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Before we know or think about, it’s Friday… again…
Time flies as we all know, we just have to use it as good as we can.

Reading BBT News is the right thing to do ,to spend your precious time.
It makes you so completely up to date about what’s new, what’s back in stock and today we glue in a product update as well.

Grab a cup of tea or coffee, sit back, relax and let it come over you. You deserve it!
Welcome to the BBT News….Welcome to the wonder world of Classic Volkswagens.



As Volkswagen Germany doesn’t allow us to sell any parts with VW logo not originating from their Classic parts department, there are some parts we simply can’t sell anymore.
One of the most affected product lines are keys, especially blank keys.

The T-profile is no way available from Volkswagen.
As something is better than nothing we bring you back the T-profile key blank, without VW logo.

T-profile keys are used on your splittie bus from 1964 up to 1966.
You can find our complete line of key blanks HERE, key blanks with VW logo are officially licensed, T-profile key’s VW does not want to license.

All our keys are sold each.

0654-23 Key blank T – Bus 64-66


Late model split window buses have a plastic window washer bottle left from the steering wheel sitting on the parcel tray.
Well sorted out it’s a very helpful mechanism to keep your visibility when  driving in unfair weather conditions.

It’s also typical and very prominent to see because of its position.
Therefore it’s very important that it shows in simply every restored bus aiming that little bit of authenticity.

In most cases the plastic washer bottle is still there, but the rubber cap is gone, eaten by time or nature or just simply missing.
BBT supplied the complete washer unit already for a longer time as BBT # 2461-25

Today we bring you the rubber cap by itself as well out of popular demand.
Sold each.

2461-255 Washer bottle cap Bus 07/67


Top quality!

We’ve been able to secure a quite big load of the best quality late model headlight rims from Hella Mexico.
Direct from the Hella plant that supplied Volkswagen Puebla plant assembly lines when they still made beetles brand new up to 2004.

Nothing beats originality,
Well you can’t buy more original than what Volkswagen used to buy themselves.

Of course we have the same headlight rim also available in steel under BBT # 0604 or the stainless steel Flat 4 version under BBT # 9630-000 but now also original Hella.
The mounting screw for these single screw headlight rims you find HERE

0604-005 Headlightrim 1 screw chrome – Beetle 08/67-, Type 181 – Hella


T25/T3 Vanagon lovers beware…

BBT doesn’t forget our late model lovers.
We bring you today the engine thermostat for your wasserboxer as well as for your diesel engine. If the diesel has not factory air-conditioning that is.

Both models are of good quality, tested and approved by BBT own T25/T3 Vanagon department.
Comes complete with new gasket.

4254-100 Theromstat 87° WBX – Bus 05/79/07/92

4254-110 Theromstat 87°-102°C diesel/T-diesel – Bus 05/79/07/92



Out of popular demand we bring back the blue color automatic seat belt.

We also supply grey color seat belt under BBT # 0573-01, beige color under BBT # 0573-04 and red color under BBT # 0573-05
All other seat belts and seat belt accesories can be found HERE

All of our seat belts  come with necessary E marks for European market standards. Sign of safety.
All of our seat belts are sold each.

0573-02 Automatic seat belt blue – with E-mark (1)




The flow of incoming goods seems to start picking up steam.
More suppliers are able to ship orders, only ocean freight keeps acting like a retired donkey on steroids.
We’re happy we can fill again a couple of long time backorders.

1721-970 Cylinder head T25 – 1600cc TD / complete, mechanical Lifters


1079 Exhaust pipe for Type 2 T4 engine + T25 DF, DG, GW, EY 08/82-07/85 + CS


0552-000 Front door panels (pair) – Bus -07/67 / grey


2471-12 Wiper shaft – Bus 08/65-07/67


1254-24 Brakeline kit D/C – Bus 09/66-08/67 original


0548-02 Stow away rack Black BBT


0362-550 Window lifter – Bus 05/79-08/92


0552-100 Roof panels – Bus 03/55-07/67 / grey


0008-3 Bumper rear stainless steel chromed – Beetle -07/67 European model BBT



Always happy to guide you through BBT news we wish you a very wonderful and relaxing weekend.

If you’re back from your holidays welcome back, if you still have to leave, have fun & enjoy!

Bay window cab door development continuation….

After showing the result of the first outer shell pressing from our bay window doors last week we’re happy we can show you this week the outer shell all finished.

We set up the laser cutters now and some smaller end strikes and finished off the outer shell, with a more as respectable result.

We working full force now on the innerframe tools to finish …

We hope testing complete real sample testing somewhere in the fall, we keep you posted!

BBT News

Why there’s so many back orders?

Let us try to explain what’s happening in BBT world today…

For the simple reason the entire world is upside down.

Because Western world countries do seem to be on the right path of recovery the pandemic is over. There’s a lot of countries still in de middle of the big crisis and lock downs come and go… some countries can’t fight the big bull western world countries to buy vaccinations, or simply do not have the possibilities. This makes the entire industrial world is still upside down, on a way we never saw before…

Let us give you some details here.

