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Globalisation was something magic.
Was, unfortunately no longer.

Still, we can travel quite a bit.
Visiting factories, discussing productions.

This helps us tremendously bringing you new or better-quality parts.
As every week we show you our latest releases.

Welcome to the BBT News


Let that fresh air come in on those hot days.
Give your Beetle that uber cool stylish look parked at any show.

BBT Safari window kits are a real head turner.
Besides our Bus safari windows HERE we now stock also safari kits for 58-64 beetle.

BBT stocks a lot of custom accessories to let your pride stands out.
Our safari kits  come with all necessary hardware.

0394-100 Safari window front (kit) – Beetle 08/57-07/64


 After Germany we can honestly state Brazil is the second Volkswagen country in the world.
Brazil features the largest Volkswagen factory outside of Germany as well.

Although sharing a lot of parts with their European colleagues there are quiet some specific parts to Brazilian built Volkswagens.
The indicator switch is one of the unique features on Brazilian beetles and buses.

With the mass import from Brazilian Volkswagens into Europe lately and demand after specific spare parts, we decided to stock all model indicator switches.
Especially for these family members from far away.

If you have a Fusca (beetle) or a Kombi Clipper or Carat from Brazilian Heritage, chances are big we have the exact and correct indicator switch for you.
The differences are small sometimes, but we decided to stock the whole range, because your Brazilian beauty deserves nothing less.

0668-600 Indicator switch – Beetle Fusca -76

0668-605 Indicator / wiper switch – Beetle Fusca 76

0668-610 Indicator/ wiper switch – Beetle Fusca 78-81
0668-615 Indicator / wiper switch – Beetle Fusca 82-92
0668-620 Indicator/ wiper switch – Beetle Fusca 93-96 ‘Itamar’


0669-600 Indicator switch – Bus Brazil 75-76
0669-605 Indicator switch – Bus Brazil 76-81


0669-610 Indicator / wiper switch – Bus Brazil 81-89
0669-615 Indicator / wiper switch – Bus Brazil 90-94
0669-620 Indicator / wiper switch – Bus Brazil 95-2014


BBT News Team wishes you a wonderful weekend!

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