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Does your oval window beetle has the right taillight seal?

We fabricating the tail light seal for your VW beetle build between ‘55-‘61. The one and only correct one, with the correct rubber nipple molded in to guide your wiring through your fender.


A perfect restoration will never be a perfect restoration without our BBT tail light seals! We make them as your car used to have when it left the factory!

This tail light seal is available @ the better VW parts suppliers under BBT reference 0740-00. The Volkswagen part nr for your reference is 111945191B.


This exclusive high quality BBT manufactured product is proudly Made in Germany on BBT private tooling!

Because quality matters… we had to destroy 16.000+ Push rod tubes!

We don’t care about cheap when quality is no good…

Last year we had a big problem with the quality of our push rod tubes because while mounting they kneeled right behind their accordions…

A thorough investigation learned us factory used wrong (cheap) material… We came to consensus with the factory and we got new ones produced in correct material.

As we do not want to sell things that don’t fit properly we destroyed no less as 16.000 pcs Push Rod tubes  and drove them to scrap…. immense quantities!!

Because quality matters!!! 



So how should look a modern and high quality Push Rod tube…

Ours are made based on the most recent technical drawing from Volkswagen,

Correct made with all improvements and tech details that changed quiet a bit during the Volkswagen aircooled engine production.

2018-02-20 16.58.04_resized

Most important is the “S” shape accordion, what gives a way better pressure on your gaskets… less change on oil leaks like the early “V” design… also the end of the accordeon has a longer neck as original ones in order to kneel less…

2018-02-20 16.58.23_resized

A cut a way model shows very clearly the nice “S” design!

2018-02-20 16.58.37_resized

and yes, we have 25.000 pcs in stock of the good ones, ready for immediate delivery!!


BBT! Because quality matters! 

BREAKING NEWS!!! PRODUCT UPDATE BREAKING NEWS!!!! Split window roof now available as brand new part!

Right before our open house our latest developed part arrived, the complete roof for your splittie bus!!!

Made in two parts and properly spot welded together this is THE part if you need a replacement roof.

Very well packed in very strong card board box, ready to ship or deliver!

Wherever You buy this roof…WE, @ BBT, developed this roof, just to help the community! Talking about dedication! BBT rules!

We priced it very affordable to sell many!! NOW available from our stocks!

0890-800 Roof Bus/Combi 03/55-07/67
OEM Number 211 817 031A

SOS Parts research, ….can we help a desperate customer?

I’m looking for this parts for a Bay window sliding roof, these are the rear guides… I need both sides to make a very desperate customer happy again, I pay the price, no problem, just contact me on if you have them and want to sell them…  let show this Blog can do “wunders”… thanks ahead!!!

PS VW part nr written aside for the NOS guys between us…

update; the VW part nr is not correct on the picture, the exact part number we need is

241 877 541

2016-05-23 12.17.15

Travel report; The most friendly factory in Brazil? And did you need Camshafts?

Before last day and first stop… Marilia a manufacturer of relays and switches… they will produce some switches for us…  could this be the most friendly company in Brazil?

From the moment we entered we felt at home at Marilia.

2016-03-08 16.07.31Alain check out the production of switch indicator components, almost all component and halfparts are made inside this factory…

2016-03-08 15.40.36

Tooling department…

2016-03-08 15.42.15Plastic injection… the operator says hi to all BBT Blog friends and readers!

2016-03-08 15.45.12 Steel mfg dept of this factory… I love this machines, they’re automatic and work kind a like organs… I love to call them mechanical CNC machines, but actually better would be to call them CN machines, without last C…:)

2016-03-08 15.47.41Assembling of solenoids! Wowh this lovely lady says Hi again to all of You, the BBT Blog readers!

2016-03-08 15.54.25You recognise the print on your wiper switch?… it has to come from somewhere…:)

2016-03-08 15.56.55Many assembly lines… all well organised with the Lean system management… a kind of efficiency program we came across in several factories, but here LEAN is all finished and operating…  very effective…

2016-03-08 15.58.48 Hi-five also out of the production assembly lines!

2016-03-08 15.59.09 Another sweet girl says Hi to us here… Marilia is for sure the most friendly factory we have visit this trip!

2016-03-08 16.02.36Quality control is everything… here there’s no labels are printed as long as the screen is not green!

2016-03-08 16.04.43Every single relays and switch made in this  is tested and approved, this lady loved to say hi as well but ws in the middle of a testing cycle and the show has to go on…

2016-03-08 16.05.47Time for lunch… Alain seems to have found the salad bar!

2016-03-08 18.17.04Bob awaits the meat… Brazilian meat is the best on planet earth… tested and approved regularly by yours truly…:)

2016-03-08 18.34.17After lunch we visit this factory producing small engine parts and camshafts , very professional set up, many CNC machines…

2016-03-08 19.57.10Their warehouse is full of parts for immediate shipping…

2016-03-08 20.15.53Beetle camshafts… the reason we came here, samples are in our suitcase…:)

2016-03-08 20.17.53Production grinding of VW camshafts…

2016-03-08 20.21.42You need Camshaft blanks? They have “towers” of blanks over here! They sell around 4000 Beetle camshafts a month!

2016-03-08 20.25.41Not VW anymore, but they supply to many brands!

2016-03-08 20.32.45so far so good… more visits to more factories in the next two days, but Blog space don’t allow more reports anymore… Alain and myself hope You enjoyed the little travel with us… sorry we can’t give the taste of the food through the Blog as we would loved you had joined us on these terrific menu’s over here…

Brazil is a very nice country.. People are very very friendly, everywhere, every says bom Dia (hello) to everybody and smiles are on almost all of people’s faces, problems don’t exist (only in politics!!) what a relief, wish it was everywhere like this…

Especially to our guides this trip… Uncle Samy, Ricardo and Mauci … we enjoyed your company fully, and couldn’t have done this wonderful trip without you guys, thanks for driving us EVERYWHERE through crazy Sao Paolo traffic, thanks for translations, for the help with our internet connections, to arrange our visits, actually thanks for the whole trip!

The last words to ALL the wonderful people from Brazil… thank You so much for your hospitality, we enjoyed fully and can’t wait to come back for more… we will always remember You as a warm community with lots of smiles, and open-minded people.. keep up, we all know You suffer the recession, but this can not break that wonderful mentality! Your real strength is inside your hearts and we’re completely behind you and will try to buy as many Fusca parts we can to help our little bit to your economy what we can! The Itamar Fusca saved the country once, let’s try to spare parts for the Fusca save the country this time around!