Lier, back in the day…

Another cool set of pictures from the archives of professional photographer Kamiel Loontiens (+).

Authorized for publication by his son Wilfried.

Lier, a medium city in Belgium, back in the day…

VW rules, Garage Dockx was the local VW dealer back then if I remember right and it seems he had a hell of a business!…:)

Enjoy your sunday

From the old box…

Really well known dancing “De Veertien Billekes” ….story goes the owner had 7 daughters so 14 buttocks, hence the name….

Before the name change, this was Cafe De welkom….

Proffesional photographer Kamiel Loontiens was asked for a promo shoot and parked his 1956 right before the door…. beautiful capture.

From the archives of Wilfried Loontiens. With his approval to share.

Happy Sunday to all BBT friends!

More SWT came in….

We had a new load of SWT panels ….

The factory keep producing, and the good news is, the container problem seems to solve little by little, we still pay crazy as heck, (3 times as much as last year) but finally we get back the containers we want… 3 to 4 a month, only SWT…. hopefully container price will come back to normal soon.


In this shipment we received quite a few middle seats…. order yours now….:)


A cool trip through the dessert….

BBT customer and Friend of Da Houze Len works and lives in Dubai… on his off days he drives his splitty right through the dessert.

Real hot trips but cool picture moments, his favourites are the camels in in the picture for sure!

Who can’t dream by checking these pictures…