Are You ready for 2021? We’re ready… to ship your orders, even better now….

The BBT close down, between Christmas and New Year, was real well used to remodel our packing and shipping department completely.

So you we’re ready to pack and ship your orders even faster now, because of a nice work flow.

Our goal is to ship all small parcel orders received before 3.00pm the same day and all other orders within 24 hrs.

We’re ready to receive and pack your orders now with 4 full operational packing stations fully equipped with latest ERP software systems.

We love to write SERVICE with capital letters and accordingly invest to upgrade our levels…



Back in stock End of Year special.

We do work hard to solve old back orders started up new negotiations with suppliers, changed suppliers or productions, anyway we’ve been busy lately to get the parts in that we should have available from the shelves.

We’re not completely ready and there’s more zero stocks to solve, but at least we’re getting somewhere.

Here is an extraction of some pretty important parts we get back on the shelves for you as a kind of New Year’s present….:)

As always we focus on quality, availability and price. That’s right and exactly in that order as well…..


7405 Rear window seal – Bus 10/52-07/63

This little spring that’s real necessary for the smooth operation of your Bay window emergency brake.

We let produce by the factory who always produced this for the Volkswagen assembly lines.

0523-105 Emergency brake bar locking spring – Bus 08/67-07/79

Our ever popular gas tank conection is back in stock!

0492-10 Gas tank connection

Long time unavailable, we pushed the manufacturer with a higher quantity to produce again, this time it worked!

1200-1 Seal for master cylinder – Kever/KG -07/67


Fuel pump flanges You can use…

We discussed with the factory to change the end control and it worked out wonderwell.

Factory and BBT both are very happy….

Back in stock, don’t miss out.

1690 Fuel pump flange 12/13/1600cc + 1.9 Waterboxer


1758 Push rod tube ‘Windage’ 13/1600cc (8pcs)

Another clip we found the original manufacterer who used this to supply to the assembly lines of the Volkswagen factory.

Unquestionable quality and we have do have plenty in stock now, don’t miss out!

1782-150 Clip for rocker shaft 12 – 1600cc from the OE manufacturer (1piece)

This special “back in stock end of year edition” is made by the BBT News team.

Happy Holidays…