! Making a good worm as it should is not an easy one!

1368-270 Steering worm in steering box – Bus 08/67-07/72 BBT


The next new product we already had for longer time, but not in our catalogs yet. So now we offer  the choke element for your PDSIT carburetor.

Solex PDSIT are the original carburetors for your type 3 and 4 engines. Please note this choke element is different for left and right side.

2183-015 Choke PDSIT left

2183-025 Choke PDSIT right

Finally back in stock after searching the world for about half a year or so, we’re happy we got those back in a perfect quality.

7044 Door center wedge – Beelte Convertible 08/59-, KG Coupé/Convertible 08/63- (pair)

And also the rebuild set for the king pin central on your front axle of your split window bus came back in earlier this week and is ready for immediate delivery.

1336 Swing lever kit – Bus 03/55-07/67

That’s about it for this week news. Just a small message that BBT will be completely shut down next friday. We will be entirely closed between the Christmas and New Year. So if you want another order, before  New Year pls order asap, next week we will ship out all orders we receive, and after that it will be after January 2nd.

Next Friday we will be there with the last BBT News of the year.

We wish you all a very happy winter weekend!

BBT News

This week we got an overdose of news all around us, the funeral of George W. Bush was probably the most human one. The race for the trade war (and global tensions) between USA and China is getting new dimensions, and the US do exactly what they always blamed the Eastern cultures for, force things… now, if you have to copy from your own copycat, how original are you? Kind of hopeless right?

In Europe the Italian maffia has been brutally  waked up  with over 90 people turned in and millions of dollars in cash and luxury goods impounded. But the Italian justice already told  they will overcome soon and being more nasty and use more violence… hopefully they can turn in more and end that bad behaviour of few people who use many others to enrich themselves.

And in our own country a couple of politicians think the migrations pact of the UN is the most important thing going on in this planet. What might be the truth, but not in the way they see it right now. Because here it only gets a political color. Meanwhile the real important things, we all need  laws and guide lines. That’s important. Though not any longer, at least not to those decision makers. A big shame and a huge blame for these politicians, it’s their own fault.

In our wonderful VW world there are only new parts coming, and inventory, we have massive inventory now! Time to help us to get rid of it…:)


We got our new pick up loading bed floor plates. Absolutely not comparable with any other aftermarket floor panel as ours are to very specific and to exact OE standards.

That is including the lip tip, which  folds back over the side panel for mounting. This lip is preformed for easy use.

Our floor plates have a perfect fit and a 100% original look. Or shall we say this is the panel you need to restore your pick up, so you can’t see it’s restored after all, ah! Factory specs available for everybody.

0890-763 Floor plate set single cab pick up front – Bus -07/67 BBT

0890-764 Floor plate set single/double cab pick up rear – Bus -07/67 BBT


Next we have the rubber seal between speedo and dash to get a perfect closure, which avoids the speedo from rattling, and keeps cold air out of the  passenger cabin. From personal experiences it’s also the seal that keeps the speedo tight to the body what gives a stable reading.

Many times missing or simply worn out, you can build it back up like it should, order yours now.

2690-300 Seal for speedometer – Beetle, Bus 03/55-07/67, KG, Type181



We still had two parts from our heater mechanism in our program that needed publishing, well here they are… two small parts, but your heater control will not operate properly without it.

The complete heater control unit you can find here under BBT ref BBT 0729-200

0729-210 Pin for heater cable – Beetle 07/64, Bus -07/67

0729-100 Pin for heater control knob – Beetle -07/64, Bus 07/67


After the Chinese reproduction took forever and still didn’t come we scored these in Germany now and have them back available again.

100% guaranteed E10 resistant as for any other modern fuel available.

Same price better quality with German kudos to your beloved Volkswagen.

0493-990 Seal for fuel tank sender – Super Beetle, Bus 08/73-02/92

We finally got our transmission nose cone seals back in stock as well. Available from our shelves again , especially for you….:)

1419 Seal transmission/chassis – Beetle 08/60-, Typ3, Typ181 BBT

Our last change is a new division with final sales of certain products. Whenever you want those, buy them now as they are going out of our program.

1524-16 cross shaft kit (race) Type1 71-72

1524-35 cross shaft kit (race) Type2 68-70

1524-36 cross shaft kit (race) Type2 71-75

The BBT News team wishes you a very cool weekend, put on the fireplace and make it cosy. Your VW’s will dream about it in their luxury garages, hey, what a life…:)

BBT News

Yep, another week has gone, and was it worth full? You bet!

In Belgium we’re in the middle of a political crisis about migration (again) and our government is about to fall, not bad, it seated over three years…:) Human disasters I heard in Yemen, and in Mexico where the Central American refugees try to enter the USA… it’s sad to see, but it has to say that these people should be hopeless. Or do they wish to emigrate because they think everything is for free in the Western world? Free? Yes, but someone has to pay the bills, and if I see my tax bill I know I’m one of the few who do… and that’s exactly what the discussion in our government is all about…

Ah, what an easy living world full of wonders we may live in our daily life, the wonderful world of our Volkswagens. That’s exactly what we did this whole week en some new arrivals made it pretty interesting to do….

