Out of the old box…

Let’s start to look back, we have history enough even we’re still considered “young” by the real old guys…:)

When I still had hair…:) driving my zwitter home from a very cool VW show, a weekend I will always remember… and yes I still have that car… low enough?

2018-03-08 17.16.07_resized.jpg

Happy sunday!!

Home sweet home…

We made it back and yesterday was our first day back in the office… it was nice to be greeted by the BBT APE in the shop… if You didn’t see this sitting our shop its been too long You came by….:)


Brazil trip last day, last factory tours…

Jerry and I come to an end of our Brazil trip… over 35 company visits, guess its time to come home now…:)

Last two days we visit another couple of factories… some didn’t allow to make me pictures (and share with you) others do follow BBT Blog and understand its power!

Here is the report of the last “leg” of our trip…

First we stopped at ZF, the mother company that holds brands as Sachs, TRW and Varga. We visited their distribution plant this time.

Jessica and Mariana are our daily contacts here!!

2018-03-01 16.21.11_resized

The warehouse of this distribution centre is huge…

2018-03-01 14.49.36_resized2018-03-01 14.42.10_resized

They have a similar logistic system as BBT, reach truck put it in the shelves…

2018-03-01 14.51.28_resized

Man up order pickers get the orders together.. here the order pickers go full height up to 15 metres!

2018-03-01 15.00.55_resized

This is the “small zone” with all kind of transmission parts, this are always ready for “rush orders”

2018-03-01 15.01.41_resized

and so after picking all comes to packing zone… very professional, wowh!

2018-03-01 14.52.47_resized

Thanks for the tour Mariana and Jessica! we enjoyed fully!

Next stop was a small but high quality manufacturer of tail light lenses and small plastic components. “Small”… hmmm at first sight, but in this building there’s no less than 10 injection machines!!

2018-03-02 14.51.01_resized

and no small ones neither!

2018-03-02 14.18.03_resized2018-03-02 14.18.44_resized

and a lot of lovely girls that finish the products!! Even they’re kind a “shy”…:)

2018-03-02 14.39.14_resized

Reflector part for the big foot tail light…

2018-03-02 14.19.19_resized

Fried egg front indicator lens, we work on get the chrome in!

2018-03-02 14.20.16_resized

Work samples ready to go back with us to Belgium…

2018-03-02 14.31.09_resized

And everywhere You go in Brazil, coffee is ready… hospitality here is enormous!

2018-03-02 14.46.40_resized

The owner of this company has a Fusca of his own (guess how we knew him???) ….:)

2018-03-02 14.56.00_resized

So a BBT sticker ceremony was obligated!!

2018-03-02 14.53.31_resized

Last (featured) stop of this trip was the factory where they make WOLFF bumpers…

This is a BIG operation!

Let’s start with the raw material first… This is what will become bumpers…:)

2018-03-02 16.29.57_resized

Machines are old, but nevertheless very impressive!

2018-03-02 16.31.03_resized2018-03-02 16.32.50_resized

Bumpers and machines everywhere!

2018-03-02 16.34.00_resized

But also the warehouse is extremely impressive…

2018-03-02 17.08.40_resized

Same factory has also a production for plastic bumpers…  no less as 4 impressive injection machines ranging from 1 to 2 TON’S!!!

2018-03-02 17.22.11_resized

Today we have some meetings in our hotel.. and we will visit a large private collection on our way to the airport, tonight we fly home… Home sweet home!!