A nice container load to the land of the rising sun.


We started the year in style loading a 40ft container for one of our Japanese customers…

A cool 181 and a extreme patina oval will sail over the world seas together with loads of top quality BBT spares to their new owner….

BBT Tim and Frederik did a great job loading the container very professionally

Two original paint ovals loaded heading to Japan.

The Black oval was named Bob (believe me or not) by its last owner,

We rescued “Bob” roughly 20 years ago out of a Swedish barn, incredible original condition.

So much joy to load this baby today with an as original and ubercool Coral Red ALL original brother in a container heading to the country of the rising sun for their retirement.

Japanese collectors take outmost care for their valuables so we’re sure there is no better place we can ship these babies.

BBT Tim did a terific job strapping these valuable cars down…

Not enough originality? look at the inetriors of these babies, we just love the fact these are ORIGINAL, not restored!


Safe trip is all we can wish for “Bob” and his friend!