Split & oval day was a hit!

Yours truly left Chimay early to check out the split & oval window day in Wilnis, the Netherlands last Sunday.

Cozy as always and a lot of vintage VW and their admirers.

A real “coffee and cake” meeting as we tend call them!

European Bug In # 9 was packed, overdose and magic, all together!

We just had a great weekend manning our BBT booth @ EBI # 9

What a wonderful and delightful weekend we had.

NOTHING comes even close to the atmosphere, the crowds and the passion that ran all over Chimay last weekend…

This was simply Woodstock for VW Nostalgia lovers!

Let’s try to give you some atmosphere pictures…

Prep BBT laddertruck for EBI

Is your car ok?

We seized the engine from the BBT ladder truck on the way back from Hessisch Oldendorf, but we will make sure this baby is ready to drive to the south of Belgium to show BBT colors @ European Bug In!