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Is Tik-Tok dangerous?
CEO Shou Zi Chew tried to explain the US congress it isn’t.

Maybe CEO’s from Facebook, Twitter, Google and others should be heard as well.
Fact is that too many data mining companies start knowing more about us and our behavior as we do ourselves.

Facebook and Burn-out are two words invented on the same day.
Chinese, American or any other app, its user responsibility what data to share.

But using all App’s with necessary caution is a valuable advice!
BBT website is not a data mining App, don’t worry..

We’re just here to make our VW lives more enjoyable.
Welcome to our weekly News….

This is the lock that keep your bay window sliding door in the open position as long as you want it to be.
We have the spring (HERE) and rubber (HERE) available longer time.

Now we supply the complete unit for your easy VW life, replace, plug and play.
All the parts for your sliding door you can find HERE

7570-000 Sliding door lock mechanism rear complete – Bus 08/67-07/79 (LHD)


Beetles up to 1953 and buses up to 1966 had their brake fluid reservoir mounted directly onto their brake master cylinder.
Between the brake master cylinder and its reservoir was this ring to avoid leaking and strengthen up the bottom of your reservoir.

It’s recommended to replace this ring every time you take the reservoir and master cylinder apart.

1257-212 Seal brake fluid reservoir – Bus -07/66, Beetle -12/53

Besides the ivory white wiper switch knob with 4mm internal thread (HERE) we stock now the same knob also in black color.

2444-146 Wiper switch knob Black (4mm) – Beetle 10/52-07/61, Bus 3/55-07/65

All of our switch knobs you can find HERE



We updated the strength of our 65-67 front brake drums.
In cooperation with prime brake drum manufacturer OMC in Italy we changed the tooling to add metal where the windings are.

This makes the thread hole 9mm deep exactly like original.
This results in more windings and more strength.

Safety before all!
Another BBT exclusive.

1284 Front brake drum 5×205 – Beetle/KG 08/65-07/67, Type181


Over 16 tons of brake drums received this week, so we have all Top Quality OMC brake drums back in stock!

1283 Front brake drum 5×205 – Beetle/kG 10/57-07/65

1286 Front brake drum – 1302/1303


BBT News Team hopes you enjoy first spring weekend fully!

BBT News

Will history repeat?
We are living in exciting times….

In Flanders Fields there’s a monument build after WWI stating “NO MORE WAR” not even 20 years later Germany invaded Poland starting WWII.
After two banks in USA collapsed last week this week Credit Suisse came into a storm… that’s not even 15 years after the last financial crisis.

Wil near future dump us again into trouble with a worldwide crisis?
Or will we start a new episode of the roaring twenties after the Russians finally understand they can’t win this war?

Hard to predict, all we can say for sure is what is new this week with us, to make your Volkswagen life little easier.
Welcome to our BBT News.

We bring you brand new blower motors for 1303 Super Beetle.
After too many years in service most original have seen their use and gave up.

Original delivered only in Deluxe and US market models this blower can be placed in any 1303 Super Beetle.
Exactly like original our Blower motors have two different speeds.

0663-120 Blower motor – Beetle 1303

The suspension rubber to mount this blower motor You can find HERE


Rod bolts for 13-1600cc and WBX VW engines are very particular.
We could persuade the OE manufacturer to make us a new production run.

Absolute exclusive BBT product brought to you with pride.
Will fit all VW Boxer 13-1600cc and Wasserboxer engines, will not fit Type 4 engines.

These bolts are also used on many Volkswagen in line 4 cylinder Diesel and Gas engines.
Check on our Quantity pricing,

1599-100 Rod connecting bolt 13/1600cc – Type1 01/66- and WBX OEM

The specific nut for this rod bolt you can find HERE


25 & 30DIN (36SAE in USA) Hp engines have a very specific oil seal between the oil filler stand and oil filler it selves.
BBT reproduced this special shaped rubber ring for you.

The rubber has a conical intake on top and a conical outside on the bottom for a perfect fit.
Made after NOS examples for perfection.

1849-410 Seal under Oil filler 25/30hp

BBT has a wide range of Oil fillers, gaskets, caps, tools etc. HERE


Standard Kombi’s and utility buses came with a black steering wheel and black inner doorhandles from the assembly lines.

BBT stocks the black color inner cabin door handles for the 1958-1963 buses HERE
Now we do offer the matching collar to the black door handle.

0524-573-1 Collar inner doorhandle cabin door black – Bus 08/58-09/65

All our Bus inner cabin doorhandles, hardware and accessories you can find HERE


Did You know?

BBT gasket sets are made by the OE manufacturer supplied gaskets for the last air-cooled assembly line at the VW factory?
This guarantees our gasket sets from a decent quality.

