No further comments needed…

May we get God’s blessing….

BBT’s friend of Da Houze Jos digged this picture up from the internet….

Maybe its a good time again we should start this again in Corona times…..

The local priest blessing of our cars.. if only God protect us!….

Message from bob; Thank You!


During this times of challenge, BBT stay open for order and shipping, in close contact with our staff and daily meetings. Because of safety measures for our staff please respect some orders can have a certain delay.

BBT shop is closed for Walk In customers only, Please feel free to order online, we offer free shipping in Belgium during “our”  soft lock down.

No anti-virus therapy as VW therapy!


Just that cool period picture of how it has been…

This is our perfect “flash” of the past…

The hard-working country men, who operates heavy agricultural machines having his break, rolling in his cigarette in his oval window beetle… how cool is this?

The hard-working life of the past had for sure its beauty angles….

Happy Sunday!

Picture credit by Jos, who loves everything that’s old machines!