Friday Product Update

Welcome to our weekly product update, every week we have news like candy, and this is not different!

Let us introduce the pre molded rubber between glass and frame from your split window bus vent wing assembly.

We’re very excited about this new small rubber this week! Why? Because we’ve spent so much time in the past over and over again try to make something universal fit, it took literally hours each restoration again and gave moderate results!

This rubber brings an end to that! Take out the glass of your vent wing (or quarter light window whatever you call it), paint the frame, make sure connection hinges and supports are all ok, put in this rubber and put the glass back in, simple as that… no more pressing etc. to do…. Can you imagine how much easier it is to change the vent wing lock now???

Our 7413-000 comes ready to fit in correct dimensions, in the right thickness and well thought about each detail of this small but oh so necessary rubber…so no reason anymore¬† to replace by any repair or restoration…

Will be sold each, (for 1 window)

7413-000 Seal glass to vent frame – Bus 12/52-07/67 TQ (1)

2018-04-20 08.36.59_resized.jpg

Next we have the front panel on the loading floor of your double cab pick up…the rear part of the cargo floor is the same as a single cab pick up, our part nr 0890-766, but of course the bed on a double cab being shorter, the front panel is shorter too… it¬† has always been cut from a long panel, we offer now the solution for the prefect fit!

Will fit all factory crew cabs (not the early BINZ models)

0890-767 Floorplate double cab pick up front half part – Double cab -07/67 / 12′ x 36.5′

After some struggle at the factories, we got our own BBT gaskets sets back in stock… comparable with German quality but at a fraction of the price!! Over 25.000 sets sold, speaks the price/quality for itself, I suppose…

1772 Gasket kit 13/15/1600cc BBT

Computers do make errors! This is the prove! Not in stock since very long time, till we found out about the error! So now we’re happy we stock and publish it again, so get yours now!

0890-385-1 Rear valance complete – Bus 03/55-07/58 Auto Craft

BBT FPU team wishes you a wonderful and enjoyable weekend!

Welcome spring!

Spring is finally arrived with a superb weather and beautiful sunshine in Western Europe…

BBT Ingrid took yesterday her day off to Tulip paradise Keukenhof in the Netherlands and spotted this poor guy being used as a bed to raise flowers…:)


Happy Spring to everybody! Let the sun shine!!

For Sale 1968 Karmann Ghia Convertible, driver…

First owner and comes with its original bill of sale! Well, let the summer begins!!

2018-04-18 11.18.51_resized

This is what they call in the USA “driver quality”, the car drives, brakes and does everything you need… if you don’t mind, all it needs is a service and check up and you’re ready for the road…

2018-04-18 11.19.09_resized

but.. paint is not perfect, and hood can be considered to be replaced, so why don’t drive it now like it is with minor works and attack a restoration next wintertime? Your decisions!

2018-04-18 11.19.13_resized

Now how stunning it looks? Pretty cool huh?

2018-04-18 11.19.40_resized2018-04-18 11.19.46_resized

Interior is pretty clean, updated few times during its life, this car HAS appeal!

2018-04-18 11.19.51_resized2018-04-18 11.20.01_resized2018-04-18 11.21.34_resized

In general the body is ok… the nose is not all bounced together, and the car is practically rust free!

2018-04-18 11.22.30_resized

Engine is all there and starts and runs, … sounds like a strong engine to us!

2018-04-18 11.23.26_resized

and when all else fails… just Hug your teddy!!

2018-04-18 11.23.31_resized

Underside looks good too!

2018-04-18 11.24.00_resized

Hood still close well, but is patched and the rear window has a major crack…

2018-04-18 11.25.57_resized

This car we couldn’t resist! The history makes part of the deal!!

Original Bill of sale included!


Just pure looking… like it says…I waiting for you! Can you resist? We couldn’t!

2018-04-18 11.29.19_resized

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more pictures and or detail or information, fire all of your questions to

BBT “flies” @ 166MPH together with VW Heroe Darrell Vittone and his insane Karmann Ghia! !

Darrell Vittone (son of original Empi founder Joe Vittone for those who don’t know) attacks the land speed records in the 36 Hp class last couple of years and he does very succesful!

It’s no secret Darrell and Bob (from BBT Belgium) coming along very well with each other. So when Darrell asked Bob for some rare parts to make his Ghia running top^level again Bob was all help and supplied the necessary. This made Darrell such happy he prompt decorated his Ghia Doors with huge BBT stickers!!

Together we flew last Saturday morning (the BBT stickers and Darrell that is) @ 166mph over the dry lake race track and so Darrell broke his previous record of 162mph and stay absolutely world champion in this class!

Some atmosphere pictures!!

darrell Vittone! 2 _resized

Top 36 HP engine based on an early 25hp engine case delivered by BBT!

darrell Vittone!_resized

Dailing in like it should!! A work of art!! Darrell and his team are the best, or maybe even better as the best!!


Approved BBT quality, flies along top speeds!


super cool car, super cool parts, super cool performance!!


Darrell you’re a heroe for many of us! Please continue to do what you do, we just love it!!!