BBT Convoy

Now available!!! T-shirt & Hoody BBT Open house 2017

The new BBT Tee’s and hoodies arrived just in time for our open house, don’t miss out they sell out every year superfast, better show up on time and buy yours!!! 

Tomorrow (thursday) sales start at 3pm sharp!

Oh yes, we have also an extra 10% discount on all parts of our product range in the shop during our entire Open House party! Bring your shopping lists!! Tee’s hoodies etc do not apply for the discount as they’re already super cheap!

BBT’s brown all original 1949 split is the theme for this year, this car will make its first maiden trip straight to Hessisch, it drive anymore for over 30 years!!

9922-101  T-shirt Open house 2017 (Medium) BBT
9922-102  T-shirt Open house 2017 (Large) BBT
9922-103  T-shirt Open house 2017 (X-Large) BBT
9922-104  T-shirt Open house 2017 (XX-Large) BBT

9922-112  T-shirt Open house 2017 (Women – Large) BBT


9941-120  BBT hoody grey Summer 2017 (Medium) male
9941-130  BBT hoody grey Summer 2017 (Large) male
9941-140  BBT hoody grey Summer 2017 (X-Large) male
9941-150  BBT hoody grey Summer 2017 (XX-Large) male

9941-121  BBT hoody grey Summer 2017 (Medium) woman
9941-131  BBT hoody grey Summer 2017 (Large) woman







cool clothing make cool gals and guys… show your colors!!!

see You tomorrow!

BBT Open House 2017

This Thursday June 22nd 2017, we put on our two yearly open house! Followed by our convoy to Hessisch Oldendorf (Germany) friday morning

Our open house welcomes everybody between 3 and 9pm @ BBT HQ: Nijverheidsstraat 21, 2960 Sint-Job-in-‘t-Goor.

A visit to the unique BBT Vintage Volkswagen collection with more than 100 cars, viewing of the largest Vintage VW parts warehouses in the world or a purchase in the shop, it’s all possible.

See You Thursday!!