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In these challenging times we must do what it takes to protect ourselves, our beloved ones and show
solidarity to any other human around us especially those considered vulnerable! For those that are
blessed with a workshop, garage or man cave can hide in there, grabbing the opportunity to beat
boredom by spending time on theirs or their customers pride and joy..



 For this week we like to include
our doorpanel clips.. Our assortment offers a variety of different clips for various models/years as
shown below. We offer quantity prices for those that are looking to stock up or want a better
price deal – so get in touch with our sales force!!


0409 Door panel clips front & rear


0409-100 Doorpanel clip – Beetle -07/58


0409-5 Doorpanel clips – Bus -07/67


0409-550 Door panel clips front and rear – Bus  07/67-07/79


0409-650 Door panel clips front and rear – Bus 05/79-08/92

Also used on T4 & Golf MK1


0409-651 Door panel clips side and rear – Bus 05/79-08/92

Also used on Golf MK1


0409-655 Door panel clips black – Bus 05/79-8/92 – Multivan / Westfalia


0409-657 Door panel clips grey – Bus 05/79-8/92 – Multivan / Westfalia


0409-658 Door panel clips brown – Bus 05/79-8/92 – Multivan / Westfalia


0405-550 Rubber seal for door panel clip – Bus 08/67-07/79

Used with 0409 clip


Of course we wouldn’t shout about the various doorpanel clips we have in the BBT assortment without
telling you about the numerous doorpanels we have available too. Below is a quick snapshot of some of
the door cards we have in stock. (Tip: Search our webshop on the following References – 0550/0551/0552)


0551 Doorpanel set front – Beetle + convertible 08/66- black 2 pcs


0552-000 Front door panels (pair) – Bus -07/67 / grey


0552-900 Door panels black – Bus 05/79-08/92 (2pcs)



Our last shout out goes to our Baywindow Cargo floors!! These are made exclusively for BBT by the same
manufacturer that made these panels for VW – Now try to beat that! They are as good as they can get,
perfect pressings and a spot on fit! 0891-760 for the left side & 0891-770 for the right side. They fit all 2ndgeneration buses between 07/67 & 07/79.

0891-760 Floor plate left – Bus 08/67-07/79


0891-770 Floor plate right – Bus 08/67-07/79





9450 Porsche 356, English, Brian Long

36 Euro

9360 The Dune Buggy files, English, James Hale

13,5 Euro


There’s no lockdown therapy as VW therapy

Hit the virus…hard!!

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