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The Chinese president Xi Jinping called with Ukraine president Zelensky.
Trying to end the war is always a clever idea.

The South Korean president, Yoon Suk-Yeol, visited his US colleague Biden.
They try to show their forces to North Korea.
Nobody knows if that is a clever idea…. or not.

In Soudan, the war between two former best friend generals continues.
That is a bad idea.

President Putin should live more in bunkers than outside they said.
What a poor idea.

The inflation monster is disappearing.
Now that is a perfect idea.

Food price rise is leveling out.
And this is even a better idea.

What a week, and we have more for you.
Welcome to the BBT News.


Out of the remains from Dieter Schmidt Lorenz parts inventory we found this (huge) quantity of all original NOS 123mm long starter bolts.
123mm bolts hold your starter engine on bay window bus from 75-79 and on air-cooled T25/T3/Vanagon up to 1982.
Sport-O-Matic Beetles use this very same starter bolt up to 1970.

The bell housing on automatic 091 transmissions is a little longer what gives the necessity for this slightly longer bolt.
Standard starter bolt for stick shift beetles and buses op 1974 is 110 mm long and available HERE

1593-020 Starter motor bolt M10x123 – Bus 08/75-12/82, Beetle/KG automatic -07/70 NOS


If you want to run a stroker crank to raise the stroke of your engine you might need longer rods.
The length of the connecting rod should be proportional to the stroke of the crankshaft.

A longer rod is necessary to keep the engine running nicely and prevent premature wear.
We  now stock  a more economical forged chromoly alternative from AA Performance in 5.325′ length.

VW rod journal size means quite easy you can use Type 1 rod bearings.
They come in a set of four pieces and include the special torque bolts.

We also stock several different lengths of rods, in H beam original style HERE

1602-155 Rods 5.325 chromoly (Type1 rod bearings) – AA


Chromoly rods use special bolts.
We  carry these bolts HERE in an economical version.

For engines over 120Hp we strongly recommend using our new genuine ARP bolts.
Sold each.

1602-296 Bolt chromoly rods – ARP

Small details do matter!
We changed the design of our wiper axle grommets for late model beetle and bus.

Before we made upper and lower part symmetrical.
Study NOS examples we found differences.

Now we made them with a small inner lip and a conical inside on one side.
Inner lip keeps the water out.

The conical inside pays for an easier installation of your wiper axle.
Now we have them exactly as VW designed them.

Trivial details make us happy so we can bring a better part to our VW world.
Evaluated and approved on the BBT collection.

Our other model’s wiper axle grommets you find HERE

2425 Grommet wipershaft – Beetle/KG 08/69-, Bus 08/67-07/79, Type3

BBT news team wishes you a cool weekend, if you bump into one of us at Mai Käfertreffen in Hannover say hi !

BBT News

Lakes in South of France, Italy and other parts of Southern Europe are dry,
Climate change and global heating are really coming closer every day.

We must all think about tomorrow.
We must think about our old cars too.

The ecological footprint of classic cars is minimal.
Due to age and  limited use.

In general a cellphone has more impact on global heating than a classic car.
But we must take care for our classics.

Hence, we try to bring you every week better parts to make our cars better.
Welcome to the BBT News.


We add this week a bunch of gaskets to keep your automatic transmission leak free and without spoiling the soils!
Our first new cork gaskets seal the big black metal oil pan on the underside of automatic gearboxes.

We have both models for all Beetle Sport-O-Matic and for 72-75 bus.
The last one is also the same  for all Type 3 and Type 4 automatics.

These new gaskets have been made from premium Cork exactly like original.
Sold each.

1417-200 Gasket oil pump automatic – Beetle/KG



1417-210 Gasket oil pump automatic – Bus 08/72-07/75, Type3, Type 411/412


The later model Bay window has a rubber gasket that we add at the same time.
This gasket seals the pan mounted with the four bolts.
Easy to recognize.

Also used on other Volkswagens with automatic transmission as Golf Mk1 & two, Scirocco, Porsche 924/944 to name a few.
1417-212 Gasket oil pump automatic – Bus 08/75-07/92


All automatic bus gearboxes have an extra small oil pan under the differential.
VW books tell this oil pan serves a perfect and easy oil change.

We also made these gaskets to have the complete line up.
We strongly recommend changing the gaskets on your automatic gearbox with each oil change to avoid leaking.

