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Besides some political situations in Belgium, a totally failed Russian invasion in Ukraine, big remaining Covid problems in China and Western Europe suffer the driest spring since measurements began BBT stays busy and even more shipments came in.

Literally hundreds of back orders arrived, the green dots on our catalogs flashing up at a never seen pace.

Like every week we also have some brand new arrivals what we present you hereunder…

Welcome to the BBT News.

We kick of this News edition with a new line of late model headlight lenses for Beetle, Bus and Type 3.
Sorry, these lenses will not fit any Karmann Ghia.

These are the Euro style lenses for headlights with the adjusting screws in the ring.
Old, broken, or blast by gravel, we have now the perfect replacement.

Available for Left as for Right Hand drive cars.
Out of popular demand we have clear and yellow available.

Sold each.

0613-600 Headlight lense Hella H4 – Beetle 08/67-, Bus 08/67-07/79, Type3, Type181 LHD
0613-601 Headlight lense Hella H4 – Beetle 08/67-, Bus 08/67-07/79, Type3, Type181 RHD

0613-610 Headlight lense Hella H4 yellow – Beetle 08/67-, Bus 08/67-07/79, Type3, Type181 LHD
0613-611 Headlight lense Hella H4 yellow – Beetle 08/67-, Bus 08/67-07/79, Type3, Type181 RHD

In our aim to bring back a decent quality of BBT # 1406 shift shaft coupler we work long time to the different components.
We like to introduce some of these parts separately.

Both rubber side mounts for the shift shaft coupler kick off our parts program.
Very economical to replace only what’s broken, right?

If your cage and hardware are still fine these rubber mounts will take the play on your shift shaft away.
Let’s make you shifting smooth and flawless.

Sold in pairs.

1406-150 Rubber mount shift shaft coupler – Beetle/KG 08/63-, Bus 08/67-07/79, Type3, Type181 (pair)

We do cater for all year Volkswagens with the engines in the back…
Extreme specific for your 1992-2004 Mexican build Beetle is the fuel pump.

The Mexican production line used these pumps on their 1600I ACD engines.
We do stock the good quality pumps “Made in Mexico” rather as their inferior Chinese made counterparts.

BBT do stock a wide line of electric fuel pumps HERE and mechanical fuel pumps HERE

1686-210 Electric fuel pump for injection – Mexico 1600i ACD

0626-550 Taillight housing holder left – Beetle 08/55-08/61
0627-550 Taillight housing holder right – Beetle 08/55-08/61

1776-200 Engine gasket set 1.9/2.1 WBX- Bus 08/82-07/92

1774 Gasket sump plate Type4

1208-140 Brake line reservoir to master cylinder 81cm – Bus 08/67-07/72
1208-160 Brake line reservoir to master cylinder (servo) 60cm – Bus 08/72-07/79
1208-170 Brake line reservoir to master cylinder (no servo) 15cm – Bus 08/72-07/79

0491-3 Gas cap 70mm – Beetle 08/60-07/67, Type3 -07/67, Type181 outside

The BBT News team wish you a wonderful dry weekend, enjoy your Volkswagen, enjoy the weather, and enjoy life!

BBT News

If we should have begged our shipments to come in a last news, the Gods must have understood our needs.
So hard, this week the hell broke loose, literally.

We never ever received so many containers in one week.
Or more, we never ever received so many containers in a week like we did this week in three days!

Goods in dept. has exploded and looks like a battle field.
Danny and his team are working into extremes to get all in the shelves at once.

We make it all available for you, our customer.
We’re happy to receive your (back)orders.

As every week some new products  came along too…

Let’s start this week with our brand new stabilizer bars for bay window buses.
As simply all used parts are drying out slowly, new parts must take over.

BBT now offers the perfect solution to replace your broken, bend or worn out stabilizer bar with a good quality replacement.
Every bay window bus, kombi or utility came from the VW factories WITH a stabilizer.

If yours is missing, this brand new units are your solution.
Use BBT # 1352 clamp kits for proper fitting, simply the best on the market.

1392-210 Stabilizer front – Bus 08/67-07/79

We have completed our line of Beetle emergency brake handle kits with this black kit for 1965 and later beetle models.
Split window bus emergency brake handle kits are now in production and will be finished soon.

All of our emergency brake handle kits you can find HERE

0521-110 Emergency brake handle kit – Beetle/KG 01/65-, Type3 02/65- Type181 black

We had a last inventory on this VW do Brazil 7X0 703 559.
Practically the same inner front valance for bay window than  BBT # 0891-185 except these have been made for the Brazilian water-cooled bay window T2c.

The difference is the center cut out and the two little brackets on top for the radiator.
Light modification allows to use on 73-79 late bay window buses.

Also a perfect solution for partial rust repair.
Because of the quantity we bought they’re very economical priced and 100% original VW.

0891-186 Inner front valance – Bus Brasil 2006- water cooled

We’ve been able to secure the last production runs from BOSCH Mexico for starter motor and generator for our beloved air-cooled babies!
A very sad fact that also Bosch moved their production for generators and starter motors to China.

