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Why an old Volkswagen, you ask?
Well, they may not have high-tech bells and whistles.

But they have character.
Something we all crave.

Even more than an air conditioner on a bloody hot day.
So, get in that rusty beetle or hippie bus and drive it around happily.

Turn a smile on people’s faces wherever you go.
Something we can use more than ever in these weird times.

To keep your icon on the road BBT brings you more and better parts.
Every week, over and over again.

Welcome to BBT News.

We decided it was time for more accurate splash pans for that splittie bus.
We bring you splash pans that do fit better for the different model years.

There was a ton minor differences over the years.
But most we could streamline into two models.

We have the 55-89 model to cover the early buses.
Most work we put in to the 60-66 model.

For the one year only 1967 model or with a dual circuit brake master cylinder you need a sleeve where the brake light switch peaks out.

The sleeve is quite easy to make.
There for we do not grave an extra part nr for it for now.

This is a proud addition to our Silver Weld Through program.

0890-705 Splash pan – Bus 03/55-07/59 SWT
0890-706 Splash pan – Bus 08/59-07/67 SWT

Out of deep in the world of VW engine builders we a had the request to add the Maxi 26 Full Flow Oil Pumps.
Maxi 26 In & Out Full Flow Oil Pumps provide a way to operate your engine “Full Flow” without the inconvenience and cost of drilling and tapping your engine case.

Maxi 26 In & Out Full Flow Oil Pumps are manufactured with large 3/8″ inlet and outlets for unrestricted, high volume oil flow.
The aluminum alloy used in manufacturing the housing matches the temperature characteristics of the engine case to help reduce leaks and oil loss.

Keyed 9 tooth 26mm drive gear and blueprinted specs help provide an oil system that will greatly reduce oil temperature and increase engine life.

The Maxi 26 In & Out 6061 T-6 billet cover is anodized in black, CNC engraved, and will accept 3/8″ NPT fittings HERE

Our other Maxi Flow oilpumps you find found HERE

1808-101 Oil pump Full Flow Maxi 26 – Type1 -> ’70 (black)

Back in stock after too long time.
Our new production gas caps for early Bay and 181/Thing are available now.

We opted for a less gloss but improved the lock (a lot).
We advise to grease the lock before use for trouble free and long-term operation.

Order yours now.

0491-475 Fuel cap with lock – Bus 08/67-07/71, Typ181 BBT

0491-476 Fuel cap seal – Bus 08/67-07/71, Type 181 BBT

The BBT News team wish you a wonderful weekend.
Drive that VW making smiles for miles.

BBT News

Seems fall is over in Western Europe.
First freezing cold is a fact.

Hopefully, the freezing takes the rain away for a while.
We, at BBT, do not take anything away…..

….we bring you our product updates and new arrivals.
Just like any other week.

Welcome to the BBT News


Split window beetles have a different type of molding, dull nerved aluminum that is only polished, not anodized as later models.

The profile of these moldings requires a specific clip.
Not available anymore since decades we bring them back.

The clip is close to the later model but has flat foots where sliding into the molding.
Made from a special spring steel it holds the molding by tension.

After rejection of the first production, we are proud to say these are now exactly as we wanted them and exactly as they should be.

Reversed engineered from a handful NOS ones that BBT Bob found on one of his trips.

Clips for later model wide molding you find HERE
Split window beetle molding kits HERE

0406-100 Molding clip – Beetle -09/52 BBT


We decided to put some more cool parts from our NOS warehouse online.
We start today with these absolute NOS cylinder heads for 1200cc engines.

Only one limited lot.
First come, first served.

Once they are gone, they do not come back.

1721-1 Cylinder head 1200cc – NOS



Endless patience we need sometimes till factories make what we want them to make.
Staying friendly and polite all the time, do not loose the communication, keep the file open.

If you are persistent enough you will win often.
Factories always crack, but sometimes it takes so much longer as it should.

We got these correct hinge bolts back in stock. correct bolts. previous production was too short, before were rubbish.

Now they are perfect, exactly as original.
Used in following applications on your bus.

Cab door hinge 08/67-01/76 (ch -216-2126 631)
Tailgate hinge 08/67-07/79
Striker plate cab door 08/67-07/79
Striker plate tail gate 08/71-07/79
Striker plate sliding door 08/67-07/79
Lower sliding door roller bracket 08/67-07/79

Sold each.

