The new BBT building

The new sign for life!!

After the January wind storms destroyed our existing sign, we had to order a new one… we’re very happy last Tuesday was finally D-Day and the new sign was put on our pole!

Proudly we show off our BBT logo now 11 meters high!

The big round logo’s will be lighted at night with the most modern LED technology!

Now you know what sign to look for!

The BBT warehouse guys use every single inch of space in our warehouse…

BBT is a people company, we’re not numbers but real people with real names, we laugh and cry like any other one, just human beings… but what might be the different with other jobs is that BBT is driven on passion, loads of passion. Most people working in our company going to very edge to get the max from their jobs, today we see Tim in this little movie the guys made with their cell phones! !

BBT’s Tim at work, Tim is very cautious for space in “his” warehouse!!!

Click the pîc to see the full movie!!

Great job Tim!! Thanks for working @ BBT!

Nobody can beat our passion!!

Happy Birthday BBT! 30 years and counting….

Happy Birthday BBT!

Exactly 30 years ago, on february 06 in the year 1987 BBT opened for the very first times its doors to the public to sell Volkswagen parts to keep all our beloved ones on the road, a vision we didn’t change and only promoted stronger during the last 30 years.

We’re here to stay and do what we like to do, provide You the parts to keep your old Volkswagens on the road…  with more force as ever!

Happy birthday to BBT, as well as congratulations to all of You, our customers, suppliers, friends and sympathisers to give us the opportunity to celebrate this remarkable birthday!

Just below a couple of pictures from the “Garden shed” where it all started, from the pig farm where we took the first expansion, the first industrial building and the building we currently operate from…. a time line so to say…..  thanks to you, all of You…. and thanks again!

Up to the next 30 years!


Old BBT building break down…..

The new owner of our previous building decided to break the building down to the ground, he will build a complete new state of the art building to store and ripe his cheese…

2015-10-31 17.30.29 22 years old only, is Sint Job in’t Goor almost same like Las Vegas? Everything older as 20 years is considered too old?

2015-10-31 17.30.35 2015-11-03 13.54.16 2015-11-04 14.17.32By the time You read this more than likely all will be gone, bye-bye and farewell my building… it hurts, as I worked 20 years of my life for this building, but I’m way more happy with the new building we’re in now….