The river Bug

Our friend Michal from Poland learned us they have a river called “Bug”… he thought it was fun to share a couple of pictures with his real bug…:)

Look at the name plate!



Nice pictures and very nice car Michal!! Keep the pictures coming!


Friday Product Update

Welcome to our weekly product update… also this week we have exciting news for the Volkswagen world!!

We replaced our Abarth exhausts with the Abarth style exhaust from Vintage Speed. Quality made in high-grade stainless steel made to last. It assures perfect looks!

This is the must have exhaust for your old speed style engine… looks cool and sounds even better! The best Vintage style sports exhaust money can buy.  Get yours now!

We have two models available, first one fits on your Vintage 25 and 30HP engine;


3280-070 Exhaust Abarth 25/36hp ‘Vintage Speed’ with pre-heat risers / stainless steel

Secondly we have the one for your 13 or 1600cc type 1 engine, that will fit either your Beetle or Karmann Ghia… same style, same quality! 

3280-130 Exhaust Abarth  13-1600cc ‘Vintage Speed’ with pre-heat risers / stainless steel

Next we’re happy to introduce our brand new mechanical fuel gauges! Quality made with a perfect fit and a life time expectation at least as long as the original… comes complete with a brand new reinforced cable for flawless operation,

Available in two different dial colors, beige and green. Extensive tested product that  ensures an extreme high quality. Exactly as that old original fuel gauge ,which served a way longer as VW engineers ever intended when they developed that fuel gauge light years ago.


2655-050 Fuel gauge mechanical – Beetle 07/61-07/67 Beige



2655-055 Fuel gauge mechanical – Beetle 07/61-07/67 green



 We just got a new production  in our perfect reproduction range of the sprintstar centercaps!

Many among you know that these centercaps are reproduced by several companies, but none of them come even close to ours. We don’t compromise and make our sprintstar centercaps just 100% like original!! No compromise!

We’ve improved this production with a UV protection layer on the sticker to prevent discoloration of the sun. Remarkable improvement for your convenience…

Sold each, fits all original and reproduction steel sprintstar wheels.


2597-001 Centercap for 4 or 5 lug Sprintstar

BBT FPU team wishes you a very happy and pleasant weekend, and let’s meet next week!

For Sale; 1971 Karmann Ghia Convertible restoration project.

Ever dreamed of the cheapest Karmann Ghia convertible on planet earth? This must be close, as it’s really cheap…  the car would bring more in parts, but our heart say to save it!

What You see is what you get, the car comes without engine and transmission, no seats or interior, has a hood frame, no paperwork or registration…

Its cheap, dirty cheap!

2018-01-16 16.24.25_resized2018-01-16 16.24.57_resized2018-01-16 16.24.40_resized2018-01-16 16.24.29_resized2018-01-16 16.25.03_resized2018-01-16 16.25.16_resized2018-01-16 16.25.28_resized2018-01-16 16.25.34_resized2018-01-16 16.26.08_resized2018-01-16 16.28.18_resized2018-01-16 16.28.33_resized2018-01-16 16.29.13_resized

Fancy a cheap project Ghia? Can be the start to a real cool and nice car, a perfect investment saving plan…

All information on

The Vw Classics club meet and greet was a good one!

Yesterday we had a beautiful winter day in belgium, nice open skies (for most part of the day) dry,  and not too much of wind… so we decided with a couple of us to grab some cars and drive to the meet and greet from the VW Classics club on the BULO factory parking lot in Mechelen (between Antwerp and Brussels)

We had a great day!