Big or small, all factories fighting to get raw materials. This disturbs the free market scale of price for offer and demand letting prices rise on a way we never saw before. This week we had a supplier that raised his prices by over 60%!

From there it goes to shipping, what’s a complete disaster. We really don’t understand what is happening, containers from the West Coast USA who take normally 4 weeks to arrive does now 12 weeks (or more) and the Far East is even worse!

When BBT has 4 to 5 containers on the ocean in normal circumstances this number is now raised to 15 because of we ordered more and the shipping gets longer… over 6 months of inventory value are currently on order, never ever we had even over 3 months on order…. and still we suffer way to much back orders.

The price for container shipping raised everywhere. Especially Far East inbound traffic prices moved up with no less as 500%! Yes that’s five hundred percent price increase!

The worst problem of them all, we don’t see any improvement in short terms at all… So please forgive us (and all other VW parts suppliers), for lesser infil lately.

But where not the only market that’s been hit. Everybody and everything in international manufacturing and trade get the same load of problems as breakfast every morning. Therefor we’re afraid that prices of about everything might rise significantly in the near future….

We’re looking continuously for solutions and our purchase team never worked any harder as they do right now. We bite us in every case as a bulldog on steroids, sometimes being successful, solving small problems… one by one…. one at the time… its learning like to walk again, waking up after a three weeks coma from a Covid 19 infection. Believe us when we say you simply don’t want to experience!

But as every week, we also got this week some new additions to our ever-growing program, just to restore that fine Volkswagen of you….the big wheel keep on turning… we don’t give up!

Keep the faith, stay healthy and enjoy summertime! We’re here to withstand all the above!


We finally found a good reproduction of the tail gate lock for buses German build buses from 1955 up to 1963 and for the Brazilian Kombi all the way up to 1997.

Very nice finish and perfect working this can be the perfect replacement for your old worn out and (or) messed up unit.

Make that tailgate close again as it deserves.

0436-710 Rear hatch lock mechanism – Bus 03/55-07/63, Bus Brasil -97


These water drain tubes you (should) find in the front corners under the (front) trunk of your Karmann Ghia.

They simply guide the water from your front hood seal trough your inner fenders outside.

If you have always a wet or humid trunk or spare wheel area these little elbow rubbers might be the solution!

We sold them already under shop reference W592-141-823-715 but now a full worthy BBT part.

Tested and approved, sold per pair.

0753-200 Front hood drain tube – Karmann Ghia (pair)

“Plastic fantastic” was a seventies thing.

But seventies plastic was not very strong.

The small plastic gear to let operate your distance counter in your speedometer (both miles or kilometers) is the same thing. If you open a speedo it’s broken or cracked almost all the time.

BBT made most models plastic gears with latest technologies and add now the late Bay window gear for speedometers without trip speedo (day counter).

The strangest thing, early bay window had a metal gear (what don’t fit on late speedos)

Our speedo gear line is continuously expanding. We have now most common speedo gear available for Bug & Bus You can find HERE

Proudly produced by BBT we invite you to check out our ever low pricing and quantity pricing.

2691-019 Gear in speedometer without trip speedo KM/H (17 teeth) – Bus 08/73-07/79

We have now also the window winder mechanisms available for Karmann Ghia.

Coupe and convertible using the same mechanism.

The difference is in the years. Pre 1967 use to mount the window winder handle with a cross pin on the window winder pivot axle (you find HERE). Later models use a little screw on top of the window winder pivot axle.

Our window winder mechanisms are the best available on the market with the lowest price in many cases. We work very closely together with the factory in order to continuously improve production and quality. Our window winders are NOT Chinese made, but in South America and our quality is way better as the Chinese inferior product while our price is about teh same. As always we care about quality as we want to use our parts on our own cars!

Our entire window winder program for all classic Volkswagens you can find HERE

Check our prices and quantities.

0367-900 Window regulator – Karmann Ghia -07/67 left
0367-905 Window regulator – Karmann Ghia 08/67- left
0367-910 Window regulator – Karmann Ghia -08/67 right
0367-915 Window regulator – Karmann Ghia 08/67- right



7407-2 Rear window seal – Bus 08/67-07/79TQ


0367-1 Window regulator – Beetle 08/55-07/64 left


0424-1 Upper hood latch – Beetle 08/52-07/67


0438-22 lock catch on sidedoor – Bus -07/67


0653-200 Ignition lock + keys – Bus Brasil -96


7570-050 Lower bracket w/roller slidingdoor – Combi -07/79


0765 Door checkrodseal – Beetle 08/55-

BBT sells plentiful window seals for most air-cooled models.

Most of our kits for standard and deluxe replacement rubber are German Made.

Window rubber kits mainly contain seals for front, rear and side windows.

For Split window beetle we actually have two different kits.

