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Aren’t we all tired of Covid?
Not so much about what Covid is, as we can’t change that..

But more what everybody has to say about it.
Seems like everybody is a doctor, specialist or scientist today (but still without a job).

We don’t know anything about Covid in BBT, hence we follow all guidelines.
But we do know about parts for  your Classic Volkswagen and hereby like to present you our product update.

Welcome to our weekly NEWS edition…

In cooperation with some of the finest bus welders and metal guru’s all around the world we had a lively discussion about doglegs.
Even though our dog leg toolings are perfectly made from NOS parts and our jigs are so secure, all buses seem to differ just enough that perfection is hard to achieve.

There are other brands doglegs, made from softer steel, allow to  “bend” themselves into place, but logic themselves, don’t give the rigidity your bus needs so badly on this exact place under your doors.
BBT SWT doglegs are stiffer as hell and don’t allow flexing, because your bus simply needs that strength.

So we decided to offer our doglegs in two different forms, click HERE for our assembled doglegs ready to fit.
Or check out here below our new unassembled doglegs that can be bought now and assembled on your own bus to perfection.

Make your doglegs fit to your bus, don’t make your bus fit to your doglegs.
BBT Silver Weld Through gives you the choice.

0890-041 Wheel arch kit (3pc) front left – Bus -10/62 SWT
0890-051 Wheel arch kit (3pc) front right – Bus -10/62 SWT

0890-106 Wheel arch kit (3pc) front left – Bus 10/62-07/67 SWT
0890-116 Wheel arch kit (3pc) front right – Bus 10/62-07/67 SWT

For T25/T3 Vanagon we add this piece of repair metal for the cab door step.

Always rotten because water, dirt and humidity have no place to go  under the rubber these are more rotten than anything else.

We supplied our small repair panel (left side HERE, right side HERE) for longer time but have now a “larger” solution…

0892-082 Door step underside complete – Bus 05/79-07/92 left
0892-083 Door step underside complete – Bus 05/79-07/92 right

The rear wheel brake cylinder for 57-64 beetles and Ghia’s we now offer  also from ATE brand.
We had a very good deal with ATE and offer these at incredible low prices with cool quantity discounts…

1220-1 Rear wheel cylinder – Beetle/KG 10/57-07/64 / ATE

Wheels  for stylish cars like shoes dress a beautiful woman, and we don’t talk about the sneaker rage of late…:)
Your wheels deserve attention as they “roll you” wherever you want to go after all.

So we decided to take also these black lug bolt caps in our range.
Several basic model Volkswagens rolled off the assembly lines with this style black lug nut covers as standard equipment.

Now available at very attractive quantity pricing.
Our chrome lug bolt covers you can find HERE

2589-100 Bolt cap black – 19 MM each

We now have our own very private production from this ever popular toggle switch.
Still comes with screwed terminals and finished to last.

Originally to operate dome lights in convertibles manually, but also  dozens of other applications.
We have negotiated this production before Covid still at good old prices for raw materials, so we have a fairly good  sharp priced inventory with irresistible quantity discounts.

0686-155 Toggle switch, dome light, dashboard light – Beelte 10/52-01/54

Nothing beats NOS!

We’re happy to announce we found another batch of NOS single port 1500/1600 cylinder heads.
Original Volkswagen single port cylinder heads from oversupply stocks.

These heads come with valves and springs.
No available but limited inventory and not sure if we can find ever again…

1721-4 Cylinder head 1600 single port – NOS

Click HERE for our Blog from yesterday with our engine bearings arrivals

1607-025-21 Main bearings 0.25/Std case (release bearing -1mm)

0927-300 Handbrake cable – Bus 05/79-08/92

1200-80 Connecting pipe master cylinder – Beelte/KG 08/71-

0511-100 Shifter set – Beetle/KG 08/57-07/67

0511-110 Shifter set – Beetle/KG 08/67-

The BBT News team wishes you happy Thanksgiving and a nice fall weekend!

BBT News

Wow Covid wave n°4 hit us hard in Belgium.
Back again to homework, facemask duty and all kind of other restrictions.

Meanwhile the world keeps spinning around and BBT… is boosting new parts.
Welcome to our weekly News….

