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Western Europe, especially Belgium and France, got large farmer strikes this week.
Huge actions, like blocking freeways, or closing food distribution centers…

Also tensions in the Middle-East accelerate on a not healthy pace.
All people that are fighting for the future of their families.

Most of us, we do not realize how lucky we are not having to do that.
Can’t these politicians, responsible for all the misery, not all just buy a classic Volkswagen, fix it, enjoy it, and stay calm?

We take care for the parts supply!
Every week more and better

Welcome to BBT News.

We start the week with an extra ring and pinion.
We add the “spline” model of the 31 to 8 (3;88) ring and pinion.

Volkswagen used this ratio in most of their 1600cc engine configurations.
Longer ratio ring and pinion give you a more comfortable ride.

High quality part, nobody likes to open their transmission again because of inferior parts.
We have a whole family of ring and pinions for long ratio driving HERE

Works perfectly in combination with any 1600cc or larger displacement engine.
Cruize like a pro with our BBT longer ratios!

1493-052 Ring and Pinion 31/8 (3.88) – splined


 Our last production of wide decklid springs (up to 1955) content a badge of white zinc ones.
These are unique and we sell on a first come first serve base.

It is the only badge we will ever offer.
Our blackened wide engine lid springs HERE

2303-101 Engine lid spring galvanised – Beetle -04/55 ( – ch 1-869 850)



In our complete line of our SWT top quality metal parts for your beloved Volkswagen we bring you our own bumpers for your splitty bus.

We release the late model splitty front bumper.
Because of our own tooling and production, we can lower our prices dramatically.

This baby comes bare (without paint).
Do not forget to check out our other bumper offerings in the bumper section of our catalog HERE.

0012-600 Bumper front – Bus 09/58-07/67 (EURO) – Bare SWT


Available again the correct SG profile key blank.
Unfortunately, Volkswagen do not let us use their logo anymore.

Better a key without Volkswagen logo as no key at all.
Available from our shelves for immediate delivery.

0654-04 Key blank SG – Beetle 01/54-07/59, KG 08/55-07/67


Back in stock.
Better quality from our new production!

Important price decrease!
BBT cares about early beetles too.

Because we love them!

0408-020 Horn grills – Beetle -10/52 (pair)


BBT News team wishes you a relaxed weekend!

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