Big reunion from our 1952 convertible with its former owner.

Leading French VW magazine Super VW mag featured in their 350th edition  (February 2019) our reunion with Mr Thomas in may of 2018 with our all original 1952 split window convertible.

An unbelievable emotional visit is immortalised now in a paper edition of the Super VW magazine, Thanks to Cyril and Julien David for for the pictures  the feature and BBT Pascal to accompany Bob on the drive to Paris with his pride.

And very special thanks to Mr Thomas who used the 1952 vert as a daily driver between 1961 and 1969.


A day to never forget!

10 ton of OMC Quality brake drums arrived…

23 pallets, almost 10 (metric) TONS of OE quality OMC brake drums arrived yesterday in our warehouse.

As the OMC distributor for aircooled our sales is increasing continuously as OMC is the perfect brake drum to your car, beating all and any competition, the best quality for the best price, period, tell them Bob from BBT told you.

To all wholesalers and importers worldwide, we do offer real nice quantity pricing on OMC, If you don’t buy OMC from us yet, make your inquiry now to, we’re happy to quote you! Compete with the best with equal weapons, nothing beats OMC by BBT!



1951 Azur blue split delivered!

Mr & Mrs Kovani picked up their new pride, the magnificent BBT 1951 Azur Blue split.

35 years Mr Kovani wanted a split already, so we can easily say that for him a big dream came true!

We wish the Kovani’s a lot of success and joy with their new pride!