8050-101 Allen key bolt doorhinge / lock catch – Bus 08/66-07/79



1263-100 Brake hose front – SuperBeetle BBT


0362-1 Seal window sash – Beetle, Bus 08/67-07/92, Type3


7412 Vent wing flap seal – Bus-07/67 (pair)


0276 Stopplate Brake/clutch pedal – Beetle/KG 08/57-, Type3, Type181


0521-010 Emergency brake handle kit – Beetle/KG 01/65-, Type3 02/65- Type181 Chrome
0521-110 Emergency brake handle kit – Beetle/KG 01/65-, Type3 02/65- Type181 black

BBT News team wishes you a cold but cozy weekend.
Keep you warm while you work on your Volkswagen.



BBT News


If you have headache from a hangover there’s not a lot we can do.
Maybe take a tranquilizer and relax.

But you should not have headache from worn out or poor-quality Volkswagen parts.
We are working continuously on better parts and more solutions.

For an easier Volkswagen life…. without headache.
Welcome to BBT News.

Late bay window has a very specific fuel filler set up.
The fuel filler pipe connects to the body with a rubber elbow BBT # 0492-85

Now we introduce the ring that fix this rubber elbow to the body.

Same time this ring, stamped in steel, as original, is the locking plate for the gas cap.
Correct late model bay window gas cap you find HERE

0492-852 Ring filler neck hose – Bus 08/73-07/79


This is the model you are looking for!
Straight axle conversion needs this 65-67 beetle model rear wheel bearing carrier OE # 311 501 311.

After we finished our used stocks, we decided to bring it back as a billet part.
Billet made from durable aluminum, machined on latest technology CNC machines.

Now easily available through our distributor network.
BBT also produce the Type 3 brake backing plates and drums you need for straight axle conversions HERE

Sold each.

1410-655 Rear wheel bearing carrier (Billet) – Beetle/KG 08/64-07/67, Type3 08/62-07/63


In the quest for good, affordable, and correct carburetor rebuild kits we present you today the remake of our 32/34-PDSIT kits.
We went over every component and adjusted where necessary.

We have a way more complete kit in a better quality, for almost the same old pre-Covid price!
The difference between left and right-handed you find in the choke diaphragm.

We adjusted our 28PCI rebuild kits already longer time ago, HERE
All our other carburetor rebuild-kits HERE

2130-700 Carburettor rebuilt kit Solex/Brosol 32/34-PDSIT – left
2130-710 Carburettor rebuilt kit Solex/Brosol 32/34-PDSIT – right



0019-200 Bumperbracket front left – Bus 09/58-07/67 SWT
0019-210 Bumperbracket front right – Bus 09/58-07/67 SWT


0185-100 Headlight bowl Bus -12/62 SWT
0185-200 Headlight bowl – Bus 12/62-07/67 SWT


0890-754 Floor plate right (non cargo door) – Bus -07/67 SWT
0890-755 Floor plate right (cargo door) – Bus -07/67 SWT


0890-793 Bulkhead top cover deluxe – Bus 08/55-07/67 SWT

BBT News team wish you a nice fall weekend without headache…

BBT News

Halloween is all about fake horror.
Poor replacement parts for your Volkswagen is real horror.

Rely on good parts, well developed, for an easy VW life.
Let us show you what is new this week to keep that horror away.

Welcome @ BBT News.

Late Bay Window front bumper sits on a deformation panel welded under your front panel.
BBT makes the correct replacement deformation panel with the flat front for the late Bay bumpers HERE

The end pieces to connect the deformation panels to the A pillars are separate.
The 74-79 end pieces are already longer available HERE

We now  bring you the 1973 end pieces.

That is right the first year of this set up was a one year only replaced already in 1974.
The end pieces for the 1973 only deformation panel had an upright border, already eliminated for the 1974 model year.

0891-223 Deformation panel end plate left – Bus 08/73-07/79
0891-224 Deformation panel end plate right – Bus 08/72-07/73


This spacer ring sits on a type 4 engine between crankshaft flange and cooling fan.
When missing the cooling fan sits too deep, resulting in a bad V-belt alignment.

Missing or simply lost, we now have  a brand-new component to replace.
Finished with the long search for a good used one, we bring you the solution.

