Italian Invasion @ BBT! (with movie!!)

Saturday Il Registro Storico Vespa paid BBT a visit on our annual European tour that was driven this year in Belgium… Almost 120 Vespa drove around 11.00 o clock on our parking lots and they filled up quickly!  With participants from about all over Europe we had quiet an international visit!

Impressive and different that was it for sure!

More faro basso’s as you could eat…:)

With a real vespa pedal scooter on the back, all teh way from Germany!

See all these nice pieces of Italian machinery leaving BBT! Click on the movie below! MASSIVE!!

Thank You for your visit Vespa drivers! You’re a great group of people!! we had lots of fun showing You around!!

A day at the races, Laguna Seca is the perfect setting for a week of Oldtimer races!

During Car week there is a whole week of oldtimer racing @ Laguna Seca raceway… we went over for a day to “smell the atmosphere”….:)

Some impressions….


Many Porsches!


917 with history… always gives You a kick…


Volvo P1800 Jensen… so cool!




Ok time to put the speedster in the garage, time to leave home….


Thanks to our super great hosts! Chef Tom and his wife, the best host lady in the world Shelly…


Thanks Tom and Shelly for the wonderful week we stayed with you and for all good care, for us and the speedster! We will be back in a couple of weeks for more!

The Baja Cantina, Concours d’Lemons and a breakfast to remember…

The Baja Cantina is a cool biker and carnut restaurant that has also a special gathering for car week… we signed present…:)


a mix of all kind a cars and bikes… from a Vespa to McLaren Supercars, we saw it all…


Next morning we went for breakfast in the Toro Place cafe, highly recommended…


Concours d’Lemons is about the ugliest and worsted cars You can get… for sure we had fun!


Carl Schubert took best in class for communist cars… Father Ray on the steering wheel!


Their IFA is a super weird East German car!


Well rusted crewcab from Swedish provenance…


Can it get worse?


Randy Carlson took class win with the infamous ATE beetle… my ex car…:)


And the winner is…. worst of show for this over the top kitsch car… well done… the price was a 18 dollar watch (believe me or not)


Ok time to go to the races! see my next report!

Werks Reunion and RM auctions

We do so many things here, visit so many events, several a day…too many to report… But Werks Reunion was for sure a big hit!

A gathering organised by “PCA” the Porsche Club of America a real Porsche only thing…


All the speedsters in these pictures are real! and above are two Carrera speedsters…

but also a lot of 911 Porsche’s (off course)




Pre A with sliding roof…


Cool custom hardtop……;


What he think he’s doing???


Another unrestored speedster… after 40 years in storage…


356 God Rod Emory’s latest creation…


and on it went to the big auctions, here a small overview what RM had to offer…

Let’s start with te Ferrari GTO that sold for 44 Million dollars on saturday night! Beautiful car uh?


also many other multi million dollar cars that crossed the block last weekend! Here’s a small overview… but there was many more, and this is only one of the seven auctions of the weekend!


Gentleman start your engines! You will be …. SOLD!!


Car week is just a real automotive overload…:)

The McCall event at the Jet center and the Pebble Beach rally…

Car week continues! The Mc Call event I was never able to do it before, and I have to thank all the people involved to getting my tickets, as otherwise I would not could have visited, the entry fee is awful expensive…. especially the “judge” who granted me the ticket from his wife I want to thank very much!! wowh!!

McCall is a mixed car and airplane show for charity, what started as a BBQ for friends turned out to be a premier event worldwide!

Welcome on the red carpet!!


Jets and cars!


It’s a huge event, unseen!


Most exclusive all kind a cars and all exclusive all kind a planes, jet’s, fighters  all of it… almost an overdose!


and VW buses… yes our VW friends in USA work hard to participate everywhere…:)


Cool electric bikes!


and many supercars!


Latest Hi Tech cockpit from a long distance jet…. wowh!


Crazy B52 was also attending…


We had a great evening!! wouldn’t mind to come back one day!!


Next morning was the Pebble Beach rally… all cars participating on the rally get more points at the concourse on sunday, so almost every car participate…

Out of several options we choose to see the rally in Monterra where they stop for breakfast because that’s the less crowded of all possibilities..


My favourite car of this event was this total original 356 A Carrera coupe…


But there was many other super cool cars as well… just a few of my favourites to tease you…


it was overwhelming again…. and if you’ve seen this, there’s no need to see the cars at the lawn of the 18th hole of the Pebble Beach links golf course on sunday, you’ve seen them all.. driving… so much nicer…

ok up to the next events… so many things going on here on only a couple of days!