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It feels that we celebrated New Year yesterday, but in fact 2020 has been launched  for a while now, but if you do, what you love to do, time seems to fly.
Guess we call that passion?
We @ BBT  live the passion in real and every week for over 30 years now, we find new and interesting products to enlarge our 8000 different parts program and to show you here.  So you stay up to date what we’re able too…
There are people who complain, complain a lot, (seems Davos in Switzerland is full of those this week) but you don’t change a thing with complaining…
The daily small changes will change the world.
We never started a company with a large parts range. We’ve been building that up, day by day. We will continue to do so,to make our VW world bigger and better, as long as we can.
As long as you give us the wild card to continue by buying the parts we make for you.
You, our well respected customer, are the main reason we keep on truckin’, and of course because we like to keep our beloved Volkswagens on the street..
Let us show you how we think we made the VW world better this week….:)

We like to present our  Battery Cut-Off Switch as a first one this week.
We already had this since a longer time in our shop under ref W97-00-9355, but now we made it a full worthy BBT part number.
We choose not the cheapest model, but one with a dust/water cap and one with good connectors.
Battery cut-off switches are a must for racing cars, but also used many times on cars which stand still for longer periods or cars with small electric power leaks.

0635-100 Battery cut-off switch



There’s no secret that Type 4 engines are the right powerplants for a Bay window bus.
Many Bay Window buses are imported from USA last couple of years, all with Type 4 engines. We simply have to follow the demand for more type 4 engine parts.
This week we enlarged our Type 4 engine parts line with this original style dipstick. There are several models, but this is the straight one.
Made after a real nice original sample and with marking for min and max in the right positions, triple checked!

Get your oil on the right level now, no excuses…:)

1841-400 Dipstick Type4 -07/79 STD



We also got our first delivery from radio block off plates, this one is for Beetle 1968- (not for super beetle, 1302, 1303!) and Bus (1967 model year only)
To be really honest we got those by coincidence, but something we already wanted for a long time, so sometimes a little luck pays off nicely…:)
Top quality with perfect fit!
Get that empty hole in your dash nicely covered up.

0525-210 Radio block off plate – Beetle 68-  Bus 08/66-07/67




Wow the cool 60-67 front valances are back in stock, get yours now!

0127-150 Two finger front valance – Beetle 08/60-07/67 Auto Craft



This weeks shout out is all about those little items you search for high and low and you never seem to find them,  so here goes..

First one up is the little pin which secures the heater cable, often looked over or replaced with a temporary screw, nail or other home DIY jobs. This pin won’t hurt your wallet but will surely solve that long overdue job.

0729-210 for Type 1 10/52-07/64 and Type 2 07/51-07/67

Whilst we’re looking at the heather cable assembly in the cab, there’s another little pin that’s often missing or has been replaced by a rusty nail.. this one secures/retains the heater knob.

0729-100 for Type 1 10/52-07/64 and Type 2 07/51-07/67

Finally should you have to replace the whole cab heater assembly, we got a fantastic product that replaces the entire mechanism, this also includes the 2 pins mentioned here. Made by and for the aircooled enthusiast & delivered to your doorstep if needed. Another fantastic BBT product!

0729-200  for Type 1 10/52-07/64 and Type 2 07/51-07/67


And if your heater knob is missing, broken, faded or simply fancy a new one we have the perfect replacement available in our ever-increasing assortment.

0729 for Type 1 10/52-07/64, Type 2 07/51-07/67 and type 14 -07/64


Next up are the end caps that sit on  each side of the rear seat bar found in deluxes built between 55-67. These caps are made of aluminium (or aluminum for our US readers) by BBT to a high standard and will surely be appreciated by anyone looking to finish his interior.

0564-25 for Type 2  55-67

And in case you forgot we also make the rear seat bar!! The kit includes the seat bar, 2 end caps, 1 seat bar centre holder + fixing screw, 2 side seat bar holders and 6 screws. All produced, tested, installed, used and approved by BBT!!

0564-40 For type 2 from 55 onwards

Lastly, we want to make you aware of our oil cap seal for plastic caps. Whilst this product may not be that exciting, it is rather valuable and very much needed if you’re a person who’s bothered about a clean engine bay with no spillage or leakage around the filler neck. Whilst most old Volkswagens use the steel cap, the type 4, Wasserboxers and later also the diesel engines make use of this one. Actually a lot of later engines will use the same style filler cap and so this one is a very generic seal especially within the VAG group.

