Our christmas card is here!

The very last BBT blogpost for 2020.

A very Merry and peaceful Christmas to everybody.

May we wish you a lot of health and a very happy 2021!

Enjoy our Chistmas card for you, turn your sound on!

During the Christmas holidays we will be closed from 24 December 2020 till 3 January 2021.
We’ll be back at your service Monday 4 January 2021.


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For Sale; Unbelievable nice 21 window super driver

BBT Spain shop manager Steve is selling his little baby.

What all started as an unfinished project we brought from the States Steve decided to call it his and finish accordingly… he spend over 1000hours of labor!

This little baby started life as a 13 window deluxe bus, when we bought it somebody grafted an original Samba roof on top… nicely done… the roof that was…

Steve replaced both sides (the long panels) and the rain gutters and put in a new BBT engine lid.

To make it real nice this baby is rotisserie painted, inside out, under and above…

Mechanical Steve build a complete new 1600cc Dual port engine and rebuild the gearbox.

Also a complete new brake system is installed to secure stopping and protection from the investment.

Complete new sunroof mechanism,

Check out the interior to drool all over, high class!

Top of the bill this baby has a full air-condition system that works just perfect!

Bus is currently registered in Europe and there’s no tax or duty to pay inside EU…

This baby is just one cool cruizer all ready to go!

If you’re on the market for a bus, this is a No Brainer….

All further information directly from owner only by email steven@bbt-hotrod.com

All further information directly from owner only by email steven@bbt-hotrod.com

Rubber mats for Lowlight and early Karmann Ghia’s are available now.

For some time now we help small projects that helps the VW community.

One of these projects is rubber mats for early Karmann Ghia’s.

Just check https://lowlightwerks.com to meet Luis and get all information about the early Karmann Ghia rubber floormats.

Low Light Works is a single man operation with an incredible knowledge producing rubber mats in small series.

Luis is a hell of a guy and make rubber mats hardly to reconise from original.

Some impressions…..

For all further information, price, shipping etc You contact Luis over https://lowlightwerks.com or on Luis@lowlightwerks.comn and tell him Bob from BBT send you….:)

Sad pictures from destroying Californian fires…

The massive wild fires in California, Washington and Oregon made a lot of innocent (Volkswagen) victims…

We feel extreme sad looking at these pictures and thinking they used to be the proud of their owners…

All of our thoughts going to the people who lost Volkswagens and all other things in tehse fires…

Global heating ? You bet!

Antwerp, back in the day…

With a cool line up from VW beetles (at the left) on the Suikerrui, what’s totaly pedestrian area now…

For those who been to Antwerp downtown, Suikerrui connect the grand place (where the city hall is) with the river….

For sure it looked different (better?) back then.

This is how we grew up, if you wonder where we became VW addicted….:)