With a small delay as a Covid problem extension we received our new production gasket sets in our brand new designed dedicated boxes.
Both of our models for 1200cc and 13-1600cc are available now from our shelves.

1771 Engine gasket set 1200cc BBT

1772 Engine gasket set 13/15/1600cc BBT

The BBT News team wish you a very happy weekend…

BBT News

What a wonderful world we’re living in.
Nothing more interesting than people, especially what they do, say or create.

We try to create more and better parts for your Classic Volkswagen.
As every week we like to present you our latest catch.

Back in the day when we needed a replacement central tunnel bottom plate, we just went to the junk yard and cut one out, or killed another kind a donor.

With all Volkswagens being “saved and restored” these days donors become scarce.
This search is over now as we bring you a perfect replacement part.

Age as an enemy, cars get older, wear and rust are simply getting worse.
Whenever your beloved beetle used to have a leaking master cylinder, chances are real you will need a central tunnel bottom plate one day.

With  a total length of 128cm pressed to exact form and dimensions in strong 2mm steel to the correct model for a perfect fit and finish.
A perfect copy from the original made by a small but very passionate manufacturer.

Will fit all Beetles, Type 14 Ghia’s and Type 181/Trekker/Thing , but will not fit 1302/03 super beetles. Sold each.

0869-050 Tunnel bottom repair panel – Beetle, KG, Type181 but not 1302/03 Super Beetle

Bottom plates for frame heads you find HERE



A rattling tailgate rod on BBT Pascal’s own 1962 panel van made us make the original rubber to prevent this irritating noise.

Every 55-63 bus or panel van came from the factory with this small rubber protecting the tailgate rod from rattling during driving.
Unfortunately, most of these rubbers have been long time gone.

Later on Volkswagen used the same rubber on the handle of the central heater divider valve handle down below at your feet in 64 to 72 buses, panel vans and pick-up trucks.

Will fit also all Brazilian made Kombi with small tailgate up to 1992.

Double purpose use made us pay some extra attention to make this rubber to correct dimensions.
Now available from our shelves, sold each.

0157-604 Rubber for tailgate support – Bus 03/55-07/63, lever foot heating valve 04/64-07/72



On top of every 1961 and later steering box are two small white plugs keeping the oil grease mixture inside and dust and dirt outside.
We now bring you these little but necessary plugs.

Will fit all 1961 and later steering boxes on beetles, Type 14 & 34 Ghia’s, Type 181/Trekker/Thing and the entire Type 3 family. Will fit also 1302/03 Super beetles up to 1974 model year.

Will not fit any year VW Buses or 1302/03 super beetles with rack and pinion steering.

Sold each and you will need two per car.

1368-080 Sealing plug steeringbox – Kever/KG 08/61-, 1302/03 -07/74 Type181, Type3 04/61-


The red plug for all bay window bus steering box you find HERE



0540-100 Floor vent cover w/flap left – Beetle 08/69-
0540-110 Floor vent cover w/flap right – Beetle 08/69-


0616-650 Turnsignal housing left – Bus 08/67-07/72
0616-660 Turnsignal housing right – Bus 8/67-07/72

BBT News team wishes you a wonderful and creative weekend.

BBT News

Let’s treat you with another BBT News today, it’s Friday after all.

After a lot of research and even more development we finished the transmission mount for the nose of your bay window transmission 1972 on.

For 72-79 buses there are two different mounts.
In our research we found out that 002 transmissions have a different nose mount than 091 transmissions.

The forks from the transmission nose mount for 002 transmissions are slightly longer.
If you use a 091 nose mount on a 002 transmission the forks do not completely fill up the bracket on the chassis.

This is quite easy to explain as the 091 transmission is slightly longer than its 002 predecessor.
091 and 002 transmissions are easy recognizable by the VW numbers on the transmission starts with either 002 or 091.

Weird thing is that Volkswagen uses the same part number for both, just superseded 002 transmission nose mount with the 091 one.
We bring back both models, with a different BBT number.

002 transmission nose mount is now ready and presented on picture below.
091 Transmission nose mount is in production as we speak and will become soon available.

Mounting brackets to mount these 72-79 transmission nose mounts are the same for both models HERE
Proudly BBT production on private tooling.

1489-765 Transmission mount on transmission nose (002) – Bus 08/71-07/79 BBT

Nose transmission mounts for 68-71Bay windows you find HERE


1972-1979 Bay window buses use specific nuts to adjust their emergency brake cables.
These specific nuts are square and bent fit for a13mm wrench.

The bent side is made to secure and stay in place, easy and effective.
No lock nut needed.

BBT brings back this original style bent nut produced on our private tooling.
Sold by the pair.

