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Belgium is facing its third wave of Corona attack…
Hospitals start telling stories about situations they saw twice before…

More and more people start breaking the rules, especially youngsters have big parties in parks of the major Belgian cities….
There are two groups of people growing away from each other, what is a real bad sign…

Nobody likes lockdown rules, but if we can save lives with it, what the hell is the problem to keep you to the measures?
And to help with the measures we, here @ BBT, have our weekly selection of brand new parts and other product information for you listed below.



Big Bang!! To start with our Silver Weld Through line of sheet metal restoration parts.
Finally after years of development, with necessary trials and error we’re extremely proud we can present here our late model “Full Moon” bulk head for our beloved split window bus babies…..

Right after we made the early bulkhead (Find HERE) demand for the late model was BIG…

We decided to tool up again and made this “Full Moon” bulkhead. We thought the road was paved with the experience from the early model, but we came to many surprises.
We must repeat with every part development in our Silver Weld Through line, our respect grows for the German engineers who built Volkswagen ….:)

The Full Moon bulkhead was used from August 1962 (VIN n° 971550) till end of the production.
The reason VW introduced another model of bulkhead back in the day was simply because of the change of the seat figuration.

If your lovely bus has a bench (one piece) front seat type, you need a half a moon bulkhead BBT # 0890-795. If your bus has a 1/3 + 2/3 seat configuration you need a full moon bulkhead.

0890-796 Bulkhead – Bus 08/62-07/67 SWT

If one product was king of difficulties for our development team this was it…
If we didn’t lost count we started the toolings three times again.

It was also by far the most difficult product to locate separately in a decent shape to reproduce.
But we succeeded and are proud that we can introduce the inner frames for your rear corner windows on a 15 or 23 window configuration.

This will be a necessary part if you want to undertake a Samba deluxe conversion from a normal Kombi…

0890-368 Rear corner inner frame Deluxe – Bus -07/63 SWT



In our aim to get the full line of transmission mounts for our vintage Volkswagens we came two steps closer with the production of the front transmission mounts (those holding the nose of your transmission) for the Bay window buses with AUTOMATIC transmissions.

These transmission mounts have been obsolete for decades and hens teeth are rare to find, we searched all of our sources and opened all of our “search” registers to locate a couple of NOS parts in order we could reproduce really what we need.

After rejecting the first samples a couple of times, send engineers back to the drawing boards and adjust production mistakes we’re proud we can present our finished product here.

100% equal to the original NOS samples.
Two models to choose from;

1489-850 Transmission mount set – Bus 08/72-07/74 Automatic



1489-860 Transmission mount set – Bus 08/74-07/79 Automatic




We’ve been long out of stock of our favorite spark plugs for Type 4 engines.

They’re back now and for a good price too!

Also our regular spark plugs for Type 1 engines, Bosch W8AC, BBT # 2015 we have at real good (wholesale) prices now.

2016 Spark plug Bosch W8CC (T4)




Roses are red, violets are blue. BBT has many parts, check out our selection of parts we put this week in the picture for you..

First one up for our bi-weekly product in the picture is this replacement panel for the lower section of your cab doors between the A-pillar and arch. This section is prone to rusting as it get’s a lot of dirt, salt, water and grime thrown at it.

This replacement piece has a perfect fit and correct shape. Should you need to replace/repair the other door too then look for 0892-261

0892-260 – Door Skin bottom LHS – T3/Type 25 05/79-07/92


Next in line is our beautifully made reproduction of the yellow/white Westfalia awning, typically found on the sub hatch westy camper such as SO23, 33, 34 & 35 conversions as well as the SO36.

The fabric is made from the highest quality we could source and colour-wise identical to the original.
Of course we also have the yellow grey version (6550), orange/white (6551) as well as the roof brackets (6520-010 & -020).

Unfortunately, we’re currently sold out on tent poles, however, we plan to run another batch in 2022.

The awning is originally made for the post barndoor bus, but obviously it can be used for all ages of buses.

6551 – Westfalia awning – Orange/White – Type 2, 55-67




And finally, another beautifully made piece by BBT is this rear luggage rack for (sedan) beetles of all years. These racks are finished in chrome with French oak slats and come with all fixings ready to fit directly on to your pride and joy. For those lucky owners with a convertible, we got you covered too with the same style and you can find this by using ref 4870-026.

4870-021 – rear luggage rack – Beetle, all years (sedan)



And remember, if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

The BBT News team wishes you a very relaxing weekend!

Wanted! Nice 23 window samba in red and white….

For a special customer we’re on the look out for a nice and decent 23 window samba, fully operational and good condition in color combo of red and white….

Must be fully driveble bus in good condition and fully operational.

Must be original German Build 23 window. 21 window would be considered as well.

M plate and birth certificate will be required.

Location is unimportant, we can ship ourselves….

You have  or know a 23 window for sale? Plse contact us on

Pictures for model we’re looking for

You have  or know a 23 window for sale? Plse contact us on

VW factory movie from 1949!

This is really out of the old box and the first couple of minutes are unbelievable, if You see how they made these parts in the factory to assemble a car….

Just amazing….

Bruce Meyers, the legend behind the Dune Buggy, is no longer…..

Sad news reached us today that Bruce Meyers, the inventor of the Beach Buggy, left us yesterday at age of 94.

Bruce passed away yesterday, Friday, at his home in Valley Center, California USA om a blood disease called myelodysplasia.



Several nice articles been published about Bruce, where Autoweek gave a real nice time line about our heroes history. You can read the full article HERE

On several occasions we met Bruce and his wife Winnie and everytime he impressed us so much being a real and humble man.
One occassion was really remarkable as we met Bruce together with Friend of Da Houze Jacky Morel.

Jacky was the guy who we can be put easily responsible for bringing Bruce back into the VW world a mere 20 years ago.

Bruce is on the right of the picture….his wife Winie in the middle.


Bruce and Winnie recently sold their company so the future of the Manx is garanteed. Bruce was very happy about that, so we hope he left is peace.



Gracefull we will remember part of Bruce everytime we see a Beach buggy.

Thanks Bruce, you really brought us hours of VW Fun!