Test fitter wanted! Baywindow front bumper deformation panel.

We have an off tool sample from this 73 and up bay window front bumper deformation panel ready for test fitting.
This is the European model (flat front) and can’t be compared with the V shaped Brazilian counter parts.

Is your bus (or project) in urgent need? This can be had for free!
Our preferences go to the closest by who can mount the soonest.

Please apply on for all information.
Thank you for considering helping our VW community for better product.

BBT’s Brazilian distributor received first full container with silver weld through sheetmetal!!

unlashing and unloading!

Big boxes containing roofs!

Here You go Francisco, finally the real samba roofs, your big dream, on Brazilian soil!

Yep sheetmetal takes a lot of space!!

Building a bus from scratch??? almost….:)

We did it!! Brazil is now an official BBT sheetmetal country!

BBT sheetmetal will be on display big time at the Lindoa VW show next weekend.

All information to obtain BBT parts in Brazil on


Open House Cagero Switzerland, a super cool celebration!

The drive to Switzerland was especially to help our Swiss distributor Cagero to help to celebrate their 30th birth year of their company…

We build up a nice display booth with cars and parts…

2018-06-16 11.08.30_resized

BBT laddertruck used as a landmark…

2018-06-16 11.17.17_resized

They lined up real nice cars!!

2018-06-16 11.50.05_resized2018-06-16 11.50.30_resized2018-06-16 11.50.35_resized2018-06-16 11.51.06_resized2018-06-16 11.51.25_resized

Good to see Alain back from VWirus fame, his Fridolin was inspiration to many of us!!

2018-06-16 11.51.58_resized2018-06-16 11.52.40_resized2018-06-16 11.52.46_resized2018-06-16 11.53.00_resized

Many boots from engine builders, and special workshops

2018-06-16 11.54.31_resized

Also our other friend Alain was present, with his promotion booth for their VW Vintage show in Morat, Switzerland….

2018-06-16 11.54.58_resized

inside the shop is cool as ever….

2018-06-16 12.35.27_resized

one of the coolest VW shops in existence….

2018-06-16 12.36.45_resized

Outside they made a big party arena!

2018-06-16 14.48.52_resized

Many visitors brought out aircooled machinery, a stroll over the parking lot….

2018-06-16 15.42.48_resized2018-06-16 15.43.00_resized2018-06-16 15.43.18_resized2018-06-16 15.44.15_resized2018-06-16 15.44.36_resized2018-06-16 15.46.26_resized2018-06-16 15.46.31_resized2018-06-16 15.47.18_resized2018-06-16 15.48.14_resized2018-06-16 15.53.32_resized2018-06-16 15.53.48_resized

Matching boat for your bus?

2018-06-16 15.56.46_resized

or matching trailer for your car?? This is an ultra rare Hahn trailer… not the Westfalia Wolfsburg!

2018-06-16 15.56.56_resized2018-06-16 15.58.42_resized2018-06-16 15.59.06_resized

The complete line up…:)

2018-06-16 16.03.58_resized2018-06-16 19.13.03_resized

The BBT crew that signed present and worked hard!

2018-06-16 19.37.25_resized

Cool rock band brought the afternoon and evening atmosphere!

2018-06-16 22.01.33_resized

in the evening the whole place was lighted …

2018-06-16 23.13.34_resized

Incredible cool effects

2018-06-16 23.14.01_resized

Special Thanks to Gerry and Roman for the invitation… and their hard work to make this happen!!

Congratulations, and do another 30 years more!

A visit to my friend Lars, Vanagon specialist!

Lars Neuffer in Göttingen Germany was, and still is, very well-known for his Karmann Ghia parts.

But what not everybody knows that Lars meanwhile is way larger in T3/T25 Vanagons as in Ghia’s… with over 200 units in stock we can say he has a pretty impressive operation…

Lars and I go back a real long time… together with Axel Stauber we used to be the three musketeers and bought several companies like Knapp and Allekot back in the day…

It’s always good to see that passion don’t fade away! For Lars it surely didn’t, together with his wife Kirsten do they work their heads off only to serve their customers the best.

Congrats to Kirsten and Lars for all they did for the VW community and to make its for so long so professional!

2018-05-02 16.53.03_resized2018-05-02 16.52.18_resized2018-05-02 16.51.44_resized2018-05-02 16.51.56_resized2018-05-02 16.53.12_resized

Inside there is rows and rows of shelving with all parts!

2018-05-02 16.54.02_resized2018-05-02 16.54.17_resized2018-05-02 16.54.24_resized2018-05-02 16.54.41_resized

Car towers are practical and easy, but before all very very impressive!

2018-05-02 16.55.12_resized2018-05-02 16.55.29_resized

The nice cars being lined up properly inside! Any model, any type, Lars might have it!

2018-05-02 16.55.56_resized

If you need any specific part for your T25/T3 Vanagon just let me know and I can get it for You, we deliver Lars every other week with our own transport so easy to bring something back…

If You like to buy a complete Vanagon, that’s possible to, just send me your inquiry with what type and body model