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The weather turned into our very cozy Belgian national shit weather… typical fall weather, rain, wind, humid and cold all together, cozy Belgian shit weather is the perfect name… and look, now the weather went worse the politics start moving… we went for election in May, and now they start talking about a government … Politicians… I’m even surprised to see Boris Johnson heading for elections… isn’t  he the guy who said he would be rather laying death in a ditch, if there was no Brexit after October 31? He looked pretty alive to me for somebody death in a ditch!

On the other side of the pod does Mr Trump what he does best. Kicking and mental wrestling with the rest of the world, in order to “fix” things.

Politicians don’t get it, they think (very) short minded and have no clue how hard certain people have to work to pay taxes.  The politicians simply spend on their theater, theater from a very very low level…. nothing to be proud of, but that, ladies and gentlemen, they will find out by themselves…. one day…:)

We @ BBT are busy to make at least our part of the world, being the Aircooled Volkswagen community, a better place with better parts and push this way the whole market upwards. The only way we can let our beloved Volkswagens survive is to re-store and maintain them with the best parts possible…

Also this week we like to present  our new arrivals, nothing like fashion or politics, our parts stay forever.

For the early buses the B post has arrived for the right side cargo doors… we already have the  left side B post under BBT ref 0890-900 and now we have the one for the cargo door.

More models for left side cargo door and later model years (low hinge) will follow in the near future.

0890-903 B-post Complete Right, cargodoor – Bus 03/55-12/60



Next we like to present our fuel tank for the Super Beetle (we like that name!) in Europe known as 1302 and 1303 beetles. For normal carburetted versions we used to have the fuel tank since a  long time under BBT ref 0492-3. But Super beetles with fuel Injection need a special fuel tank with an extra connection for the return of the fuel.

With this we’re kind a proud we can offer the correct fuel tank for fuel injected Super Beetles as shown here. Super beetles built for the US market had fuel injection since 1975. California was first  to introduce also unleaded fuel in 1975, way before any other country even thought about that. The  USA is more concerned about pollution as one may think…:)

That said this fuel tank has two 8mm connections, 1 for the regular line to your fuel pump and the other one for the return. While our regular fuel tank BBT ref 0492-3 only has one 8 mm connection.

0492-310 Fuel tank – 1302/1303 injection


This brass brake line connection can be found on the front of 1302/03 beetle models or on the rear of all IRS chassis (Beetle,  Ghia and type 3) . Exactly like original it was fastened to the chassis by its bolt and connects two brake lines to each other.

For sure it can be used in a lot of custom applications to connect two brake lines….

We  also stock the three prong or T piece brass brake line connector under BBT ref 1256 to connect three brake lines to each other.

1256-100 Brass brakeline connector on chassis.


When Bob needed kick panels for one of his buses he turned red, what a shame BBT didn’t stock a real nice quality of kick panels. We  stock the overpriced TMI versions in our shop under a shop reference, but nothing in our wholesale program.

We changed that for now and forever with these high quality (exactly like original) kick panels in a perfect price quality ratio! Made out of black painted and grained fibreboard, easy to rework if necessary.

Both models are now available from our stocks for early and late bay window.

Late bay window fits LHD and RHD cars. Left and right side panels are identical and fit perfectly.

Early Bay window is RHD for now and can be adjusted easily to LHD if you cut out the notch for the brake fluid reservoir. Most easy it’s to put the right side on the left side panel and cut that little opening…. as said only for early bay window and meanwhile we’re working on a proper LHD version which will arrive shortly.

Get your Bay window that KICK (panel) it deserves NOW!….:)

0552-550 Kick panels black – Bus 08/67-07/71 RHD


0552-560 Kick panels black – Bus 08/71-07/79


In our seat cover assortment we enlarge our stock program with every delivery. This month we chose for the 78-79 walk-through bus front seat covers in square weave with horizontal seams to join our shelves.

With this addition we have almost all front seat covers for bay window in stock. Check all BBT ref 3165 to see the range of seat covers we stock for your beloved Bay window.

3165-720 Front seat covers black walk through – Bus 08/77-07/79 Square weave – (horizontal seams)


Because the development of our doorstop for bay Window BBT ref. 0438-65 takes longer than expected, we’ve decided to bring our used ones in our catalog to help out people in need. So for now we got you covered with nice hand selected used parts.

Development of new ones will take a little longer, but will be done for sure!

0438-651 Doorstop – Bus 08/67-07/77 (used)


We got the small spacer bushing for your headlight ring screw  back in stock.

This little bushing is so important to mount your headlight on a pre 67 bus or beetle. This spacer keeps the perfect distance between the eyelet of your headlight ring and the body of your car. Made out of nylon to prevent damage, too much pressure on either eyelet or fender and especially this soft nylon prevents cracking the paint on your fender to give corrosion absolutely no change.

