Sunday pictures; Old dealerships ….

Old dealership pictures always talk to you, service bay or showroom or outside parking lot, even the period used car dealer lots looks like nostalgic to us, right?

Admiring the sleek lines of a low light Karmann Ghia, Window shopping made it possible back in the day!

A regular dealer ship like there was thousands in the late sixties and early seventies.

From Norway this is Grendahl AutoAS in Trondheim circa 1953. Would that be a Zwitter convertible???

You have to love this picture, they do not come more stereotype!

Waeslandia was not a dealer, but had cool line up anyway!

Can we consider junk yards dealers as well? Can you imagine to find a barndoor next to an abonded split window beetle?

Enjoy your Sunday and keep dreaming!

BBT News

If we should have begged our shipments to come in a last news, the Gods must have understood our needs.
So hard, this week the hell broke loose, literally.

We never ever received so many containers in one week.
Or more, we never ever received so many containers in a week like we did this week in three days!

Goods in dept. has exploded and looks like a battle field.
Danny and his team are working into extremes to get all in the shelves at once.

We make it all available for you, our customer.
We’re happy to receive your (back)orders.

As every week some new products  came along too…

Let’s start this week with our brand new stabilizer bars for bay window buses.
As simply all used parts are drying out slowly, new parts must take over.

BBT now offers the perfect solution to replace your broken, bend or worn out stabilizer bar with a good quality replacement.
Every bay window bus, kombi or utility came from the VW factories WITH a stabilizer.

If yours is missing, this brand new units are your solution.
Use BBT # 1352 clamp kits for proper fitting, simply the best on the market.

1392-210 Stabilizer front – Bus 08/67-07/79

We have completed our line of Beetle emergency brake handle kits with this black kit for 1965 and later beetle models.
Split window bus emergency brake handle kits are now in production and will be finished soon.

All of our emergency brake handle kits you can find HERE

0521-110 Emergency brake handle kit – Beetle/KG 01/65-, Type3 02/65- Type181 black

We had a last inventory on this VW do Brazil 7X0 703 559.
Practically the same inner front valance for bay window than  BBT # 0891-185 except these have been made for the Brazilian water-cooled bay window T2c.

The difference is the center cut out and the two little brackets on top for the radiator.
Light modification allows to use on 73-79 late bay window buses.

Also a perfect solution for partial rust repair.
Because of the quantity we bought they’re very economical priced and 100% original VW.

0891-186 Inner front valance – Bus Brasil 2006- water cooled

We’ve been able to secure the last production runs from BOSCH Mexico for starter motor and generator for our beloved air-cooled babies!
A very sad fact that also Bosch moved their production for generators and starter motors to China.

Our stocks are your last chance  now to buy your (spare) Mexican made BOSCH starter motor or generator.
Once our remaining stocks are finished we will have to obsolete these two products.

Chinese starter motor BBT #1595 isn’t bad at all, but BOSCH is BOSCH.
The extensive BBT starter line for all rear engined Volkswagens can be found HERE

1961-1 New 12 volt generator, Bosch
1595-1 Starter motor 12 Volt 68- (Bosch)

We had three containers SWT in this week so many SWT will come back available next week!

0890-921 C-post complete right (cargo door) – Bus 03/55-12/60 SWT

0890-744 Floor plate left (cargo door) – Bus -07/67 SWT

1000-855 Gasketset for adjustable flange style muffler – Vintage Speed

0517-071 Ventwing lock convertible – Beetle 08/67- left TQ
0517-081 Ventwing lock convertible – Beetle 08/67- right TQ

0538-76 Floormat double cab. Rear – Bus -07/79 (black)

In this week’s product in the picture we’re focussing on some of the smaller yet often very important parts.
The little spring that’s essential for a smooth operation of your Bay window emergency brake.
BBT has these springs made by the OE manufacturer who used to supply these directly to Volkswagen. Does it get any better ..?

Sold each.

0523-105 – Emergency brake locking spring – 08/67-07/79

Next is the adjusting screw for the window guide rail in a late Beetle and Karmann Ghia convertible
These are all too often missing, broken or corroded beyond repair.

@ BBT we recognised this tiny piece was just as important as any other part.
So we hunted down a manufacturer locally.

Higly precission made in an all CNC process.
A tiny little part that can make such a difference

Sold each.

7121 – Window guide rail adjusting screw – Beetle convertible 08/64-07/79, Karmann Ghia convertible 08/63-07/74

Another small part we carry, is the spring that holds the pin in place to prevent the front seats  from moving forward in a late beetle.
This spring has been in high demand for years and when our original “used” stock was depleted we realised this was something that many cars need.

BBT tooled up and can now offer you a brand new spring – manufactured in Belgium – to hold the pin in place.
Going through the mighty VW bibles to get the correct applications, we found out that this exact spring also blocks the recliner mechanism.

Sold each.

0736-105 Spring to adjust seat base and backrest– Beetle 08/72-07/75

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email info@BBT4VW.com.

BBT News team wishes you a happy weekend, enjoy spring, enjoy life, enjoy that VW of yours!