This gasket makes our line up for automatic gaskets complete.

1417-215 Gasket oil pump differential automatic – Bus 08/72-07/92


And finally, we add the beetle Sport-O-Matic oil pump gasket.
An engine oil pump for automatic beetle transmission is a double pump.

Where one side pumps engine oil, the other side pumps hydraulic transmission fluid.
The gasket between oil pump and engine case is the same as a regular oil pump HERE

Between the two compartments is an intermediate cover to connect both compartments.
We made this specific gasket that fits before and behind this intermediate cover.

Sold each, two needed per oil pump.

1805-040 Gasket oil pump automatic


We already supply for longer time the oil seals keeping the hydraulic transmission oil separate from your engine oil on Beetle and Ghia Sport-O-Matic transmission set ups.

We now changed the part no., so they sit correctly between other parts for oil pumps.

Sold each, two needed per oil pump.

1805-045 Seal in oil pump of automatic


BBT News team wishes you a splendid weekend, be careful with water, you will only know what it really means to you when there is none anymore, don’t let that happen…

BBT News

Did you digest your Easter eggs all well?
Besides the eggs  around Easter the new season starts to drive our beloved Volkswagen classic cars.

Let us see what is new this week to make that drive more enjoyable.
Welcome to the BBT News.


We received our new fuel tanks for split window bus.

Perfect fit and finish, at least as good than the more expensive tank from Wolfsburg West we carry HERE

Our new gas tanks  come with the hole for a fuel sender. For early buses without fuel gauge, you use our fuel sender hole blocking plate 0492-915

0492-900 Fuel tank – Bus 03/55-07/67

Out of the remains of the Dieter Schmidt Lorenz company we got this large stash of NOS fuel tank connection elbows for beetle and bus.

We decided to offer these cool NOS elbows without gasket, filter or nut just as VW always did.

0492-101 Fuel tank connection NOS – Beetle/KG, Bus -01/74, Type181, Type3

Complete fuel tank connection kits we offer HERE
BBT  offers a wide range of fuel tanks, mounting hardware, connections etc. HERE


We came across of a forgotten box from our ever last Volkswagen do Brazil factory delivery.
For one reason or another these never made it into our system.

Our mistake but your gain as you can buy again these top notch window felts for your bay window bus quarter lights now.

Because of the specific shape these only fit Bay window buses and are slightly different than BBT # 7066

The box even contained a nice quantity but stocks are limited.
Sold each on a first come first serve base.

7540 Window felt quarterlight – Bus 08/67-07/79 – VW do Brazil (1)


We received again the complete clutch cross shaft kits  with many other long time backorders…

1524-05 Cross shaft kit (HD) Type1 61-70
1524-06 Cross shaft kit (HD) Type1 71-72
1524-25 Cross shaft kit (HD) Type2 68-70
1524-26 Cross shaft kit (HD) Type2 71-75


0600 Headlight -67 (USA)


1115 Clutch adjusting tool


1489-550 Washer for mounting bolt Swing gear box

BBT news team wishes you a fine weekend, enjoy your Volkswagens as we will do.

BBT News

Was covid just a reset button economically?
What did Covid do? Is there really before, during and after?

Sometimes it feels like we started all over again, isn’t it?
Everything looks and feels so different.

Before Covid, seems like pre-Historic, such a long time ago….

Now after Covid, or can we say “Post Covid”, energy, worldwide shipping, exchange rates etc are regulating or kind of.
Inflation seems heading in the right direction…. or kind of.

The only exception seems prices, many things became much more expensive.
The price of eggs raised 300% in three years’ time, in Belgium at least.

We might count ourselves happy with VW parts, price increases are still affordable.
We @ BBT, just continue what we have always done, creating more possibilities to enjoy our VW hobby the right way.

Our purchase team is fighting every day to keep things available and affordable.
We study each product over en over again, checking on quality, availability, and price, in that order.

That way we can sink prices from time to time too.
No general price rise @ BBT.

This way we try to be your favorite brand supplying the parts you really need for your beloved Volkswagen.
Welcome to the BBT News.

We came across a parts lot of these very specific heater cables for your late Bay window bus.
This is the cable regulating the warm air flow and runs from dashboard to the heat distributor central down under your bus.

