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The World championship soccer kicked off in Qatar.

Should a soccer championship be a platform to make political statements?
Or should sport stand above that discussion?

Not an easy game to play.

Nothing to see with soccer as our “GOAL” is to make your VW world a better one.
This week we enter an extra line of engine bearings, for you to choose from …. without penalties.

BBT is adding Silverline engine bearings to our program!
We complete our VW engine bearing line and also added the Silverline brand.

Together with Mahle, Sintermetal and Kolbenschmidt bearings we now have the most comprehensive line of engine bearings on the market.
Our direct imports guarantee very sharp pricing.



The brand new BBT engine bearing tables will guide you for easy search to the correct engine bearings for your engine.
Click on your desired type of engine bearing below for easy navigation.

Main bearings  Type1

Main bearings Type4

Main bearings 25/30 DIN HP (36SAE)

Main bearings WBX

Rod bearings

For camshaft bearings click HERE

Enjoy your favorite sports game and keep fighting for human rights, but maybe not on the same platform.
Enjoy these last couple of beautiful fall weekends with your VW, winter is calling soon!

BBT News team wishes you an all fun and leisure, happy weekend!

BBT News


With the midterm elections America voted different as expected.
So different even Mr. Donald Trump put himself back as candidate for President 2024.

Looking forward how that will end after he kind a lost last three elections.
Like a rocket up or down perhaps?

About rockets, a Russian missile not launched by Russia landed on NATO country Poland.
That is weird and gave high tension.

Investigation is not open to everybody, only to selected few…
It was “not intended” and “an accident” or “mistake.”

If that is true, we can only thank God for that.
If it is not what would be the truth?

Is anybody waiting on an escalation? Not us for sure!
BBT News hereby might not be a missile, but investigation is open to all, feel free to join….

BBT’s rocket launch this week of our brand-new side gates for your split window double cab pick-up truck!
After the success from the single cab side gates, we tooled up for the double cab side gates.
As our first production sold out before delivery, we waited this next delivery to officially launch those cool babies.

Our double cab side gates we developed with the experience and wisdom gained from our single cab side gate production.
The very particular forms and profiles request a very particular way of production.
We start working now on Bay window single and double cab side gates.

0168-135 Drop gate left Double cab – Bus -07/67 SWT
0168-145 Drop gate right Double cab – Bus -07/67 SWT

Tail gate is the same for single or double cab click HERE
Side gates for single cab click HERE
Hardware for side gates you find HERE



We offer now also the eyelets from our drop gates separately.
These eyelets assure your canvas fixation.
Sold each.

0168-020 Weld on eye for tarpaulin pick up – Bus 08/52-07/79 SWT

0890-376 Rear corner complete – right – Bus 08/61-12/63 SWT


0890-877 Roof gutter left SWT
0890-878 Roof gutter right (For cargo doors) SWT


1721 New cylinder head dual port with valves


0890-924 D-post left Pick-up – Bus -07/67 SWT


1302-1 Shockabsorber front – Bus 08/67-07/79


1481 Trans mount rear left/right -71 (1)

The BBT News team wish you a rocket science weekend of wisdom!

SWT baywindow panel in progress

Our first hit on a new SWT baywindow panel has been done.
We are now working on a restrike and hopefully we can have the 1st sample ready soon…

We’ll be making the following models:
0891-331 Rr side panel T2b left Bus 08/70-07/79
ch nr. 211 2000 000-
OE 244 809 163A
0891-335 Rr side panel T2b Right Bus 08/73-07/79
ch nr. 214 2000 000-
OE 241 809 164C

BBT News


Did you trick or treat?
Halloween is like an entry of the extended holiday season, Thanksgiving is coming up, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, St Maarten, St Nicolas, X-Mas, New Year, all consumption related holidays. Man can ask if we get only ”get off” to spend money, right?

Consumption is a problem, both good and bad.
Without consumption no or little economy, but also no landfills and no waste of energy…
It’s a double feeling, are you doing good? Or doing bad? Most importantly, reading this, you’re aware, that’s a good start.

Another good start for an answer to that question is durability. Of course we have to spend money and let the world running. But maybe we should think more about durable goods, goods that stand….
What is more durable than classic cars? They’re here to stay, don’t get recycled anymore. The few that will get lost from here will be donor cars for others.

Also reproduction parts, if chosen right, can be an addition to let survive your classic ride. So reproduction parts can be considered durable in most cases, if they’re the quality that your car desires.
We, @ BBT, are working continuously to make our parts better, the many feedback swe receive we use them well.

Think about durable goods when you have to buy presents for your beloved ones, keep it durable and help our planet… our kids will need a livable planet as well.


We expand our Silver Weld Through range with this inner front valence for Right Hand drive buses up to 1967.

0890-180-1 Inner front valance with brackets RHD – Bus -07/67 SWT

Inner front valence for Left Hand drive split window bus you can find HERE



We now stock  a new premium quality in Dual Circuit Brake Master Cylinder for your beetle.
After ATE Germany stopped and ATE Brazil seemed different than Europeans, we now changed to German FTE, top notch quality brand for an affordable price.

FTE Dual Circuit Brake Master Cylinders  come complete with dual brake light switches.

Order yours now!

1202-1 Mastercylinder – Beetle/KG 08/67-, Type181 – double circuit / FTE

TRW Varga Brake master cylinder you can find HERE




0005-5 Bumper rear – Beetle 08//74- (EUR) square model – Brazilian chrome


2194-0-130 Fuel jet 130 Solex/Brosol/Empi

1256 Brass T piece brake line connector

The BBT News team wishes you a good weekend!