1963 Boat show

Loved this picture from the 1963 Boat show… where they show 3 VW buses, perfect for fishing trips…

If a time machine existed we wouldn’t mind to go back there and stroll around for a couple of hours…

Eric, thank you so much for this cool picture!

Happy sunday to everybody, from snowy white Belgium, enjoy!!

A cool trip through the dessert….

BBT customer and Friend of Da Houze Len works and lives in Dubai… on his off days he drives his splitty right through the dessert.

Real hot trips but cool picture moments, his favourites are the camels in in the picture for sure!

Who can’t dream by checking these pictures…

BBT news

Already the second BBT News for you in 2021, wow how what times flies and what a roller coaster these two weeks have been.

You must be a real crazy criminal to risk things to get famous these days. Headlines & covers from newspapers or magazines will not be about you, unless you do real crazy stuff… our newspapers are full with Covid, Corona and all side effects of the pandemic right now and rightly so…

One big exception… a president that called all his followers and fans for marching “TO” and even “IN” his own parlament… who’s the criminal and what’s a dictator?  Wow, that was crazy enough to get the headlines… for rest of the world this president didn’t care, but he lost elections, and cried like a baby.

He still keeps on telling about (unproven) election fraud, and the total corrupt election system. He only forgot he was elected by that exactly same system a mere 4 years ago….

Next week it will be over, finally, a president that will go into history as a divider of his nation, how crazy can it be? Believe us when we write that this president made things a lot more expensive for the people in the street… rich people don’t care too much, they pay the price.

But if you work for a salary, and things like transport of containers and raw materials move up 200 or 300% you will pay more cashing out at your local grocery store…. that’s what you get when you divide your nation, and the rest of the world with that…

Rich becomes richer (the above mentioned 200 and 300% goes ito somebodies pockets) but the lower and middle class pay the price…

Let’s hope the next president is strong enough to unite again. Pumping billions into to the market could be a start to make sure the current lock downs doesn’t end in a great the depression again like in the roaring thirties….

Well BBT didn’t march to the capitol, we never will, don’t worry… we stayed in our HQ, watched news with an half of an eye as we focused on more new products and executed a lot of tests on products in development. At this given time we have over 50 new products in development…:)

In our weekly Silver Weld Through container we had some new products last week and we also enlarged our seat cover program for bus… front seat cover sets for early bay window are covered now we started our part numbering system for late bay window bus seat covers, a very interesting journey that was…:)

Let’s introduce you what’s new with us in the last week…



We simply will not stop our Silver Weld Through top quality restoration metal parts for your splitty bus until we get all and every single panel that VW used to make for the bus between 1955 and 1967.

We’re also very happy that a lot of our silver Weld Through metal is used to restore Brazilian buses… although the model years are quite different as from their German counterparts, there are a lot of parts which fit the Brazilian Kombi. The more buses we can save and rescue, the happier our investments make us!

We start this week with a cross plate between the chassis legs in the front of your bus. As all of our SWT metal parts this part is also perfectly designed through reverse engineering. Deep draw stamped (where you put first tension on the metal before you form it) and impeccable finished.

Test fitted by pros and produced by a factory with a big HEART for our bus… there’s really no substitute…. unless you could find a NOS part, what’s likely close to impossible…

0890-616 Reinforcement plate between front chassis beams – Bus 03/55-07/67 LHD

We also finished our B posts. 3 models to choose from.
Developed through our well proven reverse engineering process, deep draw pressed with necessary knowledge and assembled with great care!

Tested by pros with great satisfaction.
Replace now you’re rusted out or bent B post with a part in the quality your bus deserves…..

0890-908 B-post Complete Left, non-cargodoor – Bus 01/64-07/67


0890-909 B-post Complete Left, cargodoor – Bus 01/64-07/67



0890-911 B-post Complete Right, cargodoor – Bus 01/64-07/67



On our seat cover program we add the seat cover set for the early bay window (T2a) 1/3 & 2/3 front seat configuration in original basket weave with vertical seams in beige color.

Sold as a set of 4 for both front seats.

All of our seat covers for bay window bus you can find HERE. We continiously enlarge our seat cover program,

If you don’t find the seat covers you’re looking for we can make a  ‘special order’ for you, contact us for more information on special orders on Info@BBT4vw.com

3165-511 Front seat covers beige 1/3 2/3 – Bus 08/67-07/72 basket weave (vertical seams)



Totally unhappy with the existing totally incorrect Chinese reproduction or incomplete Brazilian parts we tooled up for our own mounting set for your original front shock absorbers for 1965 and later beetles (not Super Beetle 1302-1303)

First we redesigned the steel pressed part. We started from an existed tooling, but we’ve been able to modify it processing exact like the original part.

Also the large top washer was redesigned to assemble correctly like the original.
Secondly we reviewed all rubber and gave it all correct density and hardness.

Last but not least we made a complete new tooling for the cap. And made the cap in black like your beetle came from the factory, brand new super proud… with black dust caps over its front shocks….

We spend quite some time on this project as we wanted it to be a good one… and when we succeed with a result as this, we’re kind of proud. With parts like this we feel to help the VW community to assemble cars better and more correct. Safety and labor joy aside!

Insist on BBT parts, if you want to restore your car the closest to original specs, it will be hard to find substitutes or alternatives. BBT parts are available worldwide at the  better VW parts shop.

1314 Top mounting for front shockabsorder – Beetle/KG 08/65-, Type181 with black dustcap


Now all is said and the news is brought.  all that rest is to wish you a real relaxed weekend…

Wrench that VW if you have some time, nothing more fun as a winter VW wrenching day!