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A royal driver or driven royally?


This true story is from back in 1960 when royalties still had their private lives.

Johan Berens was working in the institution for the deaf in Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe. During the week he slept in the institution but at the week-ends he went home to Antwerp. It was at an Saturday afternoon somewhere in 1960 when Johan (75) was hitchhiking at the Van Praet bridge just behind the royal palace in Brussels. That day a little VW beetle stopped about 30 metres further from where he stood and when Johan opened the door he couldn’t believe his eyes. To ensure himself he wasn’t dreaming he asked the driver if he was Boudewijn, the King from Belgium. The King answered; “I didn’t expect you to recognize me so fast with my new car and hat”. Johan told him he needed to go to Antwerp. King Boudewijn said, “I’ll already put you on the road to Antwerp”.

While talking about their jobs they approached Antwerp but, as the royal driver didn’t yet had his meal he asked Johan to buy him some sandwiches and gave him a brand new paper money of 1000 Belgian francs. The King asked Johan not to tell who needed these sandwiches. Johan even helped King Boudewijn to spread a towell on his legs so he could eat the sandwiches in a clean way.
The journey end destination was Oud-Turnhout, North of Antwerp.

In those days stories like these came to the peoples ears through the milkman or postman so Johan had a lot of interviews after that. Can you image how fast it will go now with the technologies that we now have in our pocket?

The story has been picked up by Marian Michielsen from Gazet Van Antwerpen.

Click here to discover the original Dutch story.

An annual Volkswagen toy swapmeet…

…will take place on Sunday November 11th at the AutoMuseum Volkswagen in Wolfsburg in cooperation with Automania.

Automania is a Germany-wide organiser of toy car events. The exhibitors promise an interesting and extensive range of die-cast, tin and plastic model cars in a variety of scales and representing the Group brands from Volkswagen to MAN. In addition to the vehicles in miniature, there will be accessories, pins, metal signs and historic car sales brochures too.

This year, the AutoMuseum Volkswagen has reduced its entry charges for adults to 3 euros (usually 6) and kids get in for 1.50 euros instead of 3.

The swapmeet on November 11 runs from 10:00 to 15:00 and with just a handful of stand spaces left, interested parties should contact the organiser Kai Seehase directly:

Credits -> Pete frost to share this information with us.

Latest car arrivals…

Last 2 weeks we managed to get some nice Beetles for sale online. This small overview might be helpful to become fully up-to-date.

There is survivors and survivors, well this is even a third breath of survivor, a car that’s completely original and can compete with many restored car! Let’s start with the paint, seems like all first paint, claimed to be all first paint and we didn’t find neither any trace of repainted panels… Read more @ 1958 Perfect Black

In very very nice condition presented and well driving 1960 sedan with a nice and all original ragtop! Ragtops are the coolest thing ever, even in western Europe you drive “open” nine months a year. This car is ready made as a perfect driver, not to perfection, but rather to enjoy! Exactly what it’s made for… Read more @ 1960 Flint Grey Ragtop beetle, a perfect ride!

1964 antrazit

One year… one year only VW made a car with the old style large window posts and a metal sliding roof… this is that exact car, a very clean all original beetle in mainly first paint. Rock solid, if you peep under the fenders all you see is factory paint… Read more @ 1964 Anthracite sliding roof originality queen

82e replica lives again!!!

Nice to see the VW’s we help to start a new live get into action again.

Andreas Fink now takes care for 82e replica and it seems they both have some good times in the mountains. Enjoy the pictures!

Thanks for these nice pictures Andreas!!!