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While politicians in Belgium are heating up for the upcoming elections of May 26, we try to stay alive and expand our program. We don’t make promises that we can’t keep, but bring you honest parts as we’ve always done for the last 33 years….

This week is not different.  We like to bring your attention to some cool new products and a couple of other products we also have, and we think you should have them too, ah!

We included this European style electric kit with the tow bars we’ve been selling forever. They have been warehoused as a BBT internal warehouse number.

Lately we got several requests for this kit so now we’ve added them to our general stock program. Perfect for any European style tow bar and all brand new.

4850-000 Tow bar electric kit 7 pin

As one of the many parts we developed for our king and link pin program we also produce our own Phenolic washers (Celeron rings).

We sell these separately from our kits as well at very low-cost. They are manufactured in the exact  and correct material.

Available in two sizes of course. You will need 4pcs for one complete front axle job.

1337-300 Kingpin Phenolic washer (Celeron ring) all bus -07/62

1337-310 King pin Phenolic washer (Celeron ring) all bus 08/62-

Do you know BBT stocks all standard kombi and utility split window bus panels? Very high quality with a lot of details went into the grain and the shape of the panels.

We have roof panels, door panels, kick panels and rear hatch panels. All in very high quality, water-resistant (they don’t deform when they get slightly wet in the rain) and a perfect fit.

We thought as we have them, you should have them too….

0552-100 Roof panels – Bus 03/55-07/67 / grey
0552-110 Roof panels – Bus 03/55-07/67 Single cab /grey
0552-120 Roof panels – Bus 11/58-07/67 double cab /grey

0552-050 Kick panels – Bus 03/55-02/60 / grey
0552-055 Kick panels – Bus 03/60-07/63 / grey
0552-060 Kick panels – Bus 08/63-07/67 / grey

0552-160 Rear hatch panel – Bus 03/55-07/63 grey
0552-165 Rear hatch panel – Bus 08/63-07/79 grey

0552-000 Front door panels (pair) – Bus -07/67 / grey
0552-005 Front door panels (pair) – Bus 03/50-02/61 / grey

0569 Inox cover for 5-panel rear view mirror, beetle

5,85 euro/pc excl.

Wall ring (small) 15 inch, 4 pieces

2539-414 blue
2539-715 orange

15,89 euro/set excl.

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The BBT news team wishes you a wonderful and relaxed weekend. More news next week.

BBT News

Another week and another cool set of parts…. 31 months after we started the research, we finally have our complete line of king and link pins for bus, this is pure and real, nothing fancy or cheap.

We searched parts all over the globe and our king and link pin kits contain parts from 6 different suppliers.

All components are made from highest quality materials available. The king pins are casted by induction and then stamped in the old fashion good way like it should be.

We visit every single factory that made parts and followed every single production process. Just to make sure we could bring a top product on the market. At least as good as original back in the day, maybe even better…

And… we managed to make a new exploded view too! Thanks Peter! 

Look at the quality… all steel cage needle bearing… like it should be, and how it should look…

Bullet proof quality…

Let’s explain first the king pins.

1338-004 King pin upper with needle bearing – Bus -07/62 BBT
1337-504 King pin upper with needle bearing – Bus 08/62-07/63 BBT
1337-004 King pin upper with needle bearing – Bus 08/63- BBT

1338-005 King pin lower with needle bearing – Bus -07/62 BBT
1337-505 King pin lower with needle bearing – Bus 08/62-07/63 BBT
1337-005 King pin lower with needle bearing – Bus 08/63- BBT

We have three different model years, so we have three different kits, basic and complete

1338 Link pin set – Bus -07/62 BBT

1337-500 Link pin set – Bus 08/62-07/63 BBT
1337 Link pin set – Bus 08/63-07/67 BBT

1338-099 King and link-pin complete kit – Bus -07/62 BBT

1337-599 King and link-pin complete kit – Bus 08/62-07/63 BBT
1337-099 King and link-pin complete kit – Bus 08/63-07/67 BBT

We’ve made them tested all over the world too, check the video from top bus guru Nate from Wagenswest in the USA.

Don’t forget to follow us and Wagonswest on Instagram for more updates!

We’re so happy this project came to a good end! And you now know  where to get the right suspension stuff, right?

BBT’s super quality hubcap clips are back in stock, our sales increase because just everybody likes our quality a lot!

Enjoy the big crowds, and stop using inferior clips that brake. BBT quality clips will keep your hubcaps on the car, forever!!! Ask for BBT hubcap clips at your nearest VW parts dealer.

2503 Kit clips & rivets early wheel

BBT News team wishes you a super cool weekend… just dream about your classic Volkswagens, we supply the parts to make that dream come true….

Keep’on Buggin’

BBT News

What a wonderful world we’re living in, do we realize that enough?

