Keep it safe!! Thank You Hubert!

BBT Friend of Da Houze Hubert wanted to protect BBT Bob from the Corona virus in order BBT can keep on supply all necessary parts to restore your Classic Volkswagen.

Therefor he made together with his wife and kids this hyper cool face mask for Bob and send it over.

Thank You so much Hubert, really feeling protected now with support of one of Germany largest BBT fans!

Keep it safe, all Volkswagen fans, let us be the example of how to fight the virus!

Back In Stock, ready for delivery now….

We got quiet some product back in that was out of stock for a while…

We give you a short list below.

Many more parts arrive daily at BBT, or receiving dept runs full force as always…

Any questions about delivery times just ask your favourite BBT sales guy or

We work hard to get our stocks back to pre Corona levels… and even better… still some factories use Corona like an excuse as never before…

Anyway, following products are back in stock and ready on our shelves for immediate delivery….



0015-1 Bumperbrackets rear- Beetle -07/67, 1200 -07/73 (pair)


0426-2 Door latch – Beetle 08/65-07/66 with keys


0306 Front window rubber ‘Cal-Look’ – Beetle 08/64-


0700 Seal body to chassis


7500 Front window seal Callook – Bus 08/67-07/79


1078 Exhaust Type4 – german


1110 Synchronization of the carburettor


1595 Starter 12 Volt 68-


1205 Master cylinder – Bus -07/66 / TRW


1248 Brake caliper left/right, Beelte 08/65-, Type3 -07/71 / TRW


1228 Wheelbrake cylinder rear – Bus 08/71-07/92 / TRW

BBT News

Covid is back… number of infections raise dramatically and hospitals fill up slowly again.

In Belgium we would be “fully booked” on Intensive care if nothing change within 4 weeks…

France has an evening clock and Holland has a kind of lockdown, Belgium, right in between has today, Friday, its weekly meeting from all of our governments where after they mainly give a press conference with new measures. It reminds us to the tales of our grandparents, during WWII, waiting for the press release of Winston Churchill over the highly illegal BBC radio….

Where on war, but too many people do not understand.

Why don’t we find a balance, to live together with the virus until a good vaccine, or a good medication is found.? Why more or less measures and every week something completely different? Just adjust a little, and that’s it, keep distance, wash hands, keep people away from getting drunk and doing stupid things… so we can get through this war on a normal pace, not the hectic path they let us walk now. The only thing we miss actually to illustrate how hectic measures are is an air strike alarm… big horns and speakers, shouting out high volume siren noises to let panic everybody when a new patient is discovered with the Covid 19 disease ….real science fiction today, probably reality tomorrow?

For some reality today we like to present you the new products arrivals @ BBT HQ this week. Pure reality, no science fiction…and already on our shelves for immediate delivery…

Pure coincidence led us to this first new product this week

Looking for something completely else we came to an immense popular rebuild kit in Brasil.

The central King Pin (Swing lever kit) on the front axle of any Split window bus worn out regularly especially with insufficient maintenance (read; Grease!).

But also the power, efficiency and feeling of the steering is largely to be found here.
Therefor there is an adjustable king pin set now to adjust the play to absolute minimum.

It works, we tested ourselves and we will use it on any BBT bus from now on when needed!

The regular rebuild kit you can find under BBT # 1336 or for Baywindow bus under BBT # 1336-1

Buy and try one of our adjustable swing lever kits, you will not regret…

1336-050 Adjustable swing lever kit – Bus 03/55-07/67

Split & oval window Beetle special!!

BBT stocks now a reproduction of luggage rails for the luggage compartment behind your rear seat.

Running out of used ones forced us to take some action….
Nicely made these will serve perfectly the whole deal!

Now in stock and readily on our shelves for immediate shipping.

0881-100 Luggagerails rear boot floor – Beetle -07/57 (pair)

And more for Split window beetles

We do stock now also the complete crutch cooler rebuild kit.
Stop restoring that totaly rusted out crap.

We serve You a high quality new product that’s complete with springs, gril, handles etc etc….
This is a pretty neat solution for many split window beetle owners…

 0880-600 Crotch coolers – Kever 04/51-09/52

Big news this week in size, weight and importance.
BBT stocks from now on tow hitch for Bay windows.

Besides tow hitch for beetle BBT 4850-100 and for your splittie bus BBT 4850-210  we supply the tow hitch for your bay window bus as well now.

BBT tow hitch for Bay window buses will replace your bumper brackets. Your bumper will be mounted on to the tow hitch. This way the structure of the tow hitch is nicely tucked away behind the bumper. The only thing peeping out is the ball all ready to hook up your trailer.

There’s two models to choose from 68-71 and 73-79…. Sorry none of these will fit your 1972 T2ab model.
All Bay window tow hitches will come with German TUV homologation and necessary hardware.

The electric plug and wire set is not included but a European version can be ordered separate under  BBT 4850-000.

4850-220 Tow hitch – Bus 08/67-07/71 (with TÜV)
Vertical load 50KG, load Type1 engine 1200 KG

4850-240 Tow hitch – Bus 08/72-07/79 (with TÜV)
Max vertical load 75KG, load Type1 engine 1200KG, Type4 engine 1800KG

Because of corona measures we had a super bad infill for a large part of 2020…

Many factories suffered from normal production…. shipping lines sailed with half capacity because of infected or overworked crew to name only few….

We worked hard and we’ve been able to solve many many out of stock issues, so many products finally appears in our inventory again. The fruits of hard work from BBT purchase department.

Today we like to present tow real BBT products that we could get back produced after some internal factory problems.

0780-1 Headliner vents 72- white (6pcs) BBT

0780-2 Headliner vents 72- black (6pcs) BBT

0785 Dashventcenter defroster 65- BBT

Next week we will publish several Back in stock posts on our Blog, so make sure to stay tuned!

No further science fiction for today… if Belgium goes in lock down, we will let you know early next week how we can adjust normal
BBT production to keep our services as steady and normal as possible..

From science fiction readily to today’s reality… in a war like this we have to be flexible and shift fast… BBT is ready and prepared…

BBT News team wish you a very well deserved and relaxing weekend.

New van, new delivery….

BBT driver Frank loaded up his brand new van for delivery to UK.

It was pretty full already and still 2 more orders to go…

Frank is a master packer, nobody loads more into a van as Frank does…