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Friday product update!

Due to good contact with our worldwide customers and friends of the house we constantly search and enlarge our product range to meet their demands.

The parts here-under are a nice example which we’ve added to our range after demand from one of our customers:


This essential part is very important as it keeps the battery secured in it’s place. Many times we see this clamp is just missing because it got lost during restoration and as it was not available in our range of products… But now we have them in stock so no more excuses…!

# 0875-250 Battery Retaining clamp 68-  (Beetle 68- / Bus 68-79 / Ghia 68-71 / Type 3 67-73)

Also new in our range  :

# 1447-200 Reduction box housing plug Bus 08/63-67
# 1447-250 Reduction gear locking nut Bus 08/63-67

Product Highlight :

Did you know we also stock your water cooled T25 Vanagon temperature switches and senders…

# 4205-100 Temperature sender 0-125° for engine type : CS/DF/DG/DH/EY/GW

# 4206-102 Temperatureswitch 84-95° for Radiator CS/CW/DF/EY -82

# 4206-103 Temperatureswitch 84-102 for Radiator CS/DG/DH/GH 08/82-07/85

# 4206-104 Temperatureswitch 74-85/82-93° for 08/84-

# 4206-105 Temperatureswitch 87-92° green/black 08/85-91

Stay tuned for more…

BBT NEW catalogue

Finally, we are proud to announce our new full color Dutch/German catalogue has been finished and ready to serve you. Even a finish run can be full of obstacles… This catalogue already got 48 new items, 7 new exploded views and no less than 130 new and updated pictures in opposite to the previous French/English catalogue. Now available as BBT catalogue pdf download. Printed version will be available from 16/02/2011.

Now we are working on the Spanish catalogue which we expect to be launched @

Steven & David, our contacts for Spain & Latin America will be glad to help you out there.