Let’s kick off this News in Vintage style.
The early beetle and bus armrests are a wonderful world of changes.

We decided to climb into to this magical tree of different models again and add these real early armrest that fits beetles built between 1955 and 1959 and early buses built between 1955 and 1958.

Perfect quality and fit.
Exactly like original.

0553-050 Armrest – Beetle 08/55-07/59, Bus DLX 03/55-07/58

Offcourse we supply also the trim for this armrest separately.
This trim will also replace  your original trim.

0553-051 Armrest trim – Beetle 08/55-07/59


For Bay Window we add this week this spacer sleeve bushing for your brake pedal.

If you have it all apart and doubt in what order you have to mount all the small parts for your bay window pedal cluster our exploded view might help and can be found HERE.

0276-221 Brake pedal spacer sleeve – Bus 08/67-07/79

Bay window Westfalia lovers this one is for you!
After many many demands we finally found a replacement for your faucet.

We know it’s not the same, but at least it does the job.
Made in Stainless Steel it pours water trouble-free to let you enjoy brewing your own coffee “from the tap”…

Cook the water first though….:)
Comes with switch, no pump!

Perfect for all bay window Westfalia’s with sink.

6430-000 Faucet with switch Westfalia S/S

As out of popularity of our standard 12-1300 beetle eco-version steering damper we decided to bring also an eco-version steering damper for the 1302-03 Super beetle models.

In general we get really good feedback from this steering dampers so they’re Eco in price, but still a very decent quality.

The 12-1300 standard beetle “Eco” steering damper you can find  HERE
Our regular Cofap brand steering dampers for 1302-03 Super beetles you can find HERE

1313-001 Steering damper – 1302/1303 ECO

Goods In dept are bursting!
Many orders came in, and many backorders are filled in now.
A small extraction what came back in stock this week.

0127-150 Two finger front valance – Beetle 08/60-07/67 Auto Craft

0742 Taillight seal Left – Beetle 13/1500 08/67-07/72, 1302

0743 Taillight seal Right – Beetle 13/1500 08/67-07/72, 1302

2306-510 Engine lid extension – Beetle 08/67- Vintage Speed

1689 Fuel pressure regulator

All split window bus cab doors in stock now!

0159-210 Door Right – Bus 03/55-12/60 SWT

0890-596 Support frame under ribbed floor – Bus 01/60-07/67 SWT

This high quality relay is exclusively made for BBT – the wiper relay controls intermittent speeds by energising a particular circuit at a given moment depending on what speed you have your wiper switch set to.

BBT spent a very long time developing this important part to ensure a proper working wiper mech.
Manufactured exactly like the original and available off the shelve at BBT.

2447 – Intermittent wiper relay, 12 Volt –  Type 1 08/71- ,Type 2 05/79-08/92, Type 3 & 4, KG

Next up is this rubber mount for the fresh air fan.
When your beetle is due for a big service, we recommend inspecting these rubbers as over time they can wear out and eventually fail or create a rattling noise.

You’ll need 3 should you wish to replace all of them.
These are exact copies manufactured from NOS!

Sold each.

0785-50 – Rubber mount – fresh air ventilator – Type 1, 1303

For our last shout out we stay within the super Beetle assortment.
This rubber bump stop keeps the strut from bottoming out.

Installing can potentially be tough and we suggest this job is done by an experienced mechanic with adequate tools.
This one is for the post 07/73 1303 beetle, if you need pre 07/73 bump stops please use BBT ref 1314-100.

Sold each.

1314-110 – Rubber bump stop shock absorber – Type 1303, 08/73-

Ok one more highlight this week…

This rubber cap sits just above the ball joint of your tie rod end and serves the very important task to keep dirt & moist out.
Tie rod ends are always moving around and depending on your driving style they’re either used or well abused.

As such this boot can wear more quickly or if not installed properly may split which in turn will leave the joint exposed to all kinds of debris.
This will cause rapid wear and eventually the tie rod end will fail and have too much play.

These are exact copies, just like the original used on early beetles (-02/60), buses (-07/60) en ghia’s (-02/60).
Another great quality BBT part.

Sold each.

1328-104 – Tie rod end boot – Type 1, Type 2 -07/60 & KG -02/60

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can always call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

The BBT News team wish you a safe weekend, stay healthy and keep breathing!

