Friday Product Update

New Product Badge

Many new products this week as we had a new container load from our stamping plant!

When prices go ridiculous for used parts we, at BBT, try to step up and bring the market a good reproduction. Our philosophy is still when we make something to make it at least as good, or if possible even better, as original. So we’re proud we can offer now a perfect reproduction of the engine lid for early Bay Windows. Classic stamped on our own private BBT tooling… this was not the cheap way, but the only good way… So now we offer You the perfect solution to replace that old scruffy, bend or rusted out original engine lid with this perfect fit extreme high standard replacement part for a perfect fit and finish.

As all BBT privately manufactured sheet metal also this Engine lid is finished in a weld through silver primer.

Look for the small BBT quality sticker to ensure You bought the real deal!

0157-460 Engine lid Type 2 08/67-07/71 BBT





Our perfect quality (at least as good as OE more than likely (way!) better bumpers for your T25/T3 Vanagon… the perfect bumper, with the perfect fit, the perfect pressing (with the right raising “line” in it) and in an OUTSTANDING chrome quality!!! Nothing beats the quality of OUR BBT bumpers, tell them BBTBob told You!

0013-956 Bumper rear T25 05/79-08/92 (chrome – w/o bumper strip) BBT


All T25/T3 Vanagon bumpers can be fount on this link



We also received brand new pins for your Bay window door check rods… a perfect standard product for a better than stock finish for your door… replace that old scruffy (or lost) pin with our top quality reproductions!

8055-200  Pin for check rod Type 2 68-77 (-ch 217 2137 042)



Your splitwindow bus has the airvent on top of your head (upside down against the inside of the roof that is) these little rubber buffers makes the opening and closing a nice and not rattling movement! Standard procedure to replace every time You take your air vent system apart….

0767-500  Rubber stops for fresh air flap Type 2 03/55-07/67 (pair)





BIS badge


Some really well necessary parts for your transmission back in stock now….

1493-070  Friction pad for SWING axle



1415-050  Swing axle tube packing 08/58- (1)



Let’s talk German! This German-made mounting set for your Beetle front stabilizer is the best money can buy, and now available from our stocks again!

1351-5  Stabianbausatz/ Sway bar mounting kit  Beetle 65-  / German


Friday Product Update

New Product Badge

Quiet a few new items in our range this week… let’s start with the missing link in our clutch mounting kit line…

This mounting kit contains everything You need to mount that clutch fork as it was mounted since new in the factory. get back that nice stock feeling as new with the perfect BBT clutch fork mounting kit.

1527-100  Mounting kit clutch fork original 20mm  -11/71



This really became a BBT part nr because of customer demand… this clip holds the lower grill from your water-cooled T25/T3 Vanagon, and the eighties incredible plastic brakes guaranteed when You dismantle. BBT gives You the right help here and offer them brand new as a standard item.

0412-340  Clip for coolergrill bottom  Type 25 05/79-08/92



Finally we got a new source for the early emergency brake boot, it’s not mother natures most beautiful but it does the job, and there’s no beauty contest to win when your made for protecting an E brake handle off course…:)

0707-500  Emergency brake boot, black  Type 1 08/55-07/64



Flat 4 offers now the complete Decal set for their FRAM oil filter kit separately, this makes it more easy to restore your Fram kit on your beetle (optional) or Porsche 356 (standard)  these decals been made very authentic and will make You engine compartment a star!

9500-100  Flat4 Decal kit for FRAM oil filter kit



BIS badge

The round bus mirrors are back in stock! Perfect reproduction we use on our own cars ALL the time!

0474  Round mirror mounting on door hinge axle – Type 2 – Chrome finish, delivered with mirror clamp



How was it possible we fell through our huge stocks of fuel filters????  Well the new stock arrived, same manufacturer for the same quality for that stupid low price… we sell now to many outside the VW world as well….. get yours!

1695  Universal fuel filter



One of our first ever produced items, double conical… because I scratched my hand on an original one and wanted to teach VW how it should have been… over ten thousand sold and still going strong… buy BBT, buy reliability

1055  Connecting-pipe between exhaust and heater hose – each – T1 – BBT



We got this water contain,er back in stock, we sell many, so we’re sure they’re good and keep the water! now we have back in stock!

4225-025  Coolant filling reservoir – Type 25