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Le Bug Show 2012 pictures

Le Bug Show 2012 was great! We’ve received rumours that around 1900 cars were present during the week-end and some of them came from far away…

First pictures for BBT’s meeting gallery came in and can be found here.

More pictures will be available soon so keep an eye on this link!

In preparation for Le Bug Show

Nice line-up ready for transport.

Loading the vans with all stuff we need to make a nice car & BBT produced items display.

No less than 9 cars driven @ the same time… Transportation in his most economical way and it prevents delays in case of breakdown… In case of…

All settled and ready to go

The big truck will lead the convoy

Alain will bring the BBT produced parts display towards Le Bug Show.

Friend of the house Dirk & his 2 sons, always prepared to offer us a helping hand in case of big events.

And last but not least, BBT’s headhoncho Bob…  Crazy as always when we’re heading for places with a high Vintage VW level…

Southwards to…

These days, BBT members can be found all over Europe cruizin around and being present on meetings. This time a little convoy just left BBT HQ north of Antwerp heading South…

Gathering for take off…

First discussion started, shall we go SE or SW???

Snapshot for another great story coming up from Bob’s own hand… Keep an eye on BBT’s blog! Smile!

Bob, Linda & Nicolas with 1959 Westy & trailer

Hans & Leentje with French 1965 laddertruck who comes to visit it’s homeland!

Pascal & Annelies with 1960 slammed Split

Last but not least, Alain with BBT’s 1965 Crewcab Back-Up truck to keep Pascal out of trouble…

Have a safe trip!!!

You can meet our delegation this Week-end @ Serial Kombi 2nd edition The French VW Bus Meeting in Fley, France.

They expect more than 1000 busses this year!!!