Product development update; 25 HP D voltage regulator.

Since two years we do work on a very nice reproduction of the D type voltage regulator for the real early VW engines.

Our aim is to make these regulators with the closest look and feel like the original.

We will also sell the caps separately. Caps will be 100% identical and so perfect interchangeable with original D regulator caps.

Pictures below shows our test results for the caps….

Now we will stow a perfect electronic voltage regulator inside.

For later models we do manufacture and supply 6 Volt voltage regulators underĀ BBT # 1951 off course also with a perfect interchangeable cap.


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  1. Hi Sergio
    The D regulator is not finished yet, but the price will be very affordable.
    If you’re interested keep an eye on our Blog, all our news about products will be always published.
    We can tell only the prices or what distributor you can get it from in your area/country once we have the product officially launched.
    Developinng products like this is pretty time consuming believe me…
    i hope to be ready and have them available in about 6 months from now

    Always at yoru service


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