Bye Bye trusty BER…..

We call our delivery vans by the license plates… and with the new Delivery vans that came in service we have to say goodbye to the “old” Iveco’s BER and APD….

Trusty partners  as You can see from the picture below, BER drove 678.435km in 5 years time… delivered everywhere, all over Europe! Shall our new Renault Masters have the same capacity? We keep our fingers crossed!

IMG_3680-(002) IMG_3682-(002)

New delivery Vans for BBT!

BBT took access of two new company vans for our European delivery tours. Renault Master came out as the best and most economic choice this time… let’s hope our “French connection” will keep up… Roland and Frank are the drivers who will be the new drivers…. Ready for 500.000km each…

Same time we changed the company logo’s, in trend of current style, no Palm trees anymore (snif)  but cool and straight publicity…BBT delivers in style!

If You see one of the “newbies” on the road just honk your horn and wave your hands!

2016-07-15 09.44.12 2016-07-15 09.44.37 2016-07-15 09.44.51 2016-07-15 09.45.11 2016-07-15 09.45.49

Another container loaded to Sunny California…

We do ship cars from here to California as well…:) This morning we loaded a 1944 Kubelwagen, a 1950 Hebmuller and a 1962 Cherrypicker with some parts all together in one big tin box destination the Golden state of California!

2016-03-30 09.08.30 2016-03-30 10.17.40 2016-03-30 10.35.00 2016-03-30 10.35.07 2016-03-30 10.35.13 2016-03-30 10.50.26 2016-03-30 11.09.26 2016-03-30 11.14.45

Safe travels!!! See You over the pod!