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The Corona virus still predicts the markets, Italy has his own “closed” Corona province. In Japan schools will be closed for the next couple of weeks, there are now people infected on all continents, it’s becoming a real problem worldwide, a new world issue that we will have to learn to live with it. 80% of the infected people heal without treatment, 15% need treatment and 5% will pass away. It will be the same as the flu, we know for so long and kills yearly 40.000 people only in Europe, more than Corona has killed in total so far…

Trump’s visit to India was one with a lot of poeha. Wow he almost looked like a rock star in that big stadium. Well maybe he would be a good rock star, or the best as he would describe it.

The new clash between EU and UK is on, this time about the new treaty…. Really wonder how this gonna end …

Besides all this world news BBT stays busy bringing you more and better parts for our beloved Classic Volkswagens. Also this week  we like to present some new goodies and some last inventory of products we run out to replace with more needed product.


The lower part of the A-pillar on your Bay window bus is many times in a real sorry shape.
There are no complete A-pillars on the market yet for the early bay windows, most of the times only lower section is needed anyway.
Hereby we offer you the perfect solution for the lower 20 cm for your A-pillars of your Bay Window, because she deserves it!
We deliver in set of three separate pieces for easy welding together in place. Two different styles to choose from for early or late bay…
Parts are made and shaped 100% like original.

0891-012 A-post bottom repair (20cm) – Bus 08/67-07/72 Left
0891-013 A-post bottom repair (20cm) – Bus 08/67-07/72 Right



0891-016 A-post bottom repair (20cm) – Bus 08/72-07/79 Left
0891-017 A-post bottom repair (20cm) – Bus 08/72-07/79 Right



This is the thick, fat rubber on the upper track for your Bay window sliding door.

VW placed this as a nice finishing touch of the interior and also for all stupid guys like us, so they won’t hurt ourselves (too much) banging your head against the thick steel track getting in or out the bus…..

7570-035 Rubber inner top slidingdoortrack – Bus 08/67-07/79



More splittie bus … now we have the missing link in our program! Literally!

Splittie bus wiper mechanisms up to 1964 had a single wiper motor with a system of rods for easy trouble-free operation. We already  had  the always missing loose rod under BBT 2471-106 and also the ball joints under BBT 2471-105  and now we add the fixed rod under BBT 2471-107 brand new in the program, together with the wiper shafts BBT ref 2471-10. You can build an all new wiper operating system around your wiper engine.

If you’re fancy to upgrade your wiper engine to 12 volt you can choose to change the armature with our state of the art new armatures BBT 2474-500 or -510 in your existing wiper engine to keep the original looks. Or you can choose for our complete conversion kits BBT 2475-265 or 275.

Based in rainy country Belgium, BBT keeps your windows clean and dry for a perfect visibility…

2471-107 Wiper linkage rod left – Bus 03/55-08/64


Various items have been removed from stock to make room for new ones.
For some items there is only 1 left in stock. So be quick, because GONE = GONE Prices excl. VAT

8960-300 Door window, left, clear Type 3

20,25 euro

8960-305 Door window, right, clear, Type 3

20.25 euro

9001-206 Ventwing window, right, convertible, green, Beetle 1303

11,25 euro

8950-106 Rear window, green Bus 08/63-07/79

22,50 euro

BBT team wishes all of you a real cool winter weekend, enjoy last days of winter, as spring is approaching fast as the times our cars become demanding…..enjoy!

1959 ex Fire bus delivered… Dave is a happy returning customer!

Last weekend we delivered the 1959 ex Fire bus with camping interior to Dave, new owner…

Dave was very happy and send in these pictures to share with all of you…

Happy in the garage with Dave’s other treasures!

Thanks Dave, returning customers are always fun to deal with, and you’ve been absolutely no exception!

A lot of fun with your new bus!

If You’re fancy also a BBT car, check our current inventory on

Patina drooler Squareback, started his journey “home” will be for sale on soon!

Last week our 1969 patina drooler squareback was delivered to the port of Oakland California where it will be loaded with two other cars in a container direction of BBT HQ.

This baby will appear soon on BBT homepage for Cars for sale is your number 1 stop for pure patina, pure passion…


Stay tuned!!