 1847-550 for Type 4, water-boxer, early diesel engines, etc..

Another week flew by in BBT’s VW paradise and we’re already busy with next week new products and product upgrades…
We’re keeping on busy, we’re keeping on Buggin’….

The BBT News team wishes you a wonderful week full of sunshine, warm hugs and cool VW parts.

BBT News

General Qasem Soleimani killed by air attack from USA, prince Harry and Meghan Markle step out of royalty (will they change their blood now? ) big strikes in France and an ever ongoing saga of Belgian politics, we can’t say the first week of the New Year was boring. Crude oil prices jumped up (and fell down) the most in a week that we’ve seen since long time. There are things going on….

The VW industry @ BBT started up after the holidays by itselves. Busy from day one as we know it. Orders rolled in and are  treated, new samples tested, purchase orders being placed to get into containers by deadlines, warehouse was bursting and the offices bust along…:) We’re busy, we’re happy and as a cherry on the cake we have a real nice News this week with new additions in our program for buses and beetles, Something for everybody, so all of you join and enjoy……:)

We made top quality cargo door locks for your splittie bus and supply these at once with their rods. This is the real deal and the quality is easy comparable with original. We shipped samples back and forth to the factory till everything was exactly like we wanted it to be, I can tell we get real picky by growing older!

This is what we will mount now on our buses and are very proud we succeeded again to bring top quality products on the market. We made both for front and rear cargo door. 55-62 models are now available  and displayed below, the 63-67 models will come soon.

The very specific screws to mount the rods to the locks, we already stock them since a  longer time under BBT 0436-515 (just click)

0436-530 Cargo door lock mechanism with locking rods right front /left rear – Bus 03/55-07/62 (TQ)


0436-535 Cargo door lock mechanism with locking rods right rear /left front – Bus 03/55-07/62 (TQ)


BBT late-model bumpers for your beetle get now a name by their own  and everybody (should) know our bumpers have been pressed in a high end production plant in Brasil and chrome in a high certified chrome factory in Europe. The fact premium German Auto brands recently choose the same chrome plant as ours to chrome parts for their assembly lines, which  means probably something…:)

Till now we only sold our high quality late-model beetle bumpers in chrome. Because of serious demand we decided to offer now also the raw version. So these bumpers come slightly oiled bare metal, ready to degrease primer and paint, or… your own chrome or gold plating?…. All choices are now yours, we make the bumpers available to the market.

Why BBT bumpers? Because our bumpers have been pressed in 1.5mm steel exactly the same as the original bumpers, which your beetle got at their German assembly lines back in the day. We also pay a lot of attention on pressing stress (and distress) of the metal, wrinkles, burrs etc. We simply want them to be perfect.

All holes have been punched to OE specs, very important once you put the bumpers on your car after painting. Still we strongly suggest to test fit the bumpers BEFORE paint. In case something is wrong with either bumper or car, things are easy to (re)dress with unpainted parts!

We have all 4 original models to choose from….

0005-105 Bumper front – Beetle 08/74- (EUR) square model with indicator hole – bare

0005-605 Bumper rear – Beetle 08/74- (EUR) square model – bare

0012-105 Bumper front – Beetle 08/67-07/74 (EUR) square model – Bare

0013-105 Bumper rear – Beetle 08/67-07/74 (EUR) square model – Bare



Finally we got the rear cargo guides for 63 to 71 bus tail gates! Yihaa, we waited a  long time on this, but now it’s available. Rear cargo door guides on the tail gate go together with BBT 0438-120 the rear cargo door guides on the D pillar of your bus.

Rear cargo door guides assure a smooth closing, a lifetime prevention for locks and hinges and especially an anti-rattle during driving.

We made the rear cargo door guides available… Order them now with your local BBT distributor!

0438-125 Rear cargo door guide / door – Bus 08/63-07/71




It looks like ages since we brought you a new product for the T25/T3 Vanagons… but this week we add these real cool clear lenses for all T25/T3 Vanagons. Very high quality, very shiny and nice these will look stunning on any of your T25/T3 vanagon buses, pick-ups or utilities… comes with e3 mark and are sold as a pair.

