Friday product update!

Another post of High Quality parts to satisfy your hunger for more and like some peoples said earlier this week… “The best is yet to come”.


To perform correct restoration of your beloved Split Bus you will be able now to replace the missing or bend rear shift shaft so we present you…

# 1403-510 Rear shift shaft Bus 10/61-07/67

Quality improvement:

Our new left & right clear turnsignal lenses (fish eyes) for 08/63-07/67 Split Bus now come just as original, They won’t come any better than this.

# 0616-52 Turnsignal lens left Bus 08/63-07/67, clear
# 0616-53 Turnsignal lens right Bus 08/63-07/67, clear

Product highlight:

To offer your T25 Vanagon the right shock absorbers they deserve and just to stay in contact with mother earth…
To replace your worn out shock arbsorbers:

# 1301-500 Shockabsorber rear, T25 Vanagon (not for synchro)

# 1302-500 Shockabsorber front, T25 Vanagon (not for synchro)

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