Real necessary for whatever early headlight application on your early beetle or bus, no substitute.

0603-21 Spacer headlightring screw -67



After our supplier quit because of retirement we found a new solution for the oil pick up tube for Type 1 engines with Porsche style cooling system.

Meanwhile we improved the design and quality at once for perfect looks and fit.

And most importantly we can deliver them from our stocks.

2161-550 Oilfiller for Porsche cooling Type 1 engine BBT

BBT News team wishes you a super cool weekend, just go hiking in the real cozy Belgian shit weather, get a fresh nose and be prepared for more new products next weekend.

Asia factory tour; The silver weld through and the “E” coating….

BBT panels get a recognition on its own, the Silver weld through coating… no need anymore to grind coating off before welding… our panels can be weld right through our coating!

Massive amount of panels await their coating in this factory department.

First the “E” coating process, E coating is dipped, silver Weld Through is sprayed on, that’s the important difference.

E coating can be compared with powder coating except E coating is dipped (in a bath) while powder coating is sprayed.

The fact the parts are loaded with electricity makes the paint or coat gets equal thickness everywhere… this both for E coating and Silver weld Through.

The E coating needs massive drying tunnels…

The silver Weld through coating is applied by spray gun in a spray booth….

….and dries in open air, it’s very environmental friendly…

Not all parts can be silver weld through coated because of their construction, or assembly, here’s BBT treasure chest door in E coat Black… finished, ready for packing and shipment

We continue our tour in another department, the small parts dept…

Here’s the master tool to laser our Cargo doors…

And the trimming of the tool for the corner window corners…

Headlight bowls… Off course they will be in our fenders, but we want the correct ones, a lot of investigation was done in these, we will have two models, 49-52 (Split) and 53-59 (Oval)

We will also sell separately and we have already both models to cover Bus 55-67…

First hit on our Top Quality 64-66 rear valence… absolute BBT private tooling.

Hot VW’s Shin is checking out our door lock assemblies for bus cab doors…

Also here a very cool banner moment!

Asia factory tour; The foundry for the sheetmetal tooling

We visit the foundry where they cast all tooling… this has to happen somewhere…:)

Shin, Niels and Andy are all ready for it, safety first!

Here the styrofoam is coated and placed in to big steel cages. They fill up the cage with sand and closed to poor liquid metal in.

The styrofoam melts away, and the perfect form of the part stay inside the moulds.

The perfect start to mill out the perfect tooling for the part.

Remember there’s always three tooling necessary; Male, female and overhead. so three castings necessary for every tooling!

The grey parts below are coated styrofoam models…

In close up they look like this…. this is coated styrofoam… ready to go in the cages…

The trees growing here literally out of the restroom….:)

After casting and cleaning, some small parts might be necessary for adjustment, this happens by welding… this is how freshly cast steel moulds do look….

This is an iron pouring bucket. The pouring of liquid metal happens at night only to save on energy costs… sorry we didn’t gave up our sleep to capture that…:)

How they fill the cages up with sand, the styrofoam is already inside…

The tooling are huge as you can compare dimensions with the workers on top of it, these are regular man, no dwarfs…:)

The breaking of the sand from the metal once it comes out of the cages… a pretty dusty work…

Don’t we all like the industrial views of factories brave enough to make our parts? You bet!

We continu our factory visit report tomorrow so stay tuned!!

BBT early VW beetle fender project; Bob’s little baby is born! Unleash the beast!

It’s definitely over 12 years ago since Bob started to find a right manufacturer for the early beetle fenders… He inquired in many factories, in South America, Europe and Asia. Till he found a partner at our Silver Weld Through factory…

We started the tooling in 2015, over 4 years ago, 4 long years, but the result is stunning!

Dear friends,

May Bob introduce you the BBT tooling for the BBT early beetle fenders.

These tooling are an exclusive  joint venture between the Silver Weld through factory and BBT and the fenders will be exclusively available through the BBT distribution network.

Worldwide that is….

This is what we need to press you one pair of fenders, actually the last restrike tool is not finished yet, and the tools for the headlight buckets are neither in the picture…

US$ 350.000 investment, only to bring you, the Volkswagen aficionado, the perfect fender!

No compromise!

See the series of tooling compared to Bob or the big 10 ton capacity forklift (or to Bob somewhere in between)…

Can You imagine the size and weight????

The VW journalists who joined me this trip went all over the place when they saw our tooling.

They captured at least a thousand pictures!!

Hot VW’s magazine editor Shin brought out his drone to capture our tooling for the tetris challenge, and for his feature in HOT VW’s magazine, this blog is written with his personal permission…

Make sure not to miss out on Hot VWs magazine that feature this trip and the fender tooling!

