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Following the news we can tell almost certainly that Joe Biden will become the new president of the United States.

Is this important? Guess so, to all of our knowledge the president of the USA still is the most powerful man in charge …worldwide…

The surer it becomes the more stabilized you see the markets moving…. Will he be good? Will he be better? We all doubt, our Western system is too divided now to reach larger targets. We’re not a team anymore, we’re a bunch of individuals who all think they know the best for themselves. Way too little feeling with the community we’re living in.

My land is your land, sings the song… humble people worked hard to build up our nations, to build up our part of what we call the Western world. We laughed with all others, felt superior and still do for many things. But now other economies are rising and will become at least as good, probably better than ours… raise and fall, ashes to ashes, dust to dust…. it’s our time in history now….

Will this new president change all that? For sure not…. But he might give hope to some and hopefully he can convince most of the US citizens to get a job, have to work, if they don’t want their nation to be  fade away.

We all need to work… You have to earn your money, free doesn’t exist, unfortunately, always somebody has to pay the bills…

We choose to pay this week for more new parts for all of you….welcome to BBT News….

We start this week with the cover on the bulkhead.
This cover was made to give a nicer finish and not to tear your upholstery there apart.

Originally this cover came only in deluxe buses, but we can strongly advise in just any bus.
We made this bulkhead top cover as a part of our Silver Weld Through line, even it’s not welded.

Fits all buses with early or late bulkhead, as Brazilian made buses as well.

Next we like to present you the shims to adjust the play in Brazilian bus steering boxes.

Brazilian bus steering box is available under BBT # 1368-205

Brazilian bus steering box will NOT fit European models.
You will need  these shims to adjust the play from these steering boxes, if you’re working on it.

Available in 3 different sizes.

1368-206 Shim 0.05mm for Steering box – Bus Brasil -83
1368-207 Shim 0.12mm for Steering box – Bus Brasil -83
1368-208 Shim 0.25mm for Steering box – Bus Brasil -83

We decided also to stock from now on the heater rings to sew in your carpet in the front near your heater outlets.

We start with the real round ones for split window beetles, soon we will have the later models as well.

For the late model beetles these rings have been replaced by plastic caps with heater traps you can find HERE

0540-070 Foot heater rings chrome- Beetle -03/52


Our real German made Type 4 exhausts came back in  stock.
Ready for delivery….

1078 Exhaust Type4 – german

Another week passed by and slowly we’re heading to the last month of the year, what a year!

For all of our American friends, fans, supporters, suppliers and customers we wish a happy Thanksgiving…
Stay tuned for more updates and news on this BBT Blog, your premium information channel for aftermarket Classic Volkswagen parts.

Happy weekend!

BBT News

Do you have the same feeling that the time is passing by as a high speed train during these Covid and lock down periods?
Just a crazy world we’re leaving in, a minute ago it was Monday, and only a blink of the eye back in time and it was early March, before all misery for us started…:)

Are you wondering how next year will look like?
Well who doesn’t… will it be good, will it be bad, what will be different? It will not be the same for sure…

But what doesn’t change is our BBT News, every Friday, to update you what’s new in our ever growing program.
Something to look out for, this week being no difference…..



This week we want to introduce a new dimension in our Auto Linea cylinder head line.
This cylinder head is the so called “041” what was once (long time ago) a series of cylinder heads with larger valves from the factory.

That particular cylinder head disappeared but the name was born and here to stay.
BBT’s Auto Linea “041” head  comes with 40mm inlet and 35.50mm exhaust valve seats, ready to mount your favorite brand valves and hardware.

Is completely the same as our longer existing BBT # 1725 but for 90mm cylinders and a 35.5mm exhaust.

Sold each.

1725-100 Cylinderhead ‘041’ bare 90mm / In. 40.00mm – Ex. 35.50mm – spark plug 12mm 3/4′





Both of these panels below fitting your beloved single or double cab pick up truck.
From now on they will come  exclusively in our BBT Silver Weld Through brand.

