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Before we know or think about, it’s Friday… again…
Time flies as we all know, we just have to use it as good as we can.

Reading BBT News is the right thing to do ,to spend your precious time.
It makes you so completely up to date about what’s new, what’s back in stock and today we glue in a product update as well.

Grab a cup of tea or coffee, sit back, relax and let it come over you. You deserve it!
Welcome to the BBT News….Welcome to the wonder world of Classic Volkswagens.



As Volkswagen Germany doesn’t allow us to sell any parts with VW logo not originating from their Classic parts department, there are some parts we simply can’t sell anymore.
One of the most affected product lines are keys, especially blank keys.

The T-profile is no way available from Volkswagen.
As something is better than nothing we bring you back the T-profile key blank, without VW logo.

T-profile keys are used on your splittie bus from 1964 up to 1966.
You can find our complete line of key blanks HERE, key blanks with VW logo are officially licensed, T-profile key’s VW does not want to license.

All our keys are sold each.

0654-23 Key blank T – Bus 64-66


Late model split window buses have a plastic window washer bottle left from the steering wheel sitting on the parcel tray.
Well sorted out it’s a very helpful mechanism to keep your visibility when  driving in unfair weather conditions.

It’s also typical and very prominent to see because of its position.
Therefore it’s very important that it shows in simply every restored bus aiming that little bit of authenticity.

In most cases the plastic washer bottle is still there, but the rubber cap is gone, eaten by time or nature or just simply missing.
BBT supplied the complete washer unit already for a longer time as BBT # 2461-25

Today we bring you the rubber cap by itself as well out of popular demand.
Sold each.

2461-255 Washer bottle cap Bus 07/67


Top quality!

We’ve been able to secure a quite big load of the best quality late model headlight rims from Hella Mexico.
Direct from the Hella plant that supplied Volkswagen Puebla plant assembly lines when they still made beetles brand new up to 2004.

Nothing beats originality,
Well you can’t buy more original than what Volkswagen used to buy themselves.

Of course we have the same headlight rim also available in steel under BBT # 0604 or the stainless steel Flat 4 version under BBT # 9630-000 but now also original Hella.
The mounting screw for these single screw headlight rims you find HERE

0604-005 Headlightrim 1 screw chrome – Beetle 08/67-, Type 181 – Hella


T25/T3 Vanagon lovers beware…

BBT doesn’t forget our late model lovers.
We bring you today the engine thermostat for your wasserboxer as well as for your diesel engine. If the diesel has not factory air-conditioning that is.

Both models are of good quality, tested and approved by BBT own T25/T3 Vanagon department.
Comes complete with new gasket.

4254-100 Theromstat 87° WBX – Bus 05/79/07/92

4254-110 Theromstat 87°-102°C diesel/T-diesel – Bus 05/79/07/92



Out of popular demand we bring back the blue color automatic seat belt.

We also supply grey color seat belt under BBT # 0573-01, beige color under BBT # 0573-04 and red color under BBT # 0573-05
All other seat belts and seat belt accesories can be found HERE

All of our seat belts  come with necessary E marks for European market standards. Sign of safety.
All of our seat belts are sold each.

0573-02 Automatic seat belt blue – with E-mark (1)




The flow of incoming goods seems to start picking up steam.
More suppliers are able to ship orders, only ocean freight keeps acting like a retired donkey on steroids.
We’re happy we can fill again a couple of long time backorders.

1721-970 Cylinder head T25 – 1600cc TD / complete, mechanical Lifters


1079 Exhaust pipe for Type 2 T4 engine + T25 DF, DG, GW, EY 08/82-07/85 + CS


0552-000 Front door panels (pair) – Bus -07/67 / grey


2471-12 Wiper shaft – Bus 08/65-07/67


1254-24 Brakeline kit D/C – Bus 09/66-08/67 original


0548-02 Stow away rack Black BBT


0362-550 Window lifter – Bus 05/79-08/92


0552-100 Roof panels – Bus 03/55-07/67 / grey


0008-3 Bumper rear stainless steel chromed – Beetle -07/67 European model BBT



Always happy to guide you through BBT news we wish you a very wonderful and relaxing weekend.

If you’re back from your holidays welcome back, if you still have to leave, have fun & enjoy!

Bay window cab door development continuation….


After showing the result of the first outer shell pressing from our bay window doors last week we’re happy we can show you this week the outer shell all finished.

We set up the laser cutters now and some smaller end strikes and finished off the outer shell, with a more as respectable result.

We working full force now on the innerframe tools to finish …

We hope testing complete real sample testing somewhere in the fall, we keep you posted!

More containers arrived…


Well they have to arrive one day…

After sailing almost 7 weeks longer as scheduled, facing overbooked vessels, congested ports and bad weather we finally got  a container from Taiwan arriving.

Two more containers from Taiwan, one from China, one from USA and two from Brazil are scheduled to dock by end of the week or early next week.

Hopefully we don’t get them all on the same day…:)

Temporaly workers Matthias and Brent, in full action together with BBT Ray & Tim.

Up to the next…

Eric’s garage.


Friend of da Houze Eric from Grant Pass Orgeon, send us another cool picture of his (dream)garage…

in the far back there’s his 1959 dove blue single cab, in the front his 1961 Sealing wax red single cab with his 1962 pearl white beetle sitting next to it.

All three cars are absolute all original, including paint….

Nice combo Bro’!!

Sunday morning Eric  meet always friends at the local Grant Pass bakery for breakfast, yesterday his buddy showed up in his all original turkish single cab…. hmmm they should have parked the turkish under the color matching umbrella….:)

Thanks for sharing Eric!!