BBT # 0334-1 is a complete kit for beetles up to 1953 (split window)

BBT # 0334-2 is basicaly the same kit as the above but here the seals have a 45° angle weld. 

All early Volkswagen seals had a 45° weld.

We’re proud to say that almost all KDF cars in the world are restored with correct BBT45° weld window seals.

For all of our window seals we like to refer to our window seal charts You can click HERE to find an overview of window seal charts by category.

Next up is the BBT Throttle linkage for type 4 engines.

Extremly simple made, this is a great quality linkage that’s adjustable to tune your carbs a for a perfect synchronised working.

We sell the same BBT throttle linkage also for Type engines 1 HERE.

2187-1 – Throtte linkage – Type 4 engine


As a final this week we like to remind You we have all parts for Type 4 engine to Porsche style cooling system conversion…

You can easily find all your Type 4 engine conversion needs by

Clicking HERE 

As usual if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

BBT News team wish you a happy weekend!

BBT News

Our first thought this Friday goes to the people in the flooded areas in the east of Belgium, west of Germany and south of Holland. Close to a 100 people died and still counting…. Human tragedy is enormous…. It must be the extremely hard sitting blocked on a second floor and see your own car drifting away, taken by the floods….. Seeing people sitting on their roofs waiting to be rescued, insane! Only a mere 100km from BBT HQ! Thanks God it stopped raining and the forecast for the weekend is pretty ok. So let’s hope  most of the victims can start to clean and dry…. but for many this was worse than a nightmare…. our thoughts and prayers  are for those who suffered or lost a beloved one.

Nevertheless here’s BBT News, let’s make our passion and your Friday more colorful!



Let us introduce you our new locking mechanisms, designed for all beetles built between 1959 and 1965.

Easy to use also on 1955-1958 model Beetles if you combine with the later door lock catches BBT # 0438-01 for left or BBT # 0438-02 for your right side.

Finally a good solution for brand new door locks!

0436-200 Door lock left – Beetle 08/58-07/65
0436-210 Door lock right – Beetle 08/58-07/65

In our aim (and development) for new economic cargo door locks at an affordable price we came first to these cargo door locks for Kombi Brazil built between 1976 and 1992.

These will not fit European made buses as the rods from a Kombi Brazil is total differently attached than the European counterparts. Also the height of the lock housing is a little different.

The good news is that we have the European version in production too and will be coming soon.

Meanwhile we  have in our silver weld through program the locks with the rods available.  Please click HERE.

0436-516 Cargo door large lock mechanism with locking knob – Bus Brazil 76-92

It all started when some kit car builders bought our used stocks for these door lock mechanims and asked for more…. the search was on!

We’re happy we finally came accross this manufacturer who offered them in his program. And so we offer them too!

These little mechanisms will take our inner door handle BBT # 0524-01 with the little special designed cotter pin BBT # 0517-50 to operate the door lock from the inside of your beetle built between 1955 and 1966.

The right side is made to lock your door at once, exactly as original. Left door is always locked with the key in the outer handle… for left hand drive cars of course, right hand drive is just the other way around.

0524-050 Door lock mechanism left – Beetle 08/55-07/66
0524-060 Door lock mechanism right – Beetle 08/55-07/66

We updated our BBT grid plates.

Called “Avis adjusters” of “Puma adjusters” by many, we call them grid plates.

Grid plates are made to the design of very early Porsche front suspension.

Simply weld on your front axle to adjust your ride height.

We figured out there’s a difference in the tube axle diameter between split window and bay window bus.

Hence we offer both correct diameters now.

Both models are perfect fit and precise diameters for every application.

For beetle you can find BBT grid plates HERE.

1349-000 Grid plates,front axle adjuster – Bus 03/55-07/67 (pair)

1349-1 Grid plates, front axle adjuster – Bus 08/67-07/79 (pair)

Because we could trace the OE manufacturer of these locks we can offer now these locks with the same OE quality but at a fraction of the price.

We have also added very interesting quantity pricing!

Now there’s absolutely no reason anymore not to replace that old worn out tailgate lock!

0436-753 Rear hatch lock mechanism – Bus 08/71-07/79


Also this week more items came back in stock. We present you a small selection.

1790 Forged piston and cylinderkit 87mm – Mahle


0436-535 Cargo door lock mechanism with locking rods right rear /left front – Bus 03/55-07/62 SWT


0890-58-1 Top hat section rear under ribbed floor – Bus 07/59-07/67 SWT


0890-670 Side panel reinforcement 10mm profile – Bus 03/55-07/67 SWT

3400-210 Front seat frame passenger 2/3 bottom and back – Bus 08/62-07/67 SWT


0915-204 Accelerator cable – Bus 08/82-89 DF/EY/GW/DH


0890-918 C-post left Pick-up – Bus -07/67 SWT


3120-060  Seat covers black 70-72 TQ

The BBT news team wishes you a happy and especially dry weekend.