Sure you can park at my place…:)

Who doesn’t want to get a truckload of Volkswagens like this???

Cool old picture Jos wanted to to share with all of us…

Old pictures do let us dream don’t they?

Happy Sunday, happy dreamday!

Back in the day, just along the road…

Lesley shared a picture with us he recently scored at a local swap meet.

It’s about the road National 4 better known as the old road between Brussels and Luxemburg, before there was a freeway.

It’s in the community Tenneville more exactly in the small town of Wembay.

The building still exist today, was restaurant on the picture, became a bank later on and a bookstore after that, now… its empty, and that cool oval window aside is gone too….

Enjoy your Sunday….



Bloemencorso Loenhout 2021, Flowers, powers and VW buses!!

Every second Sunday of September in the small country town of Loenhout (BE) is a parade with all dressed up flower wagons….

Incredible unbelievable fantasy creatures been made up by all different brotherhoods of this small town.

Competition is fierce with the parade on Sunday as ultimate climax.

Over 4 million flowers been attached to the trollies one by one….

Hundreds of volunteers work for months to reach the results.

And the results are just stunning…

17.000 visitors and 32 wagons showed up for this 69th edition….

The VW buses been a real cool theme for the kid’s classes!


Don’t drink and drive….

Beer delivery tumbled upside down, poor barndoor splittie destroyed.

Don’t know if the driver was drunk, but with a load like this we only can imagine…:)

Although when beer barrels start sliding or rolling inside a cargo area this can effect as well, …

Don’t drink and drive, and always secure loads, for sure in splittie buses…

Happy sunday….

Oh yes, öl in Swedish means “BEER” in English… 🙂