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More new features online…

We ‘re working hard to get your BBT online catalogue up-to-date and help you to find the right parts for your Classic VW. This week we’ve finished 21 exploded views and they’re online now.

@ this moment, most of them can be found under:

– Engine -> Lower block, click here for an example.
– Under carriage -> Front suspension, click here for an example 1302/1303 suspension.
– And this might be a favorite… Type 2 cargo sliding door

We hope you like them but as you know… we ‘re open for feedback.

Friday product update!

Due to intensive research and patience we are getting more products back available that were not only out of stock but also just hard to get these days…

Back in stock:

# 1200-400 Boot master cylinder Type 1 Beetle  / TRW

# 0799-003 Rubber main cable front

# 1369 Steering box coupler Type 1

Product highlight:

Did you know that we also supply your T25 Vanagon high quality spark plugs. Give your engine DF/DG ch. 24-L-000 001 (01/08/1989-) the fire it deserve with our:

# 2014-W7DTC Spark plug Bosch W7DTC

For rebuild of your beloved Type 4 engine, our high quality mechanical lifters are the ones to get…

# 1634 Lifters Type 4 mechanical

To replace your Bus (03/55 – 07/65) or Beetle (10/52 – 07/60) direction indicator switch button, available in 3 different colours, how cool is that.

# 0668-815 Direction indicator switch button black
# 0668-816 Direction indicator switch button ivory
# 0668-817 Direction indicator switch button grey

And to renew your complete Bus (08/73-07/79) direction indicator switch:

# 0669-450 direction indicator switch

Come and go… The story continues

Last week we ‘ve had some more classics come in and go out @ BBT HQ.

We’ll start with our Farmobile who found it’s way to a VW addict in Holland. I’m pretty sure we’ll hear about him again very soon…

This 1970 L30A Königsrot beauty came in last week together with…

1960 low mileage  L391 Pastelblau and…

…this 1962 L87 Perlweiss masterpiece…

For more info regarding our latest arrivals please don’t hesitate and contact us.

Friday product update!

Another post of High Quality parts to satisfy your hunger for more and like some peoples said earlier this week… “The best is yet to come”.


To perform correct restoration of your beloved Split Bus you will be able now to replace the missing or bend rear shift shaft so we present you…

# 1403-510 Rear shift shaft Bus 10/61-07/67

Quality improvement:

Our new left & right clear turnsignal lenses (fish eyes) for 08/63-07/67 Split Bus now come just as original, They won’t come any better than this.

# 0616-52 Turnsignal lens left Bus 08/63-07/67, clear
# 0616-53 Turnsignal lens right Bus 08/63-07/67, clear

Product highlight:

To offer your T25 Vanagon the right shock absorbers they deserve and just to stay in contact with mother earth…
To replace your worn out shock arbsorbers:

# 1301-500 Shockabsorber rear, T25 Vanagon (not for synchro)

# 1302-500 Shockabsorber front, T25 Vanagon (not for synchro)