Let us introduce you  bus steering wheels, perfect for your bay window, early or late-model. We’re happy that we found a good solution in a fairly good quality. Very nicely finished and working the whole deal.  Replace that worn out dangerous cracked steering wheel for one of our top-notch reproductions…

Available for late-model as early-model Bay window, for split window bus we serve the steering wheel under BBT ref 9585 & 9586

2702-300 Steering wheel – Bus 08/67-10/73

2702-400 Steering wheel – Bus 11/73-07/79


Next we added some items for Karmann Ghia to our ever-growing range of Ghia parts. We like these little cars, and really see them as our little sporty car of the range.

After the license light lenses BBT ref 0689-500 we thought it should be handy to replace these together with the seals, so we bring you the seals now…

0759-61 License plate lens seal (pair) – Karmann Ghia

Next product we brought in this week is very specific for Karmann Ghia convertible, as it’s always broken or missing we thought this would be a perfect product to stock for your Ghia. It’s the plastic cover over the seam from the rear panel left and right behind the B-pillar.

They come in ABS kind of plastic exactly like original, for the right looks, and because it’s for a Ghia, in the right style. Order yours now!

0759-180 Protective cover under convertible top, behind B-pillar – Karmann Ghia convertible (pair)

This week we got finally our reverse light switches back in stock after way too long being unavailable.

Ready on our shelves for immediate delivery…

1495 Switch reverse light

The BBT News Team wish you a peaceful weekend, avoid thinking about politics and migration, and sweet dreams about our Volkswagens. Enjoy!

BBT News

Wowh what a week! With colder yet still nice weather BBT was busy! Our inventory burst from content and as always BBT accountants and account supervisors tell us to lower inventory. What we’ve done? Buy more naturally, always… as we want to spoil our customers with a good filled inventory from a wide pallet of products for all of you to choose from. Our inventory never was higher and growing.

Nothing in the news this week I thought was worth mentioning, except I don’t understand why electricity in Belgium is about triple price as in the by us neighbouring countries, Can somebody explain me please? Btw do you know they fear electricity black outs in January and February in Belgium. Can you imagine? Almost like third world countries, unbelievable! So we prep our old trusty VW powered generator to provide continuous service for our customers!



If you replace your mechanical fuel pump by an electric one on your Type 4 engine, You will need this block off plate to cover the hole where your mechanical pump was used to be. We made this Type 4 fuel pump block off plate from stainless steel to prevent corrosion and being stiff and strong.

The gaskets for this Fuel pump block off plate You can find here BBT ref 1690-940 for prefect sealing.

For type 1 engines we sell the fuel pump block off plate under BBT ref 1691 or the VintageSpeed version under BBT ref 1691-150


1691-400 Fuel pump block off plate Type4 – stainless steel

This was the last missing wheel bearing kit in our assortment wheel bearings. We should have now the full liner, if you have suggestions for more kits, always welcome!

All of our wheel bearing kits You can find here


1359-605 Front bearing kit – Bus 05/79-07/83


For you super beetle lovers, we bring these late-model shock absorbing bumper brackets and mounting hardware. Made to exact measurements and with same quality as originals this is a top quality product.

Originally only for US and certain other export markets a lot of the late-model beetle convertibles been imported exactly from these countries back to Europe. with the problem for these specific parts supplies. We decided to bring in for this small customer base these bumper brackets, not to have another hard seller, but only with our intention for a more and wider program for the total aircooled Volkswagen market, including late-model super beetles that is.

0018-100 Bumper shock front left – 1303 Convertible 08/74- (USA)


0018-200 Bumper shock front right – 1303 Convertible 08/74- (USA)


0018-300 Bumper shock rear left – 1303 Convertible 08/74- (USA)


0018-400 Bumper shock rear right – 1303 Convertible 08/74- (USA)


0018-500 Bumper to shock mounting kit (1pc) – 1303 Convertible 08/74- (USA)


This week we had so many goods coming in we had a BIG BACK IN STOCK party almost everyday!

First, and before all, we found a solution for our brake hose clips. We saw and tested several different ones who didn’t meet our standards, ours been made from spring steel, exactly like original.

We do care about materials to guarantee a correct and well useable product. And the best of all we could keep our price the same low like before! A good to quality product on a market correct very low price, ours are best!

Be aware for cheap and flimsy imitations, buy these BBT clips and secure yourself from the quality we provide.


1269 Clip for brake hose – Beetle, Bus -07/79, KG, Type3, Type181


Also our very popular beetle shifter kits came back in stock, never tried one before? You should as all shops who ever bought one buy them again.

0511-100 Shifter set – Beetle,KG 08/57-07/67


Finally also our 3 prong brake light switches are back in stock as well… time to fill up your shelves…:)

1251 Brake switch 3 terminals


BBT News team wish you a very nice weekend, enjoy fall weather, spend some time with your beloved ones and dream about BBT products…