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For Sale 1968 Karmann Ghia Convertible, driver…

First owner and comes with its original bill of sale! Well, let the summer begins!!

2018-04-18 11.18.51_resized

This is what they call in the USA “driver quality”, the car drives, brakes and does everything you need… if you don’t mind, all it needs is a service and check up and you’re ready for the road…

2018-04-18 11.19.09_resized

but.. paint is not perfect, and hood can be considered to be replaced, so why don’t drive it now like it is with minor works and attack a restoration next wintertime? Your decisions!

2018-04-18 11.19.13_resized

Now how stunning it looks? Pretty cool huh?

2018-04-18 11.19.40_resized2018-04-18 11.19.46_resized

Interior is pretty clean, updated few times during its life, this car HAS appeal!

2018-04-18 11.19.51_resized2018-04-18 11.20.01_resized2018-04-18 11.21.34_resized

In general the body is ok… the nose is not all bounced together, and the car is practically rust free!

2018-04-18 11.22.30_resized

Engine is all there and starts and runs, … sounds like a strong engine to us!

2018-04-18 11.23.26_resized

and when all else fails… just Hug your teddy!!

2018-04-18 11.23.31_resized

Underside looks good too!

2018-04-18 11.24.00_resized

Hood still close well, but is patched and the rear window has a major crack…

2018-04-18 11.25.57_resized

This car we couldn’t resist! The history makes part of the deal!!

Original Bill of sale included!


Just pure looking… like it says…I waiting for you! Can you resist? We couldn’t!

2018-04-18 11.29.19_resized

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more pictures and or detail or information, fire all of your questions to

The “catch” of this trip….

While flying home¬† (and be in the plane more than likely when You read this) I show my “catch” from this trip…

From over a hundred cars inspected i only bought 4 this trip, I was picky and the price are very high over here, sometimes even higher as home! While the quality of the cars, well… off course, don’t get any better…

three in a row..._resized.jpg

First I bought this 1960 Karmann Ghia, very solid, (except for floors and engine lid) and 1968 Squareback…

We can sell both cars as is or we can add the magic BBT touch (detail) to it.

Both are perfect untouched “barn finds” , real Virgin Outlaws, and can be very very well mechanical restored and act like beautiful patina survivors!

how it was found...._resized

Secondly I had this 1958 Panel van, with faded logo’s! Needs some TLC but it was smiling, and as You know I crack for something that’s friendly to me…:)


And last but not least I gonna drag this uber cool Type 34 Ghia home… Pigali edition, white with a complete red interior that is.

More rare as rare, if not unique!

Hit in the front in 1980 and indoors stored ever since! The interior is to die for!

2018-04-11 21.49.27_resized.jpg

That was it… I have to move my lazy ass home now and get back to work in the BBT office.. ūüôā


For sale, driver splittie with cool logos and surfboard that needs welding

Let us introduce you our “chicken” kombi!! This is a way to cool bus we simply couldn’t pass, ….:)

2018-03-26 14.36.05_resized

Comes with its own proper surfboard!…:)

How You like the logo’s??

2018-03-26 15.25.32_resized

Needs rockers, outriggers and floors…

2018-03-26 15.25.56_resized

But it’s so uber cool!

2018-03-26 15.26.12_resized

The front panel is still ok!

2018-03-26 15.28.07_resized2018-03-26 15.28.16_resized

Seats been redone already!

2018-03-26 15.28.39_resized

Dash is cool and uncut!

2018-03-26 15.29.02_resized

Cargo area is empty…

2018-03-26 15.29.12_resized2018-03-26 15.30.12_resized

The engine runs and this bus really drives, now, how cool is that??

2018-03-26 15.33.39_resized

Looks way to cool with its surfboard…

2018-03-26 15.35.17_resized

This is a real cool bus! Pretty complete too. It does run, drive and stop. it needs welding but was not messed up yet and is definitely no bondo bucket! Full picture set available!

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For sale; Incredible low mileage all original 1967 Type 3 Fastback. 5762 og kilometers!!

A friend of da Houze asked us for some help to find a good new home for this incredible low mileage all highly original 1967 Fastback.


This car was NEVER restored, never apart and never painted, it is all original and like it left the factory in 1967 still original as it can be! With a mere 5762 kilometers on the clock! that’s less as 5000miles!


This was the Barcelona show car on the Barcelona Spain auto fair  car in 1967 and history only gets more interesting from here! Tyres are still the original (optional) white wall factory tyres!


The brown interior looks like new, and in fact, is still new!


All details of this car looks just plain perfect! Exactly like original, this is what we can call a “reference” car!

27048201638_87707db2ba_o (1)_resized40877175962_306ed954d1_o_resized


Engine was started its whole life on a regular base, at least once a year, well maintained and serviced, this piece of machinery snores like  a kitten!


This is a real survivor, forget about patina, this is original… a reference car “pur sang” NOTHING and absolutely NOTHING can beat originality!

All things comes at a certain price so do not expect to steal this away, but its priced right for what it is.

More original can be thought as illegal, as this is as perfect how You can find a 51-year-old gem!!

More pictures available.

All inquiries only on first come first served!!