Friday Product Update

This neat little accessory was original installed in your Deluxe bus from 1955 up to 1963, this little cute extra always intrigued me strongly as it was almost always broken or missing, I tried to collect as many as I came across over the years but never came very far! Finally we have these back available so You can finish that beautiful interior in style!

0784-740  Coat hook Deluxe – Bus 03/55-07/63


Our ever-expanding range of white wall rings enlarged with this ubercool wide white wall… for all of your 16 inch tyre guru’s… check out our complete line of white walls HERE

2539-916  White wall ring (BIG) 16″ (4 piece)


High demand made us search High and Low to find these quality lifters… More Type 4 engines reach our shores and demand for Type 4 engine parts is on the rise, BBT try to help pieces.  our trusty customers to enlarge the range of Type 4 engine parts, these OE replacement hydraulic lifters being a nice add-on to our ever-growing type product line!

We sell them in a set of  8 pieces.

1634-100  Lifterkit hydraulic – Type 4 / WBX / CT/CZ (8 pieces)


The back of your generator hold your cooling fan, or at least that’s on your Type 1 engine that way. We offer now the nut that holds the fan in place on your generator! Very special designed nut that VW used almost forever on all Type 1 engines. get your replacement now.

2209-104  Nut cooling fan – Type1 engine


Our German rubber manufacturer delivered some of our back orders and so we have these kits back available now!

0336  Windowrubberkit  ‘old type Deluxe’ 58-64
0339  Windowrubberkit ‘new type Deluxe’ 1303

BBT FPU team wish you all a very lay back weekend!

Lost and found… some abounded cars I saw on my last California trip….

The USA is a country of cars, they’re literally everywhere… also and many times abounded… but even then they’re many times to cool to just pass by, I share a couple of cool ones with you…. most are not for sale….

Patina in California means burned and baked by the sun, but it’s so cool, especially on a Beetle!

A 356 that will never be a 356 anymore… abounded in a barn, untouched for at least 20 years, cool find, but way too much of a  job….

Another 356 an SC is sitting as well, looks good on pictures, but is in terrible condition… was a cool day out, but no business here!

Amazon in the field… with its eyes popping out of the front window…:)

This was my favorite of this trip… an ” Idontknowwhatyear” Packard. This car had just the right amount of Patina it sat nice and complete just waiting… should have bought it, but passed it up…

More Packard!

and an old Mercedes Benz 0319 truck… crazy cool…:)

Oh yes, don’t You use your beetle convertible to feed your cat? Convertibles make such cool pet tables! ….:)

Another I couldn’t resist to take a picture… an old Buick convertible… don’t know anything about them, but they’re so freakin cool… just sittin’….

and so the trip came to an end… some cool stuff is coming home… the hunt was good! Now I have first to fight my jet lag and get back to my real work! Can’t wait on my next trip out!

Friday Product Update

After Bugpack was sold to Empi we came to the end of our economic header system from Bugpack after going through all of our stocks. Because Empi do not supply the quality we liked we teamed up with Tri-Mil for a good quality-price sports exhaust line in our economic range. Tri-Mil is a long time in existence exhaust manufacturer and is very happy they have with BBT now a very strong distributor for the European market.

We have the most common and asked for models in stock now, ready for immediate delivery…

3290-100  Exhaust Type 1 – 4 in 1 header for 1300-1600cc – Tri-Mil


3290-200  Single muffler Quiet pack – Tri-Mil


3290-220  Muffler ‘California’ – Tri-Mil


3290-500 Ceramic Type 1 4 in 1 header + S.Q.P. muffler 13/1600 – Tri-Mil


The new Airmighty is out! Order yours now!

9496-26  Airmighty 26


We got the floorpans for the Karmann Ghia (Type 14) and 181 back in stock! Order yours now!

0889-25 Half floor pan, left


0889-26 Half floor pan, right

The BBT FPU team wish You a well deserved relaxed weekend!

Some fun in california, two very weird cars!

When picking up my trailer from my friend rich he asked me if I knew somebody for these two weird cars he had he like to sell…. first was a VW country buggy, with a hard top! the only one known in America…. good body condition, was running and driving when parked 5 years ago….

Looks cool huh, lurking from under its tree…:)

The second one is even a more crazy one, an early bay window to car transporter conversion, with full 911 mechanics,

It needs a complete restoration, but its all there!

if You have interest or know anybody…. i can put You into contact with my friend Rich, and you guys can talk….

So will there be some more interesting weird things this trip? Well stay tuned and read out of my own Blog!