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A bike for Boris Johnson, sunglasses for Vladimir Poetin, some of the gifts US president Joe Biden brought to Europe.

Plenty of symbolic of course.

Men can easily understand Johnson is too slow and needs a bike to keep up, and Vladimir, well, cover your eyes with our first class sunglasses so you can’t see what we’re doing in the rest of the world….probably there’s some other symbolic behind it officially….

You don’t need any special gifts, for sure no symbolic behind it, just to keep up with the latest BBT news.
Let us present you our latest additions and some more product info that makes our VW life’s easier.



Thinking to convert your 6volt car into 12 volts?  Or is your car already converted ?
For cars built prior to 1965 the starter motor might give a small headache with the 109 teeth early “6Volt” flywheel.

Later on Volkswagens had the 130 Teeth “12 volt” flywheel.
We solved that problem now with our new state of the art 12 volt starter engine with a “large” 29mm gear on a “thick” 12.50mm shaft.

This is a 12 volt starter motor in a 6 volt design for perfect use on your early 109 teeth smaller diameter flywheel.
Ready to mount and comes with new starter bushing for your bell housing.

Another problem for the VW community solved.

1595-600 Starter motor 12 Volt for conversion 6->12V -‘65


Splittie bus Safari lovers may we have your attention please?
Because NOT happy with what was around we digged deeper to use our own safari windows as originally intended.

Between your wing nuts and the slider bars that keep your Safari windows open should be phenolic washers to be correctly.
This is how Safari windows have been designed by Volkswagen originally.

These special washers protect the chrome (or paint) from your glider bars and make sure you can clamp the window in every desired position.
Many aftermarket brands use plastic or nylon washers which has a different effect.

You need one on each side of the glider bar per wing nut, so a total of 8 pcs per car.
Sold each. Dealers please check our quantity pricing.

0397-015 Safari wingnut washer – Bus -07/67

T25/T3 Vanagon lovers if you have petrol (or diesel) smell, or replacing your fuel tank, we now supply the correct filler neck seal to accomplish this task!
Fits all year T25/T3 vanagons, whatever engine model.

Gas tanks for T25/T3 Vanagons can be found HERE
All other filler neck seals for all VW Bus models can be found HERE


0492-857 Seal filler neck (50/38mm) – Bus 05/79-07/92


Last but not least this week we like to present you this double tapered roller bearing for your late model transmission.
Something we planned to stock for light years finally made it.

Very easy recognizable this double tapered roller bearing fits your differential shaft on all of your 1973 and later Type1 transmissions.
Will fit also all bay window transmissions 1968-1979.

Fits also all T25/T3 Vanagon transmissions 1980-1992 including the front differential of the T25/T3 Vanagon Synchro 4 wheel drive.
Made by OE manufacturer, original quality!

Earlier model differential shaft bearing for Beetle and splittie bus is on its way too.

1493-110 Double tapered roller bearing differential shaft – Type1 73-, Bus 08/67-07/92


Another load of orders came in last week, let’s bring a few of the longer backorders to your attention.

0127-100 Four finger front valance – Beetle -07/60 Auto Craft


0890-06 Wheel arch front outer skin left – Bus -10/62 Auto Craft


0581-5 Trunkliner – Karmann Ghia 08/67-



0214-000 Runningboard mats black 09/60- (pair)


0348-310 Rear window louvres – Type 3 Notchback


This week we feature a few items which could easily be overlooked.

The rubber you see pictured below serves as a buffer between the seat frame and the cabin seat mounting panel.

It protects against paint damage and acts as a sound dampener.
These rubbers have been used on all bus models.

Sold each

7485-060 – Rubber buffer under front seat – Bus 08/60-07/62


Are you refurbishing, replacing or upgrading the swaybar on your super beetle?
Don’t forget to order these bolts and washers.

Whilst you’re at it, have a look at the trailing arm rubber bushing and replace with 1335-1 in case they’re worn out.
Brackets 1354-100 will finish off a neat new installation.

Perhaps you want to replace everything including the sway bar 1391-1 & 1391-2 ?
Whatever you need we’re here to help!

1354-155 – Fixing kit for swaybar brackets – Super Beetle – Type 1 – 1303 01/74-


Euro Bay windows didn’t have side reflectors but the US models did.
Lately we see a mix of US and EURO model buses all over the world with especially a lot of US models here in Europe.

