Friday Thank You Day!

In these Corona times we will replace Friday news and make it Friday Thank You day….

Thanks You to all people who work to help keep our world turning… Nurses, doctors on top, people from supermarkets, garbage collectors, police officers, politicians, experts, specialists You name it, there’s plenty….

A big warm heart to all those people… we,  @ BBT and all of our families, do really appreciate what you’re guys are doing… congratulations and hope we may count on you…we need you!


Message from Bob


BBT stays open to provide all people VW parts to stay home for self therapy and not unnecessary take the risk to spread the virus. But we recommend to place orders by telephone or Email and let send to your home and try to avoid coming to our shop if not real necessary.

Brake hose factory and quality!

We made recently some BIG improvements in the material we used for brake hose, this means we make now “Ozon” resistant test and simulate a life span of 20 years in hard road use…

A visit to our manufacturer proved the right idea…

We replaced now ALL of our existing stocks with all new stock, made from the new rubber to the modern standards of all OE car manufacturers (assembly lines)

Also the connectors been slightly changed…:) they been made fully automated now… over 2 million a month!

This is a seven step brake hose connector machine, produce 80 brake hose connectors per minute!!

This is the assembly line…

Packaging machine was pretty impressive as well!

Brake hoses been regularly tested (every two hours of the production) in three different ways… strength, pressure and flow…

and now also on OZON resistance…

If your BBT brake hose (BBT printed IN the rubber) shows cracks within 5 years we replace free of charge with a smile! Just send us your old ones and we send you new ones…totaly free. the factory back us up completely…

We don’t want this…:)

Any questions about a possible warranty?

Any questions about a possible warranty?