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It feels that we celebrated New Year yesterday, but in fact 2020 has been launched  for a while now, but if you do, what you love to do, time seems to fly.
Guess we call that passion?
We @ BBT  live the passion in real and every week for over 30 years now, we find new and interesting products to enlarge our 8000 different parts program and to show you here.  So you stay up to date what we’re able too…
There are people who complain, complain a lot, (seems Davos in Switzerland is full of those this week) but you don’t change a thing with complaining…
The daily small changes will change the world.
We never started a company with a large parts range. We’ve been building that up, day by day. We will continue to do so,to make our VW world bigger and better, as long as we can.
As long as you give us the wild card to continue by buying the parts we make for you.
You, our well respected customer, are the main reason we keep on truckin’, and of course because we like to keep our beloved Volkswagens on the street..
Let us show you how we think we made the VW world better this week….:)

We like to present our  Battery Cut-Off Switch as a first one this week.
We already had this since a longer time in our shop under ref W97-00-9355, but now we made it a full worthy BBT part number.
We choose not the cheapest model, but one with a dust/water cap and one with good connectors.
Battery cut-off switches are a must for racing cars, but also used many times on cars which stand still for longer periods or cars with small electric power leaks.

0635-100 Battery cut-off switch



There’s no secret that Type 4 engines are the right powerplants for a Bay window bus.
Many Bay Window buses are imported from USA last couple of years, all with Type 4 engines. We simply have to follow the demand for more type 4 engine parts.
This week we enlarged our Type 4 engine parts line with this original style dipstick. There are several models, but this is the straight one.
Made after a real nice original sample and with marking for min and max in the right positions, triple checked!

Get your oil on the right level now, no excuses…:)

1841-400 Dipstick Type4 -07/79 STD



We also got our first delivery from radio block off plates, this one is for Beetle 1968- (not for super beetle, 1302, 1303!) and Bus (1967 model year only)
To be really honest we got those by coincidence, but something we already wanted for a long time, so sometimes a little luck pays off nicely…:)
Top quality with perfect fit!
Get that empty hole in your dash nicely covered up.

0525-210 Radio block off plate – Beetle 68-  Bus 08/66-07/67




Wow the cool 60-67 front valances are back in stock, get yours now!

0127-150 Two finger front valance – Beetle 08/60-07/67 Auto Craft



This weeks shout out is all about those little items you search for high and low and you never seem to find them,  so here goes..

First one up is the little pin which secures the heater cable, often looked over or replaced with a temporary screw, nail or other home DIY jobs. This pin won’t hurt your wallet but will surely solve that long overdue job.

0729-210 for Type 1 10/52-07/64 and Type 2 07/51-07/67

Whilst we’re looking at the heather cable assembly in the cab, there’s another little pin that’s often missing or has been replaced by a rusty nail.. this one secures/retains the heater knob.

0729-100 for Type 1 10/52-07/64 and Type 2 07/51-07/67

Finally should you have to replace the whole cab heater assembly, we got a fantastic product that replaces the entire mechanism, this also includes the 2 pins mentioned here. Made by and for the aircooled enthusiast & delivered to your doorstep if needed. Another fantastic BBT product!

0729-200  for Type 1 10/52-07/64 and Type 2 07/51-07/67


And if your heater knob is missing, broken, faded or simply fancy a new one we have the perfect replacement available in our ever-increasing assortment.

0729 for Type 1 10/52-07/64, Type 2 07/51-07/67 and type 14 -07/64


Next up are the end caps that sit on  each side of the rear seat bar found in deluxes built between 55-67. These caps are made of aluminium (or aluminum for our US readers) by BBT to a high standard and will surely be appreciated by anyone looking to finish his interior.

0564-25 for Type 2  55-67

And in case you forgot we also make the rear seat bar!! The kit includes the seat bar, 2 end caps, 1 seat bar centre holder + fixing screw, 2 side seat bar holders and 6 screws. All produced, tested, installed, used and approved by BBT!!

0564-40 For type 2 from 55 onwards

Lastly, we want to make you aware of our oil cap seal for plastic caps. Whilst this product may not be that exciting, it is rather valuable and very much needed if you’re a person who’s bothered about a clean engine bay with no spillage or leakage around the filler neck. Whilst most old Volkswagens use the steel cap, the type 4, Wasserboxers and later also the diesel engines make use of this one. Actually a lot of later engines will use the same style filler cap and so this one is a very generic seal especially within the VAG group.

 1847-550 for Type 4, water-boxer, early diesel engines, etc..

Another week flew by in BBT’s VW paradise and we’re already busy with next week new products and product upgrades…
We’re keeping on busy, we’re keeping on Buggin’….

The BBT News team wishes you a wonderful week full of sunshine, warm hugs and cool VW parts.

We need more space? We make more space….:)

With all sheet metal coming in lately we need way more space, especially with a couple of hundreds of fenders coming….

We decided to build a mezzanine in the car building…..

So we can store the Bus roofs below the mezzanine and on top strictly reserve for fenders….

We like the new mezzanine so much we’re looking to build more stories soon, stay tuned!

Fire!!! BBT put on a fire extinguishing exercise….

We all like to protect what we have don’t we, but especially we would not forgive ourselves if a customer, friend or collegae could have been saved but You didn’t know what to do…. we thought the same, and set up a big exercise to learn how to use fire extinguishers.

Off course everything well controlled and under qualified supervision!

All BBT employees are really enthusiastic and we will continue with part 2 of the course in 2020….

BBT save lives!

Some teaser pictures of what we did…. look pretty impressive don’t they?