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3 Ghia’s on my trailer in just two days!

Pretty busy here… I had 3 different Ghia’s on my trailer to transport to the docks in just two days… They will come all to BBT HQ soon…

First we had that ubercool 1959 original Lizzard green with dark green roof but unfortunately repainted in cheap black, we picked up in San Jose….

Cool car uh?

After that we towed the 68 “roestie” coupe all the way from Ojai, what’s close to Santa Barbara.. solid car, but left outside bare metal…

Stopped down the 101 in Atascadero… it’s really hard to pass by there without having my favourite burger at Sylvester’s!

And last but not least picked this 1970 convertible up in Gilroy, the garlic capital of the world!

This is a real cool un messed up project car!

If you want more information on any of those three cars, just shoot me an email… I reply as soon as I can!

For sale 1978 1303 Superbeetle convertible, as NEW 23.000 OG miles!!

1978 Mars Red, black interior, black hood, all original, nothing restored, not even “touched up”!

Fuel injected, bone stock original, showroom condition, low mileage Super beetle convertible.

We got this baby from a very close BBT friend to sell for him. The car is still in USA but we can broker from over there and ship worldwide… I drove the car myself and can tell its a dream, like driving a brand new beetle of the showroom floors.

Everything works and everything looks new… car was pampered as a show car its whole life…

You will not come any closer to buying a brand new Super Beetle convertible in 2019!

They don’t come any better, believe me.

Please read carefully; as I still on travel, I can only reply by Email,

and I come back to you within 24 hrs…

So all inquiries on email only to 

For sale: 1958 Super solid nicely faded Glacier blue beetle ragtop

Sometimes people ask me why we choose the name VirginOutlaws
My most frequently answer to that is simply because for cars like this!
This type and style a car must be the DNA for our car dept.
They don’t come more original baby, not even close!
Extreme rock solid, extreme dry, extreme original!