A brand new jig for cargo door hinges…

What keeps us busy is daily routine to make things, and especially to make things better.
We just finished the jig to line up the cargo door hinges in our SWT line of high quality sheetmetal.

This jig should improve the positioin of the high hinge cargo doors (up to 1960) tremendously….
We thought it would be fun to share these pictures with you….

We started of the blue door, this door is highly original and pretty solid, besides they cut a camper window in the upper part….:)

You can find our cargo doors HERE or HERE

Some love socker or football, others like tennis or baseball… or Netflix. We, @ BBT, do love toolings and jigs….:)

Sweats and goodies!

Heather and Reed Cowan from Ojai California are well known in the Californian VW scene.

Vivid VW “Thing” collectors (and anything Volkswagen with that) they pose here with their brand new BBT hoodies before their daily driver convertibles.

These guys are much fun to hang out with, talking out of experience….

Thanks for supporting the BBT brand guys….

Next Cali trip we come by for more Ojai VW fun for sure!