Back in Stock! Oval window front fenders!

Just received three containers SWT…

We will not wine about the crazy shipping cost, but more important we had a load of our latest production oval window fenders in this shipment….

Ready available from our stocks now, don’t miss out!

Off course plenty of other Silver Weld Through metal parts came in at once, several new products (watch our Friday News) and some backorders as well….

3 x 40′ containers at once is a lot of parts, believe me!

BBT News

Covid is back from never away…. the 4th wave is Europe hitting bad!
Last Tuesday Germany counted most daily infections since the start of this pandemic….

Also in Belgium there’s more people in hospitals, intensive care and dying since a couple of days.
Restaurants get tons of booking annulations, Catering services been called with cancelations all the time.

Hospitals have enough capacity but too much staff infected at home….
Holland start talking about new lock down measures…

BBT stays open, as long as we can, and serve the Volkswagen community with pride!
Welcome at our Weekly News.

We start with the metal U guides in your doors.
These guides hold U channel BBT # 0351 to ensure your window rolls down smoothly.

We started from really nice used ones from the very dry “high desert” in California.
After chemical cleaning and cataphoresis painting (KTL) they just look as  new.

This model is the only correct model for 68-72 model years beetles.

0371-150 Window guide channel in door rear – Beetle 08/67-07/72 left
0371-155 Window guide channel in door rear – Beetle 08/67-07/72 right

Standard split window kombis and utilities used to have grey panels inside.
We serve most of the cab doors, headliner, kick and tailgate panels already for a longer time.

Today we enlarge that line with the inner panels for the rear cargo/passenger area for kombi and/or double cab.
All  our panels are  made in high grade ABS with the original grain and  can be found HERE

0552-130 Interior panelset rear (5-pieces) – Bus -07/67 grey

0552-140 Interior panelset rear double cab (3-pieces) – Bus -07/67 grey

Very proud we can offer extra sizes of flywheel shims for late model Type1 engines.
We used to supply 0.24 and 0.30mm longer time

We also have a complete line for 25 & 30DinHP (that’s 36SAE for our American friends) flywheel shims.
A general overview of all of our flywheel shims can be found HERE

1590-032 Flywheel shim 0.32mm
1590-034 Flywheel shim 0.34mm
1590-036 Flywheel shim 0.36mm
1590-038 Flywheel shim 0.38mm

For all T25/T3 Vanagon lovers with fuel injection we can announce our fuel injector kits are  available now!
One of the most sought after T25/T3 Vanagon parts are these very specific injectors that will fit only the WBX “wasserboxer” engines…

One kit contains 4 fuel injectors, all complete for one engine!

1687-100 Fuel injector kit – Bus 01/83-07/92 WBX (4 pc)

As a final new item this week we add the super long armrest/air duct on the inside of your Deluxe Bay window doors.
Originally made from plastic in the seventies, material hardly holds up 50 years or more.

Many times they brake a tab or have been half way gone from age.
We now offer  the trouble free perfect Wolfsburg West replacement part to assemble your door panels exactly like it should.

0553-220 Armrest / air duct left – Bus 08/69-07/79
0553-221 Armrest / air duct right – Bus 08/69-07/79

Also this week some nasty backorders appeared back on our shelves,
We give a small pic here below, but of course our catalogs show all products available now!

7514-100 Seal kit for louvred window Westfalia – Bus 08/67-07/79

3190-350 Headrest post in front seat – KG 01/69-

0463-5 Mirror right – Beetle 08/67- TQ

0523-020 Dowel pin for emergency brake cable – Bus 06/60-07/71

1724-3 “Panchito 044” heads 85,5mm (2)

8520-020 CAM-SHIELD 1 Shot Break-in / Racing 3oz (88.5ml)

2304 Engine dress up kit

0973-2 Fuel connection Ø 7.5mm

0577 Carpet kit Type1 convertible 70-72 black

BBT News Team wish you a happy fall weekend, stay safe, stay healthy keep breathing!

BBT News

Covid loves the cold weather when people are gathering back together inside in living rooms, bars, restaurants…
Poor ventilation gives too high concentrations of carbon dioxide what’s the perfect guide for Covid bacterium floating around in small aerosols…

Belgium is hitting its fourth wave pretty hard.
Thank God to our very high vaccination percentage things will not get bad.

