BBT production

Pre-production samples Emergency brake levers received for splittie bus

Something we really wanted to make for a long time, but…
Well finally the moon fell onto our Radio Flyer (as we tend to say) and it all happened!

The factory chosen for this project produce over 10.000 E-brake handles a month!!
We started the reverse engineering from 100% NOS samples for accurate reproduction.

Both models will be available to span the entire year range from end of 1952 till 1967
Will be available soon as we approved these samples and production is started!

Another BBT exclusive in the worx!

BBT E-Brake handles for your beetle you find HERE

Off tool sample – T2B front bumper mount-tester wanted!

The tooling for the bay window T2b front bumper mount with flat front for the Euro style square bumper is ready!

We have a first off tool sample on the way!

We’re looking for a volunteer to test fit with full (picture) report this part and help this way to make the product better.

If you’re in need for a front bumper mount on your T2b this might be your change to obtain a correct one, and for free…

Test results should be ready ASAP so we can order the first production run.

Are you interested? Please contact us on or talk to your favorite BBT Sales person

Fuel and brake Lines arrived full force.

Massive stock arrivals of fuel & brake lines

With the new season around the corner we take the opportunity to make a big shout out in this month March to check your fuel lines.

Each year we see devastating pictures on the world-wide web from cars burning down mostly due to old worn fuel lines.

We know that around this time of the year most of you ’petrol heads’ are starting to wake up your beloved classics. Give them a maintenance, clean the interior, and polish those gorgeous original or custom wheels.

So why not take a proper look in the engine bay and inspect the fuel lines.

A good way to check these is by taking the fuel hose in both hands with your thumbs pointing at each other and bending the hose (gently). Make sure you have enough light and see if you can spot any cracks or even signs of old wearing rubber.

If you do – replace immediately! Depending on the use of your vehicle we would recommend replacing your fuel lines every 5 year and if your car hardly gets any miles we would recommend inspecting and or replacing them sooner.

BBT sell high quality fuel line for a very low price, cotton wrapped exactly as original. To give that perfect look to your classic. The cotton wrap protect the fuel line also to bulge or expand.

BBT cotton wrapped blue “brake lines” are the only ticket to go for if you want your car safe and sound, with a healthy brake system. After OE supplier refused to produce for us we made diagnostic of the original blue brake line and set up our own private production.

For sure one of our top products we’re known for, worldwide Looks exactly like original and withstand all grades of brake fluid.

Don’t take any risks, reliable brakelines and fuel lines do save lives!

0970 Fuel hose Ø5.5mm

0971 Fuel hose Ø6mm
0972 Fuel hose Ø3.5mm
0972-100 Fuel hose Ø3.2mm
0973 Fuelhose Ø7.5mm

1258 Brakehose blue (0,5 meter)
1258-050 Brake hose blue 5 meters roll

Bay Window Doors….Testing from outerskin …..

We tested the outerskin of our bay window door prototype
We’re getting there, very close,only 8 more remarks send back to the factory.

BBT Peter enjoyed himself putting all images in one big frame for all of us to enjoy…

We work full force now on the toolings of the innerstructure…
We have sub toolings all over Taiwan  to machine…:)

Full force!
Stay tuned for further updates on this….

Ignition Leads by BBT

For our new round of advertising we try to high light some product families BBT make or let produce.

This week we pictured our Ignition leads…

We made them this nice, closer to original would be illegal!


Enjoy our picture….or click on the links,

Available at the finer VW parts shops worldwide.

2045 Standard copper ignition wire set Type1 – BBT

2099 Standard copper ignition wire set Type4 – Brown – BBT