A chill VW sunday afternoon, in VW paradise Curitiba, Brazil!

We usualy don’t decline cool invitations and when it comes from an ultra cool band of deep passionate VW guys we simply can’t say no, it would be illegal!

After arrival in Curitiba Sunday before noon, we quickly checked in our hotel  to be picked up by a set of cool “Kombi”… the Brazilian word for “everything” Bus…

When we say cool, we mean COOL, what about this 1954 Barndoor single cab?

The place  we went to was Armazem Santos, a cool place where they also sell beer… by coincidence… every Sunday local die Hard Volkswagen aficionado’s gather here…

and off course with some finger food steak, we’re in Brazil, who need potato chips? Pussy’s….:)

BBT banner in place, the ladies of the house say to all BBT blog fans!

What a cool place!

The hardcore inner circle…

Isn’t that cool or what?

Some Brazilian models look real good, not only in bikini!

4 different front corners from 4 different aircooled VW’s!

How low can you go bro’?,????????

Sticker ceremony by yours truly!

No, You can’t be too low!

Now that looks like a real gas junkie atmosphere…

Two brothers in law, Jean and Junior, performed life music, they blew me pants off my butt!

Museos Rockband, You guys really ROCK!

Sexy butts, in Brazil not only at the beach! oh BTW Happy ski holiday Peter…:)

Real Brazilian VW life! Join us next time!

One more for the road! Check the BBT sticker on the guitar, yes we did it!!

Santos Boyz, how can Jerry and I ever thank You???

You gave us something real unforgettable on a Sunday afternoon in Brazil!!

Keep up the spirit, VW is best, f*ck the rest…:)

oh yeah, don’t worry we will come back for more…:)

A small word of BIG thanks is a must here, Jean, You’re the KING!! Own a place like Armazem Santos is the dream of every real man! Barba, keep up the work with Jean! Thiago I don’t know but think the crazy idea to invite us came from you? You ROCK man!! Further all translators, drivers, lovers, drinkers, workers, cooks, musicians and all beer breweries from Brazil a VERY VERY BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Long time since we met so many cool guys in one afternoon!!


The Big Raffle @ Busses by the Bridge in Arizona

BBT donated this year a real Split window dashboard for Ronnies world-famous Raffle at the Busses at the Bridge show in Arizona….

Some teaser pictures from the raffle we like to share with you…..

Ronnie @ the mic… raffling off the BBT silver weld through dashboard….

This is the raffling crowd from Buses at the Bridge… the raffle is really quiet something!

A show we should visit next year for sure! stay tuned!

Kever Winter Fest was a cool show to break up winter sleep!

KWF is a long running show that had different formats over the years. But since long time they settled down in Rosmalen Holland at the Autotron and to me that seems like a perfect location.

It’s an indoor event what means warm, nice and cosy… parts booths, swapstands, show cars and clubstands it’s all mixed in to each other what gives a nice blend…

We took some teaser pictures for you…

WOW show report, local shows are cool to attend sometimes…:)

WOW ( winter on wheels) is a local show once a month during wintertime. Gives you a perfect opportunity to stretch some legs of your cars during wintertime….:)

When its beautiful weather like yesterday we love to attend with some of our cars…:)

We dressed up the speedster with its ubercool period Glaspar Hardtop…

The BBT laddertruck was out in full force!

if it its kind a scary up there? Well ask Tino or Thomas from Bavarian pickers, they tried their bet!

also many other cars, always fun to see and enjoy!

Matching coat or matching car?

Picture credits to Wesley & Bob