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What a wonderful world we are living in.
Ever asked yourself how many people and machines are working to make the light work when you switch it on when you wake up?

When you drive your classic car there’s other people in other cars next to you, moving, changing location….
Above our heads there’s airplanes, not a few, but many.

Our goods go and come from everywhere by boat, over the oceans.
Meanwhile we fill our lungs with air, breathing, so many times per hour.

The oxygen in the air makes our blood flow, while we work, eat or sleep.
We made ourselves a comfortable life, with time for things we feel like fun.

The most fun things you can do in life is tinkering your beloved Volkswagen.
Every week we bring you new parts and updates to make that tinkering even more enjoyable.

Welcome to the BBT News.

 Longer time we fabricated and supplied our 6-volt regulator for 90mm 35Amp generator.
Volkswagen improved the 6-volt power circuit with a more powerful 105mm 50Amp generator before upgrade to 12-Volts.

The 50Amp 6-volt regulators are long time discontinued by Bosch or any other brand.
After developing, learning, using, and selling our BBT #1951 6-volt 35Amp regulators we bring now the 50Amp version.

6-volt 35Amp regulator mounts directly to the 90mm generator.
6-volt 50Amp regulators mount on the firewall or under your back seat, depending your car model.

Same electronic technology for our new 50Amp regulator as our BBT #1951 6-volt 35Amp regulator.
Our regulator caps are 100% interchangeable with the original Bosch cap, for that perfect authentic look.

Our regulators are fabricated by a factory producing thousands of regulators each month.
Our 6-volt 50Amp regulator can be used also on Porsche 356

1951-200 Regulator 6 volt / 50A (body) BBT


OE supply is not always a perfect solution.
We ran a production on the OE tooling of our BBT # 1482-52 what did not fit any modern axle booth.

Modern axle booths got an extra notch for strength and the torque distribution washer should go around that.
Our previous suppliers been happy to get us back on board and happily produced the perfect fitting torque distribution washers for us that fits old AND modern style axle booths.

Torque distribution washer for Beetle, Karmann Ghia and Type 3 models you can find HERE. 

1480-52 Torque distribution washer (100mm) – Bus 08/67-07/92, Type181, Type4

We stumbled across a serious amount of NOS distributor caps and rotors for 34DIN Hp (40SAE for our American friends) 90mm distributors.

Various brands but stored well and in top condition.
Temporarily available, buy your spare parts now!

2007-150 Rotor for distributor 40hp ZV/PauR1 -R2 – R3 -R4 – R5 – R6 (90mm distributor cap) NOS


2005-050 Distributor cap for 40hp ZV/PauR1 -R2 – R3 -R4 – R5 – R6 (diameter 90mm)

The BBT News team wish you a wonderful weekend in our wonderful world.

BBT News

Were it Russian rebels or Ukrainian secret forces that attacked Belgorod, a city in Russia near the Ukrainian border?
We do not know and will never know the exact details.

Fact is that Ukraine has a well-oiled and perfect working PR machine.
We do not have such a size of PR machine but bring our new arrivals and product updates every Friday.

Welcome to BBT News

More Brazilian specific Volkswagen models are popping up in Europe.
BBT likes to be a reliable parts supplier for them too.

We add the front windshield for Brasilia, because with a broken windshield you cannot drive.
They come in green tinted version with a blue sunshade.

8961-005 Windshield – Brazília, Variant Brasil 77-81 green – blue sunshade

To set the correct play on the swing axle of your drive line you must adjust the thickness of the large six corner gaskets on the transmission housing.
Golden easy rule is when  you lift axle tube bolted on transmission, it should sink slowly but steady back down under its own weight.

That’s without backing plate or brake drum mounted.
To reach the correct thickness to achieve this correct play we add now the 0.30mm thick gasket.

0.20mm thick gasket we supply already longer time HERE
For more transmission gaskets or gasket sets type 1415 into the search engine of our catalogues.

1415-003 Gasket for side cover of gearbox 0.30mm (1)



Also, this week we had mass arrivals.
Most to maintain our stocks, but some long term back-orders came in back as well.