Our stocks are your last chance  now to buy your (spare) Mexican made BOSCH starter motor or generator.
Once our remaining stocks are finished we will have to obsolete these two products.

Chinese starter motor BBT #1595 isn’t bad at all, but BOSCH is BOSCH.
The extensive BBT starter line for all rear engined Volkswagens can be found HERE

1961-1 New 12 volt generator, Bosch
1595-1 Starter motor 12 Volt 68- (Bosch)

We had three containers SWT in this week so many SWT will come back available next week!

0890-921 C-post complete right (cargo door) – Bus 03/55-12/60 SWT

0890-744 Floor plate left (cargo door) – Bus -07/67 SWT

1000-855 Gasketset for adjustable flange style muffler – Vintage Speed

0517-071 Ventwing lock convertible – Beetle 08/67- left TQ
0517-081 Ventwing lock convertible – Beetle 08/67- right TQ

0538-76 Floormat double cab. Rear – Bus -07/79 (black)

In this week’s product in the picture we’re focussing on some of the smaller yet often very important parts.
The little spring that’s essential for a smooth operation of your Bay window emergency brake.
BBT has these springs made by the OE manufacturer who used to supply these directly to Volkswagen. Does it get any better ..?

Sold each.

0523-105 – Emergency brake locking spring – 08/67-07/79

Next is the adjusting screw for the window guide rail in a late Beetle and Karmann Ghia convertible
These are all too often missing, broken or corroded beyond repair.

@ BBT we recognised this tiny piece was just as important as any other part.
So we hunted down a manufacturer locally.

Higly precission made in an all CNC process.
A tiny little part that can make such a difference

Sold each.

7121 – Window guide rail adjusting screw – Beetle convertible 08/64-07/79, Karmann Ghia convertible 08/63-07/74

Another small part we carry, is the spring that holds the pin in place to prevent the front seats  from moving forward in a late beetle.
This spring has been in high demand for years and when our original “used” stock was depleted we realised this was something that many cars need.

BBT tooled up and can now offer you a brand new spring – manufactured in Belgium – to hold the pin in place.
Going through the mighty VW bibles to get the correct applications, we found out that this exact spring also blocks the recliner mechanism.

Sold each.

0736-105 Spring to adjust seat base and backrest– Beetle 08/72-07/75

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

BBT News team wishes you a happy weekend, enjoy spring, enjoy life, enjoy that VW of yours!

BBT News

What a week we had!

News that the Dieter Schmidt Lorenz NOS inventory was moving our direction stirred quite a buzz on social media.
Inside BBT this news was quite something as well.

We can make and remake so many more products to OE standards… imagine.
That means many more BBT News to come!

If only that stupid war would end world should almost be perfect!
Or like United Nations chief Antonio Guterres stated, in 2022 there’s no place for a stupid war like this anymore.

If there’s nothing to win… You should make a difference.
You can win your personal satisfaction if you finish your beloved right.

We’re here to help with the news parts we carry from now in our ever growing BBT program.

Welcome to our BBT News.

Besides our ZF/TRW brake calipers for late Bay Window T2b HERE BBT was able to buy a quantity of OE brake calipers from a Volkswagen dealership in Brasil.

This is a very limited stock.
They don’t get  more original than this!

Get your bay window caliper right now!

1248-110 Brake caliper – Bus 08/72-07/79 – left / OE
1249-110 Brake caliper – Bus 08/72-07/79 – right / OE

If you want your early Beetle and Ghia or your small nut axle bus all correct you need these brand new rear castle nut.
The castle nut holds your rear drum in place but also keeps the correct play on your drive shafts!

We always used BBT # 1449 but originally this was only used 08/66 onwards on Ghia and Beetle.
Up to 1966 and on small nut bus rear axles Volkswagen always used this castle nut without molded in washer.

Exactly as BBT # 1449 our brand new BBT # 1449-100 is forged exactly like Volkswagen made them back in the day.
Buses after 1963 all the way up to 1992 use the larger (46mm head) BBT # 1148

Top quality and 100% correct, another BBT necessity!

1449-100 Rear castle nut – Beetle/KG -07/66, Bus -07/63

BBT proudly makes their own colored ignition wire sets now.
Made as original in PVC insulation over copper core as it used to be for stock and mild tuned engines.

No air-cooled Volkswagen needs carbon core or silicone, what’s cheaper to produce, but misses feel and look and especially lack the quality we need!
BBT colored wired sets  come with black sparkplug connectors.

Black stock style standard ignition wire sets BBT # 2045 & BBT # 2099 come with brown colored connectors.
BBT colored ignition wire sets are by far the best price/quality ratio on the market.

First small production run came in, limited availability and more on the water.

Get yours now!

2040 Ignition wire set Type1 copper – yellow
2042 Ignition wire set Type1 copper – Blue
2043 Ignition wire set Type1 copper – red

T25/T3 Vanagon lovers aware!

Because of your large size front windshield BBT introduces this 3 way window washer nozzle.
Sprays triple force everywhere and clean that windshield faster than you can blink an eye as we tend to say.

