Friday Product Update

Exciting news this week in our weekly product update! Our 6 volts regulator project came to an end and these are available now, but also some other interesting product information we like to share with You…

New Product Badge

We did it! We bring You back a very high quality 6Volt voltage regulator for your beloved Volkswagen!

We did produce our 6V regulator in vintage Bosch style . We went even that far that the cap is interchangeable with your original Bosch cap! (Simply screws on and off)  This way You can maintain an 100% authentic look in your engine compartment! The inside is high-tech electronics but outside looks like original.

The high-tech electronics is top 2016 technology with a lot of safety devices build right in. So if You miswire our new regulator it will not work obviously, but, it will also not break, short circuits are history here! Besides that there is other devices against  moisture and high temperatures .

The new regulator is very proud he can carry the BBT brand!

1951  6 volt generator regulator BBT



We have now these two oil lines in pre cut lengths of 1 meter. These are remarkable cheaper as the cut to order lengths! Available only as long as stocks lasts!

0975-001  Oil hose or crank case breather hose Ø 13mm 1 meter



1895-500  Crank case breatherhose or oil hose  13mm, stainless steel braided 1 meter




Did You know that BBT supply following very high quality products?

Top bumpers for your T25/T3/Vanagon in an unseen quality, ours are the only one on the market really comparable with original ones… don’t buy cheaper imitations, we stepped up for quality as always! We do have with and without holes for the rubber strip, today we like to highlight especially the ones without holes for this bumper strip….!

0012-956 Bumper front, 2,3mm, chrome – w/o bumper strip T25/T3/Vanagon bus 05/79-08/92
OEM: 255 807 111B

0013-956 Bumper rear / chrome – w/o bumper strip T25/T3/Vanagon bus 05/79-08/92
OEM: 255 807 311D



Top quality window sashes for your VW Beetle Convertible build 1965 and later. Always to replace at any serious restoration. Good used ones are scarce and in between!

0362-152 Window sash front, left  Type 1 cabrio 8/64-

0362-162 Window sash front, right Type 1 cabrio, 8/64-


0362-172 Window sash rear, left Type 1 cabrio, 8/64-

0362-182 Window sash rear, right Type 1 cabrio, 8/64-



Rear valence  for Vw Beetle OE VW part n° 111 813 301L

This part is the ultimate part for all those lucky 08/60-07/66 Beetles who’re on a quest for a decent quality rear apron replacement!

Over 2 years of locating a real VW NOS panel, research for the right production process, searching for a serious factory with competent craftsman, tools and machines and spending lots of time on the way to discuss and test no less as 4 prototypes…

BBT is proud to present you this rear panel in the well-known top-notch BBT quality.

This rear panel has been designed in original thickness high quality steel and has all correct shapes and a correct fitment. Assembly of all the different parts to become to a high quality finish result has been done on a “Weld through primer” process to prevent uncovered edges.

All these efforts have been done to get that to original standards replacement part for a damaged or rotten rear panel on a 08/60-07/66 Beetle.

0136-102 Rear valance Type 1 08/60-07/66
OEM number: 111 813 301L


For sale: 1958 – Karmann Ghia Low Light Coupe easy project looking for a new home!

If you’re crazy for a low light Ghia and can only spend a limited budget to start with, well this might be the perfect start for that… car is almost all complete, needs bodywork, but the majority of Low Light Ghia’s need body work, even a lot of “shiny” ones… this car is honest as hell and serve well!

Can You bring this baby back on the road?


1958 - Karmann Ghia Low Light Coupe easy project looking for a new home!