Friday Product Update! Mc Pherson strut housings and IRS trailing arms now in stock, ready for delivery!

From sunny California where rust is not a main issue we brought a large amount of 1302/03 Mc Pherson struts and IRS rear trailing arms.

We have all models in stock now… nicely sorted out with part numbers  easy for You to order the right parts!

Replace your rusted out strut or trailing arm with these solid used original VW parts!


1454-202 Trailing arm ‘IRS’ left single leafspring (used)

1454-203 Trailing arm ‘IRS’ right single leafspring (used)

1454-200  Trailing arm ‘IRS’ left double leafspring (used)



1454-201  Trailing arm right double leafspring ‘IRS’ (used)


1386-000  Strut Super Beetle left -07/73 (used)

1386-100  Strut left  Super Beetle 08/73- (used)

1386-010  Strut Super Beetle right -07/73 (used)

1386-110  Strut right  Super Beetle 08/73- (used)

1386-190  Suspension spring  Super Beetle (used)





For Sale: Atlamatic, Fully functional VW powered Forklift!

Lift your stuff with VW power with this fully operational forklift that’s powered with real aircooled VW power. Atlamatic made many Forklifts with VW power, but this one is a real nice and fully operational example….


Happy Valentine!

February 14 real lovers celebrate Valentine… and we do all love our Volkswagens don’t we?????

This is what we call “COOL”!!

Not always VW’s, we’re car guys at BBT, and this is the coolest thing we saw lately!

The all original vintage Belly pan racer from Jeff Zwart recently displayed at the Cars and Coffee in Malibu California, cool as hell… not restored nor polished, just sits “like it is”….

Belly tanks are extra gas tanks from airplanes from the world war to get planes the extra fuel needed to cross the pacific or atlantic oceans, the stream line was perfect so many made racers out of them after the war, mostly destroyed, only few real nicely finished, even less kept as they raced… Jeff Zwart still has his “as was” and displayed recently at Cars and Coffee in Malibu California, now how cool is that?

Jeff Zwart is a 8 times Pikes peak class winner, a legend on his own and for sure knows how to enjoy life!