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Next week it will be  Easter.
Easter boosts always a spring feeling.

New life, new nature, new car season!
Is your ride ready for the season?

Let us help you with our new products….
…. for this week…. as every week.

Welcome to the BBT News.

The next two clutch discs are a direct replacement for your stock clutch discs.
Solid center means no central torsion springs to leave.

The center of the discs made from spring steel gives a little torsion, but from there you get full grip.
The lay out of the woven material is made for a stronger connection between flywheel and clutch mechanism.

The Heavy-Duty model is perfect for heavy loads or light competition.
BBT Bob tested this clutch disc in his 1959 SO 23 Westfalia on a 5000 km road trip through the Balkan in the summer of 2023.

The disc didn’t miss a grip, the whole trip.
While Bob is not exactly the driver to stay on the beaten path……

The “Kush Lock” disc is rather for competition from mild to wild.
Each clutch disc comes in 200mm diameter.

Our regular SACHS 200mm clutch disc HERE

1501-100 Clutch disc 200mm Heavy Duty


1501-120 Clutch disc 200mm Heavy Duty ‘Kush Lock’


We add the cupholder with USB charger for the bay window bus!
All T2’s can charge their phones now!

Easy installation, you just span in your ashtray, no drilling, no screws.
Tested by BBT Arjan for strength, position, and durability!

Well-designed with a feature to hold your phone!
Your phones always charged for navigation, playlists or even to stream movies!

Don’t watch movies while driving!!
You can also check BBT News of course.

A cool one within reach for driver and passenger.
Are you ready for the road?

Our other USB charger devices HERE

0699-265 USB charger, cup/phone holder for ashtray 12Volt – Bus 08/67-07/79


BBT chooses “Filter King” for their fuel pressure regulator set ups.
Need better mileage? But a fuel pressure regulator doesn’t only do that.

Fuel pressure regulators give a correct pressure of your gas entering your carburetor(s).
That is much more important as one could think.

We tested many and the only one that really works is “Filter King”.
We now add  the fitting for 6mm fuel lines.

We make our “Filter King” fuel pressure set ups available for more applications.
Our entire “Filter King” line of products HERE

1689-224 Fuel line fitting 6mm ‘Filter King’


BBT wishes you a splash in the spring weekend.
Finish that car and take it for a ride!

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