It’s crazy, cars are driving, food is growing, the sun comes up, and if we don’t see it, we just jump on a plane and fly to a destination where there’s always sun. Everybody stops at stop signs or traffic lights, we all have a house, and if you work hard enough you even have time to travel with the family and/or have crazy hobbies like collecting cars.

Do we really realize what we have?

If we jump out of bed and switch on the light in the morning, do we realize how many people and what kind of organisation is behind the electricity 24hrs a day to make that work? Or do we think it’s just “normal”…

Maybe we have to realize more that the small “normal” things in life, aren’t  that normal  at all. Maybe we just are  too much used to it and are too spoiled to realize how special they are… and collecting cars is special too. Who could have imagined the classic car world today a mere 50 years ago? Working in our hobbies, that’s more as fun to do… that just tells us how lucky we are!

Something to realize every morning, before we switch on that light….

This week we have a couple of small things that came in and got part numbers, real necessary parts to finish that car.

Finally we decided to  run also the Speedometer cable for split window bugs.

This cable is quite a lot longer as the later models, because with a split the speedometer is central in the dashboard.

Readily available from our shelves now!

2699-000 Speedometer cable – Beetle -09/52 TQ

Besides the door wedges themselves BBT 0438-31 and the correct screws for the door wedges BBT 0438-315 we also have  the sleeves for the door wedges available  for the real early cars.

Many times these sleeves are missing, which results in poor mounting, lack of tightening or just runs the screws through the door wedges.

We sell these sleeves per pair

0438-316 Sleeve door center wedge – Beetle -01/53 – Bus -12/63 (pair)

We used to use this product to complete our VW logo’s back in the day, till Volkswagen halted that.

Now out of popular demand we bring these clips in our program by their own.

The correct clip to mount the big VW logo on the front of your splitty bus!

We  sell them each, you need 4 to attach the logo completely.

0440-105 Spring clip emblem – Bus -07/67

Airmighty n° 34 is out and ready available in our shop or add one to your order!

9496-34  Airmighty 34

We got our crazy popular washer jets back in stock! Aren’t they cool?

Well many customers think they are, as we sell them as hell!

Get yours now!

2453 Windshield washer jet

BBT News team wishes you all a very wonderful weekend and hopefully we all dwell on a couple of small things, that make our world so special, and enjoyable to live in.

BBT News

What a week it was in (VW) paradise… the weather changed for sure to more soft and early spring weather. In no time things will start growing again and flowers are flourishing. I already see  some blossoms and other real early trees and plants already arising, which means spring is around the corner… spring… sweet dreams, sweet rides in sweet convertibles… hey is your “ride” ready yet?  It’s about time….:)

Sometimes it’s crazy to know this newsletter is read all over the globe, while I speak about the spring the Southern atmosphere is preparing for fall and winter soon… the world upside down, literally…:)

What a wonderful world, this week we worked again on our stocks and products. We finally hired a new sales guy; who will start next Monday and we had quiet some international visit from a lot of people, who came down for Freddy Files last weekend. Yes, it was another wonderful week in (VW) paradise….:)

Let’s present  the new BBT products for this week….

Finally early bay rear valence is out! We always wondered why nobody made them before. We still have a limited supply of good used ones, but… now you can get it brand new… Auto Craft makes good panels for many years now. And we’re proud we’re one of their major distributors.

0891-370 Rear valance complete – Bus 08/67-07/71 Auto Craft

In our silver weld through sheet metal program we like to present two panels above the engine lid for real different applications.

The first one is for bus and kombi with a small tailgate. It’s situated right above the engine lid (obviously) and is the counterpart for the panel, where the hinges of your engine lid are mounted. In other words this is the counterpart for the panel, which has the thread for the screws of your engine lid..

0890-393 Engine lid hinge panel reinforcement – Bus 03/55-07/63

The second one is the rear panel for pick-up models, that really holds your engine lid and tailgate on to your pick up. In other words it comes with the welded in threaded nuts for your engine lid hinges and for your tailgate.

This fits single and double cab pick ups all the way from very first barndoor pick up production in 1952 till the final early bay production in July 1971. A very wide range in other words.

The first picture is eagle view (from top to bottom) the second is worm’s eye view (from the ground up)

0890-399 Engine lid hinge panel Pick-up – Bus -07/71 BBT

We got our new delivery of 12volt semaphores, now they’re back available from our shelves.

0617-51 Semaphore 12 Volts (reproduction)

We also got a new delivery of our complete distributors with vacuum… they look quiet the deal, and seem to work wonderwell on stock engines…

1998 Distributor with vacuum

We like to thank you for following our Newsletter, and hope to see you back next week. Wishing you a very nice and relaxed weekend, if you live here in the Northern atmosphere get out that garden stuff, if you live in the Southern atmosphere maybe you better start packing up that garden gear… what a wonderful world…:)