A better quality and a lower price, that’s what we all want don’t we ?
Well we have them now in perfect SWT quality and we lowered the price quite a bit.

BBT is now your premium choice for the splittie bus & Pick Up battery tray!
For the bus we have these SWT panels under BBT # 0890-46 & BBT # 0890-47

0890-465 Platform tray left rear Pick up – Bus 58-07/67


0890-475 Battery tray Pick up – Bus 58-07/67


In this weeks product in the picture we take the opportunity to highlight a part often forgotten because you barely ever see it.
The cable tube to “pop your bonnet” is perhaps not the most exciting part, but ever so important to ensure a good working cable.

BBT runs it’s own quality production for these and they’re great, simple and effective just like they used to be!
In case you need the bonnet cable for your car, you can find these under  BBT # 0960, BBT # 0961 & BBT # 0962


0962 – Bonnet cable tube – Beetle, Karmann Ghia 08/68- (measuring 1775mm long)


Next up is our beautifully made copper fuel lines for the early 25hp motor, these are pre-bent, cut to length & ready to fit.
Perfect diameter (8mm as it should) and correct connections,

We have the Carburettor to Fuel pump lines & Fuel pump to Chassis pictured below.
Any serious restoration of an early engine will simply need these parts…

But of course we also supply these fuel lines for your favorite  30DIN HP (36Sae hp for USA) & 34 DIN HP (that’s 40 horse in USA) engine,


0977 – Carburettor to Fuel pump (8mm)



0977-1 Fuel pump to chassis (8mm)


We hope you enjoyed our News and we start working right away on next week’s edition.

Any suggestion or question always welcome on

The BBT news team wishes you a nice and well deserved relaxing weekend.

We destroy Reject parts, we don’t sell them out of the back door…..

Some items have simply production errors…

These tailgates had a wrong fitment for the lock…

We simply destroyed them to avoid inferior SWT panels will floating the market.

Just because quality matters to us…

New production with adjusted tooling is being made as we speak.

Watch BBT’s sledgehammer Tim in full action!


Video not visible? Click HERE

BBT News

Very welcome on BBT news this Friday the 13th!

For the real believers it’s a ghostly day, for BBT Nicolas it’s just his birthday… Happy Birthday Nicolas!

How desperate the world really is was very clearly last Monday when Pfizer brought out a press release they make serious progress with their vaccine. The stock markets jumped up like the virus would be gone next day…. hilarious. Are this adult human beings?

By the time you and we can get a shot we’re more than likely a year from now, or longer, and even then, what will you be allowed to do? You get a shot, and can go back to the restaurant? Your wife didn’t get a shot yet so is not allowed to join?

How long will it protect? Will it protect against further mutation of the virus? Will there be long term side effects? Like a finger growing out of your ear or so? Too many questions…. unanswered…

As said from the beginning, we, at BBT, believe strongly we will have to learn to live WITH the virus and adjust our life styles.

We strongly believe that it will never be like it used to be… But that doesn’t mean life has to be less interesting….

To make your life even more interesting we bring you a new selection of parts as we do every week.

A better Volkswagen in your garage is a better mindset in your head, and you will need that mindset to cope with the near future… let us help you…:)



The one eyed duck is the rubber piece that holds your wipers together when turned off the glass of your safari windows on your splittie bus.

Off course we had already 0397-020 the one eyed duck for 08-62 till 07/67.
But now we also stock our new 0397-019 for the slimmer wiper blades used up to 07/62.

Quality is spot on, supplied complete with mounting sleeve bushing and correct screw.

All other parts for your safari window kit or complete safari window kits can be found Click HERE

0397-019 Safari wiperblade rest (one eyed duck) – Bus -07/62 (BQ)



Where your clutch and accelerator cable come out of the guides of your chassis in the back of your car VW fitted a booth on each of them to protect water and dirt to come in the chassis guides. The rubber boots are pretty important for a smooth and trouble free long time operation as well for the life spam of your cables.

