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After three years of lockdown Taiwan opened again a couple of weeks ago. Time for Bob to escape wintry weather in Western Europe and check out the SWT factories. Our split bus project completed and Beetle and Bay window projects started up.
Pictures “leaked” on the social media, with plenty reactions and feedback. We love feedback as it steers us in clear directions.

This taught us many thinks Taiwan and China is the same, being both low labor cost countries. Let us put that straight. Never mix up Taiwan with mainland China.
Taiwan is a modern country with high technology, freedom of speech and freedom of press. Taiwan is very western orientated, especially in regards to human rights. Kids go to school and people like to work. That last one differs from our western world what might make the difference, shouldn’t it?

The minimum wage in the factories making our SWT panels is $1500.00 a month, I know people in Belgium making less. Housing in Taiwan is expensive, especially in Taipei an apartment is up to ten times over the same in Antwerp. Living standard is high and close to Europe.

The Muscle Car GT factories, who make our SWT panels, have their own education center and good social system for their workers. We check it every visit, don’t worry.

Finally, long time ago we asked (begged) multiple sheet metal companies, in Europe and Brazil, for our sheet metal projects before heading east. None of these companies showed any interest and did not believe a restoration market existed. Only interest in producing “repair panels” for the time it would last and who needed high quality restoration panels? We proved the opposite.

Ten years ago, we met Mr. GT and Kevin from Muscle Car GT we teamed up, SWT was born, the rest is history.
Today we have weekly new launches, and hundreds of tooling finished. We started with the aim to make every panel available, for beetle and bus and some for other VW models too.

We worked hard and thanks to you, our customers, learned a lot. We take your feedback seriously. This knowledge gives us the power to continue making more. Today new launches, and more to come, stay tuned.

Welcome to the BBT news….

Double cab lovers beware.
Our SWT program will be soon completed with all specific panels to repair your double cabs to former glory!

Today we like you to present the specific front loading bed panel, obviously a shortened version from the single cab.
Exactly  like Volkswagen made it back in the day.
To restore your double cab 100% like original.

Rear loading bed panel for double and single cab click HERE

0890-762 Loading bed front pick-up (double cab) – Bus -07/67 SWT

We finished our family of belly pans, or under floor plates, whatever you want to call it.
Every VW bus with double door or sliding roof must have belly pans under its chassis for rigidity.

We finished all of them for correct model years, adding new models, put some modifications to others.
We are proud to present you our complete line up of belly pans with correct applications here below.

Beware, all buses seem to be a little different, what might cause small modifications necessary.
We made these series of pre-productions and would love to receive feedback on any one of them to make modifications on future production runs if necessary.

0890-725 Under floor-plate left – Bus 01/60-07/67 SWT

0890-735 Under floor-plate right – Bus 01/60-07/67 SWT



0890-72 Under floor-plate left – Bus 03/55-12/59 SWT

0890-73 Under floor-plate right – Bus 03/55-12/59 SWT

0890-710 Under floor central panel – Bus -07/67


That’s all for today folks, stay tuned for more.

The BBT News team wishes you a beautiful weekend, enjoy the season!

BBT News

In February 2022 President Putin promised to free the people from Ukraine from the “Nazi’s”, right?
Why does he let this people suffer now with no heat, water, or electricity in a harsh winter?

We, @ BBT, do not let you in the cold, here is our weekly Newsletter full of goodies to make your VW life a better one….

Welcome to BBT News

 We add this week the cab doorlock mechanisms for your late model split window bus.
We decided to sell the mechanism complete for easy one time fix all replacement.

1967 got originally an extra guide plate just under the hook that catches the catch plate. This to guide the door better when closing and avoid rattle while driving. This made the hole for the lock in the door a little larger. Our brand new 64-67 doors (HERE) have all the same large hole to fit the 1967 style lock mechanisms, but original doors have smaller size holes, hence we bring you both styles. Our doors  fit both…

Very high-quality items, perfect OE replacement.

0436-422 Cab door lock mechanism set left – Bus 01/64-07/66 SWT
0436-432 Cab door lock mechanism set right – Bus 01/64-07/66 SWT

0436-423 Cab door lock mechanism set left – Bus 08/66-07/67 SWT
0436-433 Cab door lock mechanism set right – Bus 08/66-07/67 SWT

All our doorlock mechanisms can be found HERE

Vacuum leaks make engines running poor, kill idle and raise mileage!
Good rubber connections are particularly important for correct vacuum flow.

We add the 90° elbow between the inlet manifold and the balance tube for your 1700cc Type4 engine.
Dried out, cracked, missing, soaked or swollen from oil, many times these 90°elbows go so wrong.

Easy fix now with our brand new 90° elbows!

