Stock parts

BBT buys Dieter Schmidt Lorenz NOS shop in Hamburg Germany.

Dieter Schmidt Lorenz is one of Germany’s largest NOS parts warehouses.

Situated in the North of Germany Dieter and his team cleared out over 250 VW dealerships of NOS parts over the last 33 years.

Even they didn’t buy that much anymore for last 10 years their inventory is still phenomenal.

Most parts are NOS, blend in with better reproduction and the best of the best used parts…

Dieter had it and BBT bought it.

A lot of these parts will serve to refine the BBT reproduction program.

Others might be sold by lots, inquiries on

Off tool sample – T2B front bumper mount-tester wanted!

The tooling for the bay window T2b front bumper mount with flat front for the Euro style square bumper is ready!

We have a first off tool sample on the way!

We’re looking for a volunteer to test fit with full (picture) report this part and help this way to make the product better.

If you’re in need for a front bumper mount on your T2b this might be your change to obtain a correct one, and for free…

Test results should be ready ASAP so we can order the first production run.

Are you interested? Please contact us on or talk to your favorite BBT Sales person

A full container for Mexico…

Tight fit for Mexico, the 40’ft leaving to our Mexican distributor last week was pretty full!

BBT Tim and Greet are highly specialized how to stuff containers.

Good stuffing makes our customers happy.