0742 Taillight seal Left – Beetle 13/1500 08/67-07/72, 1302
0743 Taillight seal right – Beetle 13/1500 08/67-07/72, 1302


1763 Seal push rod tube 13/16 BBT


1201 Master cylinder 17 mm – Beetle/KG 08/65-07/67 – single circuit / TRW


0492-114 Fuel tap – Bus 03/55-07/67 (6mm)


0661-14 Bulb 6 volt 45/40W (each)


0668-5 Indicator switch – Beetle 08/67-07/70, Type3 08/67-07/69 ECO


1829-100 Stockstyle oil cooler Type 1 single port engine

In Western Europe forecast gives beautiful spring weather so let us enjoy our Classic Volkswagens this weekend!

Meanwhile our thoughts go to our friends, customers and suppliers in Spain and Italy as well.
Hit by extreme rain and floods after a crazy drought, a real disaster!

BBT News

In Western Europe spring finally kicked in.
Winter was long, cold, and cloudy.

But now it seems like nature is exploding.
Everything starts growing like it was waiting for so long.

Birds sing harder as never before.
Same @ BBT, too many projects come to an end.

And Bob recent travels started up a new string of projects, without a doubt!
This week some small but necessary items,

every week we get more.
More to make your air-cooled life easier.

Welcome to BBT news.

Longer available in our shop we made it now a real BBT part #
These nylon bushing make your wiper mechanisms work smoothly.

Worn out bushings will cause excessive wear and malfunctioning.
Sold in set of 4pcs. 2 models available

2472-050 Bushings wiper link (4) – Beetle/KG 08/57-07/67, Bus 08/64-07/67
2472-060 Bushings wiper link (4) – Beetle/KG 08/67- (not 1303 super-beetle)


As a cheaper alternative to our German indicator seals BBT # 0761 we now supply also their Brazilian counterpart.
Supply problems on German seals (because of the Ukrainian war where most base product come from) we have at least an alternative.

Sold per pair. good quality and very sharp quantity pricing. Check them out!
BBT supplies a large family of front indicator seals HERE

0761-003 Front indicator seals – Beetle 10/63-07/69 (pair)


Small details matter!
Now we stock the small rubber seal to hold the clips of your dashboard molding on 1960-1966 beetles.

These rubber cups you will only need on original molding.
Most aftermarket molding comes with plastic clips that don’t need this rubber seals but goes straight in your dash.

Sold each, you will need 8 pcs for an entire dashboard.

0525-555 Rubber seal dashboard moulding clip – Cox 08/60-07/67

Metal clips can be found HERE
Complete dashboard molding can be found HERE


We found better supply for our carburetor cut off relay.

Now the model is more correct, and prices are much lower.
We also put very competitive quantity pricing.

2111 Cut off valve 12V – Type 1 08/69-
2112 Cut off valve 12V – Type1 -07/69


0891-100 Front wheel arch left – Bus 08/67-07/71 /TQ
0891-101 Front wheel arch right – Bus08/67-07/71 /TQ

0890-597 Support frame under loadingbed Pick-up – Bus -07/67 SWT


0890-631 Engine cradle kit (3pcs) – Bus 04/56-07/67 SWT

0890-884 Roof gutter rear – Bus 08/63-07/67 SWT

1694 Chrome fuel pump filter 1/4

The BBT News team wishes you a splendid weekend.
Forecast for Ben Pon show in Holland looks wonderful.

Will we meet you there?
Jump at the BBT booth to say Hi!

BBT News

Are you feeling the vibes?
There are so much positive vibes in the air lately.

Hope these vibes reach you in good order!
BBT is buzzing from these vibes as well.

So many projects come in final stages now.
So many high-end projects we have started up lately.

Meanwhile we also start unloading and organizing the huge parts lot we bought in Hamburg Germany last year (3 full size trailers of NOS and used parts).

So let us show you what we have new for you this week.
Welcome to the BBT News

Up to 1965 Karmann Ghia’s came standard with one outside rear view mirror on the driver side.

Because of the design of this mirror, it fits both sides of your car.
If you want both side mirrors on your Ghia this is your chance!

These mirrors are for coupe and convertible at the same time.
We have this mirror now available.

Sold each included gasket and hardware.

