VW Klassik and VW Kustom magazine now available through the BBT network.


BBT distributes now the VW Klassik magazine for Europe

VW Klassik is a Brazilian magazine in Portuguese language with beautiful pictures, about the Brazilian and international VW scene

We have all editions in stock for You, You can click below to order yours in Belgium or through a BBT dealer.

More info on Info@BBT4vw.com


VW Klassik 01
VW Klassik 02
VW Klassik 03
VW Klassik 04
VW Klassik 05
VW Klassik 06
VW Klassik 07
VW Klassik 08
VW Klassik 09
VW Klassik 10

9498-001 VW Kustom 01
9498-002 VW Kustom 02
9498-003 VW Kustom 03
9498-004 VW Kustom 04
9498-005 VW Kustom 05

More info on Info@BBT4vw.com

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