Showrport; Hoeilaart, near Brussels…

On the 1 st of May its not only a good show in germany, but we also have a cool and smaller but never the less a very cool show in Hoeilaart near Brussels…

BBT Arlette and Werner steered their 55 oval window ragtop that direction last Tuesday… Here’s their picture impressions!


Super nice location!


The Ghia convertible from our customer Mr Spanjaers… crazy cool car, with 2;0 litre engine with Nikasil liners and Porsche 5 speed gearbox… made by BBT a mere 20 years ago!


Showstopper; 1st of May in Hannover Germany

Like every year yesterday we did our pilgrimage to Hannover for our yearly visit to the Maikäfertreffen as they call it in German language…

Here some impressions!

Loads of vanagons showed up, it’s a real BIG thing in Germany in the Vw scene!

2018-04-30 18.42.36_resized

Everybody came for camping and party!

2018-04-30 18.43.26_resized

Swapping parts is a major part of it! always cool stuff for sale!

2018-04-30 18.43.57_resized2018-04-30 18.46.32_resized

and beautiful cars… tons of beautiful cars!

2018-04-30 18.49.00_resized

How You gonna transport your beer tonight?

2018-04-30 18.49.32_resized

and more cool cars…

2018-04-30 18.50.36_resized2018-04-30 18.50.52_resized2018-04-30 18.51.06_resized

Relatief is cool… Tief means lower in German, got it?

2018-04-30 18.51.19_resized2018-04-30 18.51.29_resized2018-04-30 18.53.12_resized

The coolest flyer out of the pack, guaranteed!!

2018-05-01 08.05.07_resized

Overview, as far as the eye can see! About 2500 cars showing up… every year!!

2018-05-01 11.41.42_resized

with huge line ups from everything nice!

2018-05-01 11.42.08_resized2018-05-01 11.42.13_resized2018-05-01 11.42.57_resized2018-05-01 11.43.05_resized2018-05-01 11.43.54_resized2018-05-01 11.44.19_resized2018-05-01 11.44.36_resized2018-05-01 11.44.47_resized2018-05-01 11.45.07_resized2018-05-01 11.45.33_resized2018-05-01 11.45.54_resized2018-05-01 11.46.29_resized

It was good to see Ziggy’s Rometsch again…

2018-05-01 11.46.51_resized

I thought this was cool, but couldn’t figure out what it was…

2018-05-01 11.51.25_resized

a real cool GTV beetle;;; looked nice!

2018-05-01 11.53.37_resized

and a beautiful SP2!

2018-05-01 11.54.49_resized

sleeping in my car…..

2018-05-01 11.55.53_resized

Rows “ohne ende”…

2018-05-01 11.57.08_resized

Hippies are welcome too!

2018-05-01 11.58.13_resized

Yes I do love low lights!!

2018-05-01 11.58.43_resized

a not so happy half burned out Thing….:(

but they made it back into a driver… what is real cool!


2018-05-01 11.59.45_resizedand many extreme cool buses!

2018-05-01 12.00.55_resized2018-05-01 12.01.15_resized

where’s the dunes?

2018-05-01 12.04.06_resized

Real stuff… after all we’re in Germany, right?

2018-05-01 12.06.28_resized

Here’s the half burned thing again…:)

2018-05-01 12.08.10_resized

Low and late Type 3, they always gives me a small electric shock!

2018-05-01 13.11.28_resized

and another extreme cool low light Ghia…. yammie!

2018-05-01 13.28.31_resized

Publicity for the Volkswagen curry worst! A real sausage with a real VW part nr! Made in Wolfsburg factory!

2018-05-01 13.39.24_resized

This is what it was as found…

2018-05-01 13.41.36_resized

and this is the re incarnation!

now how cool is that!!! The guy who made this calls Stefan and he’s really skilled! The form to make the plexi again on its own was already 13.000 euro it seems, just one word… AMAZING!!

2018-05-01 13.41.59_resized

Ok, I stay a couple of more days in Germany, so maybe I write You again… who knows! …..

Peppercorn VW show, many years ago…

Peppercorn was a cool VW show just over the channel in Kent UK… it was put on by real old school VW enthusiast and we loved to jump over and participate, we visited that show frequently! Fond memories!!

I drove over my beige 51 “perfect” split… that car is almost 20 years in Japan now!

2018-03-08 18.06.00_resized

This was the edition we traveled with Robert, Jose and Geert Mommen… what a fun weekend it was, we had a ball! Sadly Robert is no longer…:(

2018-03-08 18.05.49_resized

Trying out the new bike I brought over…:)

2018-03-08 18.06.13_resized

Keith Seume checking on the 51 split… made a nice feature back then!

2018-03-08 18.06.26_resized

This was a year later, the year I traveled alone, but had a great ball with my German friend Jorn Eckermann and also the year I came very close friend with Jimmy from Brussels… good times!.

Yes its still the same schwimmwagen I own today…

2018-03-08 18.06.54_resized

Happy weekend and keep’on dreaming of those long gone days… go through pictures and recall memories… that’s why pictures exist anyway!

2nd European Barndoor Gathering, The Ben Pon show is coming up!!

The second Barndoor gathering is coming up!

If you brought a barndoor to the first, its time to take two at the second show, right??? Exactly what we gonna do…

Meet us at the second edition of this wonderful event! and mark your agenda’s, if You live to far away, make sure You book your airline tickets and especially….

Don’t miss out!