Some old German city views….

How the streets looked in the fifties and sixties in Germany?

Packed with Volkswagens…:)

Enjoy and happy Sunday!

Thanks to Hubert for the picture credit!

BBT News

Being in a Corona red zone with a real hot heatwave… It’s a once in a lifetime experience…

While very sorry for shops that need to generate their income from foreigners or people from out of our own area, for us @ BBT, it gives a certain safe feeling, we know where we can go and nobody else is coming to infect us… ah, that’s cool.

Meanwhile we keep sending out more and more parcels, which makes up for our shop’s closure, although plans are to re-open later on this year with extra safety measures…
Large orders and our delivery tours stay very stable, so far all ok as we say…. and the virus, we strongly believe  we will have to learn with it, it’s here to stay and we do not see it going back to “normal” anytime soon….

So we generate more and more new products to make our life in Corona times more and more interesting and to restore our cars to perfection!



This week we start with some parts for our 181, thing, trekker, kubel or whatever you name it friends…
There are two small items that lock the front windshield when it’s turned down on the front hood.

The rubber is mounted on the front hood, while the little pin is mounted on the front windshield post.
The rubber clamps the pin down. So the windshield is a  kind of fixed to the front hood, which prevents the windshield from bouncing up and down….

A real necessity for every 181 lover.

7320-105  Rubber windshield frameholder on front hood – Type181


7320-110 Locking pin for windshield frame on hood – Type181


We also stock the missing C-post for the non treasure chest side of a single splittie pick up, as well as for the double cab both sides.

0890-919-1 C-post Pick-up – Bus -07/67




Rubber mount for Super Beetle fresh air blower motor.
Always broken, till now impossible to find.

We made ours from incredible difficult to find NOS parts, they’re perfect.
We made this on request of an Italian customer, they seem to go bad even faster in hot dry climates.

We priced these to sell… we made many, so there cannot be any reason not to replace them.
A broken mount can result in a broken blower and annoying noises.

0785-50 Rubber mount fresh air ventilator – Super Beetle


We made the gear box mount at the nose of the Sport-O-Matic (Auto Stick) gear box…
We know it’s a not so common market; but feel the Sport-O-Matic should be recognized.

We made it exactly like the NOS samples we started from.
We priced it real sharp as all of our engine and transmission mounts…

It’s our philosophy that we will offer all different engine and transmission mounts, also for models they didn’t produce in the crazy numbers.
With that we work also on many other transmission mounts.

1485-050 Transmount front Sportomatic -07/72



Emergency brake boot for real early beetles.

This is the brown color with a grain structure surface that we add in our line of our black one BBT # 0707-001.

Started from absolutely NOS samples we first made the injection tooling with smooth surface to produce the black color BBT # 0707-001.

Once the smooth black ones have been produced, we edged the tooling for the brown production with the typical grain.
We succeeded wonder well…The final result is stunning.

These early E-Brake boots are always missing or completely torned on pre 1953 beetles.
NOS examples saw crazy selling prices into the hundreds lately…

This is your perfect alternative in very original looking way.
We like to thank Jacques Mertens and Jean-Marie Verhulst, two die hard Belgian VW enthusiasts and collectors, for their help in the development of this product..

0707-002 Emergency brake boot Deluxe – Beetle -03/53 brown BBT

The BBT news team wishes you a wonderful weekend in our current heatwave… a couple of cold ones will be help to withstand the heat… cheers!

How to make a real road movie in the fifties?

Good friend of da Houze Eric got this crazy tri-pod from an ex American soldier who brought it home after his service in Germany.
Eric waited over two years till the stars where good aligned to try out this tri-pod and succeeded wonder well, he shared some pictures for all of us to see this really rarest of the rare of automobilia accessories…

Cool stuff Eric, thanks for sharing_

The warehouse expansion is in fulll force…

The former BBT showroom transform in to warehouse slowly but surely…

The Corona crisis learned us another time we can only sell what we have. If our program is our bouncing heart, our inventory is as the lungs for our company.

As many times stated before we simply can’t sell what we don’t have.

Going into to modern fashion business as “Just in Time” and the like, don’t work for us.

We serve our customer what they need when the need.

In order to do that we decided we need more meters shelves… many more meters shelves…

The whole BBT building is now strictly only parts, parts parts…. 4200m2 to serve you….