0471-090 Mirror left/right – Karmann Ghia -07/65

For later Karmann Ghia mirrors and their hardware click HERE



After serious negotiations with one of our favorite brake caliper manufacturers we are proud to announce the relaunch of the 1970 to 1972 bus brake calipers.

They come with hardware to mount the brake pads.
Brake pads themselves are not included.

 1248-090 Brake caliper left – Bus 08/70-07/72
1249-090 Brake caliper right – Bus 08/70-07/72

Brake pads fitting these brake calipers can be found HERE
All our brake calipers, hardware and rebuild kits can be found HERE



The heater riser gaskets for 25 and 30 DIN HP (That’s 36SAE) are different than for later model Volkswagens.
Easy recognizable on their triangle look.

Going through our NOS stocks we found a huge box with plenty of these gaskets.
It was cool to have this big pile of New Old Stock gaskets.

Absolutely new and never used however they show light surface corrosion from storage. This doesnot change anything to functioninbg or sealing.

Because of the quantity we found and the light surface oxidation we offer these at a great price!

1057-050 Gasket for preheating intake-pipe 25/30hp – NOS

Same gasket for later model you find HERE



1201 Master cylinder 17 mm – Beetle/KG 08/65-07/67 – single circuit / TRW

0661 Bulb H4 12V 60/55W (each)

1238-1 Brake shoes rear – Bus 08/71-12/72 (4pcs)


1595-900 Starter motor 12V 1.1kw – Bus 08/75-07/79

The BBT News team wishes you a wonderful weekend, get those vibes!

BBT News

Inflation loses steam, what is always good, we had enough price rises, right ? This and a better dollar rate mean we can keep things steady for the moment.
The war in Ukraine gets into new episodes, but as the oil went down, it will not escalate more than likely. Oil and steel prices are always good barometers to see the forecast in wars.

Oil price down? So, gas gets cheaper, nothing holds you back anymore to drive that beloved classic Volkswagen more often, take it out and enjoy.
We bring new parts every week to keep them on the road.

Welcome to the BBT News

This week we focus on the oversize door hinge pins for split window bus.

When your cab door hinge has play, you will need to replace the door hinge pins to an oversize, we have these oversize door hinge pins for split window bus now available .

You need a correct size drill to drill the hinge to a correct diameter to accept the oversize pin.
Our door hinge pins for split window bus are made from brushed stainless steel.

Door hinge mirror arm, standard size HERE
New this week is the oversize door hinge mirror arm.

0475-560 Mirror arm 8.5mm, driver – Bus 03/55-07/67 stainless steel
0475-565 Mirror arm 8.5mm, passenger – Bus 03/55-07/67 stainless steel

The lower door hinge pins in standard size for your split window bus HERE


This week we bring also two oversize lower hinge pins.
Lower door hinge pins seem to be more wear sensitive.

0475-505 Door hinge pin 8.5mm – Bus -07/67 stainless steel
0475-510 Door hinge pin 9.0mm – Bus -07/67 stainless steel

In case oversize door hinge pins can’t fix the play because they are worn out too much we have complete cab door hinges HERE


The bolts which hold the cargo door hinges on split window buses always have a cover plug.

The plugs keep the bolt hole clean and give a nice finishing touch.

Up to 05/62 the correct plug is BBT #0716-6
For 06/62 up to 07/67 VW made a specific plug we present you here today.

Very similar to BBT #0716-2 but our new plugs have one flat side by purpose.
This way they get closer to the pillar.

The new plug is also used on all bay window double cab pick up trucks to cover the bolt holes from the rear doors.
You need two plugs per hinge, so 4 per door.

0716-610 Plug side cargo door hinge Bus 06/62-07/67, double cab -07/79 transparent

Many failures on fuel injection systems on air-cooled Volkswagens come because of improper functioning from the dual relay with 11 pins.

Unfortunately, Bosch quits production of this relay.
We could buy the last 40 pcs floating around.

Price has increased but at the end it’s better expensive than not for sale…

0683-000 Relais injectiemotor 11 pin – Kever 08/75-07/79, Bus 08/75-07/83


We found a new source for VDO fuel sending unit.
However, made in India, it is VDO brand.

0494-2 Fuel sending unit, VDO


The BBT News team wishes you a cool, relaxed and beautiful weekend, enjoy your VW’s!