The Big Raffle @ Busses by the Bridge in Arizona

BBT donated this year a real Split window dashboard for Ronnies world-famous Raffle at the Busses at the Bridge show in Arizona….

Some teaser pictures from the raffle we like to share with you…..

Ronnie @ the mic… raffling off the BBT silver weld through dashboard….

This is the raffling crowd from Buses at the Bridge… the raffle is really quiet something!

A show we should visit next year for sure! stay tuned!

Kever Winter Fest was a cool show to break up winter sleep!

KWF is a long running show that had different formats over the years. But since long time they settled down in Rosmalen Holland at the Autotron and to me that seems like a perfect location.

It’s an indoor event what means warm, nice and cosy… parts booths, swapstands, show cars and clubstands it’s all mixed in to each other what gives a nice blend…

We took some teaser pictures for you…

WOW show report, local shows are cool to attend sometimes…:)

WOW ( winter on wheels) is a local show once a month during wintertime. Gives you a perfect opportunity to stretch some legs of your cars during wintertime….:)

When its beautiful weather like yesterday we love to attend with some of our cars…:)

We dressed up the speedster with its ubercool period Glaspar Hardtop…

The BBT laddertruck was out in full force!

if it its kind a scary up there? Well ask Tino or Thomas from Bavarian pickers, they tried their bet!

also many other cars, always fun to see and enjoy!

Matching coat or matching car?

Picture credits to Wesley & Bob

Asia trip continues, Vintage VW show in Japan!

Friday I transferred from China to Tokio Japan, for a weekend of VW fun.

BBT always loved the Japanese Vw culture and we try to attend the bi yearly VW Klassisches treffen of Flat4 of Tokio, our respectable BBT distributor in Japan.

As BBT Frederik handles all Japanese accounts he flew over for the weekend to man the booth and have direct customer contact.

Saturday night we gathered at a hotel near Mount Fuji.

The evening dinner always include some speeches, off course Nao, Big Chief of Flat 4 now, gives the opening speech.

Frederik and me been called on the podium and received the special sponsor goodie bag…

Flat4 founder Mr Komori handed out all participant plaques, to every single attendee, we thought that was a lot of honour!

Saturday morning we cruised to the show grounds… now, is this cool?

dog on the back seat!!

Gentlemen, start your engines!

The star of the show, took Kimbel┬áRich and Shin from HOT VW’s along in his 1953 convertible, what a lot of fun!

only happy faces…

and people in style, big style!!

Extreme cool low light single wheel trailer took part as well…

and off to the show it goes…

This is Shin & Shin, the one owns Hot VW magazine the other one is the editor…:)

Shoeshi from Strollers fame found this very special one-off Yanase coachbuild on 1953 pan. made in 1964 this is something extreme cool. recently discovered, the whole japanese VW scene thought this baby was lost for ages!

Friend Shoeshi with friend Marcel from Holland…:)

Flat4 brought out their Schwimmwagen.

Yanase, the exclusive importer of Volkswagen in Japan till the early nineties, brought out one of the four split window beetles imported by Nordhoff in 1952, this is thought to be the sole survivor.

The venue this year was just great…

the winners circle…

The BBT award this year went to this crazy original, unbelievable nice patina 1953 zwitter, sold new in japan and still rolls on its original license! a real cool car, belive me…

The Airmighty award handed by editor Niels in person went to ex BBT Chocolate brown split window beetle we drove ourselves to this show in 2015.

longest distance award went to this ubercool fastback, who traveled over 1200 km to attend the show!

Flat 4 award went to this very nice 1950 split window convertible…

The winners circle after prize giving…

How can we ever thank the Flat4 staff for putting on such a super event and make everybody feeling so good!

Great job guys (and girls) You can be proud on your team all of you!! I wish I found words to describe…

To close this Blog a picture of the BBT Award car… isn’t she lovely….

ok Monday morning in Japan now, we have a couple of company visits today and fly to Taiwan tomorrow, the Asia trip ain’t over yet…:)

The 1st encontro Brasileiro de VW was a Big Hit last weekend!

BBT Friend of da Houze Luiz put on a huge show for classic VW’s in Aguas de Lindoa near Sao Paolo in Brasil… the outcome last weekend was huge, if You think they have no early VW’s in Brasil you’re highly invited to watch the movies below and reset your memory!


Ah do we have your attention now? Are You planning to attend next year edition? We do!