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March 1 or shall we say Mach 1?
It looks like the entire world is accelerating.

Accelerating on fast speed comparable to Mach 1.
Supersonic speed, faster as sound, comes with a bang.

BBT parts and developments come with a bang too.
One bang for release, another bang for the bucks on your money.

Words are easy to say. Parts are difficult to make.
Every week we give you our new launches.

Better parts, new parts, updated parts.
We simply do it.

Welcome to BBT news.


Split window double cabs are cool cats.
Now we bring the rocker panel under the right-side rear cab door.

Lock rod bracket supplied loose along.
More parts for your double cab HERE

0890-317 Sill under cargo door Double cab – Bus -07/67 SWT


BBT makes their ignition wire connectors in brown Bakelite as supposed to be.
We now supply  the BBT brown Bakelite short ignition wire connectors separately.

The longer connectors for Type 4 engines will follow soon.
The BBT ignition wire set family you can find HERE

2019-100 Sparkplug connector short (brown) – BBT


Brake shoes changed in January of 1954 (bus in 1955)
The early brake shoes need a different type of brake adjusting screw.

The main difference is the surface slit in the screw where the brake shoe comes.
Early brake shoes need a straight contact surface for the brake shoe in the adjusting screw.

Later models adjusting screws the contact surface is under an angle or “inclined”.
The brake shoes are just opposite.

Early brake shoes have two same inclined ends top and bottom.
Later brake shoes have an inclined side on top and straight side at the bottom.

We experienced many parts mixed up in many cars.
If you ever wondered why brakes on your early car are impossible to adjust correctly this might be one of the reasons.

Volkswagen books give different applications front and rear, bus and beetle.
Cars being that old and brakes repaired multiple times BBT suggests that is better to pair the adjusting screws with your type of brake shoes than working on parts no. or applications only.

Correct early brake shoes are in the works and will be finished shortly.
BBT loves early cars, they deserve correct parts.

Our three different brake shoe adjusting screws HERE

1239-915 Brake adjusting screw – Beetle-01/54, Bus 01/54-03/55


Bus tailgate hinge covers are a wisdom on their own.
Split window buses 1964-1967 have smooth surface tailgate hinge covers and Bay windows covers are structured ones.

Also the shape between the two models are different.

BBT is proud that we figured out the right and wrongs to supply now correct tailgate hinge covers.
Originally not UV resistant makes this brittle and often prone to crumbling.

BBT tailgate hinge covers  come in a high-grade UV resistant ABS.
Now with new competitive pricing and even nicer quantity discounts.

Check us out!

7490 Tailgate hinge covers (pair) white – Bus 08/63-07/67


BBT News Team wishes you a supersonic weekend.

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