Container loading….

Yesterday we loaded another container for an overseas customer, what was kind a cool….

Some pictures to share the atmosphere in our warehouse with all of you!

BBT Tim and Ray did a great job again to spread BBT parts all over the globe…:)

Ready for the parade?

Wieze was a very popular Belgian beer brewery in a little town with the same name somewhere between Gent and Brussels…

Very popular in the sixties and seventies but slowly pushed back by Interbrew offcourse…

Back in the day, they prepped for big parade, and we have that picture!

The parade was pulled by a Tatra (aircooled!) and a whole line up of Beetles thereafter…

What a cool drooling picture… to drool over all sunday long…:)

Happy drooling Sunday!

BBT News

Do you have the same feeling that the time is passing by as a high speed train during these Covid and lock down periods?
Just a crazy world we’re leaving in, a minute ago it was Monday, and only a blink of the eye back in time and it was early March, before all misery for us started…:)

Are you wondering how next year will look like?
Well who doesn’t… will it be good, will it be bad, what will be different? It will not be the same for sure…

But what doesn’t change is our BBT News, every Friday, to update you what’s new in our ever growing program.
Something to look out for, this week being no difference…..



This week we want to introduce a new dimension in our Auto Linea cylinder head line.
This cylinder head is the so called “041” what was once (long time ago) a series of cylinder heads with larger valves from the factory.

That particular cylinder head disappeared but the name was born and here to stay.
BBT’s Auto Linea “041” head  comes with 40mm inlet and 35.50mm exhaust valve seats, ready to mount your favorite brand valves and hardware.

Is completely the same as our longer existing BBT # 1725 but for 90mm cylinders and a 35.5mm exhaust.

Sold each.

1725-100 Cylinderhead ‘041’ bare 90mm / In. 40.00mm – Ex. 35.50mm – spark plug 12mm 3/4′





Both of these panels below fitting your beloved single or double cab pick up truck.
From now on they will come  exclusively in our BBT Silver Weld Through brand.

A better quality and a lower price, that’s what we all want don’t we ?
Well we have them now in perfect SWT quality and we lowered the price quite a bit.

BBT is now your premium choice for the splittie bus & Pick Up battery tray!
For the bus we have these SWT panels under BBT # 0890-46 & BBT # 0890-47

0890-465 Platform tray left rear Pick up – Bus 58-07/67


0890-475 Battery tray Pick up – Bus 58-07/67


In this weeks product in the picture we take the opportunity to highlight a part often forgotten because you barely ever see it.
The cable tube to “pop your bonnet” is perhaps not the most exciting part, but ever so important to ensure a good working cable.

BBT runs it’s own quality production for these and they’re great, simple and effective just like they used to be!
In case you need the bonnet cable for your car, you can find these under  BBT # 0960, BBT # 0961 & BBT # 0962


0962 – Bonnet cable tube – Beetle, Karmann Ghia 08/68- (measuring 1775mm long)


Next up is our beautifully made copper fuel lines for the early 25hp motor, these are pre-bent, cut to length & ready to fit.
Perfect diameter (8mm as it should) and correct connections,

We have the Carburettor to Fuel pump lines & Fuel pump to Chassis pictured below.
Any serious restoration of an early engine will simply need these parts…

But of course we also supply these fuel lines for your favorite  30DIN HP (36Sae hp for USA) & 34 DIN HP (that’s 40 horse in USA) engine,


0977 – Carburettor to Fuel pump (8mm)



0977-1 Fuel pump to chassis (8mm)


We hope you enjoyed our News and we start working right away on next week’s edition.

Any suggestion or question always welcome on

The BBT news team wishes you a nice and well deserved relaxing weekend.

We destroy Reject parts, we don’t sell them out of the back door…..

Some items have simply production errors…

These tailgates had a wrong fitment for the lock…

We simply destroyed them to avoid inferior SWT panels will floating the market.

Just because quality matters to us…

New production with adjusted tooling is being made as we speak.

Watch BBT’s sledgehammer Tim in full action!


Video not visible? Click HERE