0616-882 Turnsignal front clear (pair) – Bus 05/79-08/92

The orange ones can be found here: 0616-881 (right) 0616-871 (left)


Wow what a week… every Friday we feel so good it’s over, we battled and survived and by the time we get our News edition out, we start right away on the next one, this week  is not different. War or no war BBT supplies Volkswagen parts all day long and every week we bring you new parts, whatever happens…. as Vintage Volkswagens are still a sign of peace and love we have to keep these massively on the roads, to remember our politicians that there are other ways of life…

BBT News team wishes you a wonderful January weekend, whatever you do, ride or hike, have fun!

Another complicated Bus part almost finished!

We’re pretty close to finish the fresh airbox for your splittie bus…. a real masterpiece of art…

If somebody is not sure what we’re up to now, these pictures prove what we can and do!

Very proud on the factory that make these for us! Wowh!

Some teaser pictures for You, trusty BBT fans.

BBT News

It’s not really news to tell you happy New Year, but it’s something we simply must do because we really want to.

Not for etiquette, general form or being polite, but simply because we really wish you a lot of happiness in the year  which just started.

May 2020 be the best year ever for you, your family, friends, colleagues  and relationships.

The world has never been better till now, never ever was the global rate of poorness or people killed by hunger any lower than today. These numbers recently published don’t mean we’re good and the best, but it means we’re acting in the right direction. We have to keep on growing, keep on telling what’s good and what’s bad and vote politicians that really prefer peace  instead of war! People love conflicts but prefer peace for sure, for all families, also in 2020 the best year ever! Happy New Year…

To start the year we like to present a bunch of new products in our range to open 2020 with a Big Bang.

With the almost unlimited imports of thousands of late super beetles convertibles out of the USA into Europe last 20 years or so, we try to follow the US spec parts line as well. New in that parts line are the rear fenders with the square hole for the telescopic bumper bracket. We offer left and right. These fenders are made in Italy.

The telescopic bumper brackets for the US spec cars can be found HERE.

0125-200 Wing rear left – Beetle 08/74- USA


0126-200 Wing rear right – Beetle 08/74- USA


For the early Bay window we  have the inner front lower panel. Simply said this is the panel that sits between your lower front panel and the BBT 0891-180 inner plate welded on the chassis legs.

Many times just rusted away together with the lower front panel, it’s cool you can replace it at once with these pretty high quality replacement part. This panel ensures you a quality correct repair or restoration.

0891-182 Inner panel front valance – Bus 08/67-07/72


Out of popular demand we also enlarged  our gasket range for steering boxes.
These are the paper gaskets between cover and housing of your steering box.
Made in EU for perfect fit and quality.

1368-070 Gasket steering box – Beetle/KG -62


1368-075 Gasket steering box – Beetle/KG 62-, Type3 Type181



1368-215 Gasket steering box – Bus 03/55 -07/67

Original made for Split window steering box, these will also fit early Bay Window although Early Bay window steering boxes came from the factory sealed with liquid gasket only and never with a paper gasket.


And if the paper gasket is not enough we also dug out  all oil seals for the steering boxes… we already used to carry  several models and we’re happy to expand our line with following models.

1368-055 Steering box seal (lower) – Beetle/KG -62


1368-060 Steering box seal (upper) – Beetle/KG 62-, Type3, Type181


1368-065 Steering box seal (lower) – Beetle/KG 62-, Type3, Type181


The oil seal on top for the pre 1962 Beetle and Ghia Steering boxes, we already carried them under BBT 1368-050

All steering box parts can be found HERE


Next we have a real cool tail gate lock for Split window bus built between August 1963 and July 1966 with the round button.

We can’t tell how many worn out and screwdriver disabused items we saw in our lives, so we’re very happy we could trace this one down and offer it here for you

Comes with two correct T profile keys.


0429-450 Tail gate lock w/keys – Bus 08/63-07/66 TQ

Our heater knobs are back in stock… world-famous for their quality, though now we made them even better ….

Don’t compare them with inferior products, as ours fit right on and don’t come loose anymore…

Complete new tooling and extreme high quality injection made this the best possible heater knob in the world.

Another BBT exclusive!


0725 Heater control knob 65- BBT




2635 Autometer fuellpressure 2 5/8

135 euro excl.


2649-02 Autometer shift lite lenskit yellow

4,95 euro excl.


0927-206 Handbrake cable rear T25 02/85-08/92 right 16″ syncro

6,25 euro excl.

The first BBT News of the year is a fact… we will try to update you at least 50 times  during the entire 2020…. each Friday… stay tuned, we do it to inform you… with best information available…..  any news or suggestions? Always welcome at Peter@BBT4VW.COM

BBT News team wishes you a perfect and relaxed weekend.