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Halloween is all about fake horror.
Poor replacement parts for your Volkswagen is real horror.

Rely on good parts, well developed, for an easy VW life.
Let us show you what is new this week to keep that horror away.

Welcome @ BBT News.

Late Bay Window front bumper sits on a deformation panel welded under your front panel.
BBT makes the correct replacement deformation panel with the flat front for the late Bay bumpers HERE

The end pieces to connect the deformation panels to the A pillars are separate.
The 74-79 end pieces are already longer available HERE

We now  bring you the 1973 end pieces.

That is right the first year of this set up was a one year only replaced already in 1974.
The end pieces for the 1973 only deformation panel had an upright border, already eliminated for the 1974 model year.

0891-223 Deformation panel end plate left – Bus 08/73-07/79
0891-224 Deformation panel end plate right – Bus 08/72-07/73


This spacer ring sits on a type 4 engine between crankshaft flange and cooling fan.
When missing the cooling fan sits too deep, resulting in a bad V-belt alignment.

Missing or simply lost, we now have  a brand-new component to replace.
Finished with the long search for a good used one, we bring you the solution.

For type 1 engines you find the washer for the crank shaft pulley HERE

1934-230 Ring crankshaft flange – Type4


All 1300cc AR engine code engines and late model 1600cc AS engine codes have inlet manifolds with dual pre-heater tubes.
Dual pre-heater tubes give a better manifold heating to prevent your engine stalling from a frozen manifold on chilly days.

Engines with these manifolds need specific double block of plates to close the gaps between pre-heater tubes, cylinder covers and rear engine tin.
The block off plates for dual pre-heater tubes need specific insulation in between their two halves.

Always missing BBT brings you brand new insulation kits, to mount between upper and lower part on these block off plates.
Our kits consist out of four pieces, all you need to seal both left and right block off plates.

Heater riser insulation kit for single pre-heater tube engines you find HERE

1057-260 Heat riser insulation kit – Type1 double preheating


Loads of sheet metal came in, select what you need.

0890-431 Inner sill left – Bus -07/67 SWT
0890-432 Inner sill right – Bus -07/67 SWT


0890-744 Floor plate left (cargo door) – Bus -07/67 SWT
0890-746 Floor plate single cab treasure chest left – Bus -07/66 SWT
0890-756 Floor plate single cab treasure chest right – Bus -07/66 SWT


0890-763 Loading bed front pick-up (single cab) – Bus -07/79 SWT


0890-78 Front panel loading bed pick-up – Bus 08/52-07/79 SWT


0891-705 Splash Pan – Bus 08/72-07/79 SWT


Keep that horror away, install BBT parts on your VW for a happy play.

BBT News team wishes you a wonderful fall weekend.

BBT News

This week we like to present you what is new in BBT just like any other week.
Every Friday we give you insight in our new products, product updates and some backorders.

Welcome to  the BBT News

Let us cover up that hack in your dash.
Many beetles suffer from a hacked dashboard for a DIN size radio installation.

A big fat radio in your dash is not that nice look in a vintage car so many want to bring the hole back to original size.
The original radio hole in a beetle dashboard with its pressed lip and four tabs is not that easy to reconstruct.

BBT now brings the solution  with this brand dashboard repair panel.
A 21 x 10cm plate stamped and finished with the correct original radio hole.

Exactly like original.
Now you can weld this repair plate nicely into your dashboard for that smooth look, or to install that cool period vintage radio.

Your dashboard is what you see the most driving your car.
Enjoy ocular peace of mind from your original looking dashboard again.

All other BBT radio related accessories, antennas, and block off plates you find HERE

0525-215 Radio hole repair panel in dashboard – Beetle/KG 08/57- (not 1303 SB), Bus 08/66-07/79


Early model Volkswagens used double spindle nuts with locking washers in between with a pressure washer to the outer wheel bearing.
Now we introduce the self-locking washer for early beetle like the later model style.

Forged nuts ensure the high quality needed.
Stamped in pressure washer eliminates the separate retaining washer.

All in one self-locking nuts keep you away from the puzzle of double nuts, locking and retaining washers.

So much easier to install as original set up.
Self-locking spindle nuts are stamped D & E where E is for the Left side and D for the Right side.

The entire BBT family of spindle nuts and locking washers HERE

1361-500 Spindle nut self-locking (pair)- Beetle/KG -07/65

Deluxe buses should have chrome wipers.
A small but, oh so nice detail.

Give your bus that shiny deluxe effect with our brand-new stainless blades and arms.
The wiper leg is 5.5mm wide than the stronger late model buses.

As the size of the wiper shaft hole is the same these will fit ALL year split window bus.
The sliding hole in the wiper matches perfectly to the width of the shaft.

