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Easter is for Christian people the start of the new life.
For many Volkswagen people the start of an exciting new season.

Many times, to finish and show off their new projects.
For BBT we feel the community awakens again.

….. like a new life….

Happy Easter everybody, enjoy the start of something “new.”
BBT is closed on  Easter Monday being a Belgian public holiday.

Welcome to the BBT News.

BBT introduces pop out windows for early and late model Beetle.
We bring you the best on the market today.

BBT pop out kits come complete and contain all you need for a perfect installation.
Glass is sitting in an anodized aluminium frame that holds the rubber.

Hinges come with two assorted colors covers.
Pop out locks and all necessary hardware included as well.

Perfect add  for any Beetle.


T1 lovers this one is for you!

BBT already carried  multicolor door-check straps for the high hinge cargo doors.
They have a length of 175mm.

High hinge cargo doors go to the end of production year 1960.
Also for all years Brazilian made split window Kombi.

Too long for low hinge cargo doors who require a length of 143mm.
We introduce today the same multi-colors for low hinge doors.

Used on German made buses from 1960 up to end of production.
Also, for the rear door on all split and Bay window Double cab pick-up trucks.

Sold each.
Our entire family door check straps HERE


In our aim to serve all air-cooled Volkswagens we also expand our parts line for Brazilian made Kombi’s.
Brazilian Kombi use different emergency brake cables than their German made counterparts.

We expanded our product line with emergency brake cables also for Brazilian made Kombi.
All correct length cables available now.

All other emergency brake cables we carry HERE

0923-100 Handbrake cable – Bus Brasil -01/78
0923-110 Handbrake cable – Bus Brasil 02/78-04/82
0923-120 Handbrake cable – Bus Brasil 05/82-95


BBT News team wishes a lot of chocolate Easter eggs for all of you.
Happy Easter, enjoy the new life!

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