Home delivery….

Thirsty? The spring is in the air and the brewery used to deliver your favourite drinks at your house… wouldn’t that be wonderful in these times?

Yes its a barndoor

Thanks to Jos to share this picture he found on the WWW


No further comments needed…

Friday Thank You Day!

In these Corona times we will replace Friday news and make it Friday Thank You day….

Thanks You to all people who work to help keep our world turning… Nurses, doctors on top, people from supermarkets, garbage collectors, police officers, politicians, experts, specialists You name it, there’s plenty….

A big warm heart to all those people… we,  @ BBT and all of our families, do really appreciate what you’re guys are doing… congratulations and hope we may count on you…we need you!


Corona lockdown gives opportunities!

Eric, friend of Da Houze, takes this times of lockdown to detail his newly acquired all Original Single cab splittie….

A task he takes very very serious,

We will try report about this single cab when ready….

Installing of new doorpanels….

This rat hung itselves years ago, under the parcel shelf… just crazy to discover…:)

Headlight buckets and wiring gets a clean up and all-electric connections been cleaned and checked all at once….

Hope this is inspiring for many of you… Corona times gives opportunities to work and detail on your cars.

To help You out BBT offers free shipping for all of our Belgian customers as long as Belgian lockdown regulations are in place…

Visit our online store on https://shop.bbt4vw.com (only for shipments to Belgian customers)

For other countries contact us on Info@BBT4vw.com for a BBT distributor that’s still operating near to you!

Be safe, keep distance and wash hands!