Silver wiper arm & blade kits HERE
Silver wiper blade for 64-67 bus HERE
BBT’s safari window wiper shaft adapters you find HERE

2409-150 Wiper blades polished stainless steel (1pc) – Bus 08/64-08/67


2440-150 Wiperarm polished stainless steel (1pc) – Bus 07/67


BBT’s popular interior rear view mirrors are back!
…and many more!


0567-090 Rear view mirror – Beetle 08/68-


0567-800 Rear view mirror – Bus 08/68-07/79


1396-340 Bushing inner front axle (HDPE) – Bus 08/67-07/79


1396-760 Bushing inner front axle (HDPE) – Beetle/KG 08/65-


1492-200 Transmission nose cone – Bus 07/59-07/67


2475-150 Wiper motor 12V – Beetle Mexico 10/92-


BBT News team wishes you a very nice and relaxing weekend.
Are you thinking about that winter project yet?

BBT News

World tensions keep the exchange markets under pressure.
Why the wars, why these tensions?

Too many people are suffering.
No people should suffer.

Let us hope tensions will end in definitive solutions.
Let us hope these conflicts bring these solutions fast.

As every week we bring better solutions for your Classic Volkswagen.
Welcome to the BBT News.


Brazilian Bay window buses have other steering components than European buses.
This week we add the center drag links for the Brazilian Bay window buses.

A center drag link is the tie rod that connects your steering box to the steering idler in center of your front axle.
Worn out drag links can cause nasty play on your steering system.

We introduce two models to choose from easy recognizable by length.

1338-150 Center draglink – 628mm long – Bus Brazil 76-82
1338-155 Center draglink – 600mm long – Bus Brazil 82-96

Center draglink for German 55-67 Bus HERE
Center draglink for German 68-79 Bus HERE


For T25/T3/Vanagon we introduce this week the gear linkage bushing.
Prevent yourself from mis-shifting and make that shifter works smooth again.

Up to April 1987 you need two, one for the front and one for the rear.

May 1987 on you need  only one for the front.
May 1987 on rear gear linkage bushing HERE

1409-550 Gear linkage bush front/rear – Bus 08/82-07/92, -04/87 rear


Under the rear seat of your beetle, Ghia or 181/Thing/Trekker is a hole that gives access to your shift rod coupler.
We now bring you  the cover plate for this hole, brand new.

Two models to choose from before and from August 1955.
Check if you have one or two holes for the little mounting screws when not sure.

0869-100 Tunnel inspection cover rear – Beetle/KG -07/65
0869-105 Tunnel inspection cover rear – Beetle/KG 08/65-, Type181


More cover plates to show.

To dismantle your shift rod of your Beetle and Ghia Volkswagen made holes in your spare wheel well and front panel.
Both holes should need to be closed with correct pressed cover plates.

The cover for the hole in the front apron is longer available HERE
New today is the cover for the center hole in the spare wheel well.

Rightly available from our shelves.

0883-100 Inspection cover gear rod in sparewheel well – Beetle, KG (Not 1302/03 SB)



0426-005 Door handle – Beetle 08/59-07/65 with keys – TQ


0524-510 Locking knob for cargo door lock mechanism – Bus 03/55-07/67 – silverbeige


0538-2 Rubber floormat – Beetle 12/1300 08/72-, 1302/03 08/72-


0538-62 Mats seat stand walkthrough (with bulkhead behind seat) – Bus 08/67-07/75 (black)


0636-110 Interior light switch (black) – Bus 03/55-07/67, Rear window heating KG -07/71

BBT News team wishes you a respectful weekend, never forget to enjoy that Volkswagen out there!


BBT News

New attacks on Israël dominated the news last week.
More missiles will bring no solution, in any direction.

Wars don’t get winners in 2023 anymore, only losers.
Human tragedy is enormous, humanity should be ashamed.

Do we really gonna need AI to respect each other?
Every day we should be happier with what we have.

Enjoy life as nothing is for granted.
To enjoy VW life, we try to help with new and better parts every week.

Welcome to the BBT News.

Color code is everything!
Although not really original we introduce the cargo door straps in most common colors to match the color of your splittie bus.

Cargo door straps prevent your cargo doors from opening too far!
Every bus came from the factory with cargo door straps installed.

Today we release the color coded 175mm door strap for high hinge cargo doors up to 1960 and all Brazilian splittie and clipper buses.
The shorter ones for low hinge cargo doors will follow soon.

