Dutch importer “Pon” back in the day…


Some cool pictures for you today out of the old box …

Ben Pon importer of Volkswagen in the Netherlands and inventor of the VW bus had nice HQ back in the day…

and today it might be only larger!

BBT News


Social media can be a wrong source for correct information.
This week we got plenty of questions regarding magnesium engine cases.

A message on Facebook told they would be obsolete because the manufacturer should have made them without permission of Volkswagen (who still owns the tooling).
That is not the truth.

Being in contact with the factory almost weekly we think we can tell what’s really going on.
The manufacturer tried to escape some royalties they had to pay to Volkswagen Do Brasil for the use of the tooling.

But that’s old news, that matter is settled a couple of months ago.
The real reason of the delay is the backlog of the factory for the assembly lines from the car manufacturers.

Assembly lines fines big time for late delivery.
There’s no delivery dates yet, but they will come back, that’s something we can say.

Meanwhile we like to present you our new arrivals from this week and these are readily available from our shelves.

Since most people don’t use the ashtray anymore and you always want to charge your phone or navigation system, we found the perfect place to hide the USB connections.

In the ashtray…..

Nicely out of sight when you don’t need it, and easy to pull for use, perfect spot!
This smarter QC0 2.0 / QC 3.0 charger works at both 6 and 12 Volts and has a maximum output power of 18Watts.

For 12 Volts it is even a fast charger of 3.5Amp if your device supports this.
In other cases and at 6 Volts it charges with a standard power of 1 Amp.

Tested and approved by BBT Pascal we guess it’s good for everybody!
Installed in minutes for endless use…

Proudly made in Brasil by Rafael and his team, worldwide distributed by BBT.

0699-200 USB charger for ashtray 6/12Volt – Beetle 08/57- (Not Super Beetle)

So many deluxe bay windows came in from USA with the 2 seater middle seat.
Most of them  have one thing in common….

A missing or heavily faded “broken” armrest.
We tooled up and made a new armrest, this was not easy, but we succeeded.

We now offer  a brand new state of the art armrest for a 2 seater bay window middle seat.

3595-210 Armrest middle bench – Bus 08/69-07/79 Black

Left and right next to the engine you can find these metal parts, they connect to the engine sheet metal through the engine seal BBT # 0790
For 68-71 buses we  carry those metalparts under BBT # 0891-480BBT # 0891-481

Now also available for late model bay window.

Because the way they’re assembled they collect dust, mud and moisture which make them rot.
Now properly brand new available for replacement to finish your restoration to levels your bus only deserve!

0891-482 Cover plate engine left – Bus 08/71-07/79
0891-483 Cover plate engine right – Bus 08/71-07/79

Because of also late model Beetles get only older we decided to bring back a regular 12 volt wiper engine.
This wiper engine replaces your stock wiper engine on all 1968 and later built standard beetles.

Will fit 70-72 “1302” Super beetles but DON’T fit 73- 1303 Super beetles.
Finally a good alternative to keep those wipers working

2475-150 Wiper motor 12 volt – Beetle 08/68-

And last but not least we now also have  the right side door lock for late model beetles.
We supply the left side for a longer time already under BBT # 0436-202

Our complete family door locks you can find HERE

0436-212 Door lock right – Beetle 08/67- (not cabrio 08/70-07/73)

Because of the ever going on backorder at TRW we found an for these brake pads for now with FEBI Germany .
Once back available from TRW we will switch back to the old and known quality.

1245 Brake pads – Bus 08/72-07/85 (thick)

Gravel guards are back in stock too!

0401 Gravel guards rear

0437-300 License plate frame for 520mm x 110mm plate (aluminium)

0437-350 License plate frame for 340mm x 210mm plate (aluminium)

0492-857 Seal filler neck (50/38mm) – Bus 05/79-07/92

1078-500 Silencer strap – Bus 08/85-07/92 waterboxer

These master cylinders used to come from ATE forever.
ATE however decided to cease productions for this model master brake cylinder.

We found an alternative from another supplier who will keep producing, but has a back log so supply comes slowly.
We try to get infill till our big order arrives end of March.

Thanks for your patience on this one…

1205-5 Master cylinder – Bus 08/66-07/67 LHD – double circuit

The BBT news team wishes you a wonder winter weekend, relax, enjoy, and dream about those Volkswagens, or take your pride for a winterspin!

New x-view: Cargo doors Bus -67


We just add our latest Exploded view to our catalogs today….

Cargo doors for your beloved splittie with all hardware, locks and other necesities…:)

Just “click” to be directed…

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A nice container load to the land of the rising sun.



We started the year in style loading a 40ft container for one of our Japanese customers…

A cool 181 and a extreme patina oval will sail over the world seas together with loads of top quality BBT spares to their new owner….

BBT Tim and Frederik did a great job loading the container very professionally