Another feature about the BBT collection….

A while ago the crew from behind the wheel made a Video of Bob’s collection… the video was widely shared on the internet… what only few people know is that Belgium Volkswagen importer D’Ieteren was the sponsor from these  Behind the wheel series

In the latest issue of their “Volkswagen magazine” they put “our” story on paper … that magazine is distributed to all owners of registered Volkswagens in Belgium…. a real nice feature…. unfortunately only available in Flemish or French, our native tongues….





The BBT collection is THE test bed for all of our quality parts!

We’re the Volkswagen people! Nobody can beat our passion!

the Dub Cave

Last Sunday friends of Da Houze Kevin & Dave had their official opening from their new VW workshop; “The Dub Cave”, simply the best workshop in town!! All info on

Same time they did a massive crowdfunding for Lies, sister of a close friend and a very lovely girl who unfortunately is not blessed with the best health… she undergoes now an iimmunotherapy what’s very costly and not refunded by insurance!

We all think that it was extremely cool from Kevin and Dave to use their  official opening and open house to try to help to get this all paid for…

If You like to help You can donate here

All together we get Lies healthy again!!!

Because of all this Kevin and Dave had huge interest from the press… this was in our regions most read Newspaper, Full Page!!!!! Gogogo Kevin and Dave!!!

Yours truly in a Indonesian Newspaper!

That Yogyakarta is a real big thing going on right here proves the attention the press give to it… literally every newspaper covered the event… and one was kind enough to print a picture with me, my selves and I!

The Jawa Pos…. next to the Sultan of Yogyakarta…  (on my left)

DSC00159 DSC00157 DSC00156

BBT’s car collection in “DE TIJD” Newspaper vandaag!

Sabato is the extra weekend magazine edition  of “De Tijd” newspaper in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, one of the most leading newspapers available over here.

Two weeks ago a photographer and a journalist came by for pictures and interview, for today’s publication… they have a weekly “behind the garage doors” feature. This week it was my turn….


get your copy now….

2015-05-30 08.35.21_blog 2015-05-30 08.35.26_blog

Congratulations for Street VW’s, Issue 100 is a real momentum!

Yesterday we received the last edition of Street VW’s, one of our favorite VW mags.

This is a real special celebration edition, nr 100!

Hip Hip hurray for Street VW’s….!!!

Cover is a parodie on their cover from their very first issue, Mr Komori of Flat4 fame proudly pose with the very first edition in front of the very same car…

DSC03877_blogFurther down in this issue there is a feature car from every edition, no reason to tell there is several ex BBT cars inside….:)

The most funny I think is this cartoon style drawing of the VW tools of the editor’s garage… cool workshop, don’t mind to visit one day….:)

Enjoy! and pay a lot of attention as there is a lot of detail in this picture…