Jozef Ganz, the movie; How I lost my beetle….

In Holland this movie is out since May 2nd, the international release will only come later this week…. Appearance from well know Volkswagen people like Christian Grundmann and German VW Journalist Jorn Eckermann if one look right.

Based on the book from Paul Schilperoord from 2009 and the massive research from that author the movies becomes a real well documented documentary with loads of real early movie fragments from the war and the prototype era of Volkswagen.

Because of his Jewish heritage Jozef Ganz was “wiped” out of the history books by the Nazi’s during World War II.

Facts are that Mr Ganz paved the way to Porsche to design the Peoples Car in order of Hitler. The documentary (and the book) has enough trails and material to prove that. To say Mr Ganz was the real inventor of the Beetle as we know it is probably one bridge too far.

Being a “child from its era” Mr Ganz build on known facts from these days. However the Standard Superior, his brain child, proofs the fact that independable suspension  and back bone chassis was viable long before the first VW beetle was ever build. Off course Porsche designed the unparalleled 4 cylinder boxer engine that wrote also part of history.

And also read the book, translated in most common languages.

We enjoyed fully watching the movie and picked up a couple of things about Volkswagen history. We only can recommend everybody with a slight or healthy interest of Volkswagen history to watch this documentary and update your knowledge!

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