The central down under heat distributor regulates the air for front or rear cabin.
For deluxe models that is.

These cables are absolutely NOS Germany.
Make that heater work, properly!

0931-610 Heater cable air distributor under – Bus 08/75-07/79 LHD – 2515mm NOS

More heater cables you can find HERE


Need to Nose?
Beetle license lights up to 1963 nicknamed “nose”, because that’s exactly how they look!

Knowing nothing about otorhinolaryngology we still managed to get all components for our beetle noses!
Today we add the small rubber between lens and housing for 58-63 noses.

0749-120 License plate light seal – Beetle 08/57-07/63

Rubber between housing and engine lid HERE
The separate lens  is HERE or a complete new nose you find HERE


We made the bumper bracket spacer up to 1967 with an extra eye stamped in one piece.
This eye mounts different accessories as fog or reverse lights easily.

On semaphore cars these brackets are perfectly used for extra blinkers too.
Regular bumper bracket spacers up to 1967 you find HERE

0009-120 Bumper bracket spacer with bracket – Beetle -07/67 (TQ)

Details do matter!
Being 100% symmetric before we remade these wiper shaft grommets with an extra buffer lip outside and one conical inside.

The buffer lip makes sure that water is kept out and the conical inside helps at mounting.
We now made them  exactly as Volkswagen used to make them back in the day.

For perfect fit and finish.
Detail is necessary, also in our smaller parts!

All together for a better (VW) world!

2425 Grommet wipershaft – Beetle/KG 07/69-, Bus 08/67-07/79, Type3

All our wiper shaft grommets can be found HERE


Massive arrivals, over 300 backorders arrived last two weeks.
Some examples below, but don’t forget to check our website to check availability.

0438-201 Door lock catch left front door – Bus 12/63-07/66
0438-202 Door lock catch right front door – Bus 12/63-07/66


0438-600 Door check strap cargo door – Bus -12/60


Do you know anti-theft shifter locks  need a special shifter boot?
We now ave them back available !
Our range of anti-theft shifter locks you can find HERE

0527-500 Seal on anti-theft on shifter


The taillight housing holder for 55-61 taillights came back in as well.
All of our bulb holders for early taillights HERE

0626-550 Taillight housing holder left – Beetle 08/55-08/61
0627-550 Taillight housing holder right – Beetle 08/55-08/61

BBT News team wishesyou a very enjoyable early spring weekend…

BBT News

No buzz, no hush but every week real VW stuff.
Welcome to the BBT News.

We enlarge our stock style shifter and shifter components program.

This week  our new shifter bases have arrived.
Two models to choose from, Beetle or Bus.

We currently work on complete shifter kits for split and bay window bus

0510-010 Shifter base – Beetle 08/52-, KG, Type3, Type181

0510-015 Shifter base – Bus 50-07/79

The proper shifter springs, lock out plate and slide ring you can find HERE
Complete Beetle shifter kits you can find HERE


“Shock pads” mount between chassis and body near the rear axle.
Every car body is different, especially after intensive welding.

Different size of shock pad can be necessary to level out the body correctly to the chassis.
In certain circumstances you can adjust door gaps with larger or smaller shock pads, especially with convertibles.

We supply 10 & 17mm shock pads for longer time, we now add  7mm thick shock pads.
The 7mm thick shock pads can be just enough where 10 or 17mm is too much.

No more rubber cutting, BBT brings the right parts for the right solutions.

0704-090 Shock pad body/chassis 7mm (4)

0704-095 Shock pad body/chassis 7mm – eccentric hole (4)



Other shock pads you do find HERE



We improved our door panel clips for Bay window bus.
Not really happy with what we had we made a new production from 100% NOS clips.

Our new clips tend to hold better in the door.
Only perfect is good enough for our Volkswagens, right?

0409-550 Door panel clips front and rear – Bus 07/67-07/79

Our complete family door panel clips and their seals HERE


We get a load of containers in and some real long backorders arrived last week, but…
more to come I see several more containers with long delays finally arriving…

3506 Seat padding front backrest – Beetle 08/76-07/79
3523 Seat padding 1/3 front backrest T2 68-74
3555 Seat padding rear bottom – Beetle 08/55-07/64
3565 Seat padding rear bottom T1 -72 Convertible


The BBT News team wishes you a splendid weekend!