The Kelley Park VW show report…

Kelley Park, in San Jose California, is a historical site for trains and buildings. It’s the perfect venue for a VW show, been there several times, every times I’m surprised how cool the setting really is!

Some teaser pictures for You!

Who’s next to the bus? The real famous Belgian Benny? that guy is just everywhere…:)

How low can You go?

Back to the eighties!

Wide wheels or too small car?

Caught Shin by surprise…:)

Never saw wheels like this before, pretty special to me!

ok enough playtime, back on the road, let’s make a trek up north? Why? Well wait and see!

Yeah, we all love weed… LOL… Weed is a cool little town completly North in California…

Endless straights ahead of me…. sometimes we just need 5000 miles don’t we?

Will be continued!

3 Ghia’s on my trailer in just two days!

Pretty busy here… I had 3 different Ghia’s on my trailer to transport to the docks in just two days… They will come all to BBT HQ soon…

First we had that ubercool 1959 original Lizzard green with dark green roof but unfortunately repainted in cheap black, we picked up in San Jose….

Cool car uh?

After that we towed the 68 “roestie” coupe all the way from Ojai, what’s close to Santa Barbara.. solid car, but left outside bare metal…

Stopped down the 101 in Atascadero… it’s really hard to pass by there without having my favourite burger at Sylvester’s!

And last but not least picked this 1970 convertible up in Gilroy, the garlic capital of the world!

This is a real cool un messed up project car!

If you want more information on any of those three cars, just shoot me an email… I reply as soon as I can!

Kelley Park weekend in Northern California, be my guest!

Back in California for a weekend full of fun! Kelley park weekend is the most busy VW weekend up north here!

Friday starts off with Mark Merrill’s unbelievable open house, this is such a great show where Friends always gather and welcome you!

Two ovals in a racing crash scene? Only at Merrill’s!

Inside Mark’s building houses one of the most incredible VW collections of the world, plse follow me…

The host of the day… Mark himself!

Beautiful airshot by Shin, from Hot VW’s fame! Thanks for taking my camera Shin!

Saturday is the Red Barn bus meet, but not at Red Barn anymore…

World-famous Belgian Benny greetz all VW fans together with his big buddy Kimbel!

Hey Benny, is that a new hat you just bought????

Red Barn is a big and totally not crowded show, real VW bus atmosphere!

Followed my buddy Francisco in his OG paint Palm and sand green for a while … that was cool…:)

Oh, did You ever see the Los Angeles skyline when You fly in from the east to LAX? Quiet amazing!

Breakfast with my buddy Reed… aren’t we cute? Btw thanks or that breakfast Heather, that’s the best breakfast that I ever had in the entire USA!

and hanging out with my buddies Andre and his lovely girlfriend Angela, yes we had a great time!

Behind the scenes! This was how Shin went up the roof from Mark’s building… brave man!!

To finish this post i want to share a beautiful picture of Thomas Niedernhofers beautiful original A coupe, that is finally back on the road! Congratulations Tom!

Ok I try to give You full coverage of Kelley park tomorrow… stay tuned!

Chicken coop for sale….. and the end of a bay window bus in 1986….

Do You believe in life after life? Some buses do live longer.

Surprisingly, the rusty remains of this Baywindow Postbus have reappeared.

For only 450 Euro you get a stylish chicken coop and the rust is free, according to Bauhaus Autoverwerter.

Autoverwerter Beier confessed guilty already when he sold the almost complete bus with additional spare parts for 500 euros a couple of years ago. If the buyer never pick up the bus it’s the seller that has to take action, right?

Bought as a donor the buyer had cleaned the car thoroughly, technology, seats, dashboard and internally stored discs were removed. It looked like this before they started…

That’s we’re he left the body where it was…

A little Graffiti upset on the art car and they reinstalled the sliding door. Why do you spray a Mercedes star on a VW bus?

Let’s jump back into the year 1986. As back then Autoverwertung Nord sang and klanglos  crushed a VW bus (ex postal services) in a similar good consistency simply pulped and grabbed by the crane.

 Interestingly, this car did not have a long standstill and drove literally to the sad end of the scrap yard in the traffic. Why he didn’t drive two years more?

The sacrilege of punishment was promptly executed to the bus. The car is torn as a flat package when splashing into several pieces. The previously painstakingly granted scrap was distributed in the square. Punishment is needed!

Thanks to Hubert for these cool stories and pictures…

We all wish You a happy sunday!