The fresh catch!

I scored a couple of real cool Westfalia’s on my trip through Nevada…

First this ubercool and clean 1973 westy in Reno Stead airport, You didn’t believe I was gonna let the white whale flying, did You?

Owned and maintained for the last 17 years by the commander of the airport, very frequent pilot that has loads of experience with aircooled engines… the car is maintained as a plane, believe me or not! the engine runs like a swiss watch, and this baby drives you to heaven in seconds!


second I had this ubercool and very original 1979 westy from Chuck… long-term owner, and very deep VW aficionado, self-declared that this was the best driving VW he ever owned!


Last but not least Francisco sold me his cool 1975 Westfalia, that is good value for money, but need some “finishing”….


No Francisco, sorry, didn’t take your split…:( that was too much of a project for me…:)

But You do have a cool garage for sure!


and now… back to work, next case is waiting!!

Let’s Go east and pass Lake Tahoe….


Monday after I delivered the buses to the port I hit the road east… straight to death dry Nevada

I made a short stop over at my friends Gary’s place in Sonoma California…

The trusty white whale performed flawless as always…


Gary was hit hard by the fires in Sonoma, Napa and santa Rosa area… lost a couple of cabins in the mountains and a load of VW parts… he saved these as a souvenir, this “used to be” a “pile” of 36 Hp cilinderheads, melted to the ground…



One of Gary’s customers had his vanagon in for service, I liked his license plate a lot…


… For You To Go 75 (Mph) … not bad on a  slow VW bus!

From Gary I drove straight (and mainly in dark) to Reno Nevada… to see the skyline of Reno in morning light


Nice… Nevada, rural as it can be … let the next VW hunt start here…

Where I was think I’m going?


ok, hope fully its worth it… rural track straight to?


…. my friend Mitch home…. to check out his nice line up of buses!

and from there to Reno Stead airport…


Was the white whale gonna want to flying? Shall we build wings on it?


Do You recognise this control tower? changes are larger as You can think off, as this is THE world-famous tower out of the movie Top Gun!!


ok enough talks, time to take my friend Mitch to lunch… sandwich anybody? you bet!


Inside is beautiful and full of decoration…



and the sandwich was … well … great!!!!


more buses? well done! this is the bus from the infamous tomTom junkyard in Utah… Almost empty now, Mitch saved this bus!


ok, time to hit the road again… nice drive on Highway 95 south… unfortunately (again) it was dark most of the way…. but… I experienced an unforgettable Sunrise…




so… welcome back to California, for my next adventure…. stay tuned!


The catch of the weekend (and where it came from!)

Still in California, I had an appointment at a serious backyard last weekend…

Thanks to my friends Ray and Tom I could buy several project buses and cut up some other VW’s.

The result you see here below! The first load ready to go to the port!

There was all kind of crazy stuff all over the yard…

When I say really crazy stuff I mean really crazy stuff!

2017-11-19 22.57.04 - kopie_resized

So we part out all kind of things we thought we could use…

and went through all piles of parts…

check out what was laying around!

Sunday morning we went back but first needed a healthy breakfast…

2017-11-19 19.52.56_resized

second load was ready!

2017-11-19 22.58.02 - kopie_resized

Watch out for the tarantula’s!!! (yes this was a real one!!)


With a little help from my friends is a song from the beetles I sing many times, including last weekend!! These are the guys that made it possible for me to get this, and they helped full-time to cut, load, change tyres and stuff!

Ray, Tom and Pete, You’re the guys! Thank you so much for this ubercool weekend!!

2017-11-19 02.09.56_resized


and I’m on my way for more now! …:) but first we have to drive these to the shippers!

California… another busy day full of visit!

Jerry and I continued our trip, today we did TMI, Wob West and we finished @ our friend Alex from ISP West….

TMI is a huge operation, over 300 employees! Making interiors for all kind of classic cars but also pillows and seat foam for office chairs and such!

Huge shipping dept as well, yours truly between the boxes!

From left to right is Carmen, Travis, BBT Jerry and Dean! We made ourselves a new BBT TMI team and smoothed a lot of the problems we had lately, we get again guaranteed production times, separate shipping for ocean and air freight orders etc etc… we had long discussions for sure!

From TMI we drove to Wolfsburg West, where Tony, Carla and Sean gave us a warm reception.

The shipping dept…:)

we continued with our daily lunch… after In and Out and The Habbit it was time for a real Fatburger! as always I eat very diversified in California… a different burger every day!

In the afternoon we visit the shippers, and continued to our friend Alex from ISP West fame, Alex has a cool shop… always! Now with his recent modelling its better as ever!

Alex is hyper space effective… small long high rows of everything, especially Type 3

and rows of sheetmetal, amazing how much sheetmetal he got! if You need sheetmetal for a type 3 we can get it from Alex for you! Just give us a buzz!

As always as well i needed some seats for something weird and Alex still had a few, so we build our local “crane” to get them down from the shelves… always action when You travel with bob, ask Jerry!

After a cool dinner with alex, with loads of stories from our “early days” we found a small hotel and slept! like babies…:)

Tomorrow more California! !