BBT production

Bay Window Doors….Testing from outerskin …..

We tested the outerskin of our bay window door prototype
We’re getting there, very close,only 8 more remarks send back to the factory.

BBT Peter enjoyed himself putting all images in one big frame for all of us to enjoy…

We work full force now on the toolings of the innerstructure…
We have sub toolings all over Taiwan  to machine…:)

Full force!
Stay tuned for further updates on this….

Ignition Leads by BBT

For our new round of advertising we try to high light some product families BBT make or let produce.

This week we pictured our Ignition leads…

We made them this nice, closer to original would be illegal!


Enjoy our picture….or click on the links,

Available at the finer VW parts shops worldwide.

2045 Standard copper ignition wire set Type1 – BBT

2099 Standard copper ignition wire set Type4 – Brown – BBT

A brand new jig for cargo door hinges…

What keeps us busy is daily routine to make things, and especially to make things better.
We just finished the jig to line up the cargo door hinges in our SWT line of high quality sheetmetal.

This jig should improve the positioin of the high hinge cargo doors (up to 1960) tremendously….
We thought it would be fun to share these pictures with you….

We started of the blue door, this door is highly original and pretty solid, besides they cut a camper window in the upper part….:)

You can find our cargo doors HERE or HERE

Some love socker or football, others like tennis or baseball… or Netflix. We, @ BBT, do love toolings and jigs….:)

BBT’s Early Beetle fenders came in, in their proper packaging now…WOWH!

Yesterday another container of high quality Silver Weld Through metal came in.

Included was another production of early front fenders for your oval window beetle.
The fenders come now in their custom designed boxes, a collectible on its own!

Nice products should be packed well, so we spend quiet some time designing and developing the box for our fenders, and that shows….
Yes we’re a bunch of happy people today!

Share our joy!

BBT fenders are available through every serious VW parts shops around the world…

Dealer inquiries welcome

Aluminum engine case update

BBT and Auto Linea teamed up to improve our aluminum engine cases.

After a customer feedback and some “in-house” investigation we found out the clearance between rod bolts and cilinder sleeve in the engine case was kind a small.

Auto linea took our suggestion serious and updated the CNC machine software to enlarge the bespoke clearance… after test runs they send us this report. Thought this was cool to share with all of You….

BBT continuously works on a better product, therefore we evaluate your feedback a lot, and take it serious too!