BBT carries many parts for bay window emergency brakes which you can find HERE

0929-210 Nuts for handbrake cable – Bus 08/71-07/79 (pair) BBT


We also finished this shift rod boot for T25/T3/Vanagon.
T25/T3/Vanagon uses two different shift rod boot, early and late.

79-82 T25/T3/Vanagon used to have a smaller diameter shift rod use a boot with a smaller diameter center hole.
Obsolete for years BBT decided to bring those back.

Early T25/T3/Vanagon have the right on their own correct parts too!
Sold each, proudly BBT producion on private tooling.

We upgraded later model shift rod boot as well what can be found here below.

1409-609 Boot for shift rod gearbox (091) – Bus 05/79-07/82 BBT



As above we also updated the production 83-92 shift rod boot for your T25/T3/Vanagon.
Because of new private tooling we could increase the quality and drop the prices significantly.
Also check our quantity pricing.

1409-610 Boot for shift rod gearbox – Bus 08/82-07/92 BBT



Many more items came back availble in last couple of weeks, we highlight some strong sellers for you, don’t miss out!

8061 Plate for chassis bolt


0362-5 Window sash – Bus 08/67-07/79

BBT News team wishes you a splendid weekend!

BBT News

Exactly one year ago Russia started the war with Ukraine.
What the Russian President Putin and many thought that the Western world was totally spoiled and at the end of its raison d’etre proved completely wrong.

The Western world showed a lot of unity and act together like one big block.
Our Western aim and force are still to defend our system of democracy and culture of freedom, rightly so.

Or as a friend of Da Houze stated yesterday, we can see the speech of President Putin, but Russians can’t see the speech of President Biden or NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg.
Our freedom gives us power for doing nice things, like collecting classic cars and so much more.

To help and support that hobby we, @ BBT, try to help with good and usable parts to keep your classic Volkswagen on the road or make your restoration a more easy one.
Every week we present what’s new and updated, welcome to our BBT News.


We start with simple necessary things that the brake system of your split window bus really needs.
These brand new clamp brackets  support your brake hose on your front spindles.

It prevents your brake hose from rubbing during steering in order not to damage and keep your brake system safe.
Many times missing, bend, damaged, or rusted, we now offer  the perfect brand new replacement.

Originally mounted behind your grease nipples.
Proudly produced by BBT after absolute NOS samples.

The rear brake line clamp and guide kit you can find HERE

1269-210 Brake hose clamp left (front axle) – Bus -07/67
1269-215 Brake hose clamp right (front axle) – Bus -07/67


We also finished our brand new suspension stop supports for the rear suspension of your beloved Beetle and Type 3.
These suspension supports mount on the swing axle rear spring plates and hold the rubber suspension stop.

Our brand new suspension stop holders will fit all Swing axle beetles and Ghia’s 1959 on and all Type 3 with swing axle suspension.
These suspension support holders are brand new BBT production after absolute NOS samples.

The suspension stop rubbers made by BBT are the exact 75mm length and can be found HERE

1457-050 Support suspension stop rear left – Beetle 08/59-, Type3 BBT
1457-060 Support suspension stop rear right – Beetle 08/59-, Type3 BBT


We also finished our fuel line bracket.
This little bracket holds and guides your fuel line on the left side of your fan shroud in your engine compartment.

Originally you cut open a short length of fuel line, ply over your steel fuel line and push in this bracket holder.
The little piece of rubber fuel line will protect the steel fuel line from rubbing and damage.

For first generation 34 DIN HP engines (40HP SAE for our American friends) we have the steel fuel line from fuel pump to chassis HERE
For later engines the fuel line is in development and we hope to release soon.

0979-520 Clamp fuel line on fan shroud – Type1 (not 25/30hp) BBT


We changed manufacturer and supplier for our early spring plates as our initial production proved to be incorrect.
A mule keeps going so we started a second production with an other manufacturer with much better result.

The spring plates from our new production  fit perfectly and the surface protection is much better.

We’re proud we now offer  the perfect solution spring plate replacement for your 52-59 Beetle and Ghia.

BBT produces since longer time the correct spring plate covers for 52-59 beetles and Ghias HERE
Spring plates for 1960 and later model beetles and Ghia’s with swing axle rear suspension can be found HERE

1437-105 Spring plate rear, left/right – Beetle 10/52-07/59

Many parts came back in stock last couple of weeks, let highlight some for you….

1457 Bumpstop rear axle (75mm) – Beetle/KG 08/59-, Type3

Besides German made HJS HERE we also have  our own production of exhaust gasket and bracket set.

1001 Exhaust gasket & bracket – BBT

1314-100 Tower rubber stop on shock absorber – Super Beetle -07/73 (1)

 The BBT news team wishes you a relaxed weekend.