They need a 10 ton forklift to drive the tooling around…

This is only the female tooling of the first hit tool…

There’s 8 stampings needed , so 8 sets of tools, male, female and drophead…

Times two for left and right… that’s a LOT of castings!

… and we didn’t talk about the headlight bowl yet…:)

Next “flat tetris picture” is voted the most funny shot of the trip by all of us…

Picture credit goes 100% to Airmighty editor Niels.

Thanks for sharing this with us Niels!

Ok, now… some words… words of Thank You….and deep respect.

Especially and before all to Mr GT, the deep drawing pressing genius, unbelievable. If I was hindoe, and believed in reincarnation, MR GT was a deep draw press in his previous life. Because he was so good and stamped so well, he came back as a human being to operate and coordinate presses! Unbelievable knowledge this man has!

Second, Kevin LO my direct and daily contact in the factory; Kevin, I know You went very deep on “our” fender project, I like to thank You very personally. Also out of the complete VW community for bringing this product to us… it will help to make so much more cars so much better…

I also like to thank Hot VW’s Shin, Airmighty Niels and Camper and Commercial Andy for their support during this trip on my project…  the many pictures, posts and the fun we had!

Last but no last I like to thank out of the deepest of my heart my whole BBT team, without you guys, this fender project could not had even started!

Thank You, thank You, thank You to everybody, we made it!!

The 49-59 beetle front fender is almost finished,

First container estimated to arrive @ BBT HQ February or March 2020.

Pre orders been taking now…

Dealer inquires always welcome!

Don’t delay contact BBT today… or

Asia Factory tour 2019, a visit to the BBT Silver Weld Through sheetmetal factories…

As I needed to visit some factories in Taiwan I came to the idea to invite some journalists along this trip. This way we all can learn what’s all about to develop tooling and die’s… Also why it takes sometimes a longer time before we finnish certain parts in the by us desired quality  before we bring them to the public market.

We start in the factory where they make the tooling for the deep troth pressing body parts.

The first  stop is the place where they “mold” in the original part into plaster… this is a very important part of the reversed engineering process, it makes the part perfect for digitizing. This digital dimensions will help later on to mill the casted tooling…

From that plaster mould, after digitizing, they make a styrofoam set of “tooling”… that set contains three different tools, a male, a female and the drophead tool… the styrofoam is needed for the casting. The casting happens in the foundry, we will visit the foundry later in the week.

We had a proper banner moment in all factories we visited, and every factory received their proper banner… the group of factories all belong to one owner, its many factories all working together.

When the moulds  come back from casting they need to be milled in perfect dimensions, these dimensions come from the digitizing from the plaster tool…

Pretty complicated tooling!

and big machines!

Hot VW’s Shin in full working mode… he made tons of film, pictures and video, some of them went already viral on the social network media and had mega hits! …:)

Time for lunch…:)

Streets in Taiwan are very colorful!

After milling the tooling have to be all finished and polished by hand, an extra intensive and  time consuming hand job!

as You can see some tooling are very large for a rather small part! They’re all cast Iron… Weight is tons!

After pressing, the parts been cut out by laser from the too large base plate, also the laser makes all small holes etc… very precise, all CNC…

All parts have a die to set up the laser, so the laser knows where to cut exactly. These are the master models to laser the BBT bus engine lids…

…. and this is the pressing of the engine lids… very heavy tool on a 600 ton press!

Outside of the factory they store tools and jigs, to assemble all parts…

In total the factory group makes over 8000 part numbers, and every part exist out of several parts, and every part from a part number has its own tooling….that’s a lot of tooling…:) 🙂

Rear parcel tray of the bus development, Camper and Commercial journalist Andy is learning a lot here!

Hot VW’s Shin takes pictures of the first hit of the Bus cab floor plates.

Some parts needs heavy assembling, here the assembly of the complete sides for American muscle cars.

Airmighty Niels @ work… journalists from magazines take their jobs really professional! Wowh!

Several smaller presses do the smaller restrike pressing, or stamping small parts… machines are everywhere!! After the first hit all further pressing steps been called a “restrike”…

Cab floor plates are almost ready, need two more restrikes!

Banner moments always been a cool moment during this trip to see the journalists at work! All factories are very happy with their banners too!

Here we shake hands with Kevin, our direct contact from the group, the plant manager and yours truly. This plant makes the most bus parts for us.

Rear bus corners ready to ship…. to Belgium…:)

The complete chassis is finished now… and first assembled parts are on the way, however we might assemble the chassis in Europe in the future… to save on shipping costs,

What a day!! Crazy, just crazy, too much to handle almost… and the best parts still has to come, so stay tuned!