Our first shipment to Algeria…

BBT Frederik arranged to get the first shipment out to our distributor in Algeria.

It took 1.5 year to get necessary paperwork for imports from the Algerian authorities for our customer.

Sometimes it’s just nice to remember how happy we are living a in a “free” country.

Congratulations to Frederik and his team for their commitment and perseverance.



A nice container load; 1952 and 1953 convertible plus a half a container of BBT parts….

We loaded a container for Friend of da Houze Lloyd for shipping to California USA.
Lloyd bought some real nice cars this time.

A driver condition 1952 split window convertible he bought in Germany and we helped him to find this ultra rare and very desirable top restored 1953 zwitter convertible.
Oh, and we loaded a half of the container with BBT parts too…. 🙂

BBT Tim & Ray for sure had fun!

BBT Tim crawling over the boxes to fill up every little space….

Because of too many parts we had to stack the cars on top of each other, so we had to build a platform. The 52 we lifted up so we could park the 53 below…

Secured by the master! BBT Ray at work!

That’s how the container looked fully loaded, its all on board… theirs a lot that fit a 40ft HC container…:)

We still choose the old school way to secure freight and cars.

Learned from old harbor union workers…. Steel reinforced rope turned up with wool lats.

So much stronger as Chinese rattle straps some shippers use….

BBT featured in German VW Classic magazine

VW Classic is one of the best selling German Volkswagen magazines, only two editions a year makes it something to look out for.

We’re proud they did a feature about BBT and translated our aim on the VW parts supply completly to the larger German crowds.

Everybody has the right to know our aim on quality and our vision on replacement parts for Volkswagen.

VW Classic Magazine is available HERE