We go real deep to test our parts… literally

BBT Pascal exercise his Bugster (European version of a Baja bug) very often and every time he get the change for it. Besides this bug been build with all BBT parts many moons ago, Pascal also test regular BBT parts to extremes… and yes, sometimes he goes very deep to test our parts… as seen here on the last European Bug In off-road track….

Pascal say Hi to all of You!!! 


Bye Bye trusty BER…..

We call our delivery vans by the license plates… and with the new Delivery vans that came in service we have to say goodbye to the “old” Iveco’s BER and APD….

Trusty partners  as You can see from the picture below, BER drove 678.435km in 5 years time… delivered everywhere, all over Europe! Shall our new Renault Masters have the same capacity? We keep our fingers crossed!

IMG_3680-(002) IMG_3682-(002)