Another day in Brazil, Five more factories we visit!

Yesterday we visit five more factories, and yes, we really worked hard on new and existing product lines!

First we visit the factory that is making for us the new camgear for our 30 DIN (36 SAE) HP okrasa camshafts…

Samples been displayed upon arrival in the meeting room!

2018-02-21 14.12.27_resized

The machine park was amazing!

2018-02-21 14.51.53_resized

Jerry got the whole explanation from Eloah!!

2018-02-21 14.57.03_resized

78 years and still going strong! Who told You working shouldn’t be good for you?

2018-02-21 15.00.38_resized

Next we went to a factory that makes only king and link pin components, we’re working on a big project with this company…

2018-02-21 16.40.22_resized

They have their own copper foundry for the bushing… like yesterday… this is not soup, but fluid copper!

2018-02-21 17.15.50_resized

From there we went to a factory that does specialise in forged bolts and nuts….

2018-02-21 18.52.58_resized

2018-02-21 18.53.10_resized2018-02-21 18.53.29_resized2018-02-21 18.54.35_resized

Fuscas as they call beetles over here are still everywhere, this yellow sunshine beetle we spotted on a parking of a shopping mall!

2018-02-21 20.35.18_resized

The bumper factory didn’t like pictures too much… respect, but our trusty supplier Universal (Locks and small parts) didn’t mind, we visit their state of the art distribution centre… 600 orders a day! Driven on latest technology!

2018-02-21 22.32.03_resized

Jerry tried to mess up there central computer centre…. believe me or not over 500 devices been connected here!

2018-02-21 22.55.04_resized

The export team that ALWAYS helps us out…is glad to pose with us!

2018-02-21 23.33.19_resized

State of the art building too… 12.000m2! Can you spot Jerry in the picture?

2018-02-21 23.36.46_resized

and back to the hotel… we spot this little Kombi just down the road!

2018-02-21 23.50.49_resized

Tomorrow another day and more visits, so stay tuned!

The river Bug

Our friend Michal from Poland learned us they have a river called “Bug”… he thought it was fun to share a couple of pictures with his real bug…:)

Look at the name plate!



Nice pictures and very nice car Michal!! Keep the pictures coming!


Just for fun….

What does idiot lights on the dash of modern cars really mean?


Thanks God we do not have these problems in our old Volkswagens…