2147-509 Vacuum elbow 90° Inlet manifold – Type4 1700cc

For 1800 and 2000cc Type4 engines we  stock this 90° elbow already longer HERE

Freeway flyer transmission builders aware!
Besides our Splined 3;44 Ring & Pinion (HERE) we now add  also the keyed version of this ring & pinion to give you high ratio transmission.

if your engine is strong enough, you burn less fuel and save your engine life spam with a lower RPM.
Get yours now!

1493-051 Ring and Pinion 31/9 (3.44) – Keyed

Since we produce and import all components ourselves for the alternator kit, we also assemble our own kits from now on.
Offered forever under BBT # 1965 we  now offer at very competitive pricing!

Our kits come with our standard 55Amp alternator

1965 Alternator conversion kit

All alternators for most Classic Volkswagen you can find HERE

We stay busy receiving, a couple of highlights of longer backorders that arrived last week.

0136-100 Rear valance ‘H’ – Beetle -07/55 Auto Craft

0404-11 Clips license plate light – Karmann Ghia (4)

0759-02 Seals roof-glass – Karmann Ghia 08/67-07/71 (pair)

1967-500 Elbow for alternator air exhaust 55Amp Type4 engine -07/74

BBT News team wishes you all a warm weekend.

BBT News

The Belgian Red Devils did not qualify for the 1/8 finals on the world championship soccer in Qatar.
With our players star dazzling salaries  (up to € 250.000 a WEEK) this is nothing less than a real shame.

We, @ BBT, do not make that money, not even close.
But our motivation to bring new and better products for your VW is so much larger.

Our GOAL is not a square hole with a keeper inside, but your satisfaction.
That is the reason we do not play tournaments every four years, but work hard to serve you every single day.

Welcome to our weekly BBT News.

TRW/Varga discontinued their master brake cylinder for bay window bus with brake booster that we sold under BBT # 1205-1.
We found an alternative from ATE Brazil and will distributing this under BBT # 1205-101.

Made originally for the Brazilian T2c bus this master cylinder comes with five outlets from four outlets on your original.
Brazilian T2c bus commands separate outlet for left and right front brake where there is only one outlet for these on older models.

With the fifth outlet this master brake cylinder fits both LHD and RHD buses.
Or you can split your front brake outlets or simply mount a blind plug or bleed nipple BBT # 1229-20

This ATE brake master cylinder is also your perfect solution to convert your pre 66 splitty bus to power brakes and dual brake circuit, in this case you need all 5 outlets.

Available from our stocks.

1205-101 Master cylinder for brake booster – Bus 08/70-07/79 / ATE

Split window bus fuse box holder changes in 1960 model year.
If your fuse box holder is missing or you need a new one replacing your front panel, now we  offer the perfect replacement.

The fuse box holder on our SWT cross member under the dashboard BBT # 890-1810 (and 0890-980 / 0890-981)  come with the early model fuse box holder up to March 1960.
To make the correct application for a later bus you must order this late model fuse box holder along and replace.

0662-503 Fuse box holder – Bus 04/60-07/67

Now we  sell the insert for the emergency blinker switch separately as well.

Our complete emergency flasher switch you can find HERE

0636-225 Cap Emergency flasher switch knob – Beetle/KG 08/67-, Type3 08/69-, Bus 08/68-, Type181


We reviewed our mounting kits for 1302/03 “Super beetle” sway bar brackets.
Besides our mounting set comes with correct thread bolts, we also changed to tensile strength 10.9 even original VW used only 8.8.

Safety is priority, especially on your front suspension. Using strong and correct bolts is for sure a good start to build up that safety!
The Sway Bar mounting brackets themself for your 1302/1303 “Super beetle” you can find HERE

1354-150 Mountingkit for brackets swaybar – Super Beetle -12/73
1354-155 Mountingkit for brackets swaybar – Super Beetle 01/74-

If your engine fails to idle in chilly weather your inlet manifold might be freezing up.
Temperatures do not have to go below freezing point to get this situation.

With the acceleration of your gas mixture, it can “freeze” up your inlet manifold because the air is simply cold, too cold.
That makes your gas mixture  shrinking and poor filling of your combustion chambers.

Clogged preheater pipers on your manifold, incorrect warm air support from your engine to your air cleaner, wrong air cleaner, blocked winter valve … poor air temperature can be various.
BBT made manifold heater sleeve as a solution.

Installed in minutes, just wrap around your heater manifold and plug wires to your ignition coil.
Also, for chilly winter months driving this is a helpful solution because by warming up your fuel mixture you get a better fill of your combustion chambers and a better mileage with that!

A quick, efficient, and economic solution available off the shelve here at BBT.

2139 Manifold heater sleeve, 12V – All type 1 engines

If you’re looking for an oil filter for your type 4 engine or type 25 diesel motor then look no further..  – yes BBT also stocks the diesel oil filter type.
All available off the shelve here at BBT. For the type 4 filter please use BBT ref 1826-100 and for the D & TD version  please use BBT ref 1827-300.