Black cargo door strap with mounting bracket for high hinge cargo doors HERE
Black cargo door strap with mounting bracket for low hinge cargo doors HERE
The bracket by itself for cargo door strap (high or low hinge) HERE

0438-605 Door check strap cargo door black – Bus -12/60
0438-606 Door check strap cargo door grey – Bus -12/60
0438-607 Door check strap cargo door white – Bus -12/60
0438-608 Door check strap cargo door beige – Bus -12/60
0438-609 Door check strap cargo door blue – Bus -12/60


The cargo door strap comes with a bolted bracket to the door (HERE) but has a welded bracket at the B and C pillar, which holds the cargo door strap with a pin (HERE)

This bracket for B & C pillar is new and readily available now from our shelves!

0438-635 Bracket for check strap pin, cargo door – Bus -07/67


Beetles from October 1952 up to the 1959 model year have a steel wire cover to protect the wiring from the indicator switch to the dashboard. This wire protector runs down the steering column.

Mostly missing and the finishing touch for ANY restoration.
This wire cover was always painted in the same color as the steering column itself.

0666-110 Cover indicator switch wiring – Beetle/KG 10/52-07/59


Glove box doors up to 1967 have a nasty small round button that is not always so easy to open. But now these days are over!
BBT offers you a glove box door pull tab for smooth and easy operation.

Installed just in minutes.
Turn the nut in the back loose, take the push button lock out and place the little BBT tab between push button lock and the glove box door.

Our flat spot in the round hole prevents our little tab from spinning.
A perfect add  for just any early beetle.

BBT’s small round push button glove box door lock HERE
BBT also supplies the casted early glove box door lock with key HERE
As an alternative we can offer also the EMPI style door lock pull HERE

0515-095 Glove box door pull tab – Beetle 10/52-07/67, KG -07/67


Our new run of fenders arrived, order yours now!

0104-060 Fender front left 11/52-07/59 with horn grill SWT
0105-060 Fender front right 11/52-07/59 with horn grill SWT


0214-000 Runningboard mats black (pair)


0333 Rear window seal ‘Deluxe’ – Beetle Mexico 01/78- (plastic trim)


0440 Front hood emblem – Beetle 09/62-, Type3 09/62-07/68, Type181 -07/72, Type4 -07/68, Type147 – 84.50mm (original)

The BBT News team wishes you a wonderful weekend, please keep the peace!

BBT News

US economy seems to run better than Euro business lately.
For sure the US weapon industry will run full force with the war in Ukraine.

One’s death is another’s bread.
All to defend western freedom and values, no way around it.

Too strong US economy is the motor behind the current strong dollar.
Strong dollar might weigh on our overseas buying power.

Better stop that crazy war today, to bring rest and peace.
Rest and peace, which is what the hippies made our VW buses iconic.

Travelling by beetle or bus is all about rest and peace.
As every week we try to bring more rest and peace to travel in your vintage Volkswagen with new and better parts.

Welcome to BBT News.

We add stock dash grills this week for LHD beetles.
These dash grills sit next to your speedometer on all 1200, 1300 and 1500 beetles from 08/57 till the end of production.

08/70-07/72 “1302” Super beetles use these grills as well.
57-67 deluxe or export beetle models came with dash grill molding originally (HERE)

So, the early model grills  come with holes for this molding.
Standard and later model beetles come plain without molding holes.

Both styls of grills are the same, so your choice with or without molding for any year.
We choose to offer them each, left and right separately.

Fancy to put accessory gauges in your dash grills?
Engine management did not need computers in the early days!

Chances are big we got you the right grill for your desired application.
We add three more grills to our existing dash grill program HERE

Perfectly punched for easy gauge installation.
Build your preferred design dashboard and work out your engine management the way you always wanted.

0525-613 Dashgrill gauge holder left 3 holes 52mm – Beetle 08/57-
0525-614 Dashgrill gauge holder left 1 hole 80mm & 2 holes 52mm – Beetle 08/57-

0525-616 Dashgrill gauge holder right 2 holes 52mm – Beetle 08/57-

We make the replacement of the tent in your bay window Westfalia roof much easier with our new strip now available.
The strip you need to staple the tent to your fiberglass roof section.

Our rolls are ten meters long, more than enough for one bus.
Usable for multiple other applications to staple strip to wood with cloth in between.

The rubber seals for a bay window Westfalia roof you find HERE

6585-200 Fixing strip roof canvas Westfalia (10m) – Bus 08/67-07/92


0136-100 Rear valance ‘H’ – Beetle -07/55 Auto Craft

1569-100 Flywheel 25-30hp – 180mm – lightened
1574-200 Flywheel 200mm Type4 engine > Type1 gearbox 12V (conversion)
1574-215 Flywheel 215mm Type 4 standard


1603-420 Stock rods Type4 2000cc (4)

1715-200 Piston and cylinderkit 1900 CC – 94,00 mm – Watercooled – (4pcs) – AA performance
1798-104-20 Kit piston & cylindre Type4 104mm pour 2000cc


2142 Carburettor 34 PICT-3


The BBT news team wishes you a rest and peaceful weekend.