We supplied some of these boots already for a longer time, and some we only had as a shop reference, but now we figured out all parts numbers and years and have the full range for you available.

No reason any more to mount any chassis without the correct boots.
We have all 4 original styles to choose from.

0908-020 Boot between clutch sleeve and chassis Beetle/KG/181 11/70-, Bus 08/75-07/82, Type3 08/67-


0908-030 Boot for gas cable sleeve – Beetle/KG/181 11/70-, Type3 08/67-


0908 Boot to chassis clutch/throttle tube – Beelte/KG 02/58-10/70, 181 -10/70

0890-01 Boot > chassis clutch/throttle/choke cable – Beetle/KG -02/58


We also decided to stock the base gasket for the 25 and 30DIN HP (that’s 36 SAE HP for our American friends) fuel pump.

This gasket sits under and on top of the bakelite fuel pump base BBT # 1690-100

So you need two of these for one engine. We supply each.

1690-920 Fuel pump gasket fuel pump flange 25/30HP (DIN)






Finally after a lot of corona virus trouble with this particular product we’re happy we can supply these brake shoes again…

The very best quality, Made in Germany and at a very competitive price.

We have plenty in stock now…

1231 Brake shoes front – 1302/1303, Type3 rear 08/63- BBT



All we can say is stay safe, stay healthy, watch out and before all use common sense!

Enjoy your weekend.


BBT News

The winner takes it all… but last elections for president in USA don’t seem to have a winner.
Not a lot of people win with the new lockdown in Europe, the virus seems worse than ever…

Neither a winner with all terrorist attacks in France and Austria…
Customs and police did a mega record catch of illegal cocaine this week in port of Antwerp, 900.000.000€ of street value, probably more.

No big win  for those criminals at all.
In all of this turmoil BBT news is here again, as every Friday.

Several new products and updates our VW world need in our eyes.
All for you to win… the winner takes it all…. in VW land, that is….


With all Brazilian kombis imported to Europe last couple of years we got greater demand for new steering boxes exactly for these models.
After our last company visit with Ampri Steering box manufacturers in Sao Paolo Brasil, we did some quality improvements to make their steering boxes usable on Brazilian made VW buses operating on European roads..

We’re happy to say we distribute this Ampri steering box now exclusively for Europe.
This steering box fits Brazilian buses ONLY, made up to 1983.

Sorry this steering box doesn’t fit German built buses, please do not try.
We’re currently developing rebuild kits for German model steering box, and hope to present you somewhere next year.

1368-205 Steering box – Bus Brasil -83



Longer available through our shop program, now we made it  a real BBT part number.
Tow bar to tow your beetle or buggy behind your tow rig.

It always fascinated us how it works, but the sure thing is, it does.
By far the easiest way to transport your beetle.

Unfortunately not road legal in all  European countries, check your local road regulations first.

4850-050 Tow Bar – Beetle, KG, Type 181, Buggy (not 1302/1303)


For the real hard core engine builders among you we  stock now the brand new phosphate coated Engle lifters.
Exact the same as our 1631-500 but coated with a high quality phosphate coating.

This coating adds an extra lubricating principle, that extends the wear life of the engine block and lifters.
The phosphate coating adds micro size pock marks that hold oil therefore adding to the lubrication to the lifter and engine block.

Sold as a set of eight.

1631-550 Lifters ENGLE Type 1 28mm (100gr) 8 pieces – Phosphate coating



We re-modelled our ever popular engine compartment firewall isolation kit.
This kit comes now without the hole for the (useless) diagnose plug on later model beetles.
The quality, feel and texture are still the same, only the hole is deleted now, simply because out of popular demand.

2311 Firewall insolation kit- Beetle (3 pieces)


We’re happy we can supply all the above, and working on more.
We don’t win elections once every 4 years, but we try to win on a everyday base, and working hard for that.

Suggestions or reactions always welcome.
BBT News team wishes you a very happy and relaxed weekend, stay safe and healthy.