Kiel Germany, back in the day, on the street and in, the junkyards…

Recently we got a bunch of super cool pictures from Kiel Germany from long ago, real cool street views and junkyard pictures, off course with a bunch of our aircooled favorites, enjoy!

Find the seven beetles in this picture…:)

13118-Kielstadtarchivfotos_900 (7)_resized1015-fotos_8227_resized13118-Kielstadtarchivfotos_900 (6)_resized1015-fotos_8221_resized

Oval window or single cab?

13118-Kielstadtarchivfotos_900 (5)_resized1015-fotos_8220_resized

Crewcab anyone?

13118-Kielstadtarchivfotos_900 (4)_resized

13118-Kielstadtarchivfotos_900 (3)_resized


How many barndoors in the picture below?

13118-Kielstadtarchivfotos_900 (2)_resized

I have the impression checking in these pictures, that all that was scrapped in those days is way better as all we have now, ….:)

Italian Invasion @ BBT! (with movie!!)

Saturday Il Registro Storico Vespa paid BBT a visit on our annual European tour that was driven this year in Belgium… Almost 120 Vespa drove around 11.00 o clock on our parking lots and they filled up quickly!  With participants from about all over Europe we had quiet an international visit!

Impressive and different that was it for sure!

More faro basso’s as you could eat…:)

With a real vespa pedal scooter on the back, all teh way from Germany!

See all these nice pieces of Italian machinery leaving BBT! Click on the movie below! MASSIVE!!

Thank You for your visit Vespa drivers! You’re a great group of people!! we had lots of fun showing You around!!