Online tool to choose your desired oil pump now…

Can’t You see through the trees in the forest what oil pump to choose for your beloved Volkswagen engine?

Maybe we’re oil pump fetish?

From now on we have a clear online index table with all our oil pumps and their most common applications.


Look below to get a great preview or click HERE

BBT is your oil pump headquarters for al your oil pump desires!

Kubel and Matador leaving BBT

Last monday we delivered a real precious load to the shippers. The 1952 Tempo matador and the 1942 Kubelwagen both leaving Da Houze…

The Tempo Matador is looking forward to his new home in California.

While the Kubelwagen is all ready for his new challenge being side by side in the garage with a 1943 Willy’s Jeep in New York.

Do you consider to sell your serious VW collectable? We can sell them for You, both of these cars been sold out of consignment… contact us for more information.