More than likely we can avoid new lockdowns and such.
Wear face masks to protect others, you’re vaccinated to protect others too!

Enough of Covid, here’s BBT’s weekly news, our weekly product update to keep your VW life up and running!

Let’s get started with a spark, or at least a good guidance of your engine sparks with the addition of our NEW Mexican made Bosch ignition wire set.
What’s the difference between all Ignition wire sets?

German Bosch ignition wire sets BBT # 2045-100 are made with copper core and silicone coat.
Our new Mexican Bosch ignition wires presented HERE are made with copper core and original coat.

BBT brand ignition wires BBT # 2045 are made exactly as the Mexican Bosch ignition wire sets, with original coat and a copper core buto come with Bakelite brown color connectors, exactly like original.
We also carry the Beru German made ignition wire sets at a higher price under BBT # 2045-250

All Bosch and Beru ignition wire sets  come with black connectors.
Our complete assortment of ignition wires can be found HERE

2045-150 Standard ignition wire set Type1 – Bosch Mexico

Original oil drain plugs get often damaged, because of the use of wrong key or unfocused wrenching.
The reason for that is mainly the relatively flat head.

BBT # 1850 is a drain plug with a larger head, even with a magnet inside, try to catch all metal particles swimming around in your oil.
But for a real purist the drain plug has to be EXACTLY like original and here we offer the correct drain plug, with original thin 21mm head without a magnet.

Exactly like your Volkswagen carried when it came from the factory

1850-010 Oil sump plug, OE style non magnetic

Besides the Brazilian Brosol brand 31 PICT carburettor for your 1200 and 1300cc beetles, we now carry also a Chinese 31PICT “eco” version.
“Eco” means absolutely not lower quality but a much cheaper price….

Our test results for this new carburettor addition have been very successful and promising.
This 31PICT carburettor comes with an adapter to adapt this carburettor on any size type 1 inlet manifold.

34 PICT carburettor in ECO” version we stock already longer time under BBT # 2142-001

2141-001  Carburattor 31 pict – Eco

BBT’s hardware dept. enlarged with this very frequently used M10 x 25 full thread bolt.
This bolt is used to mount the body on the front axle for Beetles and Ghia’s and plenty of other applications.

The entire line of our metric bolts with hexagonal heads you can find HERE

8700-10-025 Hexagonal bolt full thread M10 x 25 Din 933

Let us give you a small extraction of BBT products that arrived “Back in Stock” after a too long time being unavailable…

7034 Window felt quarter light – Beetle 08/52-07/64, Convertible -07/79, Type3 04/61/07/65 (pair)

2568 Wheel standard – 4.5 15 – 4 hole (4×130) – Grey painted

4870-105 Roof rack ‘Vintage Speed’ – Karmann Ghia (Stainless Steel)

2450-100 Window Washer Jet Chrome – Beetle 08/58-, KG, Type3, Type181

7507-100 Side window seal with ventwing, TQ

0051-100 Bumperbolt chrome M8x15 (TQ)

BBT produces these great replacement J-tubes for the 25-30 DIN Hp (25-36SAE) type 1 engine. Big thick 8mm steel flanges to ensure they don’t bend and
break your studs. These parts (flanges)  require welding prior to mounting. One kit contains one pair of perfectly CNC bent J-tubes and one pair of flanges.

1080-850 – J-Tubes 25-30 hp, Type 1 engine

We continue along the same theme, being the 25/30HP type 1 engine, with these top quality fixing bolts that secure the cam gear wheel to the camshaft. You can buy the complete camshaft setup with the BBT camshaft wheel 1624-900 & standard camshaft 1629-90 or Okrasa camshaft 1629-91.
Bolts are sold in a set of 3.

1623-900 – Cam wheel bolts 25-30HP, Type 1 engine

Our last shout out is for these quality rivets which you’ll need when you replace the vent wing or quarterlight locks on your 68 or later beetle cabrio.
Sold in a set of 4.

0517-16 – Rivets, for securing Vent wing locks, Beetle Convertible 68-

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

The BBT News team wishes you a healthy and safe relaxed weekend, keep breathin’!