Another factory tour… Brazil here we come!

Where does the big KLM bird fly us this time???

2018-02-18 10.23.01_resized

Direction Sao Paolo Brazil, for another factory tour of suppliers, part of our purchase manager overseas (Jerry) training program….

Impressive skyline for sure…:)

2018-02-19 13.57.29_resized

oh, Jerry found already what’s important…:)

2018-02-19 17.59.32_resized

me too… Brazil is a country for meat lovers, let’s start at lunch…:)

2018-02-19 18.14.21_resized

First supplier lunch, hospitality here is second to none!!

2018-02-19 18.14.42_resized

and yes… they do have APE here too…:)

2018-02-19 18.42.37_resized

Fusca’s everywhere… Fusca is the local Brazilian “nickname” for the beetle… and yes, there’s still plenty on the road here!

2018-02-19 19.16.42_resized

ok, let’s get to work here… first factory was a steering box and all steering box components manufacturer… Now TRW is bought by ZF we face difficulties in supply, to have an alternative right in your back pocket is not an extra ordinary luxury thing in this situation…

We start at the casting and raw material warehouse…

2018-02-19 19.29.01_resized

To continu in the production… we’re very satisfied what we see! the factory came a LOOOOOONG way since our last visit here in 2009!

2018-02-19 19.31.26_resized2018-02-19 19.31.52_resized

Lots of CNC machines to choose from…:)

2018-02-19 19.34.16_resized2018-02-19 19.40.27_resized

Motivated people, even here in the packing division!

2018-02-19 19.40.41_resized

Lots of special machines… Gonzo, this one You have to know!

2018-02-19 19.40.57_resized

And finally the assembly…. a lot of skilled craftsmen that really know what they do… high quality for sure!

2018-02-19 19.56.46_resized

Oh and they make steering boxes for the old Brazilian kombi, as far as we know every Kombi imported from Brazil in Europe for sure need one of those!!

2018-02-19 19.57.05_resized

And finally these lovely girls will make sure all our paperwork will be going smooth!

2018-02-19 19.58.24_resized

Second we visit a factory that make small locks, handles, catches,  receivers etc… small parts and a lot like key barrels etc mainly in zinc alloy… impressive machinery!

2018-02-19 21.54.10_resized

and a LOT of tooling!

2018-02-19 21.54.14_resized

This is how Zinc Alloy comes out of the form after being injected and cooled down!…

2018-02-19 21.54.27_resized

Cleaning of the moulds for the next process!

2018-02-19 21.54.38_resized

Very impressive machinery…

2018-02-19 21.55.59_resized

Do you recognise this part???

2018-02-19 21.56.40_resized

He Mauci, where you think you’re going????

Thanks for bringing us here buddy!

2018-02-19 21.57.17_resized

The most enthusiast sales team of them all??

2018-02-19 22.12.33_resized

Jerry checking on samples…

2018-02-19 23.17.43_resized

Ok day one is over, tomorrow we see more… now first we have to find a hotel! Seems we don’t have a reservation yet!

More sheetmetal means more shelves!

Today BBT will have no product update because of various reasons…

But….The imens growing quantities of sheetmetal we receive now with our growing sheetmetal line forced us for extra shelves… Danny and Tim from good in dept worked hi and low this week to get a new shelf ready for future deliveries!

We wanted to share some pictures…




Robert is no longer with us…

Long time friend of Da Houze, customer for always, and owner of several ex BBT cars Robert Mommen left us last Sunday.

His totally unfair battle against his cancer was one he couldn’t win…

We will remember Robert always and forever as always laughing’ and very young at mind, as long as he could be between the youngsters he was happy, very happy!

robert mommen_resized

His beloved split window beetle was an extreme nice one and won several awards at several big shows he took it too!

robert mommen 1_resized

We like to offer Roberts wife Jose, his son Geert and all other family members our deepest condolences.

You can sleep now Robert, up there in VW heaven, i’m sure there is sweet dreams of your beloved split window beetle over there and You driving it around the small white sweet clouds in heaven. It goes You well my friend, thank You so much for all I could learn from You!

Friday Product Update

Only one new product this week, but it’s an important one!
This is the little clip that hold the dashboard cluster into your Bay window bus dashboard! .
We made this product simply because we had a LOT of demands for used parts… These days are over now (and our used stocks down to zero) so we can easily supply these clips brand new in a real good quality… problem solved. We  can all mount our dashboard clusters again as it should.
Sold each!
7530-500 Dashboard clip – Bus 08/67-07/79
This week we managed to get finally back some stock of the German seals we’ve been missing for so long, hard to convince the supplier, but finally he supplied again!