New cars for Antwerp Police force.

 A couple of weeks ago Antwerp Police force confirmed the order for 40 brand new Police cars.

Brought us to pull up this old picture, they didn’t buy 40 at the time back then, but the city was smaller…so where the Police cars…:)

From the old box…

Really well known dancing “De Veertien Billekes” ….story goes the owner had 7 daughters so 14 buttocks, hence the name….

Before the name change, this was Cafe De welkom….

Proffesional photographer Kamiel Loontiens was asked for a promo shoot and parked his 1956 right before the door…. beautiful capture.

From the archives of Wilfried Loontiens. With his approval to share.

Happy Sunday to all BBT friends!

The Bartels shorty bus…..

The short Bay window was pretty well known in Germany, it was forever at the entry of Mr Bartels used car lot and car collection.

Did You also see the crazy modified barndoor in the back ground on the lower picture?

Anyway its not there anymore, and some German VW friends think Mr Bertels moved it inside a while ago… hmmm seems like “inside” must be hiding a lot of goodies…:)

 Thanks to Hubert for sharing these pictures….