For type 1 engines you find the washer for the crank shaft pulley HERE

1934-230 Ring crankshaft flange – Type4


All 1300cc AR engine code engines and late model 1600cc AS engine codes have inlet manifolds with dual pre-heater tubes.
Dual pre-heater tubes give a better manifold heating to prevent your engine stalling from a frozen manifold on chilly days.

Engines with these manifolds need specific double block of plates to close the gaps between pre-heater tubes, cylinder covers and rear engine tin.
The block off plates for dual pre-heater tubes need specific insulation in between their two halves.

Always missing BBT brings you brand new insulation kits, to mount between upper and lower part on these block off plates.
Our kits consist out of four pieces, all you need to seal both left and right block off plates.

Heater riser insulation kit for single pre-heater tube engines you find HERE

1057-260 Heat riser insulation kit – Type1 double preheating


Loads of sheet metal came in, select what you need.

0890-431 Inner sill left – Bus -07/67 SWT
0890-432 Inner sill right – Bus -07/67 SWT


0890-744 Floor plate left (cargo door) – Bus -07/67 SWT
0890-746 Floor plate single cab treasure chest left – Bus -07/66 SWT
0890-756 Floor plate single cab treasure chest right – Bus -07/66 SWT


0890-763 Loading bed front pick-up (single cab) – Bus -07/79 SWT


0890-78 Front panel loading bed pick-up – Bus 08/52-07/79 SWT


0891-705 Splash Pan – Bus 08/72-07/79 SWT


Keep that horror away, install BBT parts on your VW for a happy play.

BBT News team wishes you a wonderful fall weekend.

BBT News

This week we like to present you what is new in BBT just like any other week.
Every Friday we give you insight in our new products, product updates and some backorders.

Welcome to  the BBT News

Let us cover up that hack in your dash.
Many beetles suffer from a hacked dashboard for a DIN size radio installation.

A big fat radio in your dash is not that nice look in a vintage car so many want to bring the hole back to original size.
The original radio hole in a beetle dashboard with its pressed lip and four tabs is not that easy to reconstruct.

BBT now brings the solution  with this brand dashboard repair panel.
A 21 x 10cm plate stamped and finished with the correct original radio hole.

Exactly like original.
Now you can weld this repair plate nicely into your dashboard for that smooth look, or to install that cool period vintage radio.

Your dashboard is what you see the most driving your car.
Enjoy ocular peace of mind from your original looking dashboard again.

All other BBT radio related accessories, antennas, and block off plates you find HERE

0525-215 Radio hole repair panel in dashboard – Beetle/KG 08/57- (not 1303 SB), Bus 08/66-07/79


Early model Volkswagens used double spindle nuts with locking washers in between with a pressure washer to the outer wheel bearing.
Now we introduce the self-locking washer for early beetle like the later model style.

Forged nuts ensure the high quality needed.
Stamped in pressure washer eliminates the separate retaining washer.

All in one self-locking nuts keep you away from the puzzle of double nuts, locking and retaining washers.

So much easier to install as original set up.
Self-locking spindle nuts are stamped D & E where E is for the Left side and D for the Right side.

The entire BBT family of spindle nuts and locking washers HERE

1361-500 Spindle nut self-locking (pair)- Beetle/KG -07/65

Deluxe buses should have chrome wipers.
A small but, oh so nice detail.

Give your bus that shiny deluxe effect with our brand-new stainless blades and arms.
The wiper leg is 5.5mm wide than the stronger late model buses.

As the size of the wiper shaft hole is the same these will fit ALL year split window bus.
The sliding hole in the wiper matches perfectly to the width of the shaft.

Silver wiper arm & blade kits HERE
Silver wiper blade for 64-67 bus HERE
BBT’s safari window wiper shaft adapters you find HERE

2409-150 Wiper blades polished stainless steel (1pc) – Bus 08/64-08/67


2440-150 Wiperarm polished stainless steel (1pc) – Bus 07/67


BBT’s popular interior rear view mirrors are back!
…and many more!


0567-090 Rear view mirror – Beetle 08/68-


0567-800 Rear view mirror – Bus 08/68-07/79


1396-340 Bushing inner front axle (HDPE) – Bus 08/67-07/79


1396-760 Bushing inner front axle (HDPE) – Beetle/KG 08/65-


1492-200 Transmission nose cone – Bus 07/59-07/67


2475-150 Wiper motor 12V – Beetle Mexico 10/92-


BBT News team wishes you a very nice and relaxing weekend.
Are you thinking about that winter project yet?