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New x-view: Rear sway bar parts

We just added a new X-view to our catalogs…

This for the parts we have for the rear stabilizer on your late Beetle

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Sealing plug Steeringbox in a fancy sliding box.

This was not the most easy part to remanufacture and especially not as easy as it looked at first side.

But we simply had to do it.

The infamous Red Plug for the early bay window bus steering box.

Perfect reproduction with the little O-Ring around the neck and the little spring inside.

Although the head of the plug is slightly different diameter on late model bay windows this baby does the job perfectly on the late bay steering box as well.

Officially released last week on BBT news, today we release the press picture for all of you, our trusty Blog readers.

We choose for a nice packing in sliding cardboard boxes (quantities of 100pcs)

We always loved the Volkswagen sliding boxes from back in the day and decided to recall that feeling to all of our trusty workshops, customers and distributors.

Designed and remanufactured with pride, for all of us to enjoy!


1368-330 Sealing plug Steeringbox  Bus 08/67-07/79

SWT price increase

Due to a 300-500% raise in shipping cost, rising raw material cost and increasing value of the dollar rate against the euro, we are very sad to announce another price increase of our Silver Weld Through restoration panel line.

We simply have to…:(

We preview a general increase of 10%. Some bulky items might be more.

New price list will be effective January 1st. orders received before our annual holiday close down December 23 will be handled at the current prices but only for our existent inventory.

Back orders will be charged on the prices applicable when they come in.

For all questions or information about this, feel free to ask your favorite BBT sales person.

Huge main bearing order came in, Sintermetal bearing back available now!

We just received and unpacked several big pallets of Sintermetal bearings.
Made in Argentina, Sintermetal struggled, just as many others, to get correct raw material for their production.

Therefore we made a giga big stock order and we have all sizes back available now.
No steel backing but perfect plain main bearings for stock engines.

Order yours now.

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