Fits a lot of water-cooled cars like Golf, Jetta & Scirocco as well

The entire BBT window washer nozzle line you can find HERE

2451-200 Window washer nozzle (3 jets) – Bus 05/79-07/92

A leaking rear axle seal is a common problem and causes the brake lining to soak in gearbox oil, resulting in loss of braking power. Extremely dangerous!
We developed our rear axle gasket set with security as our absolute top priority. The safety of your beloved Volkswagen is our highest concern!

BBT recommends changing all the gaskets when one leaks, also when changing rear wheel bearings. Hence we supply this exact kit in our rear wheel bearing kits.

This new developed rear axle gasket kit is a very closely cooperation between our German gasket manufacturer and BBT. This results in a complete kit, containing all you need to do the job properly.
We chose the very best materials and deliver only this top notch quality with a perfect fit.

Besides our quality we kindly ask you to compare our very competitive pricing, especially with our quantity discounts. This is simply the best price/quality money can buy.

1410-005 Gasket kit rear axle (1) – Beetle/KG, Bus -07/67, Type3, Type181 – German

Now standard size aluminum engine cases are back available HERE we also have them available for big bore cylinder kits.

96mm opening is for all 90.5 & 92mm cylinders while 97.2mm will accept all our 94mm liner kits.

Back available from our stocks.

1654-1 Engine case Std 96.0mm cylinder diameter  (Aluminium) BBT
1654-2 Engine case Std 97.2mm cylinder diameter (Aluminium) BBT

We have a brand new production run made from our 0.75mm oversize 25 & 30DinHp (36SAE) rod bearings.

All BBT 25 & 30DinHp (36SAE) engine bearings can be found HERE

1606-075 Rod bearings 25/30hp 0.75mm BBT

BBT News team wishes you a splendid 1st of May, enjoy fully, will we meet in Hannover this weekend?

MaiKäferTreffen am 1. Mai in Hannover  (

BBT News

Who will pay the bill?
With gas prices raising until never seen heights, close to $6.00 a gallon in California or diesel  almost €2.50 a liter on the German Autobahn.

Electricity bills going up by 40% and more
Man asks himself where does all the money go?

Does it really go to Russia? As far as our knowledge goes most gas does NOT come from Russia.
Simply all gas and electricity but also shipping companies running top years, with monster profits to spread out between a few…. not Russian, but Western top managers and shareholders.

There is a movement to tax Russian gas heavily, at entry, in other words at the border from where it enters the Western world,  a switch that might not be a too bad idea…
@ BBT we work even harder to find solutions.

Shipping stays a big problem, we’re still waiting for orders placed in October and November!
We’re continuously on the search for better supply, so we can keep our sale prices under control, decrease where possible.

Every week we show our new products, our new arrivals, and this week is  no different, with several additions to our SWT program of high quality sheet metal.
Many more new products AND infill to come,…. if only our shipments would arrive.

We finished more upper side panels.
These panels fit perfectly on top of our lower side panels.

Both sides now available for regular 11 window buses.
All split window bus SWT panels and sides you find in our SWT reader catalog HERE

0890-236-1 Sidewindow panel short left / 1 window – Bus 03/55-12/60 SWT
0890-237-1 Sidewindow panel short right / 1 window – Bus 03/55-12/60 SWT

0890-238-1 Sidewindow panel long left / 3 windows – Bus 03/55-07/67 SWT
0890-239-1 Sidewindow panel long right / 3 windows – Bus 03/55-07/67 SWT

Besides the longitude beam for the single cab HERE we now supply also the specific longitude beams for split window double cabs.

0890-598-1 Longitude beam set under loadingbed Double Cab – Bus -07/67 SWT

We add the inner sliding door handle for Bay window and T25/T3/Vanagon  also in black color.

Silver white color inside sliding door handles for Deluxe and Westfalia bay windows you can find HERE

0524-559 Inner sliding door handle with cap – Bus 08/67-07/92 Black

We improved our steering boxes for the Brazilian Kombi.

We made the hole with the inside tube below to let pass the horn wire without any further modification necessary.

1368-205 Steering box – Bus Brasil -83

Big picture for small part.
But small parts  matter!

We found a new supplier for the little rubber sleeve around door locking pull knob.

Our assortment door lock pulls you can find  HERE

0512-90 Guide for door lock pull 08/67- Black

A new proud BBT private production from the OE manufacturer!
Absolutely same quality as VW back in the day supplied (and not anymore).

Check our prices and quantity pricing.

1642-1 Locking ring distributor drive gear – Type1

New infill for these early rotors.
Not easy, but we convinced the factory to make a new production run!

2007-1 Rotor for distributor 30pk – 010 – 019 – ZV/JUR4R1 – Porsche 356/912

7570-035 Rubber inner top slidingdoortrack – Bus 08/67-07/79

Well we all know we will pay the bill, not a cool future ahead, but at least BBT parts, made out of our pure passion for old Volkswagens, will bring a little comfort while wrenching that VW.
BBT News team wishes all of you a happy and relaxed weekend.

Stay safe, stay tuned….