Kelley Park weekend in Northern California, be my guest!

Back in California for a weekend full of fun! Kelley park weekend is the most busy VW weekend up north here!

Friday starts off with Mark Merrill’s unbelievable open house, this is such a great show where Friends always gather and welcome you!

Two ovals in a racing crash scene? Only at Merrill’s!

Inside Mark’s building houses one of the most incredible VW collections of the world, plse follow me…

The host of the day… Mark himself!

Beautiful airshot by Shin, from Hot VW’s fame! Thanks for taking my camera Shin!

Saturday is the Red Barn bus meet, but not at Red Barn anymore…

World-famous Belgian Benny greetz all VW fans together with his big buddy Kimbel!

Hey Benny, is that a new hat you just bought????

Red Barn is a big and totally not crowded show, real VW bus atmosphere!

Followed my buddy Francisco in his OG paint Palm and sand green for a while … that was cool…:)

Oh, did You ever see the Los Angeles skyline when You fly in from the east to LAX? Quiet amazing!

Breakfast with my buddy Reed… aren’t we cute? Btw thanks or that breakfast Heather, that’s the best breakfast that I ever had in the entire USA!

and hanging out with my buddies Andre and his lovely girlfriend Angela, yes we had a great time!

Behind the scenes! This was how Shin went up the roof from Mark’s building… brave man!!

To finish this post i want to share a beautiful picture of Thomas Niedernhofers beautiful original A coupe, that is finally back on the road! Congratulations Tom!

Ok I try to give You full coverage of Kelley park tomorrow… stay tuned!

Freddy files in Ninove was a cool show and declared the VW season for open!

Last Sunday FFFastFred and his team put on his yearly VW show downtown Ninove

Despite bad weather forecasts almost 600 VW’s showed up, and real cool ones too!

Some “atmosphere” captures…

DJ Kweenoni as always took care for the music!

Fre was swapping…:)

Bob’s pick was this ubercool single cab on air, almost daily driven, this bus burst from detail!



How Low can you go?

And what You think You looking at?

Ubercool Westfalia trailer towed by an oval window beetle…

Patina zwitter anyone?

We had a great time sunday, hopefully next edition is better weather again…. Thanks for putting this on FFFred… this is and stays a real cool show!



The Kals Bulli treffen over the Grossclockner. Part 2

The second part of the incrdible Kals VW show by BBT’s super friendly customer Jos! English and Dutch!

Hoogtepunt van het Bulli treffen is steeds de rit van de deelnemers door de Tiroolse Alpen. Deze editie een rit vanuit Kals am Grossglockner naar Olang Bergbahnen nabij Bozen in La Bella Italia. Een konvooi van om en bij de 300 luchtgekoelde VW bussen. Prachtig georganiseerd met de gewaardeerde medewerking van de Oostenrijkse en Italiaanse autoriteiten.

Saturdays highlight is always participants in the convoy  trough the Tirol Alps. This time the organization found a trip from Kals am Grossglockener to the Olang Bergbahnen near Bozen in “La Bella Italia”. Convoy from 350 VW Bulli’s. Perfect organization to grateful help of Austrian and Italian Government and Traffic Police.

Staller Sattel Passo (Italia) Alt 2.052 Meter

In Olang aangekomen, tijd om een plaatsje te vinden, en te kijken naar de verzamelde pronkstukken.

Arrival at Olang (ALT. 1.175 Meter) time to find a parking place, and admire the beauties.

“The Organization car”

‘The old man and his ‘second life’ (car and owner)

Niet dat mijnen tikker het had begeven , de  Bergdokter is daar realiteit , geen soap

Thanks God. No, my ‘rikketik’ got no problems. “Der Bergdoctor” is no soap there, but the reality.


Terug in Kals am Grossglockner tijd om te kijken, verhalen te wisselen

Back at Kals am Grossglocker, time for individual seeing, and chat

En om van de “Couleur Locale” te genieten

And to enjoy the local events

Huiswaarts met moderne gidsen, die prachtig werken, doch meestal op zulke lange ritten te voorbarig tijdsbestek aanduiden

Homewards with modern guide assistance. Perfect road guide, but estimated times not very accurate.

Wij hebben genoten van dit Bullitreffen.

Hopelijk binnen 2 jaar opnieuw, met dan misschien andere landgenoten.
Voor zover we konden vaststellen waren wij de enigen uit BE / NL.

Zij die niet kunnen wachten, volgend jaar Käfertreffen in Kals am Grossglockner.
De pare jaren Bulli’s, de onpare jaren Käfer.


We enjoyed this Büllitreffen.

Thanks to the organizers of this perfect event.
Hope to be back in 2 years, and hope to meet than other country man/woman.  We didn’t find  BE of NL  participants.

Those who can not wait till 2020, next year (2019) in July “ Käfer treffen in Kals am Grossglockner” same organizers.


Text :  Jos Hermans

Pictures : Paul Hermans ©
Jos Hermans ©

Maps : Google Maps

Jos & Paul Thanks so much  for sharing this remarkable adventure… i’m sure You inspired many herewith!

RennsportXI, just Porsche overdose!

Rennsport is not a good gathering to visit if You still believe porsche is rather a rare car, here it is absolutly not, I have no idea how many but there’s thousands!

Rennsport XI was this time at the historic Californian Race track of Laguna Seca, home of the famous “corkscrew”….


Main stage had many guest speaker, racing legends etc…


Fellow Belgian racing hero Jacky Ickx and Dereck Bell Talked about their wins at Le Mans


Welcome to America! The Porsche Diesel tractor race!!


Metalmeister Edwin and his wife Esty signed present…


Mom and the kids ready to go out…


Wowh a real Master! This is the “BIG” four cilinder and is (very) rare!


Outlaw tent was packed!


Beautiful 1952 intermediate bumper…


RSK anyone?


Or some newer machinery?


Paddocks always give nice views..


… and if you thought You had a special car in a special color? 3 x 959 all in the same color!


and more impressions…


Racing speedsters are so cool!


Paddock from Brumos racing….


Offcours the Godfather from all Porsche’s brand at to sign present, this is Porsche nr 1


and an ubercool patina car!


we say goodbye with these four aligned 918 spyders next to each other, check the price list at your nearest Porsche dealership…:)


What an event….