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Spring is in the air, love is everywhere… come on old hippies with all your cool VW buses, get things moving, or how unbelievable it is that after wintertime just a little bit of sun can boost your energy so much. This year that first sun came early. Half of February, hallelujah! Yes the sun is a gift from the Gods, in all religions, even in ours! And do we love it? You bet! Soaking up sunlight boosts your vitamin D and that is directly responsible for your “Feel Good” hormones… To help with this we bring you this week the complete Samba roof, to convert your bus into a driving vitamin D generator, ah!

Finally arrived the first run of the complete Samba roofs, wowh what a hit! If you want one be quick as they’re almost already sold out , and we had many! More will follow soon however, we’ve got them now in continuous production. Bad roof? Why don’t you use one of our roofs? We made these roofs especially to save more buses. And get more fun (and vitamin D) out of existing buses!

We also supply all ragtop parts, separate or in kit, you can find by clicking here

0890-802 Roof samba/deluxe – Bus 03/55-07/67 BBT

Same time with the roofs we bring you also the inner reinforcements for the skylights as a spare part. Did you know that every bus with double doors or with sliding roof has these reinforcements. Or shall we say, should have? Well now we offer you the solution !

0890-803 Skylight inner reinforcement left – Bus 03/55-07/67 BBT

0890-804 Skylight inner reinforcement right – Bus 03/55-07/67 BBT


Also brand new for this week are the hinges for your splittie bus cargo doors. Replace that bent, plied or worn out cargo door hinge with high quality BBT reproduction hinges that are 100% made as VW used to make them back in the day! No substitutes but real replacement top quality parts, that’s what your splittie deserves, nothing less!

0156-820 Door hinge cargo front upper/rear lower (door right) – Bus 03/55-12/60

(The location of the hinge depends on the position of the hinge pin)



0156-830 Door hinge cargo front lower/rear upper (door right) – Bus 03/55-12/60

(The location of the hinge depends on the position of the hinge pin)


After too long being out of stock we finally received  the pre oct 52 shock absorbers  for the split window back in stock. These shocks are just a notch shorter as the later models and therefore pretty special on their own. Of course we got you covered and supply these now from stock.

1318 Shock absorber front/rear Beetle 50-52

The undersides for the late model heater channels came back in this week too. Exactly like original these are top of the bill for a serious restoration. Back available now from a longer as normal out of stock.

0848 Stock style undersill left – Beetle 08/70- Auto Craft
0849 Stock style undersill right – Beetle 08/70- Auto Craft

That was the news for this week, enjoy the sunshine and soak up those vitamins D!

Early Baywindow steering boxes have no secrets anymore for us, we have all parts available now!

BBT teamed up and brought you the worm for the early Bay window steering box. Once we had the worm ready we came through the fitting process that our pig pens  didn’t have correct dimensions… back to the drawing boards and looking for a reliable partner we have the pig pen with the correct measurements, radius and angles, and especially with the correct hardness as well!

Because of our development we could lower the price of the Pig pens at once and have them now @ real sharp prices! …

Click on Drawing below to be redirected to our new & fresh exploded view (thanks Peter!)  with all part nrs…

1368-260 Steering peg in steeringbox

1368-270 Steering worm in steeringbox

Hinge side pop-out now produced by BBT in Stainless Steel!

Sometimes its simply not good enough to our standards and we like to improve, its our nature and its in BBT’s DNA.

Nothing else with the Pop Out hinge for your splittie bus, not satisfied with what we could find on the market we decided we let make simply better, and we succeeded.

Made in Belgium, they’re top quality and we do offer them even at a lower price as the poor ones before.

Get the best, do the test! Order yours now….

0397-100 Hinge side pop-out Stainless Steel


BBT News

Is the winter really over? When I see that the sun is shining outside and it’s a comfortable temperature  (what you call damn cold in September actually). Let’s hope the good weather is here to stay! Maybe politicians will get a good vibe from the early spring sun as well! Hopefully it makes them finally take decisions. We need it. Of course Mr Trump, Erdogan of Poetin don’t live in Western Europe, so they can’t share our early spring session and I doubt if these guys ever look to the early spring sun with this philosophy behind it…LOL. Do we want to be a president, king or emperor? Hell no!

Let us stay in our Volkswagen world, and do what we do best, serving VW enthusiasts for over thirty years with the most fine parts for your VW that you can wish for. And also this week is no other with a new BBT news, weekly brought to you on Friday.

We carry now the spindle nuts for your bay window. Left and right side as original, clearly marked with correct letters. What makes us its nickname as spindle nuts for dummies…:)

1359-3 Spindle nut left – Bus 08/67-07/79

1359-4 Spindle nut right – bus 08/67-07/79

One of the cables we still missed in our cable assortment was the accelerator cable for 75-79 Bus with automatic transmission. This cable is very specific with special connections.

0915-085 Accelerator cable automatic – Bus 08/75-07/79

As you might not know yet, we stock all cables for aircooled volkswagens and made a very cool and easy to use table with all cables we carry… get your cables here. Click to open;


We have good news for our Type 3 lovers and enthusiasts ! We decided to stock the rear deck lid seals again.It must have been ages since we had those, but on popular demand we’re happy to bring them back. We stock them for you at real competitive pricing too.

7860 Rear deck seal – Type3 notchback 60-74


7861 Rear deck seal – Type3 fastback 66-73


Of course the squareback rear deck seal was never out of our program and can be found under our reference 7862



1767 Aluminum valve cover with clips and rubbers, as pair



2152 Chrome air filter, with louvers



1845-100 Oil filler, vertical, aluminum



Headlining vinyl white for sliding roof Type 3 Variant 61-65

#2908-150 perforated
#2908-151 non-perforated

Headlining vinyl white for sliding roof Type 3 Variant 65-73

#2908-152 perforated
#2908-153 non-perforated

74,25 euro/pc excl.

Headlining vinyl white for sliding roof Type 3

#2908-251 TL 66-73 non-perforated
#2908-351 Notch 63-67 non-perforated

74,25 euro/pc excl.

Enjoy the weekend, enjoy the early spring sunshine and praise the Lord we’re not a president, king or emperor.