Our first shipment to Algeria…


BBT Frederik arranged to get the first shipment out to our distributor in Algeria.

It took 1.5 year to get necessary paperwork for imports from the Algerian authorities for our customer.

Sometimes it’s just nice to remember how happy we are living a in a “free” country.

Congratulations to Frederik and his team for their commitment and perseverance.



A rare pair of full blood collectables….


BBT’s Uncle Samy send us a couple of pictures from one of his friend’s pair of Volkswagen babies.

The sports car is a Bianco, build on VW platform, awful beautiful and super rare, sitting next to a bay window double cab original build with a diesel engine from back in the day, very few years been built with a diesel engine for the Brazilian market. Yes the bay window Diesel is VW factory build, it’s all original.

Both cars, hens teeth rare, make a nice duo for your basement garage don’t you think?

We keep on dreaming, but wanted to share these cool pictures with all of you!

Thanks for sharing Uncle Samy!

Desert crash…


After many positive reactions on our Blog from last Sunday we like to share this picture this week..

This guy wasn’t very happy when he crashed his bay window in camel land….

Bad luck? Shit happens as Forrest Gump said!

Imagine you’re having this in the middle of nowhere? Need another Beer? Pffffff….

Happy Sunday!