The dressed up Carrera engine…

Many people know I have a Carrera 4 cam engine sitting in my living room my wife and I dress up by the season…

This holiday season was no different and this is how our engine looked this year…

2017-12-28 17.54.51_resized

Happy New Year!! 

2017-12-28 17.55.52_resized

Chris Cocks passed away last night, sad day for Da houze!

A big tall strong and friendly guy, that’s how many of us will remind Chris, owner of Small car Specialities, US Autobarn, the largest VW junk yard on planet earth and father of a lovely family!

Chris lost his last and unfair fight, and must be in a better place now,  but still for those who knew him closely this is still unbelievable!

2016-11-08 16.31.04_resized2016-11-08 17.01.39_resized2016-11-08 17.06.38_resized2017-11-23 19.32.12_resized

Only a month ago I visited Chris in his house in Arizona, so unreal to realise he’s no longer with us anymore…

2017-11-23 20.31.20_resized

Chris’ junkyard many moons ago…:)


Long time past…. but Chris was always working, he loved so much what he did …


We, @ BBT, like to present our deepest condolences to Chris’ his family, especially to his wife  and his three beautiful children!

Chris, You’re in VW heroe heaven, a status only few deserve, but you deserve with pride, we will always remember you buddy…

BBT in snowy white!!

Last couple of days Belgium was hit by …many snow… so BBT Jerry used his lunchbreak to make this beautiful ppicture for all of us… no way our classic VW leave their stables now, too much salt on the road!

BBT in snow_resized