Friday Product Update

This week we add a couple of cool items for your bus!

First we have the good isolation set for your heater tube on your splittie bus, because the steel tube that brings the heat from the engine to the cab is long and literally under the car VW isolated this tube very well, with time most of this isolation is disappeared. we found the good isolation and bring it back to You. One kit is enough for one car….

1098-500 Heatingtube Isolation set – Bus -07/67


This Plug You need to cover the hole in your B post and your doorstep when your Bay window is produced between 1970 and 1979

0716-800 Plug doorstep – Bus 08/70-07/79


Finally we have also the Dog legs available for T2ab, the bay window that’s made between august 71 and July 72… a one year only! This is perfect quality… we have doglegs for all T1 and T2 buses now available!

0891-106 Front wheel arch left – Bus 08/71-07/72 TQ


0891-107 Front wheel arch Right – Bus 08/71-07/72 TQ





BBT’s FPU team wish you a wonderful weekend!




Friday Product Update

The first of our new line springs …. Valve cover springs for the early type VW engines 25 and 30 DIN HP (that’s 36  HP SAE for our American friends using SAE norms). We teamed up with a very reliable spring factory in Belgium to make springs in a good quality, (read; equal or better as NOS items we gave them as samples)

This clip is made in spring steel! Simply a perfect fit, feel and smell, exactly like we want it! stop oil leaks by worn or tired original and behave for cheap reproductions that will never give You satisfaction because they will always leaking!

Because we choose for powder coat finish the ends might go kind a though in the cilinder head holes at mounting but once mounted they fit like original and do their job impeccable!

Available now from our stocks

Other model valve cover springs will follow soon for all Type 1 engines

1768-250 Valve cover clip 25-30PK  / Black



The last heater cable for Bay window bus we didn’t carry yet!

We cover now all heater cables for Bay window buses! Another complete product line that we carry with proud!

All other heater cables can be found HERE

0931-170 Heater cable right – Bus 08/71-07/72 (Type1 engine) LHD – 4316mm


In our product line for complete handle and lock sets we just add the complete lock set for your 52-55 beetle! All with matching key! Absolutely top quality!

We feel this is a nice and serious add-on to our program and we’re sure this will be the perfect finish to any restoration for this year of cars.

All other lock sets we carry You can find HERE.

0426-530 Lock set Beetle 10/52-07/55


The BBT FPU team wish You all a very happy and enjoyable weekend, drive your VW’s in force!

Another Porsche 356 B T5 on the ocean in direction of BBT HQ!

Last Monday the vessel OOCL Belgium left Canada to sail along the St Laurent river… passing the house of Pierre, the previous owner, on board a very nice 356 B T5 in direction of BBT HQ in Antwerp Belgium.

Pierre was so kind to take these cool pictures for all of us. To me it was special Pierre could see the vessel that carried his own car from his patio!

This beauty is aboard! In one of the containers….

1960 356 B T5 in very nice condition… will come for sale soon!

all information ….