Friday Product Update


Welcome to BBT’s Friday Product update. New Product Badge


Belly pans You find as a chassis reinforcement under the chassis of a VW bus, Volkswagen mounted these extra reinforcement to keep enough stiffness of the bus body/chassis (even under overloading) on all special models with sliding roofs and/or double cargo doors( on each side that is) All in all they created a “box effect” and such make the total bus “torsion free” . We can easily state that ALL sliding roof split window buses and ALL double door split window buses came from the factory with a set of belly pans installed… if yours are missing somebody took them off, or your bus is not original.  But that’s not longer a problem as we have now the perfect reproduction belly pans in stock, both models depending on the construction year of your bus. To illustrate how easy this is now to get, back in the day we imported a complete double door panelvan wreck from California for the sole reason to take the belly pans off for one of our own project deluxe buses….. now our reproduction belly pans fit as stock and look like NOS once installed….

0890-708  Belly pans for VW bus 55-59 (set of 3pcs) / Top Quality



0890-709  Belly pans for VW Bus 60-67 (set of 3pcs) / Top Quality



Corner windows for 15 and or 23 window Deluxe buses are not longer a problem. Exaggerated used prices forced us to bring reproduction to the market at an affordable price, and we succeeded again… Perfect fit like stock tested on our private cars from the BBT collection!

8949-711 Corner window – green (1) for all 15 and 23 window VW buses  03/55-07/63



Get your favourite magazine now as long stocks last!

9496-24  Airmighty 24


BIS badge


Longer time unavailable, but back in stock again, and ready for delivery from our BBT HQ warehouse….

Bus torsion leaves are the same all years from 1955 till end of Bay window production in July 1979. Exactly like stock and fit as standard…. bring your suspension back on track with BBT’s brand new torsion leaves, we sell per pair (for both axle tubes) so for one complete car You only need one kit.

1396-300 Torsion leaves, standard, as pair Fits all VW Bus  03/55-07/79



Dress your VW Beetle convertible with these brand new door panels sets for hardly no money… one set fits one car (4pcs) both doorpanels come with map holder bags installed as original.

0550-150  Doorpanel set Beetle convertible – black – 4 pcs Type 1 08/66-07/72



Many split window buses suffers heavy rust , but as VW buses and derivates became so popular all is saved or about. This particular metal replacement part can be of a big help for that! The cross member that holds your brake master cylinder, we want to have good brakes, don’t we?

0890-615 Master cylinder crossmember for all VW Bus  03/55-07/67


The whole BBT FPU team wish You a wonderful weekend, don’t forget to enjoy the nice autumn colors!

The end of the road trip, bringing the SP 2 safely home…


Yesterday and today it was hardly only driving…  Bring the SP2 to its new home before detailing and picture shoot…. this car will be for sale soon….:)

2016-10-13-13-33-01After a fresh night a sleep fit for another many kilometers…:)

2016-10-14-09-09-40 I hit really rough weather, being used to something, I can’t remember seen so much rain in one day … terrible!

2016-10-14-09-27-54 Blend in” your colors at the gas station…:)

2016-10-14-09-39-57Looks nice uh? I love that lines!

2016-10-14-09-40-18This is the North of Spain…

2016-10-14-10-06-02 … and the French border… if You have to read all signs, I’m sure You make an accident!!… I think road signs in Europe is over the edge, and at least as dangerous as cell phones… nobody can read all that ….

2016-10-14-10-07-52More darky clouds… I hit more rain, way more rain!

2016-10-14-10-44-58 Detour in St Amour… road works forced me to take the local roads and look what i found…:)

It was here that Jean Yves crossed me! (see comment on Blog of yesterday)


Another last stretch and I’m home, home sweet home, always good to be back after a trip…:)

Next week will be several cars featured on this Bog, as the guys home didn’t sit still!