Stock parts

Westfalia pop top roof anyone?

We build a new rack to stack our used Westfalia pop top roofs sky high……

If You’re fancy a Westfalia Pop Top roof, we stock it…

Early or late Baywindow, T25/T3Vanagon, and even a desirable Riviera roof…

You want it?  We got it!

If You want one, just ask us on email



Testfitting cargo doors!

The new cargo door samples (version 2.0) arrived last week and we test fitted in nothing less as our original samba deluxe… Ex BBT top of the bill panelbeater “Metalmaster Seppe” came over for the testfit as nobody can tell more about test panels as he does….

We found some very small remarks what can be easily solved, so time tos tart thinking about production…


Thanks for all help Edwin, we really appreciate!



Tested and approved, Good quality Sway bar mounting kit for Bay window Bus.

Last week we tested final samples of our development for the Sway Bar clamp for the bay window bus.


Tired and sick from (dangerous) existing qualities we decided about a year ago the sole solution would be our own production. so we teamed up with one of our favourite steel/rubber manufacturer and after a couple of samples with remarks we can say the final sample has arrived.


All test results are ok, we like the fit and mounting and we passed the production order to our manufacturer.


And this is how the final product will look like…



Plse contact Your BBT dealer or sales rep to get more information, they will be available soon.



FLASH! Product update; Ring and Pinion 3.88 (Keyed) Back in stock now at unbeatable prices!

We just received a full load of 3.88 (8:31) Rings & Pinions to make your freeway flyer transmissions. 

We bought the entire stock from the company that used to make them for Volkswagen, proven quality! And we priced them way lower as anybody else in the entire market!

Best price , Best quality! 

Get yours now!! 



1493-050 Ring and Pinion 3.88 (Keyed)