Antwerp, back in the day…

With a cool line up from VW beetles (at the left) on the Suikerrui, what’s totaly pedestrian area now…

For those who been to Antwerp downtown, Suikerrui connect the grand place (where the city hall is) with the river….

For sure it looked different (better?) back then.

This is how we grew up, if you wonder where we became VW addicted….:)


Two ex BBT splits meet…:)

In 2011 Sabrina & Gerd bought the BBT 1952 cozy split… they restored it there own way.

A couple of years later Markus bought one of the 4 uber cool split windows we imported at once from Sweden (that caused a stir).

This year they meet each other on a real small VW show and took some pictures together to share with all of us…:)

Its just good to see that people take so good car for ex BBT cars… Thanks to Gerd, Sabrina and Markus, good work guys, keep the spirit!

Keep them running on BBT parts and thanks for the pictures too!

Antwerp Police…. back in the day….

Back in the day… when life was still cool… when we still had hair…. and when the Antwerp Police force still drove Volkswagens….:)

And last but not least, and probably the favorite from this stash…. the Antwerp Police type 3 Notchback…

Thanks to Jos to share these pictures with all of us…

Happy Sunday!