The Hebmuller meeting was loaded with cool stuff!

Last weekend we spend at the Hebmuller meeting in Meerbusch, near Düsseldorf in Germany.

Unbelievable world record of 33 Hebmullers signed present, the highest number of Hebmullers in one place after the factory in Wulfrath seized production.

Some impressions….

We brought Teufelheb, BBT’s retired racecar, a real Hebmuller with production nr 56.

Every Hebmuller was presented properly in the “Parade”, here Klaus Hebmuller in the Hebmuller family car…

Shuttlebus to Saturday night dinner was all in style!

The Hebmuller Family during the speech saturday night…

Sunday was a small tour with all driving cars and had a stop at one of Klaus Hebmuller Sons Horse training stables. A quiet impressive beautiful old farm, a perfect setting for some more pictures…

Jacques Bouchard from Quebec Canada brought over his Hebmuller for this show, we helped him out with some logistics, on our way home we stopped at the old building of the Hebmuller factory in Wulfrath so Jacques could take a picture at the gate where his car drove out a mere 70 years ago, unbelievable… The plans for the old building are not completed yet, but it will be teared dow for sure… so this can be a historical shot in the history of Jacques cars…:)

What a wonderful weekend… hopefully we will be invited to the next show in five years from now…

Do you like ice cream now its summer…?

They always did like ice during summer months!

But a couple of decades ago they transported ice in a pretty cool way in Germany!

Happy sunday, hopefully you get some ice!!

Demonstration and protest, back in the day…

People with an alternative way of life drive VW buses and use it for protests since ages….

But think about the picture. The picture was taken in mid seventies and the bus a new car.

Those are not alternative living people because the bus must have been a brand new one… maybe a “loaner” from daddy?

Stays a cool picture anyway!

Thanks to Hubert for this cool picture….:)


BBT News

This week was rather easy-going at the BBT parts development as some of our colleagues took their yearly holidays.

Nevertheless we succeeded to get a couple of new items we want to announce here with a certain pride!.

Let us introduce to you our battery mounting strap for the Beetles made between 1955 and 1966.

With this strap you mount your battery exactly like original…

Made from correct materials with correct dimensions for perfect fit, look and smell….

Off course we have also the battery mounting strap and metal battery covers for all early beetles and buses what we present you in the short link below.

0637-930 Battery mounting strap – Beetle 55-66

Click here for BBT 6 Volt battery straps and covers

If you’re the lucky owner of a split window beetle, chances are huge that your door check rods are missing, bent or broken.

We bring you perfect brand new door check rods up to 1952 in 100% correct dimensions with correct rubber buffers.

0438-500 Door stop – Beetle -52 (pair)

BBT supplies the uber cool black bakelite look 6 Volt batteries.

 The perfect vintage and original look.

These are the batteries cars from the BBT collection are rolling on.

Thousands sold worldwide as a reference!

Ask your BBT bakelite battery now at your local BBT distributor and give your car that perfect vintage look.

Click here for BBT 6 Volt bakelite batteries.


The BBT News Team wish you all a relax weekend!