1827-200 Oil filter –  Type 25 CT 19/2100cc (DF-DG-DJ)

Last shout out for this week is the spindle nut as found on the shaft of your split bus spindle and essentially to secure the drum in place.
You will need 2 of these, if yours are missing, with a locking washer (BBT # 1361-2 for early and 1361-1 for late models) in the middle.

The use of 2 nuts and locking washer is to ensure you can tighten your drum with the correct play to ensure your spindle bearing doesn’t lock up due to over tightening.
These are available of the shelve here at BBT and sold per unit – you will need 2 for each side!

Please make sure you order and fit the correct ones as they’re specific for each side!
BBT stocks a variety of spindle nuts for all the different years of beetles & buses found HERE

1357-3 Spindle nut, left – Bus 50-7/63
1357-4 Spindle nut, right – Bus 50-07/63
1358-3 Spindle nut, left – Bus 08/63-07/67
1358-4 Spindle nut, right – Bus 08/63-07/67

Top tip: The bay window spindle nuts (BBT ref 1359-3 / 1359-4) are an improved design compared to the Splitbus spindle nuts where you need 2 for each side to lock them
against each other.
The bay window spindle nut is designed so that you screw it on the spindle shaft until the correct bearing play is set and you simply secure the
nut with the Allen key screw and job’s done. The bay window spindle nut can also be used on late split buses (’64-’67 model) as the thread on the spindle shaft is

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

The BBT News team wishes you a winning weekend, forget soccer, drive your always winning VW, enjoy!

BBT News

The World championship soccer kicked off in Qatar.

Should a soccer championship be a platform to make political statements?
Or should sport stand above that discussion?

Not an easy game to play.

Nothing to see with soccer as our “GOAL” is to make your VW world a better one.
This week we enter an extra line of engine bearings, for you to choose from …. without penalties.

BBT is adding Silverline engine bearings to our program!
We complete our VW engine bearing line and also added the Silverline brand.

Together with Mahle, Sintermetal and Kolbenschmidt bearings we now have the most comprehensive line of engine bearings on the market.
Our direct imports guarantee very sharp pricing.



The brand new BBT engine bearing tables will guide you for easy search to the correct engine bearings for your engine.
Click on your desired type of engine bearing below for easy navigation.

Main bearings  Type1

Main bearings Type4

Main bearings 25/30 DIN HP (36SAE)

Main bearings WBX

Rod bearings

For camshaft bearings click HERE

Enjoy your favorite sports game and keep fighting for human rights, but maybe not on the same platform.
Enjoy these last couple of beautiful fall weekends with your VW, winter is calling soon!

BBT News team wishes you an all fun and leisure, happy weekend!

BBT News

With the midterm elections America voted different as expected.
So different even Mr. Donald Trump put himself back as candidate for President 2024.

Looking forward how that will end after he kind a lost last three elections.
Like a rocket up or down perhaps?

About rockets, a Russian missile not launched by Russia landed on NATO country Poland.
That is weird and gave high tension.

Investigation is not open to everybody, only to selected few…
It was “not intended” and “an accident” or “mistake.”

If that is true, we can only thank God for that.
If it is not what would be the truth?

Is anybody waiting on an escalation? Not us for sure!
BBT News hereby might not be a missile, but investigation is open to all, feel free to join….

BBT’s rocket launch this week of our brand-new side gates for your split window double cab pick-up truck!
After the success from the single cab side gates, we tooled up for the double cab side gates.
As our first production sold out before delivery, we waited this next delivery to officially launch those cool babies.

Our double cab side gates we developed with the experience and wisdom gained from our single cab side gate production.
The very particular forms and profiles request a very particular way of production.
We start working now on Bay window single and double cab side gates.

0168-135 Drop gate left Double cab – Bus -07/67 SWT
0168-145 Drop gate right Double cab – Bus -07/67 SWT

Tail gate is the same for single or double cab click HERE
Side gates for single cab click HERE
Hardware for side gates you find HERE



We offer now also the eyelets from our drop gates separately.
These eyelets assure your canvas fixation.
Sold each.

0168-020 Weld on eye for tarpaulin pick up – Bus 08/52-07/79 SWT

0890-376 Rear corner complete – right – Bus 08/61-12/63 SWT


0890-877 Roof gutter left SWT
0890-878 Roof gutter right (For cargo doors) SWT


1721 New cylinder head dual port with valves


0890-924 D-post left Pick-up – Bus -07/67 SWT


1302-1 Shockabsorber front – Bus 08/67-07/79


1481 Trans mount rear left/right -71 (1)

The BBT News team wish you a rocket science weekend of wisdom!