As demand for the almost always broken or missing reflectors have grown in the last few years, we’re pleased BBT can present a whole line of replacement reflectors and associated hardware.

Our complete family of side reflectors and hardware can be found HERE

0616-672 – Mounting kit for side reflector lens front/rear – Bus 08/67-07/70 (1 car)

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

The BBT NEWS team wishes you a wonderful cool and relaxed weekend, enjoy summer starting on Monday!!

Jerry runs BBT 36Hp engine bearings on his turbocharged early Volkswagen engine.


Californian based Jerry loves to race early Volkswagens fast.

As a contender in the 36Hp landspeed records he build himself a big engine around a 36Hp engine block with a BIG turbo on top…

For engine bearings Jerry choose BBT/ Sintermetal engine bearings, as they’re new and easy available.

Jerry we hope you win all your races from now on… may our bearings help you!

25/30PK 36HP Engine bearings CLICK HERE!

BBT News


Summertime and summer weather, that’s what we call the good season…
Vaccination in Europe goes full force up, all Covid numbers down.

Joe Biden, the president of the USA, travels through Europe, to enforce partnership.
And here is your favorite BBT News on Friday….

What more could man wish ?


The generator/alternator strap was longer time a problem when we needed one for our own cars.
Totally unhappy with the existing reproduction, we decided it was time to tool up for our own production.

We made them exactly as original, in 1mm thick band steel, pre-formed them for a perfect fit around the generator stand and finished them off with strong 8.8 nut and bolt.
Simply said, they’re at least as good as original VW generator straps, if not better.

We supply both sizes, 90mm & 105mm for either 6 or 12 volt generators & alternators.

Another BBT reproduction we’re proud of!

1931-090 Generator strap 90mm
1931-105 Generator strap 105mm




We  supply our clutch bearing guide longer time already  under BBT #1521-1

We now add  the same clutch release bearing guide, but in a higher quality.

One of the features we like to highlight on this top quality product is the little oil drain hole. In case the  transmission starts leaking, this hole lets the oil out in the bell housing of your transmission in order not to spoil it over your clutch.

Sold each

1521-150 Release bearing guide TQ


As we  sell quite a lot of CB Performance “Panchito heads” we feel it as normal to supply  also the specific intake gasket between inlet manifold and the cylinder head.

Panchito 044 heads are our prefered choice for mild to wild street tuning.

2131-300 Intake gasket ‘Panchito 044’ – Type1 double port (pair)


Next we like to introduce this small necessity.
We  supply the specific rubber strap BBT # 0737 to hold the back of your rear seat in position while driving, especially while breaking.

Now we add the little metal clamp plate that will hold the rubber strap firmly in place.
Comes with original type of screw, for perfect look and perfect finish.

Other rear seat back rest hardware can be found HERE

0737-005 mounting clamp hold down strap rear seat – Beetle 1200, 13/1500 -07/67, KG coupé, KG Cabrio -06/67, Type181


Let’s talk valve train for 25/30 HP engines (36Hp SAE for our American friends) .
To keep your rockers in place there’s a larger spring between the two inner rockers.

We made this spring as it was not available yet.
Proudly Made in Belgium. Check out our quantity discount pricing!

All hardware for 25/30 HP rockers (36Hp SAE for our American friends) can be found HERE

1782-105 Spring for rocker arm shaft 25/30hp (1piece)



Mahle, ZF TRW Varga, and many more came in this week, not full deliveries unfortunately as manufacturers still fight raw materials, but at least we had some supplied and we’re happy we can solve now  some of the backorders …. some of the longer backorders we highlight here below.

1619-025 Rod bearings .25


1699 Die cast piston kit 85,5 mm – Mahle


1751 Exhaust valves 1600 AS double port, ACD injection


1203 Master cylinder – 1302-1303 / TRW


1208-600 Non return valve brake servo – Bus 08/70-


0492-926 Fuel tank – Bus 75-79 – Injection


0889-240 Floor pan 1/2 right rear – Karmann Ghia, Type181


0872 Front hinge pillar complete right

The BBT News team wishes you a happy Friday, a cool kick off and splendid weekend.

Enjoy the good weather and enjoy your classic VW, we will do for sure!