Summer is officially over!


As for these kids the moment they had ice cream from an oval window beetle towed trailer, summer of 2021 will be also for us a vague memory soon….

Fall is here to predict winter time is coming…

No ice cream on the street anymore….:(

Happy memories, happy Sunday!

BBT News


At the end of a heavy week with loads of news from everywhere we come as always as your known value on friday…

Welcome to BBT news

In our Silver Weld Through program we build further in our aim to supply all panels for your beloved Split window bus.
This week we’re happy to announce the short sides for the ’67 single cab pick-up truck to complete our range.

Your treasure chest configuration (left, right or double) will tell you wich one you need.
We have both available, left or right.

The long sides are under development and we expect them to be ready anytime soon
Click HERE to discover our magic SWT world, we update our reader catalog weekly.

0890-957 Side panel short left pick-up (single cab) – Bus 08/66-07/67 SWT

0890-959 Side panel short right pick-up (single cab) – Bus 08/66-07/67 SWT

We knew it was missing in our range, but not any longer.
This shift rod guide bracket is used in all beetles, Ghia’s, 181 and type 3’s, but especially also Vw bus/Kombi up to 1966.

It sits under your shifter and holds the bushing for your shift shaft….
We tested several fabrications and brands, and we selected ours as perfect price quality match.

See our range of shift shafts and shift shaft guides HERE

1407-150 Shift Rod Guide Bracket – Beetle -07/79, Bus -07/66, KG, Type3, Type181

Sometimes we find missing items in our range and here was no different.
The rear sway bar or Z bar, whatever you like to call it, helps to prevent your car from oversteering in corners and keeps your beloved Beetle or Ghia straight in high speed turns.

Volkswagen added these rear sway bars as standard equipment on their 1966 and later Beetle deluxe and export and all their Ghia models.
The components go bad after a while and these bespoke covers will eventually rust out.

We used to have the outside covers already for years, but now we add the inner cover as well.
We have several rubbers and the links separately, we even supply a complete repair kit.

All rear sway bar goodies can be found HERE

1456-011 Cover for rubber on rear sway bar inside – Beetle/KG 08/66-

Finally we finished our oil pump covers with a more than happy result..
After many trials and errors we now have a perfect quality oil pump cover exactly like original.

The big secret to make those right is that they need to be cup grinded, one by one.
Not the most difficult process, but a time consuming handling which  reflects mainly in the price.

We made a special set up to cup grind these covers in series that worked wonder well and ends up in an affordable price.
Perfect quality @ affordable prices to let our hobby grow and keep our beloved ones on the road.

Our BBT oil pump covers will fit any aircooled VW oil pump mounted with 8mm studs.

1805-01 Oil pump cover original

And as every week lately we got loads of parts back in stock.
Nasty backorders fill up slowly but surely..

Some examples from a long list…

1773-100 Valve cover Type4

0031 Bumper bracket seal front & rear – Beetle 1200 -07/73, 1300 -07/67, KG -07/71

0476-1 Clip for chrome molding for roof

2209-102 Washer cooling fan – 12/13/15 & 1600 cc

1205-130 Master cylinder with servo without ABS + inspection light – Bus 05/79-07/92 / ATE

1070-031 Exhaust heat transfer right – Bus CT 07/80-12/82

0463-9 Seal for side mirror – Beelte 08/67-

0659-050 Ignition starter switch steering lock 36mm – Beetle 08/60-07/67, Bus Brasil -96

1254-330 Brakeline kit – Bus 08/70-07/79 with servo

BBT News Team wish a super relax fall weekend, enjoy….