All the leaves are brown and the skyes are grey… California dreamin’….

Some pictures just “down the road” from my trip, for all of you to enjoy and to dreamin’… Califoria dreamin’…. 🙂

Crazy traffic in SoCal…

Skyline of Los Angeles

Wide open space on multiple lane freeways

Traffic everywhere

Sunset from freeway118

Downtown Ventura

Heading North, like James Dean did on his last trip…or shall we stop to surf?

Somewhere near Santa Barbara Freeway 101 turns really nice!

Patina on a parkinglot

Morro Bay

Highway 41 to 101


Sunset….almost there…:)

Driving at the West Coast is a real cool experinece, You should really do it sometime in your life… especially Hwy 1 and Freeway 101 are very scenic and offer once in a lifetime views…

Ok let’s start the engines again, heading to Grant Pass Oregon today!

Lesley’s bus makes good progress…

Lesley is a very loyal BBT customer from south of Belgium, and lives very close to the flooded areas.

Thanks God he, his family and his bus was saved from the water and the bus makes good progress with all BBT Silver Weld Through panels.

Lesley does everything by his own and this is really his first “bus resurrection” as he tends to call it.

Thanks to Lesley’s constructive feedback we could address several little flaws to the factory in order to move up the quality even more of our SWT product range.

Thanks for the cooperation Lesley and keep up the great work!

Don’t drink and drive….

Beer delivery tumbled upside down, poor barndoor splittie destroyed.

Don’t know if the driver was drunk, but with a load like this we only can imagine…:)

Although when beer barrels start sliding or rolling inside a cargo area this can effect as well, …

Don’t drink and drive, and always secure loads, for sure in splittie buses…

Happy sunday….

Oh yes, öl in Swedish means “BEER” in English… 🙂

More containers arrived…

Well they have to arrive one day…

After sailing almost 7 weeks longer as scheduled, facing overbooked vessels, congested ports and bad weather we finally got  a container from Taiwan arriving.

Two more containers from Taiwan, one from China, one from USA and two from Brazil are scheduled to dock by end of the week or early next week.

Hopefully we don’t get them all on the same day…:)

Temporaly workers Matthias and Brent, in full action together with BBT Ray & Tim.

Up to the next…