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BBT car feature in a complete different magazine!

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Pronails, leader in all manicure supplies, is based nearby BBT… so last fall we got a demand to supply a beautiful VW bus for the spring 2014 product catalog… our 1959 Westfalia was star of the photoshoot….

bbt-split-shoot-3 bbt-split-shoot-2

Two new magazines…

Not one, but two brand new magazines came into my hands last weekend…

DSC01934_blog Let’s start first to give a small preview in the brand new and very first Indonesian magazine “Aircooled way” pretty difficult to read in Indonesian language, but cool to see my column in a language I hardly understand my selves…:)

DSC01936_blog The magazine is the special mission of BBT friend of Da House Dokke Schilder from Holland, better know as the driver from “The Painter” gasser… we put in a page of our publicity to get this production from the ground…

DSC01937_blogNext was a new British mag where our friend photographer Dave Warren contributed with a full report of the Ben Pon Barndoor meet, something we real well attended… especially our schwimmwagen outing was well photographed and published…

DSC01938_blogAnd one of the best pics ever in my eyes, Dave and me, having a good time… this is Historic!

DSC01939_blogA close up of the “water pic”… oh yes, we do heavy swimming, do You see the contours of both Schwimmwagens? Hard huh? And no we didn’t sink….LOL… good vibes to remember, read VW Vibe!



Another feature for two cars out of the BBT collection!

Auto Motor Klassiek did a cover and 6 pages feature about our 1952 unrestored and 1960 all restored convertibles.

Paul Peeters from PP press was responsible for text and pictures.

The name of the article was  very well chosen;


DSC01477_blog DSC01478_blog