Stock parts

SWT baywindow panel in progress

Our first hit on a new SWT baywindow panel has been done.
We are now working on a restrike and hopefully we can have the 1st sample ready soon…

We’ll be making the following models:
0891-331 Rr side panel T2b left Bus 08/70-07/79
ch nr. 211 2000 000-
OE 244 809 163A
0891-335 Rr side panel T2b Right Bus 08/73-07/79
ch nr. 214 2000 000-
OE 241 809 164C

Pre-production samples Emergency brake levers received for splittie bus

Something we really wanted to make for a long time, but…
Well finally the moon fell onto our Radio Flyer (as we tend to say) and it all happened!

The factory chosen for this project produce over 10.000 E-brake handles a month!!
We started the reverse engineering from 100% NOS samples for accurate reproduction.

Both models will be available to span the entire year range from end of 1952 till 1967
Will be available soon as we approved these samples and production is started!

Another BBT exclusive in the worx!

BBT E-Brake handles for your beetle you find HERE

Test fitter wanted! Baywindow front bumper deformation panel.

We have an off tool sample from this 73 and up bay window front bumper deformation panel ready for test fitting.
This is the European model (flat front) and can’t be compared with the V shaped Brazilian counter parts.

Is your bus (or project) in urgent need? This can be had for free!
Our preferences go to the closest by who can mount the soonest.

Please apply on for all information.
Thank you for considering helping our VW community for better product.