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What is left of our New Years promises?
We are already a month in the New Year, times flies!

Time for a small look back and evaluation, right?
Our promise to bring you back our steel BBT GT Sprint Star Wheels and Westy tents both are in full progress and on schedule.

Our better infill promise was backed up with better numbers in Januarys end of month balance.
Other projects coming to cruising-speed as well.

The cool down of the world economy give us a better position against suppliers and factories for negotiations about quality, lead times and prices.

We keep on working on Bigger, Better, sTronger.
What was on our New Years card, is exactly what we are doing.

Making every day VW life an enjoyable life.
We keep our promises and happily renew them for you every week again.

Welcome to the BBT News.


This week we give attention on the type 4 engines.
With many buses coming back from the US in the  last 10 years demand for these parts raised seriously.

Late model Type 4 engines came with M10 mm valve adjusting screws.
We are happy to present you the correct nuts for these applications.

T25/T3/Vanagon use both M9 HERE and M10 nuts.
Easy is to check if you have M9 or M10 adjusting screws and order needed nuts accordingly.

1784-220 Nut valve adjusting screw M10 – Type4, WBX

Gaskets are stupid and worthless, until you need one and do not have it.
We add the lower gaskets for the oil filler pipe on your Type 4 engine.

This gasket is specific as the hole is not in the enter.
Some more Type 4 oil filler related parts HERE

1848-408 Gasket under Oil filler tube – Type4

We release our VW oval beetle T shirt.
In 2024 our SWT team will work hard on the Beetle oval panel development.

We thought this deserves specific apparel.
Besides our white Beetle Tee’s our Black Barndoor T-Shirts are available HERE

9920-100 T-shirt Oval white (Small)
9920-110 T-shirt Oval white (Medium)
9920-120 T-shirt Oval white (Large)
9920-130 T-shirt Oval white (X-Large)
9920-140 T-shirt Oval white  (XX-Large)
9920-150 T-shirt Oval white (XXX-Large)


Lowering prices was one of our promises for the New Year.
Finding better quality parts is our ongoing quest forever.

Lowering prices dramatically together with a better quality give us full satisfaction.
We have been able to score better deluxe trim for your split window bus rockers.

Resulting in an extensive lowering in price, with a nice quantity discount on top.
Sold per pair and comes standard with red beading included,

Change the beading to any color you want available HERE

0404-34 Rocker trims (with red insert) – Bus -07/67 (pair)

The BBT News Team wishesyou a very cool weekend.
Relax to the max, and keep that promise.

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