The beetle garage on movie!!

This special beetle garage is a dream for many of us, a slightly different model as ours, but ubercool presented and shown here  with a 1950 Karmann Convertible!

Rare stuff bro’ !!



Datsun Z another Cult car!

We found this pictures off all the “Z’s” brand new sitting in the harbor of Long Beach california in the seventies…. now a days the real nice “Z’s” are a cult car for sure… I was lucky to get some “seat time” recently and i must say well they drive cool! once you’re in the car looks so large, and when You see them on the freeway they look so tinny…. weird design!


Doris Day tribute, hilarious chase with lots of old cars!

Doris Day turned 95 the other day, time to look back…

In this little movie track she ran away out of the Beverly Hills Hotel and been “chased” by her husband… a hilarious ride with plenty of old cars when they where new… including a lot of Volkswagens… can you spot them?

Double click to play!

Bob radio

Seems I get my own radio station now in San Diego California…:)