Garden sheds…

Totaly illegal today, but back in the day it was fancy to have a VW bus as a garden shed.

Especially when it was a barndoor!

A new coat of paint was mandatory…

Garden shed Sunday… perfect corona proof…enjoy!

Fast splittie on the track!

Check out this cool movie from a splittie that race a real Ferrari on the Monza Formula 1 race track in Italy…



Video not visible? Click HERE



BBT News

Following the news we can tell almost certainly that Joe Biden will become the new president of the United States.

Is this important? Guess so, to all of our knowledge the president of the USA still is the most powerful man in charge …worldwide…

The surer it becomes the more stabilized you see the markets moving…. Will he be good? Will he be better? We all doubt, our Western system is too divided now to reach larger targets. We’re not a team anymore, we’re a bunch of individuals who all think they know the best for themselves. Way too little feeling with the community we’re living in.

My land is your land, sings the song… humble people worked hard to build up our nations, to build up our part of what we call the Western world. We laughed with all others, felt superior and still do for many things. But now other economies are rising and will become at least as good, probably better than ours… raise and fall, ashes to ashes, dust to dust…. it’s our time in history now….

Will this new president change all that? For sure not…. But he might give hope to some and hopefully he can convince most of the US citizens to get a job, have to work, if they don’t want their nation to be  fade away.

We all need to work… You have to earn your money, free doesn’t exist, unfortunately, always somebody has to pay the bills…

We choose to pay this week for more new parts for all of you….welcome to BBT News….

We start this week with the cover on the bulkhead.
This cover was made to give a nicer finish and not to tear your upholstery there apart.

Originally this cover came only in deluxe buses, but we can strongly advise in just any bus.
We made this bulkhead top cover as a part of our Silver Weld Through line, even it’s not welded.

Fits all buses with early or late bulkhead, as Brazilian made buses as well.

Next we like to present you the shims to adjust the play in Brazilian bus steering boxes.

Brazilian bus steering box is available under BBT # 1368-205

Brazilian bus steering box will NOT fit European models.
You will need  these shims to adjust the play from these steering boxes, if you’re working on it.

Available in 3 different sizes.

1368-206 Shim 0.05mm for Steering box – Bus Brasil -83
1368-207 Shim 0.12mm for Steering box – Bus Brasil -83
1368-208 Shim 0.25mm for Steering box – Bus Brasil -83

We decided also to stock from now on the heater rings to sew in your carpet in the front near your heater outlets.

We start with the real round ones for split window beetles, soon we will have the later models as well.

For the late model beetles these rings have been replaced by plastic caps with heater traps you can find HERE

0540-070 Foot heater rings chrome- Beetle -03/52


Our real German made Type 4 exhausts came back in  stock.
Ready for delivery….

1078 Exhaust Type4 – german

Another week passed by and slowly we’re heading to the last month of the year, what a year!

For all of our American friends, fans, supporters, suppliers and customers we wish a happy Thanksgiving…
Stay tuned for more updates and news on this BBT Blog, your premium information channel for aftermarket Classic Volkswagen parts.

Happy weekend!