Visit to Hot VW’s office and on EMPI Insider podcast, Bob in California live!

This trip I visit many companies and saw many people, I highlight some of them.

The visit to my friends Shin and Eddy from HOT VW’s fame was for sure a nice meet again….

Mandatory when visiting Hot VW’s office is a picture with Shin’s pet….:)

I was also live on Empi Insider podcast with Empi’s own marketing director and BBT friend of Da Houze Cory Rider.

To see and hear this podcast CLICK HERE!

Look at that…

A low white whale in front of me before the traffic lights….:)

They do exist with original suspension…. wawh….:)

weather wasn’t good at all, I had lots of rain….

Yep this is Orange County….

ok time to catch my plane now to Boise Idaho, the mountain passes are all snowed in, I don’t want to run in trouble with a car and trailer, so decided to fly…:)

…. so stay tuned

BBT News

Do you still believe what you read in the papers, hear on television or see on the internet?
It’s amazing how many times world leaders tell opposite things, it seems they just want to be in the news i.o. reigning as they should!

Well we at least, here at BBT, don’t give you fake news or wrong information.
This week we want  to introduce the Pick up panels from our silver weld through metal program.
Now we stock almost every panel te restore your pick up truck to factory specs.



We made a new exploded view exclusively for pick up parts, everything that has a red dot is available and what’s new is shown in detail below,

Just click the picture it will direct you safely to our catalogues… for easy control, and that’s not fake news!

The side gates have been HOT, first shipment was sold out in a couple of days because we had  many pre-reservations. Sign up now for yours from our next delivery….

They come with hinges assembled for trouble free mounting.
Loved already by all that have been delivered.

For all latches and catches CLICK HERE

For the rear drop gate CLICK HERE

0168-115 Drop gate left Single cab – Bus -07/67 BBT
0168-125 Drop gate right Single cab – Bus -07/67 BBT


0890-772 Divider panel engine/fueltank, pick-up – Bus -07/65

0890-774 Divider panels above wheel arches engine/fueltank, pick-up – Bus -07/67




As usual also this week several parts arrived  back in stock.

Here’s a small list of most important parts which are again available.


1000 Exhaust assembly kit Type1


1001 Exhaust assembly kit 25-30HP / Single tip



Various items have been  removed from stock to make room
for new ones.

For some items there is only 1 left in stock.
So be quick, because GONE = GONE
Prices excl. VAT

1386-190 Suspension spring – Super Beetle (used)

5,40 euro excl.

7010 Callook seal front – Beetle convertible -07/57

3,60 euro


Fake or real? This news is real, don’t worry… we at BBT aim for the real stuff. The stuff that fits, stuff with a perfect quality to price ratio and especially stuff we can mount on our own cars!

We like to keep Volkswagens on the road, where they belong!

The BBT news team wishes you a wonderful real weekend.

California driving, just being on the road…

Weather cleared out after the rain and snow for a couple of days….

it was beautiful to see all the white caps…;

Christmas trees on sale everywhere, that seems like a big business!

Where will these crazy freeways bring me?

oh…. look now…:)

In California there’s always classic cars on the streets!

How did you dress up your building for the holidays?

Figure this one out….:)

Crazy traffic in the LA area….

and then it started raining again, pouring rain….:(

more California travel pics to come so stay tuned!

California driving … covered in snow….

It never rains in California?

Forget that song, I was driving south on the I-5 last week when I came in for a new car hunting trip. The weather turned worse and wore, signs warned me the I-5 was closed near grapevine as of real bad winter conditions…

So I tried to work my way around it over Bakersfield and Palmdale… I managed, with a detour of several hours at least…. but what a bad weather….

California covered in snow!

Our “White Whale” looks more like a Polar Bear, don’t you think?

Palmdale didn’t look too “palm” to me…:)

once out of the mountains it was pouring rain, everywhere…. disaster… my trip of 7 hours normally took me over 17 hours…. I was exhausted…

Ok White Whale You worked hard, you get new tyres, a wheel alignment, new wipers, and an oil change… ready for new adventures…

Ready for new adventures, but with the weather in the mountains that bad I doubt I gonna drive long distance anymore this trip, especially not with the trailer…

Let’s see what next days will bring up….