The Big Raffle @ Busses by the Bridge in Arizona

BBT donated this year a real Split window dashboard for Ronnies world-famous Raffle at the Busses at the Bridge show in Arizona….

Some teaser pictures from the raffle we like to share with you…..

Ronnie @ the mic… raffling off the BBT silver weld through dashboard….

This is the raffling crowd from Buses at the Bridge… the raffle is really quiet something!

A show we should visit next year for sure! stay tuned!

Fire!!! BBT put on a fire extinguishing exercise….

We all like to protect what we have don’t we, but especially we would not forgive ourselves if a customer, friend or collegae could have been saved but You didn’t know what to do…. we thought the same, and set up a big exercise to learn how to use fire extinguishers.

Off course everything well controlled and under qualified supervision!

All BBT employees are really enthusiastic and we will continue with part 2 of the course in 2020….

BBT save lives!

Some teaser pictures of what we did…. look pretty impressive don’t they?