The Authors

bbt-bob-blogBBT founder and headhoncho for over 32 years!

Vw aficionado with wide interest in everything aircooled and life style around….

Started to work on bicycles at a very young age continued on Kreidler and Flandria light motorbikes, once on legal age to drive, VW was his only choice.

Until today Bob collect about everything Volkswagen, where under a full set of literature, enamel signs, license plates, till a full collection of rare VW Splitwindow beetle radio’s, when not listening to the radio you might find Bob behind the steering wheel of one of his beloved cars, all Volkswagens and Porsche’s off course. Bob is a real 50’s guy and thinks the color combo’s and details from the late fifties are by far the best.

Bob believes in an open structure and cares a lot about honor and pride. Most of his business deals do simply come on a hand shake.

Bob try to explain his way of thinking about Volkswagens on to this blog, what he likes, dislikes and thinks it’s cool! All written together with a healthy twist of humor and try to making good sense…