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Most of our developments start when we do not find what we need, or are tired of what exists.
To see with quality or availability, sometimes unreasonable prices are igniting us.

Building a network for over 30 years helps choosing suppliers and manufacturers.
We try to keep our Volkswagen hobby as economical as we can.

Every week we publish three of our latest developments and some updates.
Welcome to the BBT News.


Bus IRS stub axles holding your CV joint on one side and your brake drum on the other.
Early bay windows with wide five (5 x 205) bolt pattern have longer stub axles than their later brothers.

Sky rocketing prices for used ones made us producing the early axles ourselves.
Same time we produced a batch of late model (shorter) ones to reach quantities necessary to keep prices down.

Original Volkswagen (NOS) stub axles for late model HERE

1478-590 Stub axle rear ‘IRS’ – Bus 08/67-07/70 BBT
1478-610 Stub axle rear ‘IRS’ – Bus 08/70-07/92 BBT


These manifold ends connect your central manifold with your dual port cylinder heads.
We scored these out of remaining stocks from VW Mexico.

Made for 1600cc engines, they will fit your 1300cc dual port engines as well.
We sell by the pair, one left and a right together.

2109-620 Intake manifold ends 1600cc – Type1 (pair) – OE

A front brake drum from a 64-67 bus is remarkably close to a front brake drum from a 68-70 early bay window.
The only difference is the outer diameter from the grease seal that keeps the grease in your wheel bearings.

We now offer  this 64 x 50 x 8mm grease seal to mount a late split drum to an early bay window car.
BBT #1287 and  BBT #1287-01 front brake drum uses this 64mm outer diameter seal to fit both, 64-67 split window bus and your early 68-70 early bay window bus.

1359-015 Grease seal front wheel bearing, brake drum 64-67 on 68-70 – Bus 08/67-07/70


We received a huge shipment from out SWT factory with several backorders.

0891-104 Front wheel arch left – Bus 08/72-07/79 (1.20mm) SWT
0891-105 Front wheel arch right – Bus 08/72-07/79 (1.20mm) SWT


0013-710 Bumper rear – Bus 08/71-07/72 (white)


0157-601 Tailgate Deluxe – Bus 03/55-07/63 SWT


BBT News Team wish esyou a splendid weekend,
Do we see you at the Ninove start of the season show on Sunday?

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