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Why an old Volkswagen, you ask?
Well, they may not have high-tech bells and whistles.

But they have character.
Something we all crave.

Even more than an air conditioner on a bloody hot day.
So, get in that rusty beetle or hippie bus and drive it around happily.

Turn a smile on people’s faces wherever you go.
Something we can use more than ever in these weird times.

To keep your icon on the road BBT brings you more and better parts.
Every week, over and over again.

Welcome to BBT News.

We decided it was time for more accurate splash pans for that splittie bus.
We bring you splash pans that do fit better for the different model years.

There was a ton minor differences over the years.
But most we could streamline into two models.

We have the 55-89 model to cover the early buses.
Most work we put in to the 60-66 model.

For the one year only 1967 model or with a dual circuit brake master cylinder you need a sleeve where the brake light switch peaks out.

The sleeve is quite easy to make.
There for we do not grave an extra part nr for it for now.

This is a proud addition to our Silver Weld Through program.

0890-705 Splash pan – Bus 03/55-07/59 SWT
0890-706 Splash pan – Bus 08/59-07/67 SWT

Out of deep in the world of VW engine builders we a had the request to add the Maxi 26 Full Flow Oil Pumps.
Maxi 26 In & Out Full Flow Oil Pumps provide a way to operate your engine “Full Flow” without the inconvenience and cost of drilling and tapping your engine case.

Maxi 26 In & Out Full Flow Oil Pumps are manufactured with large 3/8″ inlet and outlets for unrestricted, high volume oil flow.
The aluminum alloy used in manufacturing the housing matches the temperature characteristics of the engine case to help reduce leaks and oil loss.

Keyed 9 tooth 26mm drive gear and blueprinted specs help provide an oil system that will greatly reduce oil temperature and increase engine life.

The Maxi 26 In & Out 6061 T-6 billet cover is anodized in black, CNC engraved, and will accept 3/8″ NPT fittings HERE

Our other Maxi Flow oilpumps you find found HERE

1808-101 Oil pump Full Flow Maxi 26 – Type1 -> ’70 (black)

Back in stock after too long time.
Our new production gas caps for early Bay and 181/Thing are available now.

We opted for a less gloss but improved the lock (a lot).
We advise to grease the lock before use for trouble free and long-term operation.

Order yours now.

0491-475 Fuel cap with lock – Bus 08/67-07/71, Typ181 BBT

0491-476 Fuel cap seal – Bus 08/67-07/71, Type 181 BBT

The BBT News team wish you a wonderful weekend.
Drive that VW making smiles for miles.


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  1. I am interested on the new front door for the late bay window. Please if you can send my information. Thanks

  2. Roberto, the doors on our social media are off tool samples.
    We brought them over from the factory for testing.
    We work 3 years on this project and when we release them we need to be sure that they work as want them to be.
    keep en eye on our social media where we will feature the launch of them before everywhere else.
    always at your service

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