WOW, the local classic car get together was fun as always…

WOW, or Winter on Wheels in full, was fun again.

We drove 6 split window buses out and gathered with all of our petrolhead friends for gas talk and coffee…

It was the Christmass edition, several cars and bikes dressed up for the occasion!

One tractor, but a cool one…

Abarth anyone?

Face mask duty everywhere, also outside, Corona rules been enforced strictly!

Tall car or small guy?

Give me wings and I can fly…

Nice line up of our favorites…

Bizar …. and there was two…:)

Despite the grey, drizzling and overcast weather a lot of full classics showed up… always nice to see, not so to fuel up….

Sleek lines, Andre Citroen knew how to draw cars…

Early oval ragtop… Standard!

Always cool to check out, and pick your choice, ragtop… or three spoke steeringwheel, in this case… both….

Where’s the goldfish swimming?

Not here…

and here neither….

Don’t miss out the next edition, every third sunday of the month, from October till March

Winter op Wielen Brasschaat (


Airmighty show One was a big big hit!!

Last weekend the real VW enthusiast had only one destination… Enschede Holland.

Niels Timmerman, Chief editor of AirMighty Volkswagen life style magazine, was throwing the first official AirMighty show to celebrate the AirMighty magazine tenth birthday.

For those who missed it… shame on you, but we brought you some souvenirs, hope you enjoy!

For those who visited hope you recall the good vibes….











R.A.R.S. The RadikalbugZ meet was uber cool

Saturday we cruized our 58 double door deluxe to Gianni and his crew from RadikalbugZ for their second R.A.R.S. show.

Kind a hardcore cars (and guys) maybe not everybodies taste, but we kind a like that for sure!

Weather was overcast but it stayed dry….

Some quality of cars was just outstanding!

The site where it all happened was an old industrial site with lot of cool old buildings etc…

Lowest Puma on planet earth!

T4 Eurovan… with flat4 VW engine!

Some crazy American patina iron nicely blended in with the area!

One of the buildings was restored as a kind of theather with a very special guest… Gianni’s Type 34 razor Edge Ghia!

Yours truly with the guy that made it all happen Gianni!

To the whole R.A.R.S. team, thanks guys to set up a show like this… we had a ball!

BBT set up camp @ Wanroy VW show last Saturday

VW Wanroy was a cool excuse to participate at a VW show.

Complete Corona proof event, but never the less we decided not to sleep over!

BBT Frederik organised the BBT boot and made it happen together with BBT employees and friends.

We all had a lot of VW fun!

We brought out the BBT schimmwagen…

But performance was rather poor, we need to check the fuel supply as something was wrong between filters and taps…

Thanks God we have always peddles….:)

We’re back next year for more….