Concourse on the Avenue in Carmel by the Sea and driving the 17 Mile around Monterey peninsula…

The Concourse on the Avenue in Carmel really set off the whole Car week they have here in North California… the good thing is its free admission to the public…:) here are my impressions…:)


Many Porsches were out for the week!


Mike Mallemut’s black 51 is a real nice car!


Carmel is so pretty!


A 1950 Porsche…


My personal pic of the day!! a totally unrestored all original speedster in original paint, this car was bitchin’!!


Cool bus also belonged to Mike Mallemut, some guys have all the luck!


Spyder on the street, really well aged, but not a real one…:)


and we drove the 17mile drive on the Monterey Peninsula in the speedster… we had a lot of fun!! this is a must do in your life!! 17 mile drive is unbelievable beautiful!


Driving back through Pacific Grove we passed this bus, just sitting on the street… welcome to California!


Ready for the next events? Stay tuned!

Splitbus nation 10 anniversary was a Big Hit!

Saturday afternoon we packed up for a weekend of Splitwindow bus fun on a lay back campground of Wachtebeke… real cool setting and super lay back bus event!

BBT set camp! We brought out 6 of our buses!

2018-07-28 19.23.57_resized

Besides our 51 Barndoor we brought our trusty laddertruck and also the 1963 Chicken Kombi… on wheels!

2018-07-28 19.24.09_resized

Ok saturday night BBQ time!! and we bumped straight in Dave and Cee Eccles, of VW Camper and Commercial magazine. Dave is also author of several VW bibles!

2018-07-28 20.38.18_resized

Entertainment was a real cool Rock a billy band!

2018-07-28 20.38.32_resized

The BBQ had a good turn out!

2018-07-28 20.48.22_resized

Special 10th birthday dessert!! Splittie cup cakes! yammie!

2018-07-28 20.53.56_resized

Joost brought out his small and big bus…:) perfect copies!

2018-07-29 11.51.55_resized

Strolling between cool buses was very relax!!

2018-07-29 15.53.04_resized2018-07-29 15.53.20_resized

Hans and Ingrid out of Holland with their SO42

2018-07-29 15.53.31_resized

Ultra cool double, with massive roofrack!

2018-07-29 15.55.37_resized

I think it was for sale…:) driving advertisement.

2018-07-29 15.55.48_resized

Style? Swapping out of a smooth tail gate barndoor pick up! Now that’s the VW spirit! Respect!

2018-07-29 15.56.36_resized


2018-07-29 16.05.53_resized

Goozebumps mouse grey always strikes me…:)

2018-07-29 16.06.01_resized

Cool looks and longest distance….

2018-07-29 16.06.16_resized


2018-07-29 16.06.25_resized

Shiny Westy…

2018-07-29 16.15.25_resized

…and patina kombi…:)

2018-07-29 16.15.34_resized

Always good to see the sticker bus back…:)

2018-07-29 16.15.52_resized2018-07-29 16.15.59_resized

Our 51 won oldest bus…:) cool, thanks guys, was my pleasure to bring it out!

2018-07-29 16.41.34_resized

and back home… another cool weekend we can add to our VW memory!



Do we see you @ Splitbus nation?

Do you have plans this weekend? Are You ready for some splitbus action? Join us @ domein Puyenbroeck for the 5th celebration edition of Splitbus nation! We will be there!

Banner 2018_website_resized.jpg

BBT is proud main sponsor of this event!

Oval and splitwindow day, small report…

Yesterday we enjoyed a very traditional classic Volkswagen show in Holland… it was cool as always and weather was marvelous, till it overcast and start raining late afternoon… that was the bell to go home…:)

Splits, in all colors and versions… If You like splits, this was heaven!!

2018-05-27 12.56.42_resized

Cool cat of the show and yours truly favourite was this maintained but unrestored March 1949 split… 1 family owner! This baby drew attention all day long!

2018-05-27 12.56.23_resized

2 Kubelwagens attented as well…

2018-05-27 12.58.30_resized

Who told You an Enzmann is an extremely rare car??? They had 3 on display!

2018-05-27 12.58.34_resized

And a cool Tempo Matador too

2018-05-27 12.58.43_resized

More coachbuilds…

2018-05-27 12.59.19_resized

Cool and rare Beutler… Made in Suisse….

2018-05-27 12.59.23_resized

BBT’s Denzel came out (that was long ago) and two crazy cool Dannenhauer & Stauss…

2018-05-27 12.59.40_resized

Or, if you preferred, Frankie brought a real rare Devin!

2018-05-27 13.00.30_resized

And to close the line of the coachbuild beauties we spotted these trio of Denzel ‘Beeskow “banana’s”…

2018-05-27 13.00.57_resized2018-05-27 13.02.09_resized

Next row was Hebmullers… no less than 4 on display….

2018-05-27 13.00.37_resized

And the BBT 52 convertible was the only Pre53 Karmann Convertible…

2018-05-27 13.01.14_resized

Belgian Godfather of VW collector Jacques Mertens celebrated his 70th Birthday at the show…. and the organisers recognised it fully making this life time big wall frame for Jacques…

After 53 years into Volkswagen Jacques is still an avid enthusiast with 2 1948 splits and a super rare Porsche 356 Gmund SL!

Happy birthday Jacques, and thanks for the time to take a picture with us before your wall frame!!

2018-05-27 12.35.57_resized

also the oval and square window row was almost endless… so many cars!

2018-05-27 13.02.37_resized

What a show, we attend every year, and it only get’s better… not for party or beer, just to enjoy, lay back and talk splits… it’s not BIG, it’s not Small, it’s the size it has to be to be a good one… we love it and next year is already bookmarked in our agenda’s…