Airmighty show One was a big big hit!!


Last weekend the real VW enthusiast had only one destination… Enschede Holland.

Niels Timmerman, Chief editor of AirMighty Volkswagen life style magazine, was throwing the first official AirMighty show to celebrate the AirMighty magazine tenth birthday.

For those who missed it… shame on you, but we brought you some souvenirs, hope you enjoy!

For those who visited hope you recall the good vibes….











Period publicity


Since 1910 the company Lutèce bring you all kind of mushrooms.

In the early sixties they had this crazy cool delivery vans…

And the dwarfs? They’ve bene used to harvest the mushrooms….:)

BBT News


Are we heading to a second edition of the roaring twenties?
Or is our financial world aiming to another great depression of the thirty’s from last century?

That’s the question what all economist and bankers asking themselves…
With the pandemic of late and the inflation that goes up because the money is just too cheap this is a question only future will tell….

What we can tell you today is what’s new @ BBT and whatever happens we will be here to help making your Volkswagen life a happy life!
Welcome to our weekly BBT News!

Started from our brand new window frames (click HERE) we made a kit of the complete door window frames for your splittie bus.
Kit contains the frame, all E-certified glass, all rubber and all installation hardware, exactly as shown on the pictures.

We supply all parts loose and  nicely packed in a box  in order to make life easy.  You can first paint the frame and later install all components.
Let’s start your easy VW splittie bus life here!

0156-745 Door window frame complete kit left – Bus -07/67 SWT

0156-755 Door window frame complete kit right – Bus -07/67 SWT

In our Silver Weld Through range we received a pair of missing B-posts.
We have 10 different B-posts to choose from for your split window bus HERE and 4 different for your pick up HERE

We will have your B-post demand covered…

0890-905 B-post complete Left, cargodoor – Bus 12/60-07/63 SWT

0890-907 B-post complete Right, cargodoor – Bus 12/60-07/63 SWT

We’ve been able to buy some more keys with VW licensed logos.
The SV profile was a one time lot, the K profile might be available for a longer time.

0654-06 Key blank SV – Beetle/KG 08/60-07/66

0654-09 Key blank K – Beetle 67-70, KG 08/67-07/70, Type3 08/66-07/70

Although our emergency brake handles BBT # 0521 and BBT # 0521-100 are usable on practically all years, we decided to split up the models as original and bring you the correct models like Volkswagen intended.
BBT # 0521 and BBT # 0521-100 have been all correct for 1955 up to 1964 model years. We strongly  recommend this type of E-brake also for Buggy and off-road use, because simply less can go wrong with these. They  fit all years.

Our new BBT # 0521-010 is the same handle than the early type, but has the little pin on top. This pin  holds the original emergency brake cable compensator. A very impressive name for just a small metal bridge that holds the emergency brake cables and balance on the pin in order to “compensate” the difference in tension between left and right cable . A feature Volkswagen introduced for the 1965 model year and ran till end of production.

The brake handle compensator is included in the kit, but can also be ordered separately under BBT # 0929-250
BBT 0521-010 is only available in chrome for now, but we  work on a black version as well which we hope to receive by the end of 2021.

0521-010 Emergency brake handle kit – Beetle/KG 01/65-, Type3 02/65- Type181 Chrome

We close this week with a less common brake part which we like to shine on some spot light. The brake support rod, makes sure your emergency brakes  work nicely, with pulling the E-brake handle you push these E-brake support rods to open both brake shoes and so make the brakes working.

We have a complete line of E-brake support rods to cover almost all VW models.
We love to highlight our BBT # 1239-360 because it is the most complicated brake rod solely used in 1971-1973 model year VW bus or utility.

We made these very particular E-brake rods many years ago and so it’s always good to give them a little flashback!
All of our other emergency brake support rods can be found HERE

1239-360 Brake support rod, left/right- Bus 08/71-12/72 BBT

As usual if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

The BBT News team wishes you a very fine weekend, enjoy that VW life…

BBT 25/30Hp cam gears back in production! Check this video!


Finally our cam gears for the early engines are back in production now.

BBT # 1624-900 OE VW 111 109 111

We hope to have them ready by the end of this month, plus six weeks shipping or about, normally back on our shelves before the end of the year.

We make them also in over and undersize now, exactly as VW used to deliver them!

Check this liftte video….


Movie not visible? Click HERE

Stay tuned for more updates on this…

War Beetle


It was our Brazilian friend Marco who shared this little cool video about a real WAR beetle, or is this for the new episode of Mad Max?



Movie not visible? Click HERE