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Is the winter really over? When I see that the sun is shining outside and it’s a comfortable temperature¬† (what you call damn cold in September actually). Let’s hope the good weather is here to stay! Maybe politicians will get a good vibe from the early spring sun as well! Hopefully it makes them finally take decisions. We need it. Of course Mr Trump, Erdogan of Poetin don’t live in Western Europe, so they can’t share our early spring session and I doubt if these guys ever look to the early spring sun with this philosophy behind it…LOL. Do we want to be a president, king or emperor? Hell no!

Let us stay in our Volkswagen world, and do what we do best, serving VW enthusiasts for over thirty years with the most fine parts for your VW that you can wish for. And also this week is no other with a new BBT news, weekly brought to you on Friday.

We carry now the spindle nuts for your bay window. Left and right side as original, clearly marked with correct letters. What makes us its nickname as spindle nuts for dummies…:)

1359-3 Spindle nut left – Bus 08/67-07/79

1359-4 Spindle nut right – bus 08/67-07/79

One of the cables we still missed in our cable assortment was the accelerator cable for 75-79 Bus with automatic transmission. This cable is very specific with special connections.

0915-085 Accelerator cable automatic – Bus 08/75-07/79

As you might not know yet, we stock all cables for aircooled volkswagens and made a very cool and easy to use table with all cables we carry… get your cables here. Click to open;


We have good news for our Type 3 lovers and enthusiasts ! We decided to stock the rear deck lid seals again.It must have been ages since we had those, but on popular demand we’re happy to bring them back. We stock them for you at real competitive pricing too.

7860 Rear deck seal – Type3 notchback 60-74


7861 Rear deck seal – Type3 fastback 66-73


Of course the squareback rear deck seal was never out of our program and can be found under our reference 7862



1767 Aluminum valve cover with clips and rubbers, as pair



2152 Chrome air filter, with louvers



1845-100 Oil filler, vertical, aluminum



Headlining vinyl white for sliding roof Type 3 Variant 61-65

#2908-150 perforated
#2908-151 non-perforated

Headlining vinyl white for sliding roof Type 3 Variant 65-73

#2908-152 perforated
#2908-153 non-perforated

74,25 euro/pc excl.

Headlining vinyl white for sliding roof Type 3

#2908-251 TL 66-73 non-perforated
#2908-351 Notch 63-67 non-perforated

74,25 euro/pc excl.

Enjoy the weekend, enjoy the early spring sunshine and praise the Lord we’re not a president, king or emperor.

Tested and approved, Good quality Sway bar mounting kit for Bay window Bus.

Last week we tested final samples of our development for the Sway Bar clamp for the bay window bus.


Tired and sick from (dangerous) existing qualities we decided about a year ago the sole solution would be our own production. so we teamed up with one of our favourite steel/rubber manufacturer and after a couple of samples with remarks we can say the final sample has arrived.


All test results are ok, we like the fit and mounting and we passed the production order to our manufacturer.


And this is how the final product will look like…



Plse contact Your BBT dealer or sales rep to get more information, they will be available soon.



33 pallets of sheetmetal arrived!

We unloaded yesterday a container with high quality BBT sheetmetal, 33 pallets in total…

-Bus inner front frames (New)

-A-pillars (New, and the well corrected ones!)

-100 early model bulkheads (second production run!!)

and so much more!!

Nobody beats BBT sheetmetal, nobody!

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-07 at 16.32.49 (1)_resizedWhatsApp Image 2018-08-07 at 16.32.49_resizedWhatsApp Image 2018-08-07 at 16.32.50 (1)_resizedWhatsApp Image 2018-08-07 at 16.32.50_resized